Best Love: Episode 8

Many might disagree with me, but I think tonight was one of the best episodes so far in depicting AJ and J’s relationship. For the first time ever, J and AJ were able to have two heart to heart conversations from start to finish; one was his revelation and then hers. Not only was it moving to watch, but I felt like they really connected without all the bantering they normally do. It’s like they reached that stage of their relationship where they are happy just to be together and I found that more intoxicating than any hug or kiss.

Week after week, I find myself falling more in love with the dialogue. Sometimes what they say is so simple, but it packs a punch and makes your head reel from its implications. Most of the time, I am left speechless and in awe. I used to think no one could beat Secret Garden, but these days, I am no longer sure. 😀

Best Love Episode 8 (live)

AJ asks J what he is doing. J tells the reporters that he is the one who bought AJ’s sneakers for $10,000 since she is his representative family member and “Couple Making program has someone who is special to me as their emcee” (J looks over at SR) so I wanted to quietly donate. I apologize for making all this fuss.”

The reporters ask why J bought the sneakers instead of SR’s bag. J says he has something else to reveal that he wanted to do quietly. He says along with his $10,000 donation he wanted to donate 1,000 more pairs of sneakers. He snaps his fingers and trucks pull up.

He says how he was embarrassed to be called a donating angel every time he did stuff like this in the past, so he wanted to do it quietly this time with no one knowing. For making this known, he says he will bow his head and apologize. He sprouts angel wings. You Are Beautiful music plays.

News goes out and some comments are good and some are bad so it makes him frown when he reads. One guy says that J has so much money from all this CFs and yet he is making a fuss over spending just $10,000.

J says the response about him is favorable. And now her sneakers are a popular item. If AJ plays her card right she might get a CF out of this. She says since he did all this, then he should do the CF. J says that’s not a bad idea. Since all this time sports stars had a firm hold of this kind of CFs so this might be good for him for a new image. He decides to tell Moon right away.

AJ says how surprised she was when he suddenly showed up. J: “You thought I would say that I liked you and that’s why I bought your sneakers in front of all those people.” She asks if he isn’t scared of being associated with her and become a D-lister. She says she doesn’t like that because it burdens her.

J: “Because of you my heart was a little broken. But my head isn’t that broken to want to cause a scandal. Since you don’t like me, like you said, I decided to accept that my love won’t be reciprocated. I have to deal with it myself so there won’t be any situation where I have to be involved with you.”

AJ: “If you know that, next time don’t buy my sneakers for $10,000 or do stuff like that.”

J: “I will take care of my own business. One good thing about one-sided love is I can do what I want. Since I know you won’t accept it, I won’t even ask you to accept me. I am doing what I want so don’t worry about it.” J gets up and leaves.

SR talks to J. She says things would have turned out better if he had bought her handbag. J explains that designer handbags are too important so sneakers were easier. She asks if AJ is holding something over him. J says it’s a big one so she shouldn’t do whatever she wants with AJ either.

SR: “Well, now I don’t have a reason to run into her anymore. After today’s recording she won’t be on the show anymore.” J: “What? Why?” SR: “She is getting eliminated today. The PD and writer are talking to PJ right now.”

The writer explains to PJ that he has to drop AJ for their program to keep going. She isn’t thinking of PJ’s personal feelings; they have to protect the show. So she asks PJ to eliminate AJ on the show today. PJ asks the PD if he has to drop AJ. PD explains that if PJ decides in his heart that AJ is the one and he leaves the others standing around, the expectation for (what happens next on) the show drops a lot. The decision is his but he needs to think of what’s good for the show

PJ walks out and goes up to J. They stare at each other; they sit and talk. PJ says the other person who was after the sneakers was J.

J: “Because of the “anyone” who kept raising the money, I was able to donate to a good cause.”

PJ: “You might think you protected AJ today, but from what I can see all you did was make it harder for her and make her waver more.”

J: “If you think that way, then you can save her and not drop her from the program that she put her life on the line for.”

PJ: “If I could, I want to take her away from this world that only gives her pain…”

J: “That’s right; this is that kind of world. But even as she got hurt, she kept hanging in there and won each time and it’s impressive she has been able to survive this long. I want to advise a way for you—an average guy—to save her… by giving her a rose. That program she wants to do her best on and put her life on… Help her hang on for another week, okay?”

The show starts being filmed. The writer tells SR that they spoke to PJ so AJ will be kicked out.

PJ asks AJ she is okay and says sorry for watching and not being able to help when she was going through something difficult. She says she was able to overcome it well so it’s okay.

He explains since he isn’t from her world, he can’t protect her with rules from her world. He is just going to do it his way and asks for her forgiveness. AJ tells him not to worry if he has to drop her today because it’s not his fault. (she is being understanding)

SR explains that there are 4 women left and 3 roses to give out. She says that PJ is deciding now. PJ gives AJ a rose. The writer complains that PJ doesn’t understand well (because she said it pretty clearly to him to drop AJ).

J watches him give the first rose and says AJ is left alive. He turns to leave but SR is asking PJ to make his second choice and the audience gasps so J looks back. People are asking what PJ is doing. J watches PJ giving all 3 roses to AJ.

The writer wonders what PJ is doing now. J mutters he told PJ to give one rose not all of them. The reporters go crazy. SR is asked to cut and stop filming. She watches J staring at AJ. J’s heart monitor beeps. SR guesses what was caught was J’s heart.

AJ asked why PJ did that. Even if they edit out what happened so it won’t be aired, since all the reporters saw that, there is no way to solve this. PJ says he told her he would do it his way awhile ago. He said he was sorry but more accurately he was mad at himself that she was misunderstood and having a hard time. Then that person appeared and watching her waver again, he was mad watching that.

AJ: “PJ…”

PJ: “The person you who makes you fret is J, isn’t he? I saw you two together before. You two were in a situation I don’t understand, but I wanted to take you out of that. If I want to do that, first I have to be honest and hold onto you—who is wavering because of that person. With these (roses), in my own way… I was honestly telling you what I feel in my heart. Now before I treat you (as a doctor), I want to protect you so you won’t be hurt further. GAJ, I like you.”

H and J talk. H says that AJ can become PJ’s wife. J says that the show is important to AJ because she wants to earn a living. He realizes that if AJ’s problem of wanting to earn a living is settled, then she won’t do the show anymore. J says as long as he gets over this shock he will be okay. Now as long as they don’t meet it’s okay. H says the staff is meeting now to find a way to combine them.

The Couple show staff meet. The PD gets an idea to showcase just PJ and AJ; just go with those two whether AJ accepts PJ or not. Since PJ caused this, he won’t be able to say he won’t do this, and of course AJ will agree to do this.

AH is happy and says when the show airs it will be more of a hit. He asks if she is happy that she got her sneakers back. She says she is. AH leaves to go get the car. She looks at her feet and says, “What do I do about this person?” Then she looks at the roses and says, “What do I do about this person?”

J watches her from his car. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho music plays.

He thinks she has lost her mind because she looks at her feet then at the roses. He plans to pass by her in his car really quickly. “I can do this because I am DJ” and acts like he is doing a car stunt. He pulls up suddenly and quickly right in front of her and then crawls along really slowly making a funny face, like he is fighting with himself to go faster but he isn’t.

She knocks on his window. J: “Why? I was passing by so quickly so why are you making me stop?”

AJ: “I thought something was going on because the car was acting strange. If nothing is wrong, then goodbye.”

J: “No, it’s okay. Since I stopped, get in. I have something to say.”

AJ: “What about?”

J: “I have a different flower story to tell you.” AJ guesses a certain flower story but he says he already lost to that one; this one is different. “You’re curious, huh? Get in.”

J takes her to an elementary school. He says the title and she says she knows that poem and recites it.

J: “On the path in front of you, I was going to sprinkle those flowers.”

AJ: “You don’t need to sprinkle flowers for me.”

J: “No, I am going to make sure I sprinkle them…(?) Listen well. This is an elementary (school), but I never got to attend one properly.”

AJ: “Why?”

J: “I couldn’t attend because I had to stay in a hospital.”

AJ: “Why?”

J: “Right now I am healthy and in great physical shape. (I think he said he was overwhelmingly sexy) So you probably can’t imagine it but when I was younger, I was weak and sickly.”

AJ: “You were sick when you were young?”

J: “Yes, I was sick for a really long time. I could do hardly anything. After my successful surgery ten years ago, the reason I decided to become an actor was because it was a job where I could be anyone.” She says she never heard that about him.

J: “That’s right. Hardly anyone knew I used to be sick.”

AJ: “Where were you ill?”

He steps close and says, “My heart was hurt. The reason why I was trying to keep within the safe 60-90 range was my effort to protect my heart.”

AJ: “Really?” J unbuttons slowly and suddenly shows her his scar. She looks at it in alarm.

J: “My heart is torn. Heartbreak.”

She lightly touches it but he tries to get her to put her whole hand on it. She pulls her hand away.

AJ: “What is the reason why you are telling me this?”

J: “So it will affect you (get to you). I told you I would sprinkle that flower. My heart is… the flowers I sprinkled in front of you. Since it hurts so much, if you step on it even lightly, the flower that could die… Can you just step on it and keep going?”

AJ: “Your heart is really that bad off?

J: “That’s right. I am really hurting. So you should refrain…”

AJ: “What?”

J: “…from going to that guy. Don’t step on this and go… heartbreak.” She looks at him conflicted. He stares to see if it is having the necessary affect on her.

A ball rolls near J. The boys ask J to give them the ball. J puts his sunglasses on. He acts annoyed then kicks it in the air and makes a great shot into the goal post. AJ is impressed. J tells the kids to stop hanging around and go away.

She says he seems fine now. He tries to act sick again. She says how she read an article where he ran after a truck in “Fighter” for a few kilometers and how he bragged on a CF about how healthy he was. But he tells her not to think about those things and just touch this. “Just look at this. Ah, heartbreak, ahhh.”

She pokes his scar then pokes all over so he laughs that it tickles. AJ says to call him that flower, isn’t his body in too great a shape? AJ: “Using your surgery from a long time ago, are you trying to make me feel something to cling to me?”

He says he isn’t trying to cling; he is just asking for some leniency. “Since I am sick, you have to make an exception for me. When you feel like you want to go to that oriental medicine doctor, think of me who is sick and could faint. Then it will hang on your heart and you won’t be able to go to him. You are a nice person who can put up with someone as awful as me.” He keeps making sad puppy faces so AJ sighs.

PD talks to PJ about their new idea. PD says thanks to PJ, he will get the best ratings of his life. PJ says sorry for causing this trouble. PD says when PJ proposes and AJ responds, that’s when the ratings will go up even more. PJ says he is okay, but he wonders how AJ feels. PD says of course she will be okay with it.

PJ remembers back to his conversation with her. AJ: “I would have understood if you didn’t give me the flower. Even if you had given me just one I would have been grateful. But since you gave me all 3 at once, I don’t know what I have to do.”

He says he doesn’t know what to do now either because this is the first time he did this. Does it mean that he can be rejected right off? They both sigh. She asks for him to give her some time. He agrees and asks how long he needs to give her, but she tells him not to say it like he is lending her money and asking when she will pay him back. She says 3 days and without any take backs.

PJ asks PD to give him time to think. PD says he will but if this doesn’t go well, there will be a hole in the show so PJ needs to feel pressured/burdened. PJ wonders if he should have put more pressure on AJ.

SR tells PJ: “Last time when I told you that I was going to formally break up with J, that was because someone came between J and me. That person is AJ. Aren’t you surprised?” He says he knew.

SR: “You knew and still gave all 3 roses?”

PJ: “I wanted to hold onto her because she was shaking/wavering.” Since she is trying so hard to hold on, he would like it if SR didn’t get involved and give AJ such a hard time. He leaves and SR is mad.

AJ recites the flower poem. J looks at his heart monitor. PJ looks at his two pens. AJ realizes the meaning of the poem is that the person can’t send someone away with ease no matter what.

PJ’s mom watches the show and is upset to watch her son giving all the roses to AJ. She keeps saying she is too humiliated to watch.

As AJ’s family watches the show, AJ’s dad feels guilty about accepting PJ’s mom’s gifts. AH thinks about the new jobs (CFs) and van for AJ. AJ thinks about both guys: J and PJ. The nephew thinks about him and J.

PD says to the writer that they got the best ratings yet. He wants to make a corner for them and see how far they can go. She wonders if AJ and PJ will do that.

Moon says this is a good chance for AJ to crawl out of D list. Since a perfect man chose AJ, people will think there is something to AJ (some hidden charm) for him to like her. AJ says it sounds like Moon is saying that if PJ and AJ work out (date well) on the show, there will be positive benefits for AJ. Moon tells AJ to try date PJ for real.

AJ’s dad goes to PJ’s hospital. Since PJ and AJ are on the news, he wants to confess. He worries about what to say for lying all this time.

PJ’s mom comes in all upset about the article. They ask each other if they saw the article. He holds up the picture and says AJ and PJ look good together. She yells back that they don’t look good together at all because PJ is way better than AJ. He says that PJ must like AJ to cling to her. She says her son isn’t clinging. It’s because he is innocent and nice and AJ is taking advantage of that. She calls AJ a name (a beggar) and throws her pic down. He gets mad and says he is AJ’s dad, not SR’s dad.

PJ’s mom: “You are AJ’s dad?” He says he is so how could she say such things about his precious daughter? He kicks down a pic of PJ saying, “How great is your son?” She asks if his daughter is so precious, then why did he pretend to be SR’s dad and deceive her? She says he is the same as his daughter. He says he will throw up what he ate and tells his daughter not to choose PJ. She begs him to do that.

J watches the Couple show. H comes in saying there are reruns and repeats of the show on cable and everywhere. J says if it’s on that much, then almost everyone saw AJ like that. H tells him how the show is going to make a new corner just for PJ and AJ, a real dating documentary since they are already popular. When it airs the ratings will be off the charts. H laughs till J glares at him. H says from the first date there will be a lot of focus on them.

J: “First date?” and imagines it—PJ and AJ feeding cotton candy to each other—as H narrates how it will be more like dating than on Couple Making program. They will probably go on their first trip and as the trip highlight, their first night.

J gets mad and says if that comes out he will sue. H says even if something happens for real, they won’t be able to air it on the show. J looks like he wants to kill H so H fakes a tummy ache and gets up. J’s heart goes up to 128-129.

AJ wonders if PJ guessed that she is falling for J. J shows up and spies on her and AH. She keeps turning around and looking over to where J is hiding. J says that even if he sprinkles the flowers everywhere, all she is going to do is step on them as she goes.

PJ is clumsy and drops things. The nurse says this is the first time she saw him sweat and be nervous. He admits this is his first time too.

J has no energy but when he sees AJ he brightens up. He asks what she is doing there. She was told to sign autographs for the sneakers he is donating. He says they just need his autographs and she doesn’t have to do that (he’s trying to be nice and not make her work). So she says then she will be going so he stops her.

J: “Wait. No… out of 1000 kids one of them might want your autograph. So don’t go anywhere and keep signing since you are a nice GAJ.”

He compliments her and says she looked like a pro on the show. How after she got all the roses, she wasn’t flustered and acted like a pro. “Acting like it’s no big deal, that’s what a pro does.” He laughs.

AJ: “Is that how I looked? But I was so nervous. If I had that monitor to assess, I would have gotten 120.”

J: “If it’s 120 then your heart must have thumped like your stomach was turned upside down. It worked for him when he lied that he found the pen.”

AJ: “He meant it (was being sincere) when he said he lied that he found the pen.” J says he shouldn’t have tossed that pen in back then. He starts signing autographs quickly from frustration.

AJ: “Wahh. Maybe it’s because you signed a lot of autographs but you are really fast. Looks like we will finish in no time.” So he slows down, really slow. She grins. He explains that as he holds the pen, what he feels in his heart, he is pressing down and putting it in there.

Jenny is happy for AJ and the show and getting a guy, PJ. She wonders if she continued being a celebrity would this be happening. She says again that she will get both and H calls her a bad person again. SR shows up and Jenny wonders what she is doing here. Jenny says that AJ isn’t here. SR asks if AJ went to meet J.

AJ draws a clover next to her autograph. J asks what that is. AJ: “I am drawing a 4-leaf clover for the people who are receiving the sneakers to have their wish granted.”

J says it’s better to put an extra dollar in the boxes. She explains how on the night of their debut, a member named Mina found a 4-leaf clover and they all did well. “So I think wishes from a clover are real.”

J: “But in the end the four of you split up. But what happened to you for you to get that bad reputation?”

AJ: “Like everyone knows, because I hit SR.”

J: “You really hit her?”

AJ: “Yes, I was so mad my hand just went up like this.” He says AJ should have hit SR where no one was looking. AJ: “Anyway, when I see SR I remember back then so it’s a little uncomfortable and awkward.”

Jenny tells SR that J likes AJ and AJ doesn’t like J back. PJ likes AJ so SR should leave AJ alone. SR says she is going to blame it on AJ if people find out “what broke us up,” meaning she is going to say AJ came between them and make AJ look bad. Jenny says SR is awful. Doesn’t she remember how much AJ took care of her a long time ago? SR says all she remembers is being slapped by AJ.

Jenny: “You know why AJ did that. Don’t you remember what you did to Mina? That night Mina was sick and fainted because of you so that is why AJ got mad.”

SR: “There is no proof, no witnesses, so why bring that up? That’s already in the past.” Jenny says that if Mina appears then there will be proof.

Mina goes to see PJ and he remembers her. Mina says she wasn’t going to come back and change hospitals. She saw him on TV and thought of avoiding him, but she decided to come see PJ once after seeing the article because he is important to AJ. She explains how she was a Treasure Girl.

Jenny shows SR the clover that Mina sent them. She says how Mina will show up if SR blames AJ.

Flashback: SR puts something in AJ’s drink but AJ doesn’t drink it. Mina comes and drinks it and she is in pain. SR yells at AJ that she was just kidding around. “What did I do that was so wrong?” AJ slaps SR. (end of flashback)

Jenny says that in that accident SR was wrong but AJ covered for her. Jenny: “You have to be really grateful that AJ kept quiet. If you do anything strange, I am going to find Mina and reveal the truth.” SR: “I didn’t know Mina would get so sick. And I didn’t know AJ would break us up.”

AJ tells J that if she thinks about it, misunderstandings with SR keep happening. “When girls are together, some naturally become close and secrets pop up. Since I can’t reveal all those, the misunderstandings just got bigger.”

He asks what the secret is. AJ: “I don’t talk about it so it’s a secret.” J guesses that she was dumb and didn’t speak up for herself and let others blame it on her. She says she thought at that time she could just be responsible for it and handle it. She didn’t know that burden would follow her around for 10 years and weigh her down.

J compliments her: “After taking all those insults and being able to endure and hang on for ten years, I think you are really impressive.”

AJ: “Are you praising me right now with that mouth?”

J: “You asked me if I was afraid of becoming like you. I admit it. I am always scared. That’s why watching you endure that scary situation, I keep worrying about you. And I think I looked back at you one more time (because of it).”

She asks if he is feeling sorry for her. He says he isn’t. “It’s not pity. It’s… what should I call it…” He can’t find the right word so she says it for him. J smiles and says “ding dong.”

AJ is feeling hot so she puts his drink (the one with his face on it) on her cheek to cool off. He turns it to where his face is, saying “It’s cooler if you put it up to your face where the picture is. Press down hard.” J looks pleased.

SR shows up and she is on the phone with Moon. She asks to see Moon now because she came to the office. SR sees J being nice to AJ. J is showing her that he can sign her name just like AJ’s.

SR decides she needs to hold on tight to J and not let him go if AJ likes him. SR tells Moon she won’t break up with J; they have a contract. If Moon forces her to break up, SR is going to call the reporters and cry.

Mina tells PJ to be good to AJ because AJ was so good to Mina. PJ: “I want to do that too so I am waiting.” Mina offers to let PJ know what AJ likes.

J: “GAJ, if you arm hurts, write slowly. We can just spend all night doing this.”

AJ gets a call from PJ. J scowls and turns his face away so he won’t look, but he tries to listen in. AJ says “hello” and “yes”. J said she said only “yes” 3 times so he guesses what PJ asked and counts down each “yes”:

PJ: “Why can’t you come? Is J holding onto you?”
AJ: “Yes.”
PJ: “Is he still clinging to you saying he is sick?”
AJ: “Yes.”
PJ: “Ah, that jerk. Just get rid of him somehow and hurry and come. I’ll be waiting.”
AJ: “Yes.”

J tells her to say yes 3 times to what he asks:

J: “I said my heart was like a flower.”
AJ: “Yes.”
J: “I told you not to step on it and go.”
AJ: “Yes.”
J: “But right now you are standing there stepping on it. If you just hurry and go past, it will be better for me so just go.”
AJ: “Yes.”

As she walks away she replays her actual conversation with PJ:

AJ: “Hello?”
PJ: “Are you busy?”
AJ: “Yes.”
PJ: “Then I guess you’ll be late.”
AJ: “Yes.”
PJ: “Call me when you get there.”
AJ: “Yes.”

PJ is waiting in his car by AJ’s home. He looks over at the box of bread. Mina tells PJ that when they were Treasure Girls a long time ago, there was a bakery out front that sold red bean paste bread that was clover-shaped. AJ loved it so they bought it often and split it four ways and ate. Mina tells PJ to buy it and split it in half and share it with AJ. PJ says he wanted to look good in front of AJ as he shared it with her.

J stares at a photo of AJ and puts his pic next to hers.

PJ is in the car and talking to AJ on the phone. He asks if she is on her way home. She says she is almost home but could they meet at Jenny’s.

PJ comes out of the car and says, “Yes, I was waiting for you.” He shows her the bread she likes. He says he heard how good it was and he got it as a present today.

She says she used to love it; it’s from the same place. She explains how she used to eat it when she was a Treasure Girl but it’s too far away so it’s been a long time since she got to eat it. She is really happy to see it.

He hands her one. She explains how they have to split it because it’s clover-shaped. She gives him half. He asks if something good is going to happen to him today since she is his wish (he points at her). She thanks him for thinking of her as his wish.

AJ: “Like you said, you are like a wish to me; you are the best clover. But right now inside of me there are flowers blooming and other flowers sprinkled so I can’t see the clover right now.”

PJ: “This is normal and not any fun-looking so it can’t draw your heart in. But out of the breads, this is the best (he is referring to himself as he talks about the clover bread).

AJ says her heart has gone crazy because of the flowers. “If I thought about it for some time, in the end this is the best (she holds up the bread).”

PJ suggests they push back the time they agreed on. “If it’s hard for you to start for real right now, how about if we start on the show?” He tells her to do what she does on the show but he is going to be by her side doing the show for real. “Because as time passes, in the end bread like this is the best.”

J says to the potato that is growing faster than he thought, if the poisonous sprout keeps growing, doesn’t it mean it will die? His heart hurts and the heart monitor is only at 75. It’s safe but why does he feel this pain? He wonders: “Since one-sided love is poison, am I going to die like this?”

J goes to see his doctor and has to wait around 1-2 hrs. He agrees to wait and looks around the office. He sees CDs and thinks the doc is crazy about girl groups. He finds the Treasure Girls’ CD. The nurse says J has to just leave today because the doc has to take the helicopter to another surgery.

J throws the Treasure Girls’ CD down and the nurse mentions how other doctors listen to classical music but this doc listens to girl groups during surgery. J asks if his doc played this during his heart surgery. She says ten years ago, he used to play whatever was popular then during all his heart surgeries.

J: “Ten years ago… Heart surgery…” He walks out and says it explains everything if the doc played that song during his surgery.

He climbs up the stairs and is out of breath. He goes to the roof to meet the doc who is waiting for the helicopter. He asks if the doc played this song during his surgery. The doc says he doesn’t have time to joke around and is busy.

J says talking about his heart is important too and asks the doc to remember. Was the doc listening to this song during J’s heart surgery? The doc remembers back and says he did play the song. J asks if he is sure and the doc says J’s surgery was the most impressive surgery to him. J gets it verified and laughs.

The PD tells AJ that PJ already decided to do it if AJ does. The writer says now just AJ has to decide. AJ wonders if everyone is going to watch her dating PJ on the show. AH says he wants her to work out with PJ. If she shows how well she is getting along with PJ on the show, then J will get over her.

H shows up; he says how J is sick. AH asks why H didn’t go with J. H says J goes to the hospital alone because he doesn’t like to be obvious that he is sick. AH asks if J is hurt a lot. H says J doesn’t tell him how sick he is. AJ asks if he is really sick. H says if J went then he is really sick because he hates hospitals.

AJ wonders if J is really sick. She remembers how J said he was really sick. She looks at her sneakers and says, “GAJ’s sneakers, you can’t step on that person and just keep going, can you? You are worried that he will get hurt, aren’t you? You want to see him, don’t you? Ding dong.”

AJ goes to J’s home. She wonders if it will open if she presses 60-90. J shows up and takes her in. She asks if he is okay. He says he has to make certain of something first. He dials her cell phone and lets the song play. He looks at his heart monitor. It’s 75.

J: “I came back to safe range. See, between 6o—90 is safe.”

AJ: “Yes, then does it mean you are okay now?”

J: “That’s right, and also I have good news for you.”

AJ: “What is it?”

J: “GAJ, my heart won’t thump because of you anymore.”

AJ: “Why?”

J: “Because I will no longer tremble because of you.”

AJ: “Why?”

J: “There is only one answer to all the questions. What do you think it is?”

AJ: “Then you don’t like me anymore?”

J points at her and says: “Ding dong.”

The end

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    writing on additional places, I’d like to follow anything fresh you have to post.
    Could you list the complete urls of all your community sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page
    or twitter feed?

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