Best Love: Episode 7

[Welcome to the first of the Best Love live recaps, direct to you from Seoul. The last time we checked, Pil-joo was holding a weepy Ae-jung in his arms while Dokko Jin was holding a lonely potato in his hand. Both guys were understandably dumbfounded. How will our superstar, newly lovesick and jealous, handle Ae-jung and the potato? Keep checking back to find out! The live recap will be continuously updated, with Softy staying up way past her bedtime to give you all the details of the episode. Fighting, Softy! –thundie]

Now that I have a moment to soak this in, can I just say there hasn’t been a single episode that didn’t make me swoon. J always manages to find just the right thing to do or say to make AJ fall for him little by little, despite her reasons for not wanting to. Aside from his braggadocio, I wonder if he truly knows the power he wields over women with his sincerity and boyish charm.

After J tells himself not to look, you can see he is crying. He tells himself to go and not look. He goes home and sees the potatoes and curry ingredients.

AH worries if AJ did a good job of bringing up the subject of the album to J. AJ’s dad asks AH why he brought that up; because doesn’t he remember the scandal that came out when AJ was dating that actor? People accused her of wanting to be an actress and going after the guy. AH says that won’t happen; J wants to help.

The dad says that other guy wanted to help back then too. Also, right now J is with SR. AH reminds his dad that J and SR are splitting up. The dad says the other guy did that too. Everything was ready and the guy backstabbed AJ and made it look like AJ stole someone else’s guy. AH wonders if he was wrong to talk to J.

The dad tells AH to think before he does something because he crossed a line. AH asks if his dad didn’t cross lines accepting the medicine. AH tries to eat one and his dad won’t let him because the dad is going to return it.

AJ tells PJ that she is ok now; she wasn’t sick. Something embarrassing happened. As a celebrity, even though her image is cheap and dirty, since she really isn’t she was ok with it, but today she saw herself as cheap and dirty so it was too humiliating.

PJ: “Didn’t you say you were a national treasure that couldn’t be bought even with 10 billion? A national treasure is valued and isn’t cheap.”

AJ: “Thank you for saying that.”

PJ: “When our *country’s national treasure got hurt, I couldn’t do anything. But when the national treasure that is in front of me is hurt, I said I would treat/take care of you (as her doctor).”

They go on and talk about other national treasures that I am afraid I have no idea what they are. She keeps asking and he keeps coming up with replies till he finally can’t think of one. (*referring to that famous ancient gate thing that got burned down by some drunk old man)

J says the curry tastes bad because there are no potatoes in it, but he eats it anyway. The potatoes are just sitting on the table. AJ asks the toy mic, “Just because you are a top star, is it fun playing around with a person?” PJ prints out a picture of that national treasure he was talking about and grins as he looks at it.

Moon asks J if he agreed to help AJ with her album and J asks if Moon heard that from AJ. Moon says how AH is going around saying that Moon asks if J and AJ said anything between them about it and J snaps that there wasn’t.

AJ shows up because Moon invited her to eat with them. Moon explains that because of the article about A, B, and C, as the same members of their company, if there are any bumpy problems she needs to interfere and resolve it as their representative.

J says that C isn’t family (she is something family) and since she caused the problem, instead of resolving it, she needs to be punished since Moon is their rep. Moon asks J why he is doing that in front of AJ and embarrassing her.

J says AJ isn’t someone who will be embarrassed; she is very impudent. J: “Aren’t you, AJ?” AJ replies that she doesn’t get embarrassed; she just ignores it.

Moon changes the subject and says let’s order the A course since it is good. AJ wants to just order one dish off the menu and not order a course meal and J accuses AJ of wanting to look good for Moon by eating something cheaper. Since AJ needs to get an album out, so of course AJ wants to get Moon to look at her favorably since Moon is paying for the album expenses.

Moon gets called away to meet someone. Moon thinks AJ and J are cold and not sweet to each other. J says AJ must have come to speak to Moon about the album so he tells them to talk and he will leave. AJ says he can’t leave because he has to help promote her album and shoot the music video together; so he has to talk with them.

J: “What?”

AJ: “You told me to ask you yesterday. I calculated it and thought which one is better: you coming out on my video and helping me sell the album or I will tell people what you did last night in a tell-all book. Either way is good so I’ll give you the chance to choose which way you want to go. If you want me to look at you favorably, choose the more expensive way instead of the cheap one.”

She gets up and leaves. AJ mutters that he isn’t the only one who can see her in a funny way; she can do it too (“funny” meaning not respecting her; referring to how he insulted her the other night).

J runs out and pulls her aside.

“What are you doing right now with me? Are you threatening me to help you with the album or are you getting me back because your pride got hurt? Protect your pride or your career? Just do one and don’t make someone confused.”

AJ: “What is there to be confused about? Just think whatever you want because that’s who you normally are. You made me into a laughing-stock, accusing me of using you. Then you can be used by me and become a laughing-stock.”

J: “Fine then, I will be your laughing-stock so use me honestly. But do it right, AJ, so I don’t get confused again.”

J calls Moon. He says he has decided to help AJ with that stuff they talked about. “Call the best music producer in the country.” Moon: “When?” J: “Right this second.”

Moon gives AH and AJ the plan for AJ’s single album. “As you can see, we only got together the best in the country. A team like this won’t be working for Uhm Jung-hwa, Baek Ji-young, or Lee Hyori but for AJ because J said to do it that way.”

AH worries what reporters will have a lot to say if they work with a team like this. Moon says of course they will but that is what J wants to do. AH worries with a team like this and with an artist like AJ, it will be hard to live up to the team’s expectation/standard. Moon says that might happen but J said not to worry about that.

AJ asks what she needs to do. Moon opens the contract and says as soon as AJ signs it, her album will come out right away as J prepared. Moon hands AJ the pen.

J stares at the potatoes and says, “With this, it will be clear why you guys came. If she signs that, I will know you guys mean nothing and will take care of you (as in consume).” (water is boiling in a pot nearby)

AH tells AJ that a big chance has come so what is the hesitation? He tells her to close her eyes and go for it. She remembers J’s words. She says J is testing her right now. AH reminds her how they struggled and hung in there for ten years and now this came. With this one chance—even if they left this company—from now on they can keep doing performances and sing somewhere else too. He tells her to think carefully. AJ holds the pen and signs it.

J gets a call that AJ signed. He says to the potatoes: “With this now I know for sure why you guys came. You guys have no meaning.” He boils the potatoes, only two. J says AJ is really bad. When he holds the third one, his heart rate is 122.

J: “By taking care of all of it at once I am going to get a shock.” He saves one potato in a bowl, telling it to think of it as prison because he is going to take care of it later.

Moon asks if AJ struggled with her pride. She thinks AJ is fighting with J over her pride. Moon: “If you protected your pride and didn’t sign, even though you would have lost your chance, you could have caught J’s heart.”

AJ says: “I am not even thinking of catching a heart like that. And I am not in a position to miss a chance like this.” Moon says: “You did well. If you hadn’t signed this and kept your pride and kept making J’s heart waver, I would have fired you.”

Jenny calls Moon a mother-in-law, like those on the dramas who throw envelopes of money and say they won’t ever let someone marry their son. AJ says a drama lead wouldn’t have this happen to them but AJ did. Jenny says AJ did well and points out that J doesn’t have just Moon acting like a mother-in-law; the whole country acts like a mother-in-law for J.

Jenny says since J said she was a temptress, Jenny warns AJ not to meet J again. AJ: “Temptress?” Jenny tells her not to think about it since AJ doesn’t like J. AJ says she doesn’t like him. “Who likes a temptress? I won’t ever like him.”

AJ wants to go out for some air but AJ steps on the poporo mic that keeps saying AJ lied so she gets mad at it and kicks it away.

SR goes to PJ and says she wants to take that medicine he gave because it worked out; because she needs to look thin and stuff. She asks if she can take two at a time; will it have more of an effect. He says then she will get diarrhea. He says she is already slim and pretty.

SR: “Do you normally tell just anyone that they are pretty?” PJ: “You’re not just anyone. Out of all the pretty women in our country, aren’t you one of them?” She says that people do call her a pretty national treasure.

PJ says something about SR being fourth of the Treasure Girls. SR asks if AJ said that, that SR was 4th in popularity. He explains he didn’t mean popularity but something else.

SR: “Why are you asking that?” He says he was wondering if she knows what the national treasures are. She lists some but stops. I) Namdaemun; 2) Dongdaemun; 3) Seodaemun.

She guesses and doesn’t know the fourth. PJ says she must not have interest in national treasures. PJ lists the fourth one. SR says PJ has a lot of interest in national treasures (she thinks he is interested in her).

PJ: “These days I have interest so I am studying them.” SR: “Since you’ve become interested, just leaving it alone and studying it, isn’t that tiring?” She tells him how she is going to formally reveal her break up with J soon; she just wanted PJ to know that.

AJ’s dad goes to meet PJ’s mom. He brought back the medicine. He only ate 3 and wants to return the rest and tell her his daughter is AJ. She invites him to eat with her.

The server starts grilling the meat. PJ’s mom goes on about how special the meat is. She tells him to taste the food and tell SR about it. He almost says his daughter is AJ, but then he looks at the food and doesn’t say tell her the truth and starts eating.

AH is at a singing room with Jenny and AJ. Jenny says AJ is too depressed when they came to cheer her up and congratulate her. AJ tells Jenny to have fun.

H comes to J’s house and asks why J drank so much water; he thinks J has no energy because of AJ. H gives J a drink; it’s the same one with J’s face on it – vitamin water. J glares at H and makes H come closer.

J: “A manager might not have sense, might easily talk. Since he is a person he could do that, but (he opens it and gets some on H’s face) my manager can’t.”

H says he will be leaving but gets a call from Jenny. H tells her he is at J’s home and will go where she is right away. Since it is a celebration, is it ok not to bring something? “Ok, I will buy a cake and go to the singing room.” J repeats “singing room” and calls H back.

J: “Are you going to a singing room for celebratory party with a cake to celebrate with?” H: “Yes.” J: “Is that person you are congratulating AJ?” H explains how they are celebrating AJ’s album. J: “Did AJ want that party?” H: “No. Because AJ has no strength, Jenny got involved.” J guesses that she doesn’t have energy because she has a conscience.

Jenny tries to get AJ to play, but AJ says she isn’t in the mood. They get her up and AJ steps on gum so she keeps lifting her foot and then swats at flies. From outside it looks like AJ is dancing so J stands there looking mad.

As H opens the door, AJ notices J. He says AJ is having a great time. AH asks why J came. J says he came to congratulate her and throws down the cake box. He pretends he is leaving but when AH tells him to stay J sits really quickly (like he just wanted someone to invite him to stay so he could).

He tells them to sing and have fun. H sings to J and J slaps his face away. Suddenly J joins in and scares everyone with all his kicks and odd singing. The lyrics are “What did I do wrong?”

J sings in an animated way, too much until his heart hurts. J staggers out of the room. He says his heart almost burst for real. AJ goes outside and asks if he is ok. He says he is. She thanks him. J says he has a right to receive her thanks. AJ bows and thanks him again.

As she turns to leave, he holds onto her sleeve. He asks to speak to her for a minute. They go into another room. J says since she signed, he is going to think for sure that she came that day because of the album. “Is it ok if I do that?” She tells him to think whatever he wants.

J: “That’s right. That night I said some harsh things. You have a reason to be mad. Even now if you say you didn’t come just to ask a favor, but ‘I was just going to make you curry.’ If you say it like that then I will be patient and understand.”

AJ: “You don’t need to understand.”

J: “Are you really going to make me into a laughing-stock that was used?”

AJ: “You’re not a laughing-stock. You are someone I am grateful to. I’m just thankful.”

AJ tries to leave. J stops her from going. J: “If you are that thankful, give me just one minute.” He puts his arm around her and puts his heart rate monitor on her wrist.

AJ: “What are you doing?” J: “If you don’t go out of the safe range of 60-90 for one minute—even once—I’ll just treat you as a grateful person.”

With his arms around her, one hand holding her wrist and the other holding her hand, AJ’s heart rate goes up to 99-100.

When it climbs to 102, she covers it up and pulls away.

J: “What is it?”

AJ: “Don’t do this and just let me go. If I want to earn a living, I can’t fall for someone like you. Please leave me alone so I can live within the safe 60-90 range.”

J: “Ok, I won’t look at it. Give it back.” She hands back his monitor. J gives her the pen and tells her to take it.

AJ: “This is…”

J: “That’s right; it’s that oriental medicine doctor’s pen. I found it.”

AJ: “You found it?”

J: “I found it after I lost it at the ball pit. But to look good in that oriental medicine doctor’s eyes, you lied that you found it. That is why I got mad. You also did something that warrants anger, didn’t you? Why? Since you got caught lying by me, do you feel uneasy? But even though I will understand it, because in your position you had to, for someone like you to make me look foolish, you are something else. Don’t go around spreading rumors (that you were able to make me look foolish) or I will sue you.”

He almost tells her about the cake he brought but doesn’t and just leaves.

AJ opens the cake box and takes out the sneakers. AH says those are the sneakers she lost in the ball pit. Then she pulls out PJ’s pen. AH says she already found that and gave it back.

PJ gets a call from AJ. Jenny wonders if PJ bought the pen and gave it to AJ as a present so she would feel better and is impressed with “P-line.” AH mentions something. Jenny says it’s the end of “D-line” because J was too rude to AJ a while ago and his temper is awful.

AH sticks up for J saying even though he has a bad personality, J did so much to help out AJ. “And if you count it all up, it’s D-line that is better.” Jenny thinks if J is going to be nice he should keep being nice. And if he is going to be rude, keep being rude but he is going back and forth and is a really bad guy.

H says J’s personality is really bad and PJ is really thoughtful but women always leave the nice guys alone and fall for bad guys. Jenny says she isn’t like that. She likes nice guys.

H and AH are both attentive to Jenny suddenly and give her drinks. AH tells her to choose one but she says she wants both. They both say Jenny is a bad girl.

PJ explains how he lied that he found it because he thought she was bothered by losing his pen. He apologizes. She says he was just being thoughtful and he got it from his dad so it’s precious. So it’s a good thing he was able to find the real pen. He says it looks like he made it worse for her and made her more uncomfortable.

She says she isn’t uncomfortable. It’s just that she is frustrated because a frustrating misunderstanding occurred so it’s bothering her. He says if a misunderstanding occurred because of him she has to get it cleared up. If she needs it he will explain it himself. She says she doesn’t need to clear it up; she doesn’t think she can. She can’t now (because of all benefits she got that she can’t take back) so all she can do is make that person wake up/come to his senses.

J stares at his phone. He says even though she saw the pen, she doesn’t seem to want to explain or defend herself. He looks at that last potato. He remembers how AJ said she wouldn’t like him back. J says no matter how much he went after her, there is only one answer. He needs to accept it; it’s a one-sided love. He sees something growing on the side of the potato. He says to it: “You have a twin.”

AJ sits outside his home with her sneaker. AJ says she didn’t lie; she was going to take back saying she couldn’t like him on that day.

That thing on the side of the potato is growing like a root. Magically J dresses up in a suit.

J: “Handsome, perfect, nice. In order not to be obvious that I am having a pitiful one-sided love, I have to look more cool and perfect.”

Moon calls to remind him of the appointment today to eat lunch with the president of MBS and talk about J’s special. J says if his show isn’t longer than Kim Myung-min’s, then he is going to tell them he won’t do it.

J adds more water and says to the potato: “Whether you become a (?) or whatever, since you grew this much I will continue to grow you.”

AH talks about how it’s so great to do this dressed as a frog. She says it’s better than being another creature I don’t know. AH says since her album will be out soon, shouldn’t they be more picky about what programs they do to protect her image? AJ says she is going to talk it over with Moon about her solo album. AH worries that AJ might say she isn’t going to do it. AJ says she wants to bring up the costs today. She is doing something in a frog suit for the show.

AH mentions how Couple Making is putting her up online and he is giving out her sneakers for an online auction for Couple Making. He says since she isn’t even wearing them anymore and left them outside, should he not? But she says he did well. “I have to settle it like this.”

J and Moon have a meeting with the president of MBS and other men about J’s documentary special. Moon says she wants it to be different from Hollywood documentaries. The station is going to air it during prime time. Since it is about J, of course they need to give it their attention.

AJ is in a frog suit. Since she can’t go to the bathroom later, she decides to go now. AH says he already gave her sneakers away to Couple Making. He tells her to hurry and go to the bathroom and he is going ahead. She decides she needs to get them back because J found them and just keep them. What is the problem with that?

As she runs to the studio, she slips and falls and J catches her. Moon introduces AJ to the president of MBS. He says AJ seems like fun. AJ smiles and bows at him. Moon says “Fighting!” to AJ. J just looks at her and follows Moon.

AJ has to climb over the turnstile, but suddenly J picks her up and puts her over to the other side.

He asks if she is going to do a sexy dance wearing that frog outfit. She says no. Since she is a frog she is going to jump in the gym.

J: “Since your tummy is sticking out like that, you think you can jump?”

AJ: “Since I am a human, if I am going against a frog, I should have this much of a handicap.”

J grins. He says since the weather is hot outside she’ll get sweaty. She reminds him that Moon and the president of MBS are waiting and tells him to go. He tells her to jump well. She wishes he would get mad instead. Why is he acting so cool?

AJ decides not to get those sneakers back. If I have them I will want to wear them. If I wear them, I will want to run in them.”

PJ asks SR what is going on between SR and J. She explains they can’t break up like other people; they have to worry about contracts and image. PJ says then if someone comes between them, that person will be in trouble. She says that is why they all have to be careful. She asks why he is curious. He says because he is afraid someone will get hurt.

The youngest writer for Couple Making introduces herself to J. H asks what she is holding. She explains how everyone on the Couple Making show is giving out their property for the auction on the show’s homepage. SR is giving away a bag.

J finds out that AJ is giving away her sneakers. J thinks that he found them but she let them go.

The girl says hi to PJ. She asks if he came to meet the PD and tells PJ where he is but PJ and J stare at each other. The girl drops the sneakers. PJ picks up one and notices it belongs to AJ. PJ tries to pick up the other one but J blocks him and picks it up. PJ asks for it saying entrusting him with them would be better but J doesn’t want to give it to PJ. J gives it to the girl; he says he is entrusting it with her and be careful as she carries it.

J says to PJ sort of: “Just because it’s dropped, just anyone is saying they will be entrusted with it.” PJ tells her to leave it with him because “I’m not just anyone.” J and PJ have a stare-down.

J checks and sees that AJ’s sneakers are online. He guesses since PJ said “he isn’t just anyone” that PJ will try to show that by buying them. PJ checks and keeps track of her sneakers online too. Since it’s only $30, he wonders how much he should bid.

Jenny wonders if all their Treasure Girls fans are dead. How can AJ’s sneakers be only $30? AJ says those fans are now AJ’s anti-fans or SR’s fans. Jenny wants to make it go up to $100. AJ says she will just let it go at $30 to whoever wants it and it’s better than them coming back to her. Jenny says it went up.

PJ bids $500. He wonders if that is an ok amount. AJ wonders if she had a fan like this (who would bid so much).

J sees that. Since he found it especially for her, not just anyone can have them. He bids $1000.

PJ wonders if a fan is doing this. He wonders if J did it. X-Files music plays. J sees that it went up to $2,000. “What am I doing with this guy? It’s enough. I am DJ. If I get involved I will become more foolish.”

J imagines this: PJ gives back AJ’s sneakers. AJ: “You bought my sneakers for $2,000.” PJ: “Yes, because I am not just anyone to you.”

J yells: “No, he is just anyone.” J raises it to $3,000. PJ thinks J doesn’t want him to take it. “Then I have to get them.” He bids $4,000. The Couple Making writer says the site has a problem. AJ’s sneakers went from $30 to $4,000. The writer sees that it just went up to $5,000.

J sees it is $6,000 so he goes $7,000. Then PJ ups it to $8000. J says PJ has a lot of money so he goes up to $9000. The PD says the end of the auction is coming up. The writer says it’s ending soon.

PJ doesn’t even see his patients and makes them wait. His computer is turned off when a kid unplugs it by accident as PJ bids $10,000 so PJ uses the computer outside. AJ’s sneakers are $10,000. Jenny thinks someone is crazy for buying it for $10,000. AJ wonders if something went wrong. PJ is upset because he lost.

J is thrilled. He is happy to win. “Just any one oriental medicine doctor, DJ won” till J realizes what he did. His victory sign fingers are suddenly turned to his eyes and he asks, “$10,000? Why did you do that? Please, please, I was wrong.” He pokes his own eyes.

PJ looks defeated: “I lost them.” J is staring at the sneakers. “Even if she comes for them, I can’t give them to her.”

AH thinks it was J. Jenny says there was another person who kept raising it; who is it. AH thinks it was a fan or someone played a prank.SR finds out that PJ was the other person who bid for AJ’s sneakers. SR thinks he is was playing around. She guesses that he is interested in AJ, the national treasure.

Some reporter guy asks SR if she knows who bought the sneakers because everyone is curious who bought those sneakers for $10,000. She says she can’t talk about personal stuff like that. He says she doesn’t have to give details; just tell him if it was AJ’s long-time fan or whatever.

SR gets a smirk on her face and says, “To be honest, the writers don’t know and that is why they can’t tell because anyone can use someone else’s internet ID. Someone could have paid someone to buy it for $10,000, or it could have been AJ herself just kidding around.” His ears perk up hearing that. SR says she wanted people to give AJ some attention so she is happy this worked out so well.

AJ thinks it is something J would do but he isn’t calling. AH runs up and says there is a weird article on the internet. They think AJ did this to garner attention and popularity.

AJ goes and meets with the Couple Making PD and writer. She keeps apologizing to them and when they ask if she bought it, she tells them she can’t afford to. The PD says it won’t be good for AJ if the person who bought it doesn’t come forth. The writer says the show is being filmed tomorrow and all those reporters will be here and it will be a headache. AJ keeps apologizing.

J says to H that AJ doesn’t have that kind of money to do that. H says since it is under his internet ID, H suggests that he get involved. J points out that it won’t look right for a manager in the same company to buy it for $10,000 because it will only confirm the reporter’s suspicion that her company did it to get attention. H says that reporters will be gathered when they film Couple Making tomorrow. If it doesn’t get settled, then people will think that AJ did it.

AJ tells her family not to worry too much. The show’s PD and writer know she didn’t do it so it won’t affect the show. AH says they are going around without proof that she did that. Her dad says just say she didn’t do it because she would never do that.

The nephew asks AJ: “Aunt, what is a sponsor?” The grandpa says he told the kid not to look at computers. The kid says people are saying aunt’s sponsor bought sneakers. “Why are people calling you a rag aunt?” Her family is horrified to hear that. AJ tells her nephew not to read the internet; she already told him that it was all false.

The kid nods his head. He says his dad said her sneakers would be at J’s home so should he go and get them? She tells him not to go to J. “Also, you can’t tell anyone about this.” He nods.

AJ: “Like I told you, never ever tell your friends that GAJ is your aunt.” He nods. She tells him not to use the word “rag” because it’s not a word he should be using. He nods and smiles. She washes a rag and looks sad. (*a “rag” is bad because it means you can be used and thrown away)

The next day the studio is packed with reporters. PJ shows up and hears them talking and looks worried. AJ says sorry to the PD and writer. PJ comes in and sees AJ apologizing to the other women too.

SR says to the writer that AJ needs to take responsibility. The writer says, “Let’s see what the reporters do and then have a meeting and decide.”

The reporters surround AJ. She starts to talk. SR comes out to watch. They ask if she bought it herself. Does she have the sneakers now? She says she doesn’t know how this happened. She loses her shoes with people shoving her. PJ goes to help AJ. SR tells him to just stand down because if he gets involved it will get worse.

J shows up with her sneakers and says, “They are here. AJ’s sneakers are here.” He holds them up and walks through the crowd. J says he is the one who bought her sneakers.

He puts them on her feet and winks up at her.

The End


AJ asks J if he isn’t scared that he might become a D-lister like her from hanging around her.

J: “I am doing what I want with what is mine so don’t worry about it.”

SR asks J if AJ has something on him and J says yes and it’s a big one.

PJ asks if he must eliminate AJ.

J says to PJ: “The way you can protect AJ is to help her keep going (on the show I think).

PJ says to J: “You just made it harder for her than protect her.”

PJ tells AJ that he likes her (OMG).

J finds out her song was played during his heart surgery.


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    That last scene was more touching and exciting than any random kiss could ever be. Hah! **wink, wink**

  11. Thanks for the live recap! I am also liking this show a lot! Thanks for the videos! This episode sure brought a lot of revelations! I thought he was going to eat the two potatoes but he decided to keep one.

  12. Thank you SO SO much for this recap! I appreciate it super much! You are the best! Such a wonderful job!!!

  13. Thanks, Softy, for this and all of the ones you do have done will do!
    I hope your counter count is out of this unviverse high.

    I really don’t know what I would do without your doing this.
    So many wonderful moments tonight. The way they speak to each other is elliptic and beautiful, saying little but meaning a lot.
    I’m not sure who gets more points for wordless communication:
    *Her* for using her eyes against what little resolve he has left. He cannot possibly stop himself from falling deeper and deeper when she looks at him like that. I expect him to say that, “Stop it with the eyes and the face!”
    *Him* for pretty much searing this desire directly into her soul through his eyes. She’s TOAST!!

    I have been good at kissing estimates this season. I see one coming in 8. Whatta think of one combined with a heartfelt apology from him for his failed attempts to help. Do you think it’s too soon? Nah, he’s Dokko Jin.
    Here is state of my life right now in a COW PIE Chart:

    • Brilliant pie chart!

      My coworkers must think I’m nuts. Everyday sucks and then BAM it’s Wednesday (Awwww yeah!) and I’m high fiving everyone and able to do whatever anyone throws at me with such pep. Then by Friday morning I’m like “Whatever. Weekend…..”

      Gonna hold you to your kiss estimates. Could it be nearly every show has a kiss scene this week? (Well, the ones I’m watching..)

  14. Thanks again Softy!
    So the cake was a lie!… J returned a pair of shoes, he didn’t really buy them so that negates the “She’ll run away from you” curse, right? I guess?

    I was hoping that DJ would water the potato with vitamin water. There’s a drinking game that could be built around that product placement. Oh magical potato love…

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  16. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!

    Another BRILL episode! DJ is like a chameleon turning his ‘colours/moods’ so fast.

    One minute he acts all cool & aloof towards AJ in froggy suit and next, he’s the knight in shining armor helping “frog-girl” over the barrier! 😀

    OK, with this episode I’m officially demanding for SR’s swift and utter humiliating demise from the industry! I mean, why the HECK did she have to purposely speculate and drop hints to the nosy parker reporter knowing FULL well that AJ will most likely be blamed for the auction outcome!!! 😛 I bet she did something shi–y like tht in Treasure Girl days as well….humph. STAY AWAY FROM HER PJ!!

    IDK, while DJ’s cool actions at the end is SWOONWORTHY (well, doesn’t anything he does for AJ elicits a scream and a faint from us fangirl?? :D), I feel AJ may be in for deeper trouble.
    Maybe we’ll see DJ turning that act into something akin to promotion/connected with AJ’s upcoming album in today’s episode.

    NOw for AH!! What’s wrong with this guy??? He’s so dense and totally unsuitable as a manager. How can he go around blabbing about DJ doing AJ’s album BEFORE anything had been been finalised?? What the….? what if the deal didn’t get thru…AJ will be scorned! Aishhhhh…..please AJ, get rid of him…though, don’t think AJ will since he’s family n she’s a nice person. haiiiiiii, OK AJ….I’ll try to FF your oppa’s scenes from now on for your sake. STAY AWAY FROM HIM JENNY!!

    Is it a foreshadow of things to come about similarity between AJ & past love with AJ & DJ now? Poor AJ, she’s had it pretty tough all this while.

    hahha, how cute was PJ during the heated auction!!!

    thank you Softy n Thundie!!! I’ll be back for more!

    • Oh yes, yes. Another BL live recap PARTY tonight. 😆

      Softy says she’ll be home about 9pm Korean time. I’m waiting for her to hit “publish” and then we’re good to go.

      • yeeeeeeey!!!!!! I’ll bring snack, soju and tissue (just in case)
        thank you softieeee…..thank you thundieee……. ^___^

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