Best Love: Episode 6

The words “lost in translation” come to mind during each episode. There is a certain cadence to the Korean language that makes it fun and amusing and the Hong sisters really know how to play around with words. This is quite a challenge to translate; sometimes I feel like they might as well be wearing hanboks all the time. If these translations can elicit even a grin here and there then I’ve made some progress. More than likely, there are constant frowns and quizzical looks I bet. But tonight I did a much better job. Maybe I am finally getting the hang of this. Starting next week, this show will be done live so I better be ready. It will be interesting to see if I can pull it off. 🙂

After she goes outside the theater, J comes out but he can’t call out her name because of all the people passing by. She walks off, but he runs after her and grabs her hand and won’t let go.

J: “I caught you for real. Now what are you going to do? Are you going to be caught or are you going to run away?” He says he won’t hold onto her again so what should he do? Let go? “Should I let go?”

AJ: “People are looking so how can you be holding onto me like this? What are you going to do if someone sees?” She tells him to let go but he takes her hat and puts it on and puts his arm around her and holds her in his arms so that her face is squished.

J: “Stand still. If people recognize me, then it’s all your fault.”

AJ: “I can’t see.”

J: “So it can’t be seen, don’t lift up your face.”

AJ: “Where are you going to go?”

J: “Be quiet and follow me. You’ve been caught.”

SR goes inside with H chasing her and she says J was here. “Because there are two drinks, he was with someone.” She turns and asks H who it is. Is that person a celebrity too? She yells: “Who is it? Is it someone who is more popular than me?”

PD speculates that the rumors from a while back that SR and J were broken up must be true. PJ stands nearby and listens. The writer worries that news will break about their split during their show run. PD guesses since there are lots of things that SR and J are doing together, so they will probably hide it for now. PD wonders who J was with; must be a top star like SR. The writer worries that if news about that woman breaks before SR and J’s breakup, then that woman will be known as the one who split them up and be scorned.

PJ points out that if SR and J are already broken up, then that woman can’t be known as a temptress. PD says others won’t see it that way because they thought SR and J were in a relationship this whole time.

J and AJ are sitting in a dark wine bar. He says there is no one here to misunderstand just because J brought her here, since she is AJ and not someone like Shim Min-ah.

AJ: “I guess it’s a good thing I am not a top star.” He says if she wanted to be caught up in a scandal with him, then she should have dressed the part because he isn’t someone who could be in a scandal with someone dressed like her. AJ: “Good thing I wore shabby clothes then.”

He makes a toast, for her being someone who dresses shabby and isn’t a top star and torments him like that. She clinks glasses but doesn’t drink.

AJ: “Were you that bothered that you liked me?”

J: “I never even once liked anyone besides myself. Ending up like that (liking you) bothered me and then because it was you, it was really shameful.” AJ rubs it in that it must have been awful for him because after he confessed to someone like her, he got rejected by her. He tells her not to bring that up because hearing the words, the shock of that night is coming back again.

AJ: “Oh, you were that shocked? It must not have even crossed your mind that I would turn you down.”

J: “Of course I didn’t imagine it. In your position I thought you would be overjoyed.”

He goes on to put his foot in his mouth and makes her pretty miffed. AJ brings up the point that since he never liked anyone before, then she must be his first love. She asks if she should surprise him more and says because he is so awful—at his age—that first love will continue to be a one-sided love. AJ: “Because I will never ever like you.”

She gets up to leave and he hits his mouth for talking and causing this to happen. He runs out after her and she tells him to let go of her. He says he wants to erase what happened here and start over. Normally before coming to a place like this, he should have dressed her in a few designer outfits and turned her into a princess and come here when she was out of her mind (with happiness) but they skipped that part.

AJ: “So let’s do that and come back here again, huh? I’ll make that happen so don’t go.” He tries to hold her wrist but she shakes him off and holds out her hand, palms up.

AJ: “If you have money to do that, then just give it to me.”

J: “What?”

AJ: “Then like you wanted, I will settle it easily and quickly right here in this place.”

J: “Like I wanted… How? Try doing it once.”

AJ: “DJ, you look really easy. You want to sleep with me once?”

J: “What?”

AJ asks if that made him “wake up suddenly” and says she will “leave quickly” now. She walks off but comes back and snatches her hat out of his hand.*This is sooo hard to explain in English; it makes more sense and sounds funnier in Korean.

When he is alone at home, he says aloud: “Right up to when I caught her, I was cool. I shouldn’t have gone to drink wine with her. After telling her that I saw her as easy, now it’s gotten a lot harder.”

AJ is at home still looking upset. PJ is at home looking at J’s movie flyer. PD, writer, SR, and the cast of Couple Making are all having a meeting. PD says the studio recording this time will be to assign missions to film outdoor dates. The choices are picnic, hiking, romantic cruise, luxury dinner. The writer tells the women they won’t know which one they will get so they need to free up their schedules in advance.

SR tells the women they still haven’t managed to find their characters yet, especially AJ. SR tells AJ to give more life to her pushy type character and implies that AJ is too concerned with not wanting to be made fun of or mocked. AJ says if she does her part, then SR as the emcee needs to play off of what AJ does more, like what Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-suk do with their guests to enliven the mood.

AH tells AJ to get first pick and choose hiking and get PJ to teach her how to ride a bike. AJ wonders what she should do today to be a hit. AH looks around and sees some helium tanks. He sucks in some of it and talks funny so AJ tries it out too. AH thinks this will be a great idea and runs off to tell the director.

PJ comes over and AJ talks to him with her funny voice. He asks why her voice is like that so she explains about the helium gas. She explains about the night of the movie, how she had to avoid people and asks if he didn’t tell anyone. He says he didn’t. She thanks him.

AJ: “I’m talking about serious stuff but this is so funny (her voice).” She gets her voice back and he asks to try it too because it looks like fun but she says he doesn’t need to be funny. She is the one who found it and he is asking her to share. He asks to try it. She asks if he really plans to do it on the show and he says if it is funny he wants to do it.

While they are laughing together, SR and writer show up and watch them. The writer says PJ and AJ look really close; it looks like AJ won’t be dropped from the show.

AJ wonders if they inhale too much, will it be ok. PJ still has his funny voice as he says: “I worried a lot.” She doesn’t get that he was being serious and says if they inhale too much they might get headaches.

PJ: “Yes, I was worried that you would get hurt a lot. I would like it if you weren’t hurt. If something happens and you are hurt, come to me. I will treat it.” She says she will and that he seems like a really good doctor.

Moon asks H if he really didn’t see who J was with. H says he didn’t get to see. She thinks there is someone for sure. H asks hypothetically what she would do if J dated someone who is a D-lister. She says J isn’t someone who would do that. H insists if by any chance he does, and she picks up on his words and says she would send J off overseas and she would step on the woman so that she couldn’t do anything in the celebrity business.

H: “Would J just let that happen and not do anything?” Moon: “I would do it so he wouldn’t know. Isn’t that what a representative does? When I worked that hard to protect his image, I can’t let him be ruined by a romance with a loser.” H sighs.

Moon says she heard that SR and her team went to the movie theater J went to but didn’t get to see him. J says he didn’t get to see H either, the person she sent to spy on him. Moon says that SR didn’t look good in front of her team (not getting to see J and his movie with him; Moon is doing damage control for that)) so to appease SR, Moon is sending over flowers and cake in his name to the film set because today marks the one-year date when the two of them revealed they were dating.

J asks which film site, the one for Couple Making? She says yes and he offers to take the flowers and cake in person. Moon says if he goes in person, it will be more effective. He asks if he really is a rude person. She says he never asked that before. J says he didn’t use to worry about it but his personality keeps causing difficult problems.

Moon: “You have something that is difficult?”

J: “Yes, and it’s getting more difficult as time goes by.”

The show starts and AJ beats out the other girls and gets first place. (chicken leg competition where you hold one leg and hop on the other and knock down your opponent and one who is left standing is winner).

The other emcee calls AJ the Treasure Girl chicken leg but AJ says that used to be SR (SR tries to laugh it off). The emcee says they are going to watch the CF they made for Treasure Girls Chicken Leg. The writer tells someone to find that CF so they can insert it later.

AJ says the CF happened 10 yrs ago. AJ says she wants to suggest something if SR allows. SR says she will if everyone wants but she wants to make it more interesting and put something on the line. If AJ wins, she gets two dates and if SR wins, she gets to go out on the date in AJ’s place. AJ says all she has to do is win. SR: “Also, I can’t lose.”

They start the match to see who will become the chicken queen. During the match, SR says back then she didn’t get to hold the leg though.

Flashback to the 4 of them shooting the CF. SR was holding the chicken leg and director says AJ is supposed to hold it (because she is more popular and needs to be out front) and gives SR the wing. AJ asks SR if she wants to hold the leg but SR says she is going to the back with her wing. End of flashback.

SR says now she is the emcee and AJ is nothing. SR goes in for the attack. J watches that and worries and claps when AJ knocks SR down. J beams proudly: “AJ is really strong.” PJ gives AJ some water. He says she is really good at the chicken fight. She says she made it life or death since what happens on the show is on the line (meaning because she will get more footage because of the dates).

PJ asks if she rides bikes well but she says she doesn’t and needs to practice. She says since her character is supposed to be pushy like this, if she keeps bugging him to teach her, she hopes he will not feel bad about it and receive it well. He tells her to do what she wants because he is a tv personality too. He wonders how he became a tv personality when he is a doctor.

J comes up behind them and sees them together. AJ thinks what PJ said was funny and asks permission to say that on the show. She looks for a pen to write that down. PJ gives her his favorite pen. She remembers how it is precious to him. PJ tells her to use it well and return it. He gets a call from the PD so he walks off. AJ says he is cool after he leaves.

J comes over and compliments her on fighting so well on the chicken leg competition.

She asks him if her working so hard to earn a living is that funny. He tries to explain he was only trying to compliment her. She says what J said wasn’t funny at all. He asks if she can’t smile and just overlook what he said since she laughed so hard at PJ’s joke which wasn’t even funny. She says she was having fun with PJ so that is why she laughed.

J makes that face where he doesn’t like what he just heard. J tries again and tells her to work hard and says the pushy image concept she chose fits her well and he hopes it will take off. She twists what he said again to be something like an insult so he has to explain he was encouraging her to give her energy. She says it doesn’t give her energy at all.

AJ: “If you are here to torment me again, go over there. Way over there.” J gets defensive that he came so that he would look good in her eyes and tried very hard to compliment and encourage her and didn’t do any of the things she accused him of. She mutters that he should compliment in a better way. But since his mouth is crappy, so of course whatever he says is the same. She tells him to hold it in when he wants to open his mouth and think “should I open my mouth right now or not? Look at the situation and then open it.”

J throws her words back at her. “If you are praising me right now, do it nicer. Since you are the way you are, even though I want to say that, I will hold it in and not say it.” She thanks him anyway and promises to work hard and survive till the end and become a couple with PJ. (glass breaking sound)

J: “Become what with whom?”

AJ: “A couple. This program is to make a couple.”

J just got that this was that kind of program. AJ says she thinks she will do well because she it looks like PJ thinks of her favorably. “If I can just survive till the end, it will be the best.”

She is holding PJ’s pen and J notices it. He asks if it belongs to PJ. She says it does and he asks to see it. She tells him how precious it is to PJ. J: “If you lose this, then he will get really mad at you, I bet.” AJ: I’m sure he will.”

J suddenly gets up and hides the pen in a pool of plastic balls. She asks what he is doing.

J: “Just tell him that you lost it so he will get mad at you. Because you have to like me, quit this show right now.”

He mixes up the balls again and walks off. She goes in and tries to look for the pen.

H delivers the flowers and cake for SR. The writer asks: “Is this an event for SR? Like his image, J is so good.”H says J is always like that to SR. The writer says SR was feeling down, and isn’t coming out from her van, so this is good. Since J came, he can cheer her up before he leaves.

J comes in to yell at H but sees everyone and smiles and says hello. J asks H to go now but the writer asks J to help them out. They have to keep filming so they ask him to save them and cheer SR up. J looks at H like he is going to step on him later. If he was going to do any event, then could he please do it here? J says he will help with a special event. Everyone claps. J grabs H’s neck and almost strangles him.

AJ can’t find the pen and now she lost a sneaker. She says she will bury J in those balls. She goes in looking for J. She hears H say into the phone where J is waiting. AJ goes there.

J is standing there in a dark room with a red ribbon around his neck holding a bouquet of flowers in his arm and a rose between his teeth with balloons and candles lined up in a heart shape with cake too. When AJ kicks the door open and goes in, he lets the rose drop.

She asks what he is doing and he says: “I’m in the middle of an event.” He tries to mouth the words “get out” but she doesn’t pay attention. AJ: “Why, so that you look good?” J: “Since you look really angry, I’ll stop for a moment and explain.” She yells at him to shut his mouth.

AJ: “I was going to be understanding and overlook it, but I don’t think I can.” He tries to call her name in a more stern/warning-like voice but she keeps going. She says she doesn’t need his praise or encouragement.

AJ: “What are you going to do about the pen I lost because of you? Return it back to me. Also, don’t ever show up around me again and get lost. I will never ever like you.” She blows out the candles.

SR turns the lights on and asks what they are doing. Everyone comes out and AJ realizes she said all that to a room full of people.

J tries to cover it up and says to AJ that she must have been hearing a lot of insults and stuff because of him and it piled up. Even though he tried to apologize through compliments and praise, can she not find it in her to accept them?

J: “The pen you lost because of me… Whether I have a fan meeting or fan signing, you have to find it then.” She makes a “Huh? What are you talking about?” face.

J: “If you act like this to me, then what am I supposed to do? Since you won’t ever like me, it pains me.” He leaves and SR goes after him.

PJ walks by and sees AJ. Netizens picked up the incident and indirectly described J, SR, and AJ (as A, B, and C) and it painted AJ negatively. AH says netizens are scary after Jenny reads parts of it aloud for H and AH. Jenny says whoever reads it, it sounds like AJ.

AJ is in bed and her dad calls her out to eat but she says she doesn’t want to. She gets a call from J and she rejects it.

J says she must really be angry. He is sitting in his car outside her home. He starts to send a text and remembers how she said she would never like him. He cancels the text and says: “Who told you to come and yell that out? Why is this so hard?”

AJ apologizes to PJ and says she told the set guy to call her if they are emptying out the pool. When he does she will go and find it. He says let’s go together then to look for it, since she lost a sneaker too.

She whines and says she doesn’t know why she doesn’t have any luck these days. She hits her chest and says she feels like she is going to burst from frustration. He tells her to keep hitting because it’s good to do that medically to relieve it. Every time she hit there she was treating herself. She says no wonder her hand just automatically went there to hit (every time she felt that way). PJ assures her everything will work out well.

AJ: “Really?” PJ: “Yes, the most important thing for treatment is trust/faith.” She says what he says she just believes. As she walks out with PJ, she sees the set guy and reminds him again to be sure to call her so she can find the pen. PJ worries and says to himself that if she doesn’t find that pen, she will feel burdened.

J meets with SR. He says it seems like it is getting more difficult because she and he are mixed up. So he says the representatives are going to settle this; she just needs to know that. She asks if he is doing this because of the article. She points out that it was handled with C (AJ) taking the blame for it. J says that C was the only one who was painted negatively.

SR says AJ has bad timing. How could she do that there? And she did that before too, a long time ago. J leans in and asks when. She says when they were Treasure Girls. The day AJ yelled at her, it happened that a lot of reporters were there that day.

J: “Back then, what did you do wrong to AJ?”

SR: “What?”

J: “You must have done something for her to do that.”

SR: “I didn’t do much of anything. You didn’t do anything either and AJ yelled at you too.”

J: “I did do something. What bad thing did you do?”

SR: “I just played a prank. But you don’t like AJ that much too? What bad thing did you do?”

J says he feels awful thinking that he did the same bad thing as SR. SR: “If you don’t like AJ that much, then you don’t need to meet each other. After what happened then, I didn’t see AJ for 10 years.” J says ten years is too long (for him not to see AJ).

Before he leaves, he tells SR that their relationship will be settled soon. She asks where he is going. (*basically he met SR to tell her that they are breaking up)

J goes and gets the set guy to open the warehouse so J can have access to look for the pen. The set guy says his wife is a fan and only asks J for an autograph when he is done. J instructs a group of guys to search for the pen. “Put your lives on the line and look for it.” A guy comes in and says they found it. J gets the sneaker and pen back. He thanks them for their hard work.

Meanwhile PJ is buying another pen just like the one he lost. PJ’s mom and two nurses talk about the article. His mom says she is going to tell her son not to get too close with AJ.

AJ’s dad comes to meet PJ. His mom gets up saying that SR’s dad is here. She goes to greet him. He says his daughter is feeling weak so he came to get some consultation with PJ. She says PJ is away right now. She mentions she saw the article about A,B, and C. She says he must be very upset.

PJ’s mom gives AJ’s dad something and he says just chewing it gives him strength. She tells him to tell his daughter to buy it for him since SR makes a lot of money. He stops chewing. She says she is letting him sample this because he is SR’s dad. Just one of this is $200. He spits it back out. She says she is giving it to him because he is SR’s dad. He starts to tell her his daughter his AJ but changes his mind because of how expensive that medicine is and puts back in what he spit out saying SR will be thankful.

J goes to AJ’s nephew’s school. He calls him over. J: “Your aunt still doesn’t answer her phone. Is she at home?” The kid says she said she would stay home all day. J tells the kid when he gets home to tell his aunt to pick up when J calls. “If she doesn’t, then you pick up and put her on the line.” The kid agrees to do it. J tells him to go.

J looks up and says trying to see AJ’s face is like plucking a star from the sky. “If I return this (pen), she will be less angry but I really don’t like that she will get closer with that oriental medicine doctor.”

The kid’s friend asks who J is because the kid isn’t supposed to talk to strangers. The kid says that is J. The other kids think the nephew is lying so J yells out that it isn’t a lie. He gets out of the car and walks over to them. “I am DJ and he and I know each other. If you have cell phones you can take pics. Take pics as proof and spread the rumor around the neighborhood how impressive this kid is.”

He poses with the kid (sooooo cute).

He makes the kid call his aunt to come pick him up. J says the kid did well. J: “Your aunt is a celebrity but why don’t your friends know?” The kid says he didn’t tell because his aunt said never to tell.

J makes a comment that the family gets insulted too if the celebrity is mocked. He gives the kid permission to spread the word that the kid is tight with J. J says he will send 100 of his autographs to his class and tells him to pass it around. The kid thanks him.

J asks what is around the kid’s neck. The kid explains that if you lie into it, a red light comes on and says it’s a lie. The kid says if he tells people he is close when he isn’t, then it’s a lie. Is it ok for him to lie? J makes him speak into the toy that he is close with J. The kid does it and J said the red light didn’t come on because the kid didn’t lie. So the kid can tell people.

J turns his alarm off and AJ comes in. She asks where her nephew is. The kid is sleeping.

AJ: “What are you doing? Just because I don’t answer your calls, you bring the kid here and call me over?”

J: “That’s not it. I was passing by and he acted like he knew me and followed me so I had no choice but to bring him. You think I would stand outside your nephew’s school and when he came out make him call you—and make you come over here—is that what you think?” A red bell sounds (the lie detector).

J: “I am DJ. For you, the one who said she would never like me, am I someone who would do that?”

AJ: “If you didn’t, then fine.”

J: “That’s right, I didn’t. From now on I won’t hold onto you.”

AJ: “Fine, don’t hold onto me. That worked out well.”

J: “You were just disappointed, weren’t you?”

AJ: “What?”

J: “Because I said I wouldn’t hold onto you, you were let down, huh?”

AJ: “What are you talking about? I wasn’t.”

J: “Don’t lie.”

AJ: “I didn’t lie.”

J grabs the toy and sits by her. He explains how it detects lies and the red light comes on when you lie. “Tell the truth.”

She pushes it away asking what he is doing with a kid’s toy. J: “That’s right, kids are precious. Swear on your ding dong and say it. If you lie, I’m going to let him grow the way he is. If you want your ding dong to have an impressive body like mine, don’t lie and speak the truth. You were disappointed, weren’t you?”

She looks over at her chubby nephew and hesitates. J: “When I said I wouldn’t hold onto you, you were disappointed, weren’t you?” AJ: “I wasn’t.” J turns it on so that the toy says, “You lied.”

He teases that she lied. She tells him to move it away and slaps it and it hits him in the eye. She asks if he is ok and he said he got hit with the poporo head.

J has an ice pack on his eye and he is moaning that it hurts a lot. She asks if he is ok and he says he isn’t because his eye almost popped. “DJ got hit by poporo.”

AJ: “It’s still better than being hit by AJ because pororo is a top star. She says it’s red and wonders if the vessels will pop. He worries because he has to go on a promotion. She tells him to let her see it. He leans in and his heart starts to race so he looks away.

She tells him to look directly at her. She makes him look to the left and right. She says that side is redder but now that she saw clearly it’s ok. “Thank goodness.”

Suddenly she feels awkward but he puts his hand on her shoulders and says: “This time I am going to talk so you determine if I am lying or not. I think GAJ is difficult. She is not easy at all and is really difficult.” He stares at her lovingly and smiles.

J: “If I find that doctor’s pen, are you going to take back what you said about never liking me?”

AJ: “If you find it, I will at least forgive you.”

J: “Just forgiveness? Since you don’t like being seen as easy, it will be hard for you to take it back right away. I have to make it so that you can take it back without feeling embarrassed. Starting from tomorrow, I will be going to Japan to promote Fighter. During that time you have something to do for me. Come and feed them (he points to his fish).”

AJ: “Why are you asking me to do that?”

J: “Because I am going to set the alarm when I leave and you are the only one who knows the house code to disarm it.”

AJ: “You didn’t change that 6090?”

J: “That’s right. Only you can come in. I’m going to leave without giving anyone a key. If you don’t come, they will all die of starvation.”

AJ: “Even if they die of starvation, it’s not my fault. Why do I have to go in and out of your world?”

J: “In your heart, run a lie detector in there, then you will end up coming into my world.”

When AJ is home, she holds the toy and says into it: “I will never ever like DJ.” The toy tells her not to lie so she drops it.

J puts the pen in the fish food container and he fills it half up with fish food. He says after a few times feeding the fish she will find it. When she finds it, she will forgive and then take it back without feeling embarrassed about it.

PJ stares at his newly purchased pen and wonders: “In order not to make it obvious that I am lying, how do I explain how I found it and show it to her? It’s hard. I have to show her I found it so she will feel more at ease.”

AH asks his son if he really went to J’s home. The kid says J is really close with him. AH asks what AJ and J talked about. The kid says he didn’t hear. AH says he should have.

AH tells AJ how popular J is in Japan. When AJ makes her album, if J was in her music video, AJ would be able to sort of dip her toe into Hollywood. He says indirectly that he knows she saved J’s number under “flower” and asks when that flower is going to bloom.

AJ goes in and hears SR and her assistant talk. The girl asks if J really asked for this breakup. SR says before that happens, she will have to set it up that she is sad so that she gets less insults. She gets ready to put eye drops in her eyes. The girls ask what is going to happen with that expensive CF contract. SR says when she thinks about that it really makes her want to cry. She tells the girl to take the pic now (while she is looking sad).

AJ goes to feed J’s fish. She says hi to them and explains: “I just came. Your owner lost a really expensive contract, and if you guys starve on top of that, imagine how upset he would be. Also, it seems like it’s my fault too so that is why I came. Eat a lot.”

AH asks the PD the make sure AJ comes out a lot during editing and when her music video comes out to play it at the end of the show. Her old manager shows up and hears this. PD asks if AJ is going to have a solo album. AH says the music video will also have a top star, like maybe J’s level. The writer says the two of them are not on friendly terms. AH: “It’s not like that.”

The old manager reports to Moon what AH said. The guy says since he knew AJ from her debut days till now, he wants to give Moon some advice: don’t invest in AJ (time and money). Moon says she knows AJ’s scandals. He says she doesn’t know the real reason why the girls broke up their group. Moon asks if there was more than the incident with SR.

Moon asks SR. SR says J asked that too, about AJ’s troubles in the past. SR tells Moon that J told her to break up. Moon asks when he said that. SR says after the article about AJ came out. Moon asks what exactly AJ said that day. SR says that AJ told J that she would never ever like him. Moon: “She did?” Moon figures out that when J said “it was difficult,” he was talking about AJ.

AJ feeds the fish and sees the food is getting low so she fills it up more (and hiding the pen more). J is not feeling well because when he flies and lands, his heart sort of hurts. H asks if he should take him to the hospital but he tells him to go to his home. J wonders if she gave some food to his fish.

He goes home and realizes the food level hasn’t gone down at all. He thinks she didn’t come even once. He asks his fish: “Did you guys keep starving?” He takes out the pen.

PJ is having the pen mailed to her home from the studio with her name on it. AJ gets it and is happy to have found it. She returns it to him saying what she said was right. The set guy found it and sent it to her home.

AJ: “That’s your pen, right?” He says it is. Because of her he found it. She says she was sorry for losing it.

PJ: “Since it was found, you don’t have to be sorry anymore. You feel better now, right?”

AJ: “I worried a lot because it was expensive.”

PJ: “Since I found it because of you, I will buy dinner. That place you mentioned… I will buy the most delicious thing there.”

She says she doesn’t know if she should let him pay. He says since the pen was expensive, she should let him pay for dinner.

J wonders if he should give this pen in person. He is calling when AH comes out and knocks on his car window. AH asks what J is doing here. J asks what AH is doing here, so he says, “This is the front of my house.“ Did he come to meet AJ? J says he had something to give her so he came. AH says AJ went to Jenny’s. “Are you going there?”J says yes because he has something to give her.

AH tells him not to go and to come up and wait. He tells him that AJ is waiting on PJ now. J: “Who?”

AH explains who PJ is. They aren’t really close but AJ lost something and found it, so he is buying her dinner. AH asks J to come up because he has something to discuss with J. J: “Discuss what?”AH brings up the music video. J tells him to discuss that with Moon.

AJ tells Jenny PJ is coming and asks Jenny to make the pizza really delicious with lots of toppings. Jenny tells her not to worry. AJ gets a call from J. She asks if he is in Japan. He asks what she is doing.

AJ: “I came out to eat.”

J: “Who with?”

AJ: “PJ said he would buy dinner so I came out.”

J:”That oriental doctor… You lost his precious pen but he is buying you dinner?”

AJ: “I found his pen.”

J: “You really found it?”

AJ: “Yes.”

J: “So since you found it, you asked him to buy you dinner.”

AJ: “Anyway, I found it for him. That was an expensive pen.”

J: “You must have looked really good in his eyes because you found something expensive.”

AJ: “I have to look good because we are doing the program together.”

J: “To look good you tried really hard. Keep doing well.” He hangs up.

J looks at the pen: “Because you wanted to look good in his eyes, you lied?” He drives off.

AH calls AJ and asks if she met J. She says no because J is in Japan. He says he just saw J in front of their home just now. “He said he had something to give you and went there. He didn’t come.” She says he didn’t come yet. He tells her to bring up the music video and stuff when J arrives. She tells him to stop talking about that. She wonders why he hung up if he knew she was here and called. She thinks he was sulking because she is eating with PJ.

PJ is about to leave. He gets a call from AJ. He says he will be there in ten minutes. She says it’s good that he didn’t leave yet. She asks him to eat dinner next time. She promises to buy next time. “I’m sorry.” PJ: “It’s ok.”

She walks over to J’s. “I told him I would forgive him when I found the pen so I should forgive him.” She stops to look at potatoes. “Since I feed his fish, should I give the owner food too?”

J is staring at his fish. “To me she was acting so difficult, but to that doctor she sure did lie well. I was too easy on her.” He gets a call. AH calls J and asks him when he meets AJ to discuss the music video more seriously. AH explains it’s hard for AJ to bring up the topic herself. J hangs up on him.

AJ comes in and disarms the alarm. “I came.”

J: “What happened with the doctor for you to come here?”

AJ: “It got canceled because you came to our house. My brother said.”

J: “So?”

AJ: “Since you came to the front of my house, I thought something happened so I came.”

J: “I have nothing to see you about. Do you have a reason to see me? Your brother wanted to discuss the music video. Did you come here to discuss that in person? GAJ, am I that easy?”

AJ: “It’s not that. I came to forgive you and to take back what I said because I found the pen.”

J: “Stop lying. If you have a favor to ask me, just do it.”

AJ: “Why are you like this?”

J: “Should I make it easy? I will help you make your solo album and shoot your music video, so sleep over and go.”

AJ: “What?”

J: “Now you are easy to me, so sleep and go. Let’s end it simple and quickly here.”

AJ starts to cry.

AJ: “I was wrong to come.” She grabs the bag and the potatoes fall. She leaves it and runs out. He picks up a potato.

PJ tells Jenny the food was good. She tells him to come eat next time with AJ. He says he will and leaves. PJ sees AJ outside. She had been crying. She tells him to act like he didn’t see her. She walks off but he holds her arm.

She says it’s embarrassing (because she is crying in front of him). He asks why she is like this.

AJ: “I’m just a little sick. Because I am sick, tears keep coming out. When I press down here (wrist), it doesn’t have any effect. When I hit here (chest), it doesn’t have any effect too. When tears keep coming out, what do I have to do for it to have an effect?”

PJ: “At times like this, this will be good.” He hugs her and lets her cry.

J watches them. He is holding the potato. He covers his eyes and tells himself, “Don’t look. You are DJ. Don’t look.”

The end

23 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 6

    • Ah yes, that’s the same super awesomesauce Softy at Rebel Souls.

      We go live next week so come early for the best seats!

      • kekekeke.. I surely will do… I will be stalking this page next week.. especially since 49 days just finished!!!
        I was looking for her subs of this drama for the last two weeks thank God I saw it yesterday.. ^__^

  1. I was like 😀 and then at the end I was like :[ What a way to end this week

    Augh the almighty Dokko Jin needs a few slices/truckload of humble pie.

  2. Loving this drama~!! It keeps me on-and-off my seat! It got everything that I love! Kudos to the actors, writers, and of course, to you, Softy, for your recap!! I will be tuned in for your live transcap next week!! Thank you so much!!!!!! ^^

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  5. Noooos! The misunderstandings have started… 😀
    I think BOTH DJ and AJ must learn to know/judge when to talk/shut up, hahaha.

    Great transcap Softy!! The storyline is moving pretty fast.. AJ is beginning to feel something for DJ. Aww, poor PJ! 😦

    U guys think that Moon will really crushhh AJ like she said to H or not?? Regardless that AJ is under her management now. I hope not..really looking forward to knowing the backstory to Treasure Girl’s breakup.

    • Yes, more misunderstanding the more I love it! I am no sadism *cough* but I love seeing DKJ in dilemma, sad, angry, and jealous. Those expressions of him are so attractive! XDD

      Agree, we can see who’s important more to AJ. She’d cancel her dinner just cuz she worried about DKJ. How can he can’t see that? She went all the way to his house and all. XD

      I think that Moon will do as she said. I can’t see how AJ will become popular again after all the scandals circling around her one after another. It doesn’t bring any loses to the company if they lose her. They took her in because DKJ asked for it, right?

      SO can’t wait for next week. I guess I’ll just fill the gap with marathoning Can you hear my heart. XDD

      • yup, altho it’s hard to imagine how it’ll happen atm I’m thinking that only the way DJ and AJ being together is for AJ to regain her A-list celebrity status or quit the industry altogether.

        Yeah, DJ really has a “foul mouth’ and constantly shots/sabotage himself where AJ is concerned, haha!. True, watching his wonderful facial gymnastics expressing his emotions is always hilarious 😀

        Another thing I’m curious about is WHY after suffering so much for the last 10 years, AJ is still in the industry. Like she said in Ep 4 to Jenny, if she wasn’t still in the industry, the public would have forgotten all about her. What’s AJ’s reason(s) for sticking it all this years?

        Ding dong! Moon will definitely act to squash our OTP budding r’ship…arghh! :O

        Next week, please come sooner! 😀 Will be SURE to camp out here EARRRRLY for the best seats, hihi.

        • I don’t know. I still don’t think she’ll gain her A list celebrity but at least I think the true incident will be revealed? And people will know they misunderstand her alot (less likely to happen) I think Mina’s the real cause of the group breakup which leads to AJ of what she did (still don’t know what it is).

          You’re right. I haven’t given that much thought before as why AJ still last after 10 years after going through so much? Maybe she’s purely like entertainment and she believe that someday with her hardwork people will know who she really is and acknowledge her for her true potential? It’s sad to just leave with all the scandals floating around. I think.

          And as to the Moon, I think she’ll do what she says, sending DKJ to overseas activities and forced AJ out of the industry while he’s there. It’s Hong Sisters drama, they always made the OTP be faraway for each other before coming back and be happy. XD

  6. Thank you so much!!! great recap and great episode… i have no words for this drama. it’s so good in everyway!!!

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    • Lol. I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes of 49 days yet. Opened your blog and saw frustrations on the top of the page made me not to. Lol. Plus I have Best Love Drama to keep me busy not thinking about it. But there are few recappers out there who likes the ending so I might watch it anyway when I need to get myself away from attaching too much to Best Love. Lol.

      • Will there be a possibility of a story behind the heart surgery? XD I’m just thinking too much. *skips off

  8. just drop by to say :

    i abso-freaking-lutely LOVEEEE your current header XDD

    ohhh how i wish someone will recaping RT

    *anywhooo thanks for your recap softy*

  9. I considered it for 2 mins when the grandma came out on the first two eps but the third ep was kinda “off” and I still haven’t seen the 4th ep. Blame SBS, MBC, and KBS for having too many dramas starting in May. If they spaced out these dramas better, all the recappers would be doing RT as well 🙂

  10. again…thanks softy…you are totally awesome…i cant believe you can recap almost half of the series played within the week…you need to sleep…hehhehe….but i know its okay coz your heart is jumping for joy coz you enjoy every minute watching the series aired….

    lets watch J and AJ’s love story unfold today….but all i can think about is PJ the doctor….oh poor guy…he seems to be like Moon Jae Shin of skks….oh how i wish AJ to have a both guys so each would have the girl they want….

    okay then…see you in an hour…i’ll prepare my snacks…hehehe

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