Best Love: Episode 5

For the past four episodes, there were certain moments and lines of dialogue that made me gasp from how perfect they were, but tonight they did it within the first five minutes. No other drama has done that in such record time -ever. It’s not just the humor that keeps me coming back for more, it’s the dialogue. This kind of writing deserves some special award for its ability to reach out and tug on our heartstrings

*a special thanks to Blue -for coming to my rescue- you are the best 🙂

After the scene with J and AJ, the PD asks PJ: “You turned down SR’s invitation and decided to follow the me out here?” PJ says he sent flowers instead (of going to SR’s fan meeting). PD: “Didn’t your patient list grow after the show?” PJ: “That’s why I am following you out to (city name).”

When they pull up to a light, they see the banner for AJ’s performance. PD guesses that AJ is performing there at that nightclub. PJ asks if that means she will be singing there. PD says yes and comments that they are both Treasure Girls who debuted at the same time but one is singing at a concert hall and one is singing at a night club. PJ looks again at the poster.

PJ goes to the nightclub. PJ asks the DJ’s impersonator if he can meet AJ for a second because he knows her. The guy says there was a performance but it got cancelled suddenly and she left. The guy yells for someone to take down the banners.

AJ wakes up and there are petals falling on the car. She gets out and sees a man standing by the water and looking out. She goes up to him and he turns around. She calls out J’s name as he turns to look at her.

AJ: “Where is this place?”

J: “After being in a shabby reality, now that you are here in a place like this with me, it seems like a dream, huh?”

AJ: “You brought me here? I was waiting out in front of the nightclub to perform.”

J: “I bought out that performance to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of your debut. Waiting around eating a roll of kimbap that choked you… I bought out that performance.”

AJ: “Why?”

J: “I wanted to see your pitiful situation play out but while I was watching I got too angry.”

AJ: “Why?”

J: “Because I didn’t like you being there like that.”

AJ: “Why?”

J: “I don’t believe the way I am right now so of course you can’t understand what is going on. There is only one answer to all these questions. What do you think it is?”

She looks like she is thinking.

AJ: “DJ, by any chance… (he looks away) …do you like me?”

He looks back at her. (music swells and more petals fall)

J: “Ding dong.”

AJ: “You really like me?”

J: “That’s right. That’s why I (?) myself.”

At the gas station the PD asks PJ if he met the person he went to meet. PJ says there was a mix up so he didn’t get to. So the PD asks, “You didn’t even get to see that person’s face then? Who was it?”

PJ remembers back to that scene when he came out of the club. He was looking at his phone wondering if she left for Seoul when he hears an engine start and sees AJ sleeping in the passenger side of a car. He walks towards the car, only to see it pull out of the parking space with J driving. PD says PJ seems disappointed that he didn’t get to see that person he wanted to meet.

PJ sees a poster of DJ and asks the PD if that is DJ. PD: “If you know who he is, then DJ must be a top (star). He is our program emcee SR’s boyfriend.” PJ: “He is.”

PD asks why PJ is asking about DJ. PJ: “Because I thought I saw him a while ago.” PD says J must be with SR on her 10- year anniversary and why would he hang around here.

J leans in like he is about to hold her face but he actually just flicks a petal that landed on her shoulder.

AJ clears her throat and asks: “So are you confessing to me right now that you like me?” J: “It’s not confession; it’s surrender.”

J says because she kept hanging around him and (something something), after putting up with it and putting up with it, he’s giving in. AJ: “Whether it’s a confession or surrender, it still means you like me.”

J: “How many times are you going to ask?” AJ: “It’s because I can’t believe it.” J: “You might not believe it but…” He looks at his heart rate monitor; numerically it’s the truth, it’s over 110, past the normal safe rate by 20.

She takes his hand and asks to look at it. It reads 112-113 and climbing. So she asks if maybe that is broken.

J: “If you can’t trust with your eyes, then try feeling it yourself.” He holds her neck and makes her lean her ears against his chest. She hears how loud his heart is beating.

After she pulls away, he tells her to say something. He expected her to say right away, “It’s an honor, thank you very much.”

J: “You must think it’s not your place to accept. Are you shaking too much that you can’t speak?” AJ: “It is an honor and I am grateful but I’m not trembling.”

J is taken back and says: “What?” AJ: “It’s a little rude… to say this after hearing your heart race, but my heart isn’t racing.”

J says she needs to do what she wants in this situation and it’s not bad to act like she is taken back. AJ: “That’s not it. There is only one answer; what do you think it is? I don’t like you. (sound of glass breaking) I’m sorry.”

His face just falls. J points his finger at her. “Do you know what just happened? After sleeping maybe you are not fully awake yet?” She says this situation does seem like a dream.

J: “That’s right. To you this is like a dream. Not just anyone can come in here, but you came in here. Why? Because I am DGJ. That amusement park… Even though it is after hours of operation, do you know why the lights are on? Because the number one star in Korea said he had something to do here. Korean’s number one amusement park turned the lights on so it won’t be dark. To do what I need to do in a well-lit area. But you, GAJ… You dare to suddenly wake from this dream-like situation?”

AJ: “It’s a dream so I have to wake up. I don’t want to feel flustered while in a dream. Because I need to keep my eyes wide open and live vigorously. So let’s tell them to close the doors here now and tell them over there to turn the lights off. Let’s just act like I didn’t dream this dream.”

She turns and leaves him there speechless. He feels his heart beating and looks miserable.

While AJ is driving, AH asks why J did that. AJ says it’s no big deal and says she will go home and tell him. J races ahead of her and pulls up in front to block her car. She gets out and yells, asking if he is crazy because they almost got into an accident. He tells her to leave her car and get in his. She whines that they were done talking and she wants to go home.

J: “You’re not getting in? Then should I say this time that you hit me from the back and lie in the hospital?” AJ: “Are you crazy?” J: “Why? I did that after being rejected by Peter. You think I can’t do that after being rejected by someone like you? Get in!”

In the car, she promises not to spread any rumors over what happened this time, like she didn’t spread rumors about how J was rejected by Peter. J says sarcastically: “You are really thinking of me a lot.”

AJ: “Then why did you follow me and make this awkward and embarrassing. I’ll just forget everything. I’ll just remember this as being able to see some pretty flowers because of you.”

J: “Because of me you saw some pretty flowers. Fine I will tell you about a pretty flower story. You have to hear this with your full attention so I will pull over for a minute.”

J: The title of the story is Camellia (it is an actual Korean novel, btw).

AJ: The title is very pretty.

J: Listen well to find out if the story is pretty as well.

J: The protagonist is a great guy… coming from a good family, has good looks, and pretty much lacks nothing. (He’s talking about himself here) That great kid somehow came to like the neighborhood loser. (That would be AJ)

AJ: A loser?

J: That’s right. Totally a loser. Anyway, the protagonist handed a tasty-looking steamed potato to that person he likes. But that loser didn’t know her place and rejected the potato. How do you suppose the protagonist felt? Not just merely embarrassed and awkward, right?

AJ: And?

J: That loser had a beloved chicken.

AJ: A chicken?

J: That’s right. A chicken! The protagonist whose potato was rejected starts torturing the loser’s beloved chicken. Very, very much. Cruelly!

AJ: So what happens?

J: The loser cries like a loser and begs for forgiveness. Under camellia blossoms.

J: I’m searching hard right now… to find what would be your chicken.

J: Ah, the shameful cherry blossoms in my heart have withered, and in its place, vengeful camellia flowers have blossomed brightly.

*blue did this whole scene

PJ goes home and gets out a vitamin water and notices J’s face on it. He gets a call from SR thanking him for the flowers he sent. She says he must have been busy not to come and he says how he went to outside of Seoul. She asks what he is doing now and he says he came home.

She invites him to her after-party and says the PD will be there too. He says he will be busy tomorrow so he has to rest. She says she wasn’t saying he had to come. She just said it without meaning it.

PJ: “Can I ask something too?” SR: “What?” He asks if she is with J right now. She asks why he is curious about that. PJ: “He wasn’t with you tonight either, huh?” She says he isn’t here with her and had to go somewhere else.

SR: “If you aren’t even a reporter for celebrities, why are you curious about that? When it is my private life.” PJ apologizes and tells her to have fun at her after-party and hangs up. She wonders if he was embarrassed asking and asks herself why he is curious if she is with her boyfriend or not.

When they arrive in front of J’s home, AJ asks why he is parking here. He says what’s wrong with parking his car in front of his home. He gets out and is about to go in but she won’t get out of the car. He asks why she isn’t getting out. She rolls down the window and says she can’t go in.

AJ: “Do I look that easy to you?”

J: “You don’t look like a difficult style. Get out.”

AJ: “I will not go into that home.”

J: “Who told you to go into my home? You go to your own home.” He opens her door.

AJ: “Didn’t you bring me here to go in with you?”

J: “I didn’t. Get out.” She says he should have dropped her off at her home then.

J: “If I take you to your home, then I look easy. From now on I am going to be really hard on you.” He asks if she forgot that story he told.

AJ: “Do you know you are a strange person? Most men, if it doesn’t go well when they say they like someone, they act cool and turn around or try to be nicer to the woman and change her mind. That’s normal.”

J says in a complicated way that he can’t be cool because of something and doesn’t want to be nicer—using his best method—he is going to make her tremble.

AJ: “What?” J: “From now on, what I will do, how I will do it, anticipate. Whether you see me or don’t see me, when you think of me, I will make your heart beat.”

She calls him strange and tells him to try. She says she is cool and stuff to put up with that childish act. She says she will take it well thinking that it’s the same level (of play) as her nephew. He tells her to do that then and says: “GAJ, you are very beautiful today.”

She shrinks back. He tells her to try looking at him favorably. She asks why he is like this, so childish. She says there has to be something favorable (pretty) for her to react to. He says he is pretty from head to toe; that’s why he gets paid so much and shoots CF’s. She mutters that he brags as soon as he opens his mouth.

He says she touched the DJ impersonator all she wanted, but she can’t dare to touch the real one. He laughs at her so she says, “Should I do it once?” and pats him on his butt. “My DJ is so pretty.”

He suddenly grabs her hand and says: “Do you think I am your ding dong from home? How you show your affection to a man who lived 7 years all his life and how you show your affection to a man who lived 37 years all his life… The method is different. Do you really want to show your affection the right way?”

He looks over to his home and nods his head over to his home for her to look. She looks over at his home and shakes her head. He leans in close and she pulls away. He says, “If you keep watching someone because you are bothered by them, one day a flower will blossom.” He tells her to keep being bothered by him because one day behind him, a DJ flower cabbage will blossom.

He laughs and goes but turns and points. “See, you are already bothered* by me so you aren’t going home.” (*when I wrote “bothered”, I meant like paying attention to; be aware of)

J staggers in: “I was so embarrassed, so my eyes, nose, and mouth almost disappeared but I (something) well.” He mutters how tired he is.

AJ looks up how Camellia (the novel) ends.

AJ: Ah, he tortures me so much for not accepting one measly potato!

(She starts reading the actual excerpt from the novel)

J: So you’re not going to do that from now on?

AJ: No.

J: If you do that again, I’m going to continue to torture it.

AJ: Right, right. I won’t do that again.

J: (Imitates chicken clucking) Don’t worry about the death of the chicken. I won’t tell on others.

AJ: As if pushed by something, he grabs my shoulder and falls to the ground. As a result, my body entangles with his and I fall down as well, getting buried in the field of yellow camellia flowers together.

AJ gasps.

AJ: What does Dokgo Jin want to do? He wants to “fall to the ground” with me?

Blue’s Translator’s Note: “Fall to the ground” can have a sexual connotation. 

SR reads the headlines about how J surprised SR with an amusement park event for her ten-year debut anniversary. SR tells Moon she never even went near an amusement park so what is this. Moon says this is better than an article about how J didn’t go to her fan meeting.

SR asks if J is dating someone. Moon says, “What are you talking about? Even if he is, would he do something like this? It doesn’t make sense.”

PJ is reading the same article when his mom comes in. She says since he started filming, he should be interested in celebrities and read this stuff in the paper. His mom says she doesn’t know what is true because SR is always breaking up and getting back together. PJ says the person he was with wasn’t this person (SR).

His mom asks if he heard anything because he got close to SR. She wants to know to tell her friends the gossip. PJ tells his mom to lean in so he can whisper and says, “Mom, I am not that close with SR.”

AJ’s dad mutters about how busy J is dating but still got involved with AJ’s performance, not letting her do it, and calls J unfair. AH is reading the same article and says something is strange because he thinks J took AJ away.

Jenny talks about how SR got proposed to at that amusement park when long time ago she wasn’t much of a big deal. AJ asks Jenny if getting a confession of love at a place like this from someone like J, would that be nice? Because if the man is too famous, wouldn’t it be a burden?”

Jenny says since it is SR, the level matches. AJ says if the level is something low, then there is too much of a difference, huh? Jenny says then J would go down to the low level with the girl.

Moon asks H is J is meeting anyone else. H shakes his head no. AJ passes by so Moon tells her to go wait in her office because she has something to discuss with AJ. AJ goes and J is there. She wonders what to do because staying with him will be awkward. She debates whether to just leave and decides against it because if she leaves like this, it looks like it matters to her. She decides to act like nothing is wrong.

She asks to sit so he has to move his legs. He asks if she slept well. She says yes without thinking of anything. He says he didn’t sleep well because he was thinking of her. Because he was thinking of her chicken (related to that story I don’t know). He says how he said he would catch one. He did find one; should he show her? And he pulls out the plane her nephew made from her nightclub flyer.

He reminds her that if she takes jobs like this without the company knowing, it goes against the contract. If he shows this to Moon, AJ will be in a bind. She asks if he brought that here because he was going to tattle on her.

J: “From the look on your face, I caught the right chicken.” She reminds him how he canceled it. She says she will take it away and asks for the flyer. He puts it in his shirt and when she tries to get it, he says: “Where are you touching?”

He takes it out and waves it around and puts it in his back pocket. Just as she reaches for it, Moon walks in. Moon asks what happened yesterday and J says he was just looking at flowers. He says he will be going and tells her to talk with AJ.

Before he leaves, he takes out the flyer and she asks if he has something else to say. He just holds it to torture AJ who has a pleading look on her face. He tosses it in the trash and tells Moon to go see the spring cherry blossoms when she has time. He winks at AJ and leaves.

Moon says he probably won’t tell her who he went to see the flowers with. Moon asks AJ if she saw the article too. AJ says Moon is probably having a hard time blocking J’s scandal. Moon says this is the first time for this melo version. Even when he chased after SR when he liked her and pics of them together were caught and the news broke, they left it alone and didn’t block it.

Moon says because there is a major CF on the line, she is scared that he will do something stupid and cause a problem. AJ asks why Moon asked to see her so Moon asks her to bring something that AJ sang alone on and not with a group. AJ asks why and Moon asks, “Don’t you want to sing again?”

AJ guesses Moon wants her to do a solo album. AH is thrilled and says her celebrity life is starting over. She is doing shows and now music. AJ says she will work hard and do well and focus.

PD asks if she is going to another country nightclub performance today too. She asks how he knew and he said he saw the banner when he was there. She asks him not to tell her company about that. He guesses she did it without her company knowing and promises to keep it a secret. He says PJ saw it too with him.

AJ goes to meet PJ and asks him not to mention it too. He promises not to and he doesn’t have anyone to tell it to. He asks if she had a nice 10-year anniversary. AJ: “Because of someone, I saw some flowers. The flowers were pretty.”

He says he never went to a nightclub and she says it’s fun to go. PJ says to him studying is more fun. She says his mom must like it because she has a son who says studying is fun.

AJ: “I have to have a son like that later, too.”

PJ: “If you want a son like that, then you need to marry a man like that.”

AJ: “I should, huh? But those kind of sons listen to their moms really well so they won’t marry a girl like me.”

PJ: “There are sons like me who don’t listen to their mom too.”

AJ: “How?”

PJ: “I do what my mom doesn’t like on purpose.”

AJ: “Alcohol? Smoking? Etc.”

PJ: “No, not that. This is a secret. I eat ramen. My father who passed away said, ‘Listen to everything a woman says and make her happy, but sometimes there are times when you don’t understand and get angry.’ During those times, my dad and I made ramen and ate it. We ate a lot of ramen and ate what my mom made without enjoying it (something).”

AJ says she needs to have a son like him. PJ laughs.

J and SR are shooting their pics for their CF. During the shooting, she asks who he saw the flowers with and that he should have told her because their concept is dating. J says: “Just the concept.” SR says when she has someone to date, she isn’t going to hide him from J. She will show J. When that happens, she tells him not to be so cool and to act slightly jealous and “I will do that too.”

J: “You don’t have to.” SR says it seems like he does have someone. She says the woman has to be someone great or else SR won’t let him go. J: “Even if you meet someone who isn’t great, I will make sure to let you go.”

Moon is taking AJ to eat with a popular producer. Moon gets a call and tells AJ they have to stop by where J is filming. AJ asks why J is being asked to shave off his mustache and why J refuses to do it. Because it is his best visual quality. If he cuts his mustache, his quality will be cut too.

Moon says the CF side is asking for him to show a new visual. H says his fans took out the mustache with computer graphics and J was a total flower man (good looking guy). Moon says he is already good looking but if he becomes a flower one, that girls will go crazy. (this scene is like parents trying to pacify a spoiled brat) The white guy says it will drive girls crazy.

AJ stands there and makes a face. J looks over at AJ and asks what she thinks. J: “What do you think about me cutting off my mustache?” She doesn’t give a definitive answer so people on the set complain; J uses that and says he could have reactions like hers (unfavorable). He refuses to shave it.

AJ goes to see J and asks him again to shave it. She says what they said downstairs about how good looking he will be if he shaves and that he will be a total flower boy and girls will go crazy. He keeps repeating her words. She accuses him of doing this to her on purpose.

J: “Ding dong.” She asks why he keeps saying ding dong to everything. J: “That’s how I can open it and go in.” AJ: “Open what and come in?”

J says he has to catch her chicken. She says she found that story and read it. “But even if you catch a chicken and torment it, I won’t be affected by you.” He says since she is reacting that way, it’s no fun to catch the chicken.

He asks what she thinks of him shaving off his mustache. She says of course he has to shave since a huge contract CF is on the line. He tells her not to think about that and tell him. She thinks about it and says he will be cool looking.

J: “You do? Then I will shave it.” AJ: “Huh?” J: “I am cutting it because of you.” AJ: “What is this? Then if I say don’t shave it, you are not?” J: “Of course. Should I not shave it?” AJ: “You have to, because all the staff is waiting downstairs. Hurry and get ready. J: “Since I am cutting it because of you, you have something to do too.” AJ: “What?”

Moon goes on and on about how cool looking J is and says he should have shaved it sooner and calls him the best and how his image is up. He looks over at AJ who is wearing red lipstick. Moon says the photographer thinks AJ’s lips are perfect and J said he would be comfortable if AJ did it. She tells AJ not to think of it as something awkward and help out. From J’s fans’ point of view, it’s something that feels like they got everything in the world.

The guy tells AJ to kiss J lightly on the cheek, not too strongly and lightly. First try is a no-go and second one he tells her to get it closer to J’s lips. She messes up each time. J asks if she is shaking a lot. “Then close your eyes and just sit there.” He pulls her face in and does it for her. J looks at her, pleased.

At night, AJ remembers J saying, “Whether you see me or not, when you think of me, I’m going to make your heart pound.”

She sits up and says she is going crazy. She decides to wash up and come to her senses. She imagines him again saying the same thing. She decides to go out for air and come to her senses. She remembers the kiss and thinks she must be crazy.

She gets a call from J. He says she has some place to go with him and tells her to come out.

AJ: “You think I will go anywhere with you.”

J: “Your heart is beating now so it’s better to go all the way and confirm it. I did that too. To make it easy today, I came all the way to the front of your house so come down.”

She looks and he bows to her.

He yells up: “What are you doing? This is hard so hurry and come down.”

AJ turns and tells herself, if she goes as far as she can to see the end, she can come back to where she belongs.

H reports to Moon that J went alone again and this time he went to the movies with that person. H reminds her how J watches the first showing and last showing of his movie at the theater. Moon guesses today is the last day of The Fighter being shown and H says J booked the entire VIP theater and said no one else had to come today. H: “Isn’t that strange? Instead of me, he is going with someone else.”

J asks her: “Why do you think I like you?” Why would he like someone like her? (listing negative stuff) She asks why he is asking her since he thinks those things about her.

J: “Then who do I tell that I like someone like you? There is no one else I can tell this to.”

AJ: “Since you can’t tell anyone else because you are embarrassed, are you telling me and consulting me?”

J says he is and tells her to keep his secret. If she brags to others he will report her. He says he feels better for getting it out there but he still feels suspicious in his heart. He says he thought about it and asks if she has a ghost inside of her because that might explain it. He asked if she possessed him and controls his heart.

AJ: “Are you saying that there is a ghost inside of me and got you to like me?” He says because this is a mystery (someone like him liking her) so he is suspicious of her. AJ mutters that he likes her on his own and blames her for it again.

She says she doesn’t have those things inside of her but she has a temper and tells him to stay quiet before it surfaces. He says her temper is famous. Because of that, 10 years ago she hit SR and her popularity dropped and ten years later she ended up like this. He laughs.

She asks how as soon as he opens his mouth, crap comes out. Since she was nice enough to come out, she tells him to not talk. He goes over a bump while she is drinking and gets the red vitamin water all over her shirt. He looks like he feels bad so he gives her tissue. “It’s dirty so clean it.” She uses it to wipe the car. She mutters he did it but he acts like it was her fault. He tells her to use it to wipe herself and not the car.

PD tells PJ that when they film at the studio, it will be decided who and what kind of date he will have and all he has to do is film the outdoor date. The writer shows a picture of a date on a boat saying AJ shouldn’t get that date. PJ asks why AJ can’t and PD explains that date is luxurious. The writer says if AJ comes out on that date, it will look cheaper because it costs a lot of money on that date.

PJ makes a pouty face.

“My nephew makes that when he doesn’t like what I said and has other ideas to go against what I said.” PD thinks it might be fun for AJ to film that because of her antics. The writer thinks if AJ ends up getting that, then they can do a Titanic parody and mess it up. She tells him not to mess it up with AJ. Just stand there next to her and have a reaction. She asks if he knows what the Titanic parody is and he says he doesn’t know it.

Food is delivered and the writer offers some to PJ but he says he won’t eat it and walks off. PJ goes to buy ramen and grabs a drink with J’s face on it and puts it back and gets plain water.

SR tells someone to go eat dinner. The girl asks if she should bring SR a sandwich since SR only ate a chicken breast today. SR reminds her that the day before filming she doesn’t even drink water like she wants because she might bloat.

SR sees PJ so she goes over and makes noise with her heels. When he notices her, she says now he recognizes her well. She asks what he is holding and he says ramen. She says he has kimchi too. He asks if she wants to eat some but she says she has to film tomorrow. Even if she eats just ramen, she will bloat so she can’t.

He keeps shaking it in her face so she ends up eating it. She tells him she is only going to eat one mouthful. She does and pushes it back. He asks if she isn’t going to have it with kimchi so she says she will just take one more mouthful with it and then another one and keeps going till she is done. She yells at him because she ate it all.

He says he couldn’t stop her because she kept eating. She says she was crazy to eat it. He asks if it’s that big of a problem that she ate ramen. SR: “What do you know? If I go out on the show with a bloated face after eating ramen, my screen caps will go on the Internet and people will say I got a shot, etc.”

She keeps hitting her face saying she was crazy. PJ laughs. He calls someone to send some medicine to SR’s house and she calls out her address. He says if she takes the medicine, the bloating will go down and it will help. She says he found out about her home address because she doesn’t just let anyone know that. He asks if he should send it somewhere else. She says only he has to know it though.

He says he will be going and she says since she ate his ramen, she will buy him food next time. He gets an idea and asks her instead of food, to listen to his favor. She asks what and he asks her to not make him do the Titanic parody. She agrees and he thanks her and goes.

After he is gone, she mutters how good the ramen was and that she should have ate it slower so she could have talked to him some more. She calls after him that she will show him a movie instead of buying him food.

J pulls into the parking lot and goes over a speed bump and puts his arm out to protect AJ. He goes over each bump really slowly so they both smile about it.

SR explains to PJ, PD and the writer that today is the last showing for Fighter and she hasn’t seen it yet. SR asks PJ: “Which one of my boyfriend’s movies did you see?” PJ says he didn’t see a single one because he has no interest in movies. SR asks if she didn’t make him come follow her to the movies when he doesn’t like them.

PD says PJ doesn’t go somewhere when he doesn’t want to and these days he seems like J’s fan because PJ keeps asking about him. SR asks if he really did that. PJ says he is curious what kind of person J is.

AJ goes in first and says she will buy something to eat and drink and go in first. J is waiting in his car and tells her not to because while he is watching a movie, he hates people who eat and stuff the most in this world. She says she will just buy cokes since they have to sit for over 2 hrs and they will get thirsty but he says no again because he hates the sipping sound from straws the most in this world. She asks if she can’t buy squid and promises to eat it quietly without making sound. J says not to buy all of it and wonders why she wants to eat something so much.

H shows up. AJ mutters he only does what he wants. H calls Moon and tells her he arrived. She tells him to see from afar without being spotted who J came with. H says he will wait by the VIP entrance and see. He asks if he should take pics too.

SR tells PJ that the others went to buy something to eat and drink. SR asks why PJ was curious if she was with her boyfriend during her fan meeting. SR: “You said you weren’t interested in celebrities, but you seem to be interested in J. Are you curious what kind of person my boyfriend is? If there is an opportunity, let’s meet with him.” PJ: “J?”

H watches AJ go in. He wonders why she went in there. It was her?

AJ tells herself that it’s okay to come here. She looks down at her stain and goes to wash it. H wonders if he has to tell this to Moon.

SR calls H and asks if he came to see the movie. She guesses he came to see the last showing of Fighter. She says she came with her team so they can see it all together. She tells PJ that she will show him her boyfriend today. She asks H where J is. Is he inside the VIP theater?

H stops her and says they can’t see it with them. She asks if he is in there with someone. H says he isn’t. She asks PJ to wait and drags H over. She asks if J is with the same woman from before. H says he doesn’t know so she says not to say that. SR: “Who is it?” H: “I don’t know.”

AJ comes out of the bathroom and PJ sees her. AJ turns around and hides. SR threatens to go and look for herself. SR: “I won’t tell him you told me. Who is it?” H: “I don’t know.” SR: “There is a girl inside, huh?”

AJ runs off. She almost gets spotted by the writer and PD. PJ picks up her hat that she dropped. She asks him to pretend he didn’t see her and goes. He looks sad. She wonders what she is doing now.

J is waiting inside with popcorn, food, and drinks. She calls him. He asks where she is. She tells him to see the movie alone because she doesn’t want to go in.

AJ: “To me, coming all the way here… I came as far as I could. Now I want to go back to my senses and go back.”

J: “I bought what you wanted: popcorn, coke, and potatoes.”

AJ: “Why are you like this? I am really scared of that potato.”

J: “Are you avoiding me because you are scared that I will catch that chicken?”

AJ: “Yes, I am scared. I am not avoiding you tormenting me. To be honest, it doesn’t even torment me so that scares me. I really want to be cool. For the past ten years, I learned all that. At this age I am scared that I will forget all that just because I am flustered.”

J walks out of the theater.

AJ: “You are mad at me so you don’t know it’s scary, but what are you going to do if you get caught by me?”

The end


23 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 5

  1. That was fast.thanks for recap.boy this drama keep make my heart deugeun deugeun.oh my how DJ try to make AJ heart beats for him and we see PJ getting jealous by evidence that he seek info of his competitor and funny how SR think PJ do that because he interested in her.haha get over yourself!you are not the beauty queen AJ does.haha

  2. WOW!!

    Without even having watched the episode, just reading the transcaps still manages to make my heart go ‘putong, putong’ and felt squeezed! Great work Softy 😀

    I love the convo between PJ and AJ about how he is not a mummy’s boy!! hehehe, so cute!

    things are heating up…the actors’ chemistry is really amazing. But if I really met a DJ who’s “scaring” AJ to fall for him…I’ll run a MILE away fast ! 😀

    thank you!

    • Hahaha! So true! That kind of tactic only works in dramaland, in real life we’d be getting restraining orders!

      • nauna, IKR!! But yet, dayumm, DJ/CSW is SOOOO HOT!!! 😀

        PJ is so adorable, such a lovable bookworm, hihihi. Will be tough to see him suffer going forward tho.

        I think AJ is being careful now…coz like Jenny said, DJ is way up there in the publics’ esteem, and if a word of their r’ship comes out, AJ’ll be finished in the industry and worst, DJ’s career will probally suffer drastically. With Aj’s personality, even though she’s not into DJ atm, she won’t wished that to happen to DJ.

        But then again as always in matters of the heart, it has a mind of its own! 😀 So, let the highjinks ensue pls!

  3. Thanks again softy~ You’re the best!

    It seems some people didn’t feel the love connection between AJ + J. Well, that’s okay…. because she’s not feeling it yet either (But you can tell it’s already starting!) The scene of the CF between SR and J is like a conversation between two scheming second tier characters trying to win over the main girl and main guys hearts…and well, they could scheme together considering who they like, haha! (Schemers finally get their day and win after all!)
    Poor PJ. I really liked his scenes with the PDs over stuff..he doesn’t know anything but books and considers ramen a rebellion. Dork-tastic.

    H is probably going to tell Jenny first if he thinks anything is up, and Jenny would be like “lulz~ lets set them up on dates”. I’m torn between that pairing because AJs brother needs someone! Everyone should be in a couple by the end of this show.

  4. Oh ho! hop in to say I so love AJ and DJ in Sageuk, so cute.
    Dear Hong Sis, please make sth out of it, how about mini rom-com Sageuk sub-plot? Heehee.
    Thanks Softy and TP ^^

  5. thanks so much for the recap…i watched the raw ep but i only understand a lil’ bit…i really can’t
    wait for tonight’s episode..

  6. Thanks so much Softie. .this episode was awesome. i can’t wait for episode 6.
    the drama is moving fast and AJ is begining to have feelings for J!!!!!!! and J is the best drama hero i’ve ever seen, i’m crazy for him!!!

  7. can’t wait for the next episode! have a good rest, softy and a good night sleep to have more energy to share the recaps for the coming episodes…….please 🙂

  8. Hi everyone, I’m sorry if you can’t see the images on the post. Looks like all other WordPress blogs have the same problem at the moment. Not sure if it’s a WP or Photobucket problem but I hope it’s speedily resolved. Been driving me bonkers the last two hours, waaahhhh!

    Softy, you’re the bestest. Muahhhhh!!

  9. OMG. I love it so much! I love DKJ’s character so MUCH! I love it when he realised his feelings, when he’s in denial, when he accepted his feelings and LOVE it more on what he decides to do after being rejected! Love the PACE! I never ever going to doubt Hong Sisters drama and their chosen actors again. Sigh. We all can see how he’s so hopeless(ly falling for her) when he’s with GAJ. XDDDDD

    Thanks a lot softy and thundie for the recaps!

  10. Awesome recap! Thanks!

    And also, this episode finally made me feel the emotional connection which was kind of lacking in the first 4. There was a lot of hilarious, but I wasn’t feeling the love.

    And did anyone else just melt into a puddle of goo at CSW in this episode? I mean I knew he was hot, but… I felt like I was doing something wrong the way I found myself looking at him. *hides face*

  11. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was
    extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am
    an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing.
    Do you have any tips for newbie bllog writers? I’ddefinitely appreciate it.

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