Best Love: Episode 4

The problem with this drama is that it is too entertaining. By the end of each hour, my cheeks hurt from all the grinning. No other recent drama had me smiling nonstop for an hour like this. I am not kidding – it was constant grinning then laughing then grinning again. Then the last part of the drama wiped the smile off my face and almost made me cry from how touching it was. The simplicity and effectiveness of that scene is just brilliant. * OMG, that preview is amazing.

Even though I loved Coffee House, I didn’t love it enough to memorize any lead names. But when I found out Park Shi-yeon was going to have a cameo on this show, I thought she would have a longer scene. As good looking as PJ is, the man needs glasses if he is going to choose the other women before the Coffee House girl. I mean come on, she was better looking than the other 3 besides AJ.

PJ gives the last rose to AJ. PD can’t believe AJ was chosen over the Coffee House girl. The writer worries because the girl (Kim) who wasn’t chosen was really hard to get on the show. Kim storms off the set and J remembers what Moon said. When his heart rate monitor starts to beep, he puts his hand over his eyes because he doesn’t want to see how high it went up.

As AJ stands with the rest of the cast, she spots J and smiles over at him. J staggers back inside.

J staggers back in. As he goes down the hall, he keeps stopping by some drama posters and letters pop out with music changes between each poster. They used the drama titles of other MBC dramas to express what Dokgo Jin is currently going through. (*this scene was done by blue)

When J first grabs the wall and says, “No way! Me… Gu Ae Jung…” The poster for the drama “I Really Really Like You” gets highlighted.

Then he says, “It can’t be. Why would I?” The drama poster for the drama “The Bean Chaff of My Life” gets highlighted. The title is a Korean expression that means that you’re blinded by love.

Then he rolls over again and says, “I’m Dokgo Jin. It’s never happened to me before. What the heck is this?” The poster for “A Prince’s First Love” gets highlighted.

He rolls over once more and says, “What do I do now?” as he stands next to the drama poster for “A Man in Crisis.”

As he rolls over to the next poster, the music changes to the theme song from that drama. LOL.

When AJ comes out holding a rose and chases after Jin, Dokogo Jin sees her as she leans next to the poster for “You’re So Pretty.”

AJ calls out his name. She asks if he saw her get the rose. AJ: “Did you come all the way here because you were worried I would get eliminated? I was surprised too.” She asks for him to give her a high five (“Fighting”), but he half slaps her hand away. He says, “It doesn’t make sense” and “How dare someone like you…”

J is yelling at her because he can’t believe he is attracted to someone like her but she misinterprets his words to mean she doesn’t deserve to be chosen by PJ. She asks, “What’s wrong with me?”

J refuses to “acknowledge” the fact he likes her. AJ asks why he is insulting the fact that someone likes her. J: who likes you? who? you lump of unlikability.

She asks again why he came. Didn’t he come because he was worried she would be devastated after she got dropped? He says that wasn’t it. “I came here because I was worried if you got dropped that you would cling to me again.”

AJ: “Then you should be grateful and like the fact that I was chosen. So why are you angry and insulting?” J: “Because I don’t like it. I don’t like watching that things turned out well.”

She rubs the rose in his face saying she loves it like crazy because she got to receive a flower too. He slaps the rose away and destroys it. AJ is sad and says “my flower” and calls him rude.

J sits with the rose petals in his hand. He tries to throw them away but one petal is stuck on his hand so he says to it, “Don’t stick to me” and pulls it off and throws it into the trash can. But it’s on the lid as it swings around. He keeps talking to it: “AJ, don’t hang around. Get away… please get away” and then he stops the rotating lid and takes back the petal and gingerly puts in on his handkerchief. He sighs looking at it then folds it up.

AH is staring at PJ as he talks to some girl nearby at a table. AJ finds her brother and he hands her a drink. She thanks him for it but he tells her to go give it to PJ. AH asks what AJ is doing when all the other girls are trying to get to know PJ better. One girl says she has indigestion and asks PJ what pressure point she needs to push and another one brings PJ a drink. AH says that girl only ate one row of kimbap just now so there is no way she has indigestion. AJ says she is probably pretending to be sick.

Since she brought the same mineral water, AH thinks he needs to change their drink before they give it to PJ. The second girl asks PJ about her eyes and AH remarks her eyelashes will fall off from batting them so much at PJ. Third one comes and pretends to be clumsy to touch PJ’s leg when she sits down saying that these days she gets dizzy or something.

AH prods his sister to go over there too because she isn’t doing anything. He tells her to go over and tell PJ that she has an ailment too but AJ says she doesn’t have any so how can she say that? One girl is still holding PJ’s hand.

AH: “You think they are sick and doing that? They are doing that to get close and talk to him.” AH tells her to go over and show her leg but AJ hits her brother saying that would be too obvious. AH tells her to pretend she has hiccups and she likes that idea. They both practice what kind of hiccup sounds better. He offers to go over and chase away the other women so AJ can come over hiccupping.

AH walks over to PJ and says he has lower digestion problems and farts a lot. AJ is embarrassed. PJ and the women choke from the smell but the women don’t go so AH does it some more saying if it smells this bad, doesn’t it mean he has some internal problems?

The women finally get up to run away and one asks what AH eats before she goes. AH says it does smell toxic. He waves AJ over but she doesn’t want to go. PJ notices her and smiles at her. She looks down and walks away.

AJ goes over to a vending machine and debates whether to use the hiccup excuse. She decides to use her coin to do a heads or tails: heads talk to PJ or tails just get a drink with it. She tosses it in the air too high and as she leans back about to fall, PJ comes up and catches her and the coin.

He gives her the coin and she looks to see if it’s heads or tails (it’s heads). PJ explains how her brother said her hiccups were bad and asked PJ to go check on her. He asks if she is ok. She says her hiccups are serious and makes a few. She mentions she is worried because they have to go in to film soon.

PJ listens and says it must be awkward for her and points out she is making them with her throat when it’s supposed to come from (whatever body part it comes from because I don’t know what he said). “If you keep forcing yourself to make those sounds, your throat will hurt.”

AJ admits defeat and says, “Is it that obvious? It is, huh? Then how do you make a real hiccup sound?” He points to her (the point where her collar bones meet) and tells her to push it. Then it will be more effective. She presses it so he warns if she presses it too hard, she could die.

AJ: “Then if you hiccup the wrong way, it’s a condition you could die from.” PJ explains he didn’t mean it that way and mentions how she has a tendency to overreact. She says she does overreact too much. She offers to do that for him during the show. Whatever he does, she will show a big reaction.

He doesn’t get it so she explains how important reaction is on a show. Like when he tells a lame story or joke, fake laughing for him or when he does something cool, she can show a reaction that really shows how cool she thinks he is. All of this is called “show” reaction.

AJ thanks him for not dropping her today. To pay him back for not eliminating him, she lets him keep the change and tells him to get a drink on her. PJ says: “You are (worth) a million dollars so give me a million dollars.” AJ: “What?” PJ: “Overreacting like this is ‘show’ reaction, right?”

In a serious tone, she says when she said she was (worth) a million dollars she wasn’t kidding. “I told you that even if you have me that much that I was someone you couldn’t buy.” PJ apologizes and says he was just kidding. She smiles again and says that this is another kind of reaction she was talking about and if you get the timing right it is unbelievable. PJ is relieved.

J is at the office drinking wine and feeling guilty about knocking her rose out of her hand. H picks up J and opens the car door. J is startled to hear AH greeting him and AJ munching on snacks and giving him a dirty look. J asks why she is in the car and she reminds him she used this van today. He says he has to ride it and tells her to get out. She says she was about to and tells her brother “let’s go.”

AH asks if J can let them ride with him since J’s home is near theirs because they have a lot of belongings and he drank beer during dinner so he can’t drive. H uses aego (for J to agree) and J notices the broken rose.

AJ is trying to get her stuff together and telling her brother to get out so they can take a cab. J suddenly says she can ride in it. She says he doesn’t need to do it if he doesn’t mean it but he pushes her back in and tells her to listen to him when he says “you can ride in it.”

J complains about the smelly snacks by waving the air and asks H why the car is so dirty and orders him to clean it tomorrow. H says to go to J’s home, they have to go around so he asks to drop off AJ first but J says, “No, drop me off first and you guys go around.”

J has his eyes closed. AH asks if they should go to Jenny’s and have another drink. H asks if they are talking about Treasure Girls’ Jenny noona because H was her fan. AJ invites him to go with them and he is excited and asks if he can.

AJ says how great a cook Jenny is and AH backs that up. H says he didn’t get to eat properly today and says how hungry he is now. J yells at them to be quiet because it’s loud. AH quietly asks if they should call PJ because he lives in their neighborhood too. J opens one eye when he hears that. AJ says it is too late now and says she and PJ already made plans to eat lunch at Jenny’s.

J opens both eyes now. H asks if PJ is the guy who is on the show. He lives close by too? AJ: “His hospital and home are nearby.” AH says how quickly AJ and PJ became close. “That man is really great.” H says he caught a glimpse too and people were right to call him a perfect guy. AH goes on about how good looking PJ is, how smart he is, and he is good at sports too.

AJ adds: “And he draws well, can play various instruments. There isn’t anything he can’t do.” H also says how PJ is in charge of the hospital at that young age. He is really perfect. J grins at that (because he thinks he is better than PJ still). Then AH asks what AJ thinks. H asks her doesn’t PJ appeal to her – leaving out the show. J strains his ear to listen. AJ starts: “What I think of PJ is… Oh, we are here. This is DJ’s home, isn’t it?” J makes a face because he wanted to hear her answer.

When they get to J’s home, AJ and her brother grab all their stuff. H gives J the keys to the van and puts it in J’s pocket. H says bye to J, but J asks if the 3 of them are going together. AH thanks J for the ride. J asks if they are going to walk and AJ says it is close. She says bye and thanks for the ride.

As they walk away, AH asks again what she thinks of PJ. J steps closer to hear but a dog barks. They turn to look at J but he tells them to go. As they walk away, they laugh and H says she must like him and J grumbles because he didn’t get to hear her answer. He yells at the barking dog to be quiet.

J goes in and takes out the petal and looks at it. He remembers how she got chosen. He wonders why he had to pick up this petal because it is dirty. He looks at his handkerchief and opens it to find a perfect pink heart. He uses a metaphor here (him being the heart and her being the red petal) saying that she left, so “Why are you alone affected by her?”

Jenny, H, AJ and AH are drinking. Jenny still remembers H from when he got her autograph on a marriage registration form and he still has it. AH gets jealous of H and the attention Jenny is giving H and tells H not to do those dangerous pranks. AJ mentions how it will be news if the marriage  registration form Jenny signed is still valid and ten years later she ended up marrying him. H says being a part of news like that… is an honor. Jenny is pleased to hear that and offers to pay for everything tonight. H says it’s an honor to eat what she cooked and she tells him to come often and she will treat.

Jealous AH tells H that it is late and that he should be going but H says J doesn’t have anything scheduled in the morning. AH reminds him how he has to clean the van but H says he can do it during lunch. H gets a call and AH gleefully says it is J. H is upset but answers it.

With water in his hand, J asks if H is still there. J says there is no water in his fridge and wants H to go buy some now and fill it up. H asks to let him buy it tomorrow. J: “I’m thirsty.” H says there should be juice. J: “It would be better for you to buy it while you are nearby. Do you want to go to your home in Bundang, and then come back here in the middle of the night?”

H wants to curse at the phone but agrees to buy it now. J takes another gulp and says, “I’m thirsty.” AJ says how rude J is. H complains that J already heard H say that he wasn’t able to eat properly so why is he not letting him eat. Jenny gives him another slice of pizza saying he should eat it before going since it is still warm. But H says how J’s personality is so bad that when J says “now” H has to follow that. He gets up to go but AJ stops him saying if he only needs to fill the fridge with water, she tells her brother to go and do it.

AH says he can’t leave here because he doesn’t want to leave H and Jenny together. AH tells H to go because he doesn’t look like someone who doesn’t eat much. AJ tells him to eat and she will go run over there. H is so happy.

AJ carries a bag of water bottles and has an access key to his home and goes in looking for him while he is in the shower. She wonders if he is sleeping. AJ puts the water in the fridge and finds the medicine she gave him. She looks at it and thinks: “If I had known PJ was a nice person, I wouldn’t have given this to J. Gave it to him for nothing.”

She sees him coming out of his shower so she almost calls out to him but he didn’t see her and takes his towel off as he walks across his room so she averts her eyes.

As she runs off, she drops her cell phone and bends to pick it up as J comes down in his underwear and robe. She hides and he goes to his fridge and sees the water. J mutters: “He already bought it and left. I was going to ask him.”

She wonders why she hid. J tells himself to “come to his senses”; he looks at his heart rate monitor and says normal is between 60 and 90 (it’s at 78 now). AJ goes back to retrieving her phone. Her cell phone goes off and he hears her song and his heart rate goes up to 122 and climbing.

He starts to go down the stairs when she finally reaches for her phone and shuts off the song. He goes down cautiously and she hides again. He walks over and sets his house alarm then goes upstairs to bed. She sneaks over to the door and the light comes on.

J gets out of bed to look around. She bumps into the wall and the medicine pack bursts in her pocket so she gets it everywhere on the floor. She grabs his underwear to wipe up the mess. J announces that there are 20 more people besides him in the house (to scare off robbers). J calls out for H to come out.

AJ realizes she used J’s underwear to wipe the spill. J turns the lights on telling H to come out of the bathroom. AJ knocks over something that shatters. She makes a run for it and J grabs a golf club and yells “Stop!” She can’t open the door.

The alarm company is alerted. J’s ad for the security company is on the screen. J poses the club to hit and sees that it is AJ. He asks what she is doing and sees his underwear in her hand. He asks again what she is doing and wants an answer.

J goes out to meet the security and says there is no need for the security guy to look around the home. She thanks him for not handing her over.

J: “AJ came into J’s home, got caught stealing J’s panty, got caught by J’s CF security company….” and how he can’t let these things get in the papers tomorrow so that is why he is leaving her alone. AJ argues she didn’t come in to steal his underwear, just to put the water in the fridge. He asks why she hid then. She says she hid because she was shocked because he was not dressed and because she hid once so she kept hiding.

J: “Ohhhh… with one word you are saying that you hid and saw me naked.” He asks if she took pics of him with her cell phone. AJ: “I didn’t. What am I, some kind of stalker?”

He asks for her cell phone and takes it. She asks why he is always checking other people’s phones. He sees a missed call from “perfect man PJ” -that J doesn’t seem to like. She assures him she didn’t take any pics. He asks what name she put him under this time and she says she changed it again. He looks and finds one that says “lump of bad luck ” and presses send and J’s phone rings.

She says he called her a variation of that and she offers to erase it and tells him not to call her again. She sees that PJ had called a while ago. She laughs about it so he asks what she likes so much. She shows how PJ had called at 11:11 so she likes how that sounds (1111 in korean is il il il il). J says he doesn’t like that sound because during that time he was having a heart attack.

She apologizes for scaring him a while ago. He shows her his heart rate monitor. “Because of you I got another 120.” She asks what that is because it’s not a watch. He tells her what it is.

AJ: “But why do you wear it? Are you not well?” J: “I am a special person. I wear it to get complete mind control over myself.” She says it doesn’t seem to be working because he doesn’t seem to have complete mind control.

J: “You are the problem. I want to live safely with the normal 60 to 90 heart rate but every time you get in the way it makes me go out of the normal range. Why did you have to come here?” AJ promises to leave right now and not hang around him anymore in the future. She tells him to live safely in the 60 to 90 range. She apologizes and leaves but her phone rings and he hears the song. He says that song bugs him the most.

PJ calls AJ. She says she wasn’t able to pick up when he called earlier. PJ says that her brother borrowed his pen, didn’t return it, and it was a gift so he can’t lose it. J leans over to listen.

AJ apologizes for her brother taking the pen and says she will make sure to get it back. PJ says she just needs to return it. She offers to take it to his hospital since it is not far and that she wants to get more medicine.

J repeats that (it’s the medicine in his fridge). She mentions to PJ how the medicine is strong. She lies that she wasn’t sleeping and had gone out for a walk. She tries to open the door when J yells out: “Give me my panty back before you go!” PJ looks at his phone to see if he heard right. J yells: “The panty in your hand is mine. Give it back before you go.”

AJ tells PJ that her brother and nephew are fighting and tells PJ to wait a minute. She throws J’s underwear at his feet. He takes his slippers off and picks it up with his toes and throws it back at her yelling: “Wash my panty before you go, so that my poor panty doesn’t smell like (medicine name).” AJ lies into the phone that her brother is drunk and not in his right mind. J locks his door again and yells “panty!”

AJ is washing J’s underwear and muttering about how he has no mind control and says she shouldn’t have come here to begin with. J wonders why he didn’t just let her leave. He remembers Moon’s words again. AJ reports she washed it really clean and hung it up to dry. She is going and asks him to open the door.

J looks at her and says: “I am DJ, a special person… but how did someone like you come in?”

AJ: “That’s why I am not ever going to come back in so let me out.” He says he isn’t the kind of person she can go back and forth with. She says she isn’t going to do that anymore and asks for his house code.

J: “You think I will let you know the secret code that protects my safety?” He goes on about how he has always lived carefully and safely up to now. I will, from now on too. I have to. I won’t let you go in and out.”

She presses some random numbers and it is disarmed. She put the numbers 6090 – the numbers he mentioned. He looks at her and asks: “Who are you?” She says since she knows the numbers, if he is worried she will come and go, he should hurry and change the numbers. She bows and leaves. J sits and says: “I’ve been disarmed by GAJ.”

There is news about AJ and PJ and the show. One of PJ’s nurses asks for his autograph because her friends want it. He wonders why and she asks, “Can’t you tell how much has changed since you went on the show? The mood of the hospital changed.” He looks over and women are taking his pics.

The nurse says he needs to come to her wedding because her friends are looking forward to it. She asks him to introduce her to a singer who can sing at her wedding (instead of him having to get the nurse a present).

AJ’s dad takes his grandson to check out PJ’s hospital. He likes it because it is big and nice. The nephew asks where this place is. Her dad explains it is the hospital where the man who went on a blind date with his aunt on TV works. The kid asks what blind date is. The grandpa says, “When you meet to get married.”

Since the dad couldn’t ask how much the man is worth and stuff on TV, he wanted to come here to find out personally. He wonders how much the building is worth. PJ’s mom comes out with her friends bragging about how PJ is number one on internet searches. His mom whispers to her friends about Hyun Bin because of what the grandpa and his grandson are wearing.

AJ’s dad asks if PJ’s mom is PJ’s mom. He tells her how his daughter is on the Couple Making show too and she came here once. PJ’s mom says she heard and that the nurses said that AJ looked better in person (the mom is confusing SR with AJ). He compliments her son too. She invites him in for tea but he says he has to go somewhere else and since his home is nearby, he says he will drop by for treatments.

PJ’s mom tells her friends that was SR’s dad. The friends wonder why PJ chose AJ over Kim. His mom says the PD must have told PJ to do that because her son has high standards so there is no way he would have chosen AJ because he liked her.

J gets a call from MBS and tells the girl not to call him directly and call his rep. But the girl says she needs to talk to him directly and that she is the youngest writer from Couple Making. At first J is annoyed that such a low-ranked person would call him, till she says the name of the show. When he placed that vote for AJ, he ended up getting selected for an event out of 85 people who voted.

He is really annoyed he won. She says that his name is the same as someone famous and his voice is similar too. J holds his nose and says he hears that a lot. She says they are mailing something signed by AJ to his home. He thanks her and hangs up. He hits his hand and says: “You are the problem.” He worries that AJ will find out.

J rushes over to the studio and asks where his packages are and H says they are sorting through them now. AH and AJ notice how much stuff comes in for J. They find one box with AJ’s name and the show Couple Making so AH thinks it belongs to AJ but she says it was sent to J. She says if it was for her, they would have sent it to her. She shakes it and tries to guess what it is. J runs in and yells “stop” because she was about to open it.

AH asks what this is but J grabs the box. J: “Why are you touching other people’s property?” She explains because the script writer sent it she thought it was for her. J: “It has nothing to do with you. Why are you here again? You said you wouldn’t hang around.” She reminds him she is represented by this office too so this is her place of work.

J asks Moon if AJ has to stay. Can’t they kick her out? Moon reminds him she signed AJ because of J. She asks if he is annoyed remembering bad memories of AJ. He says he wants to avoid running into her when he comes here. Moon tells him to ignore AJ because he isn’t at the level where he needs to be concerned with AJ.

Moon gives him a script but says that isn’t his image. She says like his movie Fighter, his image is too dark so she wants him to try this bling bling image.

AJ is waiting at PJ’s hospital and reads what is written on PJ’s pen. It says: “For my son.” She guesses he got it as a present from his parent. She sees a mom coming out to collect her son. AJ recognizes her as one of her former group members, Mina. AJ goes over to say hello but stops herself.

Flashback: Mina is on the roof wanting to jump and AJ is stopping her. Mina says she wants to quit everything, forget everything and begs AJ for help.

PJ comes out and hears AJ is waiting. The nurse wonders where she went because only AJ’s bag is there. PJ says he will go look for her and tells the nurse he will try asking AJ to sing the song at the nurse’s wedding. She doesn’t seem thrilled about that.

While she is hiding, PJ comes over and calls her name. She uses him as a shield and explains she thought it was better not to meet and was going to act like she didn’t see her. Mina turns around and looks over so PJ says it’s nothing and tells Mina to go in. PJ said she left. AJ thanks him for his help.

That nurse comes over with another nurse and complains about how frustrating PJ is, how he has no sense, how dumb he is. PJ was going to go talk to her but AJ stops him and tells him it is better to act like he didn’t hear and tells him to plug his ears. Then they hear the nurse complain how PJ was going to ask AJ to sing at her wedding.

The other nurse explains how PJ doesn’t know about stuff like that. The nurse says that if her fiance finds out about AJ, he will kick up a fuss because he doesn’t like the scandals AJ was in. She wonders if she should just tell PJ that she doesn’t want AJ. The other nurse tells her to tell PJ that the nurse got another friend to do it. This time AJ is the one who is uncomfortable so PJ takes his hands and puts them over AJ’s ears so she can’t hear.

PJ walks her out and she apologizes for PJ having to overhear that he doesn’t have sense. She returns his pen. He looks at her concerned, so she tells him she is ok (hearing all that). “It’s not the first time I heard insults, plus weddings should be done by bright and happy people. So any song I sing would ruin the wedding and the bride will cry and everyone who attended the wedding will become my anti-fans.”

She puts his pen in his coat pocket and he holds her hand and explains that the spot on her wrist, while that nerve is being pushed, she can’t talk. “When your feelings hurt, instead of forcing yourself to smile, doing this will be way better. The GAJ I see is bright and engaging. I never thought of what other people think of your image as a celebrity. I’m sorry for making you feel upset.” He keeps pressing down on that nerve point while holding her hand.

AJ talks to Jenny about how it’s been ten years since their debut. Jenny mentions how another girl is having her fan meeting. AJ wonders if she just had a normal office job for ten years, she wouldn’t still be talked about and stuff. Jenny says that comes with the job of being a celebrity. That’s why Jenny quit early on.

Jenny wants to have a celebration with just AJ on that night but she says how she has to perform somewhere and Couple Making is doing an outing shoot near there so she wants to go and look around.

Moon meets with J and SR and some other people. It’s about a contract for a cell phone CF. Because it’s a contract based on their image as a couple, so they can’t break up till the end of the contract term for a year (it’s a lot of money).

SR: “If one side has a scandal, you are going to be responsible, right?” Moon agrees. SR says she will be busy for a year so she won’t have time to meet another man. She asks J: “How about you?” J agrees not to break it too. SR asks J to come as her guest to her ten-year anniversary of her debut fan meeting. If he is good to her – his girlfriend – his image will improve.

Moon asks J to do SR’s fan meeting. J asks if SR didn’t debut with AJ as Treasure Girls. Moon says that’s right and realizes it’s been 10 yrs since AJ debuted too. She says even though they debuted the same ten years ago, their status in the industry is a lot different.

J pulls up to AJ’s house and looks around at the clutter and says it looks just like AJ’s home. He calls her. AH asks why she isn’t answering and she says it is J and he is more than likely calling to say more insulting things to her. AH tells her to answer because if she doesn’t he will come to their home.

AJ: “What do I say if he asks where I am? If he finds out I am going to do a performance, he will follow me there and probably say (she says it the way J would): ‘I caught you, you’re out.’”

J is annoyed she is ignoring his call again. He points to the house and says, “Anyway, you are out.” J goes around the back and finds her nephew.

J: “Hey, ding dong, you know me, right?” (J outlines his mustache as “seo=cow”) and the kid remembers. He bows and says hello. J asks if his aunt is inside and the kid says she isn’t. J asks how long has he lived here. Kid: “All my life.” J: “How old are you?” The kid says 7 and holds up 7 fingers so J guesses 7 years.

J wonders if the home is bought or rented. Judging from the state of the home, he doesn’t think they bought the home. He asks the kid if they are renting. How much deposit did they put down? He realizes his mistake in asking a kid who only lived 7 yrs his whole life and asks if there are any grownups around.

The kid asks: “Are you going to marry my aunt?”

J: “What?”

The kid: “My grandpa said it. To someone you might marry, you find out this and that.”

J yells: “Ding dong! How can you say such things that do not make sense? I’m DJ!”

The kid throws down paper airplanes so J says, “Hey, ding dong, if you don’t study hard and just fly airplanes, you’ll end up living your whole life in a home like this. Answer me, ding dong.” The kid mutters okay. J picks up one of the planes and sees AJ’s pic.

AJ and AH arrive at some place and trot music is playing. SR is getting ready for her fan meeting. She reads messages from her fans. AH gives AJ something that came for her; he guesses it is a gift from her fan because of her ten-year debut anniversary. She asks if she had a fan like that.

AH feels bad that today is a special day but she made him sing here so he apologizes. AJ asks what is wrong with this place. A real singer isn’t picky about the stage. AH says he asked them especially to add lights and to put some smoke and runs off to ask them to sprinkle sparkles. She cheers herself up and says she has a fan like this.

There is no name of the sender, just a green clover. Jenny gets one too, and also SR who takes interest in it. They all open it to find their CD and a clover.

Flashback: The manager tells the Treasure Girls right before their performance that it’s ok to make mistakes because a lot of famous ones do too. They are worried and nervous. AJ forgot her first line of lyrics but Mina shows them a four-leaf clover she found. Suddenly they feel better and AJ wonders if they will become a hit. (end of flashback)

AJ wonders if Mina sent it. J arrives at her venue where she is set to perform. He sits in his car and looks at her banner and says: “If she goes as far as she can, she’ll come back to where she belongs.” The club is a night club for old people. AJ chokes on kimbap. AH tells her to rest in the car and he’ll come get her when it’s time.

On her way out, AJ meets a guy who is a DJ impersonator. She says just because he puts on a mustache, he doesn’t look like DJ because J is tall and has broader shoulders and the face… the guy’s is too small. The guy asks if J is good looking in real life and she says yes. She also advises him not to make his voice sound like that and to make it rougher but the guy argues that he needs to be more friendly and gentle to be DJ.

The guy says, “You are beautiful” in a nice way and she pats his head and says it would be nice if the real DJ was this gentle and friendly. The guy turns around and bumps into the real J. J points at him and says “you dont look anything like me at all. change it.” 

AJ is inside the car. She draws a clover on the window using her breath and finger. She falls asleep. J walks over and watches her sleeping in the car. He steps closer. From outside the window, he looks at her tenderly and frames his hand around her cheek.

The End


J tells AJ: “You are really beautiful today.”

AJ pats J’s butt affectionately.

AJ and J wear hanboks and look like sageuk characters.

SR asks: “Is J dating someone?”

Moon wonders why J did that.

J to AJ: “There is only one answer to all these problems. What do you think it will be?” AJ: “You like me?” J: “Ding dong.” He leans in to kiss her.

J: “Using my best method, I am going to make you GAJ tremble.”


33 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 4

  1. I think PJ chose the other 3 women because he didnt care about anyone else besides Ae Jung. So he just gave the first 3 roses to the first 3 girls while retaining one for Ae Jung. He didnt look for appearance. He came to the show merely because of Ae Jung. I love Dokko Jin but I do feel more romantic vibes from PJ and AJ. I’m going to have my heart broken when PJ doesnt get the girl :((. An also transcap as always Softy!!

    • I know, i love Pil Joo and the way he look at Ah Jung is so romantic. I am so rooting for him right now.
      And loves the way he smile when he look at her. I can’t stop myself giggling like a teenager.

      Cha Seung-won is awesome as always. It is impossible to not love him.

      But my heart is shipping PJ and AJ right now.

  2. Unfortunately, can’t find subs for this series, so I was watching the raw and Go Jin’s antics are hilarious!! I have been waiting for the recap or hours now, thanks 🙂

    A question: why does Go Jin’s heart react to the song? does it have something to do with the surgery? Because I get how heart meter reacts to Her in general…

  3. Softy, I know you’re very busy these days and truly appreciate the time you spend doing this transcap. Although I don’t understand Korean I could not wait and watch the 4th episode raw w/out subs. It’s awesome. I am loving this drama to death. I liked some of the dramas that are airing and have aired since Secret Garden (one of my favorites yet!!) but I have not liked another drama like I like The Greatest Love!!1 This is not a drama played by beautiful people but by great actors. Their performances are so in tuned that we cannot help but love them and enjoy every nuance of their interactions. And what about the doctor? What I like about him is that he is impervious to beauty although he himself is candy to our eyes. I also loved the last scene. It left me wanting more. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  4. Thanks for the recap softy! This episode was so full of awesome! I’m in serious trouble though….I feel a bad case of second lead syndrome coming on.

  5. Hehe, at first I misread and thought you said Park Shi Yeon was better looking than my dear Gong Hyo Jin… and I almost pulled a “no, you didn’t!” folding my sleeves up ready to take a fighting pose… only if it wasn’t so darn hot right now and I wasn’t wearing short sleeves in the first place. Anyway, anyway, ignore this crazy fangirl.

    Great job on all the recaps this week! But as much as I love Dokgo Jin’s antics and find him hilarious, my heart just BREAKS at the thought that PJ won’t get the girl. Oh crap, is this what people mean by the 2nd lead syndrome? Because I think I caught it.

    • But as much as I love Dokgo Jin’s antics and find him hilarious, my heart just BREAKS at the thought that PJ won’t get the girl.

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Sob. Poor PJ!!

  6. About the posters, that was actually one of my favorite scenes from episode 4. They used the drama titles of other MBC dramas to express what Dokgo Jin is currently going through.

    For instance, he first grabs the wall and says, “No way! Me… Gu Ae Jung…” The poster for the drama “I Really Really Like You” gets highlighted.

    Then he says, “It can’t be. Why would I?” The drama poster for the drama “The Bean Chaff of My Life” gets highlighted. The title is a Korean expression that means that you’re blinded by love.

    Then he rolls over again and says, “I’m Dokgo Jin. It’s never happened to me before. What the heck is this?” The poster for “A Prince’s First Love” gets highlighted.

    He rolls over once more and says, “What do I do now?” as he stands next to the drama poster for “A Man in Crisis.”

    As he rolls over to the next poster, the music changes to the theme song from that drama. LOL.

    When AJ comes out holding a rose and chases after Jin, Dokogo Jin sees her as she leans next to the poster for “You’re So Pretty.”


  7. wonderful recap!!! thank you!!! you’re my hero!!!!!!!!!
    this episode was too much, i loooooooove it. no second lead syndrome for me, i’m all DJ’s. CSW you’re the best. and AJ looks prettier every episode!!!! i love her so much and want her to fall for DJ. i’m dying because of the previews. episode 5 come now!!!!

  8. blue -thank you so much -you are a lifesaver- when I saw that scene – I was like crap-why couldnt someone say those lines instead of making them pop out so I have a fighting chance. I love this drama so much – I want PJ to get the girl. I didnt realize he was the second lead till everyone said. in my mind-how could he NOT get the girl – man what an improvement from triple and road number. I think there should be some headers with YKS in that rose ceremony cuz OMG the man is looking GOOD. 🙂

    • You should watch Who Are You? (someone mentioned it is the best body swapping drama- better than secret garden even)) where he was the lead and you’ll immediately swoon over him. Triple made him look like a fool and I refused to watch Road No 1 although he acted very well..

  9. Helloooooooo! First time comment here, so happy all the masters have joined force, awesome. Thanks Thundie, Softy and Blue for providing such a complete recap. Gotta say me too first time falling for second lead! (just rewatched Who Are You? Hehe). Loved it when AJ brushed the rose on DJ’s face, that rose petal scene was hilarious, when he opened the napkin and it got heart shape on it, I went awwww, the magic of the Hong Sis.
    And then when YKS was so sweet to AJ, I realized he wouldn’t get the girl, it’s hurt my gut so I switched channel, yep I did, then I got stuck with Romance Town, cuz the guy was taking a shower, but I swear I switched back in time for that last sentimental scene from CSW. Since I’m kind of City Haller so I know CSW’s capabilities in romantic scene ( his famous car kiss still lives in my brain) , so I’m sure by the end of the drama, he will nail me heart and soul.^^
    Sorry for the long rant, and Softy, you take care ^^ eyes sore last night, two shower scenes from two hot guys, pifffft.

    • Me too !. I just can’t get enough of Yoon Kye Sang in Who Are You? I keep rewatching it . The storyline is so different and the osts are nice too! Like Blue, this will be the first time I’ve caught the second lead syndrome.

  10. I just love the fact that Dokko Jin can’t resist his heart and always want to do something for Ae-jung but failed miserably every time, since she doesn’t need it in the first place, meanwhile the perfect Pill Joo always seems to be in the right place to do all these lovely thing for her. Ae-jung going to have a hard time to choose whether to follow her heart or her head. Pill Joo makes me aww with every little gesture he makes. The look in his eyes while he watch our OTP together on the preview, aw poor guy…but nooo YKS, I just have to watch your previous dramas later. Dokko Jin FTW!

    Softy, Thundie and Blue..Thank you.

  11. Thank you so much, Softy, Thundie and Blue!
    Its true, DJ can’t help but assist AJ and is always one step too late, but what I love is that though he wants to do everything he thinks of, its the things he doesn’t plan that help her the most. Its the little things that build to the great things that make girls take notice(and dramas like this magical). I like that AJ isn’t at all interested in DJ right now but she isn’t blind or oblivious to him(scene with nice Dokgo). I can’t wait till she starts paying real attention to him! Ah. Rom-coms. Nothing like ’em!

  12. Ahhh Softy, what have you done?! You tempted me to watch the preview! I usually avoid previews like the plague. But now I’ve gone and watched it – and I don’t know how I’ll wait for the next episode. *bites nails*

    In seriousness, I have been ill so I didn’t comment, but thank you for the amazingly fast and detailed recaps! I heard from thundie that you’ve been recapping BL and 49 Days back to back with no sleep 😦 Please take care of yourself and get some rest even if it means the recap comes out later. We can’t have you collapsing from overwork and having to be hooked up to an IV like our poor k-actors/idols. Cause, yunno, you’re an A-lister around here. 🙂

    This episode was all kinds of awesome. I loved the scene where Ae-jung is hiding in his house, the part where he looks for the intruder with horror-movie BGM, and then when he catches her with his underwear… actually that scene was gold from start to finish. And Oh, Yoon Kye Sang, you’re going to break my heart, I can tell already.

    Fighting, Softy!

    • hey Laica

      hope you are feeling better. when I dont feel good, I distract myself with dramas (not Kdramas but American ones) and get lost in the story and fun. I was worried about BL before it started, but now I am hooked. you should have seen me watching the first episode- I was sooooo nervous. it got better and better and by the end, I was100 % in love. I really wish my YKS was not a second lead- he deserves to be first cuz he is just too good looking and sweet not to get the girl. if he cant get AJ, I rather he leave to go study like he wanted. No way does SR deserve him – not now or ever. I loved the actress in SG and highkick, but not so much here. she is sooooo mean. 🙂 Sorry about the preview but it was too juicy not to translate 🙂

      • Thanks. 🙂 Kdramas are my medicine of choice, I don’t watch any American TV really.
        Yeah, YKS really deserves to be the lead in all his dramas, but I guess because his last two projects kind of tanked, he’s stucl playing second lead. I totally agree with you about Yoo Inna’s character – I loved her in SG too, but Se Ri is awful and Pil Joo is WAY too good for her.
        Hehe, no worries about the preview, it was too delicious to regret 😉

  13. This has nothing to do with BL, but about the actor featured in this week’s “Weekly Spotlight.”

    Thundie, Lee Jong Hyuk’s nickname is really Lee Jong Hot? So appropriate, but OMG, that’s hilarious. Who came up with that? I really wish that he would choose his next drama as one I’d like…

    • Who came up with that?

      Ehh… the nutcase behind this blog? 😳 Her twitter chingus caught on rapidly, too. 😆

      Psst, said culprit also coined “Queen Snoredeok””and others. I vote we banish her to the Kingdom of the Wood pronto!

      • Yes, Thundie, thanks for that great picture of Lee Jung Hyuk. He was my introduction to the hotness of Korean men so I feel you’ve aptly named him!

        BTW, I’m in Kdrama heaven these days with NTOG and this delightful piece. Softy, your recapping and intros got me hooked, and after this episode I am also in the Pil Joo fan club. Any chance that the Hong sisters will do a plot twist? How about DJ’s heart racing so badly that he bursts some veins in his eye and needs a new cornea or something. Then he could only having eyes for the cute girl who donated it to him and we wouldn’t feel bad for Pil Joo ending up with Ae Jung!

  14. Oh, and I forgot to post a comment on any meta-references in this episode.

    1. Of course, the scene with MBC drama posters mentioned above.
    2. The scene where Dokgo Jin talks about protecting his safety and won’t let AJ disarm him blah blah blah. I thought his speech/tone reminded me of what Cha Seung Won’s character may have said in Athena?
    3. Where Dokgo Jin’s management suggests that he do a drama based on a manga for his next project because his role in Fighter was too dark. Haha, is that a reference to Cha Seung Won himself after Athena, and why he chose to do BL?
    4. The scene where PJ covers AJ’s ears so she won’t hear people talking about her. I thought that was a parody of that famous scene in the variety show X-man where Kim Jong Gook covered Yoon Eun Hye’s ears during the game of “Of Course.”

      • This is so hilarious – thanks blue for sharing. I’ve never seen kang ho dong so quiet before – was he not co-anchoring this with YJS? it looked like YJS and that short woman were hosting the show.awww- the hand over the ear was sooooooo sweet.

  15. Oh, a question for Softy or whoever knows –

    I noticed that Jin has been talking to Ae Jung in banmal since the first episode, whereas she’s been using jondaemal with him (except when he really pisses her off). Is this because he’s older than her, because he’s got much higher status in the entertainment industry, or is he just being deliberately insulting? Or is it some combination?

  16. too entertaining? don’t worry ,the pace will change in no time ,just like every hong-sisters drama, at first lots of comedy then lots of tears

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