Best Love: Episode 3

There are no words to describe just how well this episode was perfectly executed. From start to finish, every nuance was polished and buffed, every inkling of attraction is nurtured and burgeoning, and every word betrays how these Hong sisters must think and feel when they are facing the brink of love. So glad I have front row seats for this.

* just a note but whoever did the background music for the comic scenes for this did YAB and MGIAG because I swear they used the same ones. Keep having flashback moments to both dramas.

Starts from when J hears the song and looks back at her while she cries. She looks up at J and her brother starts to call out her name from somewhere. AH can’t reach her because she isn’t answering her phone and he forgot where the car was.

AJ wonders what to do if her brother sees her red cheek but she starts to nosebleed and runs over to J asking for some Kleenex. J points to her bloody nose. She asks if it looks too obvious she was hit and he agrees it does a lot. AJ wonders what to do because if her brother finds out, there will be trouble. She asks him to give her a short ride out of here because if her brother sees that she has been hit, he will be so upset she can’t face him. She asks J to just give her a ride outside.

AH calls out her name so she hides behind J’s car. J asks what she is asking him to do. She tells J to hurry and get in. AH finds his car but wonders where AJ is. AJ is already in J’s car waving him to hurry and get in. J has no choice so he does.

In the car, AJ talks to her brother on the phone and lies that she met someone she knows who wanted to buy her a meal. She tells him to go home. J just gives her sideway glances. Her cheek is really red and a handprint is clearly visible.

AJ: “This car is really nice. How much are cars like this? This is leather, huh? It’s so nice.” As she looks around, he suddenly pulls out a drink and holds it up to her red cheek. J: “Just sit there quietly and hold that up (to your face). Then it will be less awkward.” She looks at the bottle and his picture is on it and she says: “This is the drink ad you are promoting.” J: “So?”

AJ: “You do ads and drink stuff with your picture on it every day. It must feel surreal.” He looks over and she has his face rubbing her cheeks and there is a kissing sound (like his pic is kissing her cheek) so he tells her not to do that. “Don’t rub your face on the side where my face is. It’s weird looking at it. Hurry and get it off. Put the side with the letters to your cheek.” AJ is baffled but she obeys.

PJ gives the files back saying he has other plans so he can’t film the program. “Since I gave it to you and made things clear I will be going.” PD holds him back saying he heard PJ was going on blind dates. He says their contestants are really great and it will be hard to go elsewhere to meet these women. He tells PJ to look over them again because there are a lot of great people.

The PD puts down each woman’s file saying, “So and so I met in person and her personality is great” and lists more names. “Out of so many, aren’t there any that you want to meet once?” PJ hears AJ’s name and remembers back to meeting AJ.

Scriptwriter comes and compliments SR saying that because SR got involved, a guy who said he wasn’t going to budge came all the way here to say he would do it. SR remarks that he acted like he wouldn’t do it so, but he must not have meant it. “When he said he didn’t know me, was he just pretending he didn’t?”

PD says he trusted PJ so now he is in trouble. PJ starts to leave when the scriptwriter and SR come in. Writer gives PJ her card and PJ apologizes to the PD. PJ just walks by SR like he doesn’t know her. Writer asks why PJ is just going and PD says he didn’t want to do it.

PJ goes to the elevator and SR goes over and calls out his name. She asks him to talk for a minute and he finally notices her and says her name.

SR: “You didn’t recognize me again?” PJ: “Because your hair and clothes are so different from then.” SR: “Heard you weren’t going to do it. You should have told me that first.” She says how it makes her look bad in front of the PD and writer.

PJ says he didn’t think of that and apologizes. SR also says it offends her that he doesn’t recognize her. PJ says he will have to be more aware/alert from now on. “While on my way, if I see someone pretty, since it might be SR, I will be more aware and look.” She seems ok with that apology.

The elevator arrives so he heads in but she stops him: “Are you just going to get on? PJ: “Yes, did you have something else to say to me?” She looks displeased and says she doesn’t. He gets on and bows at her and looks at the name card.

Writer comes over and asks if PJ just left. “Did he say he wouldn’t do it no matter what?” SR says she has to get that guy. “I hear that I am pretty all the time, but just now, I felt flustered. If it’s that man, he will be perfect to make the audience fall for him too.”

AJ is still holding that drink up to her cheek. She puts it down saying she can’t make him feel awkward and uncomfortable anymore and asks to be let out anywhere near by so she can take a cab. J agrees and says she was right to think that. He pulls over and notices he is out of gas (warning light is blinking). J says, “Before you get out, lend me some money.” At the same time, she holds out her hand to ask him to lend her cab fare.

She says she didn’t bring her wallet so she doesn’t have cab fare. He says he doesn’t carry his wallet around because he has a manager. She asks him to just give her a ride to where he is going. He shows her the gas light and says, “Why would I ask you for money for no reason? I ran out of gas.” She sees that he really doesn’t have any gas. “Did it stop running? What’s the point of being a talent if you don’t check if you have gas or not?” J: “That’s why I have a manager to check stuff like that but because of you I left him behind.”

H is on the phone with J. “Where would I be? I’m at the studio. You said you were already here so where are you?” J: “On my way to Yeoido, I ran out of gas. Call me when you get close to Yeoido Park. Hurry and come.” AJ: “He said he was coming; then it will take about 30 minutes.” She unbuckles and opens the door. J: “That’s right, just go.”

AJ: “I wasn’t going to go. Since it looks like it will take some time, I was going to go to that bathroom over there.” J: “How about going to that bathroom and just going?” AJ starts her act: “I don’t even have cab fare so… Looking like this… where can I go?”

J gives in and tells her to go and come back. She smirks as she opens the door to get out. J wonders why he had to be so unlucky to witness that scene. AJ sees her reflection: “It’s redder than I thought.” She is embarrassed because she was looking like this the whole time she was with J. She thinks it will bruise.

A lady next to her is powdering her nose so AJ asks to borrow the woman’s compact. The woman sees the slap mark: “You got hit hard. Why do you live getting hit? Break up.” AJ sort of laughs it off.

When AJ comes out, the lady told other women. They know her name and are discussing it. When AJ gets back in the car, J puts his sunglasses on and asks if the bathroom is clean; it doesn’t smell right. She says yes. As he is about to open his door, she grabs him saying it’s not good to go out now.

J: “What is this?” She explains that ahjummas think she has been hit. He tries to look but she pulls him down again. J: “Are you crazy?” AJ explains: “They are trying to see who hit me so they are staring.” J: “(they think) that’s me?” AJ: “It is a serious misunderstanding.” He says let go because he is DJ. She says that is why he needs to hide so his face isn’t seen.

They keep staring. “What do we do? You have to go to the bathroom but I am pushing down your stomach so you must be really uncomfortable, huh? When they leave I will tell you right away. Is your stomach being pushed on too much? Would it be better to just move the chair back?”

She pushes a button and a recording comes on. “Think of your body as precious… Think of yourself as big…” J is struggling to hold it in.

AH asks Jenny if maybe the person AJ is getting a meal from is J. Jenny points out there are levels to scandals. J is up here and AJ is down here. AH says if AJ is down here, then she could go up to J’s level if things go well.

Jenny is feeding AH’s son. AH mouths to his son to say the words: “Thank you, Jenny Mom.” She corrects him and says call her Aunt Jenny. He says his dad said: “I have to keep calling you mom so that one day I would have a mom.” She smiles at the kid but turns and glares at SH saying she talked about how there are levels.

H peeks in the car at AJ sleeping. H tells J that he pushed back the recording 2 hrs and asks if he should wake AJ and tell her to go by then. J tells him to leave her alone. H asks what happened to AJ’s face. Did she get hit by someone? H thinks J did it so J says: “Are you crazy?”

J talks about the hard time he already had scrunched down because of some women who were staring because of the face that had been hit. H asks what happened and J says he doesn’t know because he didn’t ask for details. H: “Is she ok?” J: “I don’t know, I didn’t ask that.”

H lectures him saying when a woman has been hit, it is polite to ask: “What happened? Are you ok? So you should have asked.” J: “If I ask those things, I have to listen to it. If I listen to it, I have to interfere and then I will be involved.” H says it’s too late because J is involved and ended up here and saying, “Don’t wake her”. H smirks with satisfaction till J’s glare wipes it off H’s face. H meekly says let’s go.

J walks over to the window and taps on it telling her to hurry and wake up. He pulls her out and gives her a hundred and tells her to take a cab with it. AJ: “Thank you. I will be sure to pay this back. I will call.”

He asks for her phone, saying: “You don’t have to pay me back so don’t call.” He scrolls through her phonebook. J: “What is this? My name isn’t on here.” She says she will find it and give it to him and reaches for her phone. He pulls it away saying: “Last time you said you would erase it and didn’t, so what did you put my number under?”

He finds out she put him under “poop go jin” because it sounds like dok go jin (in Korean). She says it’s her phone so she should be able to put it under what she wants. He deletes it and tells her to go.

She walks down the street. He gets in his car and sees the drink she used to cool down her cheek. H says AJ is a celebrity too so is it ok for her to go like that (she looks vulnerable out there) so J looks at her. H says he will start the car and go but J says he is going to drink this and tells him not to. He watches her wait alone and opens the door to go get her just as H says a cab. She gets in and goes. J tells him to go and H says J’s door is open.

When AJ gets home, her dad tells her to wash up and lie down too so her dad can put sliced cucumbers on her face like he did for AH and his son. Her dad tells AH to stop putting them on his face because he needs to put it on AJ’s face because she is going to do a poster shoot soon. AH says her face is small so she only needs half a cucumber. She says even half is too much and tells him to put on a lot.

AH asks if she ate something good and she says she did, something really yummy. Jenny finds out AJ starved so AJ tells her not to tell her brother. Jenny worries about her poster shoot because of the slap. AJ says it got better because she put cucumbers on it. Jenny says it’s not enough at her age. Jenny points out AJ’s wrinkle and tells her to follow her tomorrow to go somewhere. AJ asks where.

AJ and Jenny are at PJ’s hospital. AJ worries because it looks expensive here and thanks Jenny. Jenny says their clinic line is art. PJ’s mom shows up with her friends and brags about the place. PJ comes out and his mom introduces him to her friends and wants him to deduct 20%.

Jenny mentions how PJ looks so good and AJ guesses that is why so many older women are here. His mom brags to her friends about how her son will be shooting Couple Making, the one SR comes out on. Jenny and AJ both turn to stare. AJ wishes she had a better look at him, but rethinks it saying then the surprise reaction on the show won’t be as effective if she sees him before the show starts. Jenny asks if AJ isn’t curious.

The nurse tells his mom that PJ told the program that he wouldn’t do that. PJ tells his mom how he is sticking to his plans and studying because he likes it more than treating patients and only stayed for her sake till now but he isn’t having fun.

Mom asks for last deal. If he does the show, she won’t hold onto him anymore. He asks what she is thinking. She says she wants him to go on the show and meet all the best women all at once and do some other things and she will leave him alone to do what he wants. He asks if she can keep that promise so she offers to write out a contract.

Jenny gets AJ to have a consultation with PJ. AJ thinks he won’t recognize her on the show if she has full makeup on then so it’s ok to see him now barefaced.

AJ sees PJ from a distance and thinks he is good-looking. Then she thinks he looks familiar and remembers him from that time. She tries to hide her face but he sees her chart and her name. He asks if she really is AJ but she says she isn’t hurt and runs off.

AJ runs out to Jenny and tells her PJ is the guy she told Jenny about and worries that he recognizes her. PJ comes out to confirm it really was AJ here. Outside, Jenny mentions all the stuff AJ did to PJ when AJ thought he was a sponsor and threw water on him. AJ wonders if he didn’t know her from that time. But Jenny points out when he comes on the show, AJ will meet him again. AJ realizes that and wonders what she should do.

Jenny says if he comes on the show, AJ will be the first to be eliminated. AJ imagines PJ throwing water on her and saying gleefully: “Even if you give me 100 million you are eliminated.” Jenny tells her to make up with him before the show. AJ wonders if she buys expensive medicine, will he forgive her.

H reports to Moon that the person who did that to AJ was Candies’ manager. J listens in from the corner. Moon asks wasn’t that director the Treasure Girls’ manager a long time ago? H notices that J is paying attention. H tells Moon that the manager didn’t get along with AJ. Even from a long time ago he was mean to AJ.

J hears that one of the Candies girls is going on the Couple Making show too so AJ will have to keep running into him. J inches closer and closer to them. Moon asks why H is speaking so low (he was trying to draw J in closer). J is almost by them now.

H whispers: “J doesn’t like to hear about AJ.” They look over and he is right there. J complains they are interrupting him while he is reading the script so he tells them to go out and talk. After they leave J says aloud how she gets stepped on by SR, mistreated by the director, etc.

AJ goes to meet PJ. He asks why she went out like that. She says she was shocked. He points out: “Did you think I wouldn’t know it was you if you covered your face like that?” AJ: “You know me?” PJ: “You are Treasure Girls’ AJ.”

AJ: “You do know me when I’m not that famous and not big a deal.” He brings up that time by pointing out she is worth 100 million. “Do you know me?” She turns and apologizes for that time. “I went into the wrong room and there was a misunderstanding.” How he kept asking her how much so it caused the misunderstanding. She really thought he was going to give her a 100 million and do something to her.

He reminds her she was the one who came up with that amount. She admits she did that. He says it’s good they met again because he kept thinking about why she did that. She says he doesn’t need to talk more about it. She mistook him for a bad person. She says sorry again.

He says after she left, because she didn’t come back, he felt uneasy that she might keep thinking that way but since they could clear up the misunderstanding he thinks it’s a good thing.

(running out of time so the rest of this will be highlights till I can do fillers later on Thur or Fri.)

Writer asks if PJ really can’t do it. PD says he won’t. He names another actor but she says he won’t do it because he doesn’t want to be on a show with another actress who was involved in a scandal with AJ. They can always get more women but they are out of options for the guy.

AJ asks PJ to treat her as a stranger when he comes out on the show and forget all this bad stuff that happened. He says he hasn’t decided to do it yet. She tells him to think about it thoroughly because if he comes out and people know his face, it will get tiring. If he likes living normally, he shouldn’t do the show.

PJ says he was going to think about doing the show. She tells him not to do it. Since she knows what she is saying, he decides to listen to her. She says she will give him a picture and autograph before she goes.

J is shopping and his stylist keeps clapping and saying perfect so J tells him to quit it. That clap sound reminds him of what happened yesterday (the slap). The stylist points out J’s heart surgery scar and J reminds him he told the stylist to act like he never saw the scar.

The stylist is told his next client is here, the girl from the group Candy. She is shopping with her manager and stylist. She doesn’t like what the stylist chose because it makes her look too young so she chooses another dress. The stylist sells it was already reserved for AJ but she wants this dress. J comes over and listens.

The manager tells the stylist to think about who can make the dress come alive: when AJ wears it or when the girl wears it. He says AJ’s level is different from the girl’s and AJ is in no position to complain. The stylist agrees to dress AJ in something else.

The manager tries to say hi to J but J ignores him. J asks the stylist if he can take this dress. The stylist asks why, so that SR can wear it? But J turns to the manager and says “I have to take it all”. J sort of hits the manager with the dress as he passes it to H. the girl says ok and chooses another one. J says he has to take that one too and hits the manager with it again. Over and over he does it with each dress. He takes almost the whole rack. The manager asks what J is doing.

J says, “Your face is red like you’ve been hit but yesterday I saw a face that was really painful looking so it doesn’t even compare with yours. Just because I take all these clothes, you are in no position to complain. Why?” (he points to the girl and himself with his hand raised like he is measuring levels) “Because the level is too different.”

J is surrounded by women’s dresses and wonders why he brought them home. He asks himself: “Why are you doing this? Are you going to wear all these?” He takes his phone out and says: “I got revenge for that pitiful girl, so I should tell her to come and take it all.” He calls AJ.

AJ and AH are here to meet the writer for the show. She wonders why the writer called her here. AH tells her she got a call but she says she can’t answer this number. She wonders why he is calling when he told her not to take the call.

J says to his phone: “You aren’t answering? You are going to regret listening to me so well. What is this? If she didn’t answer because she knows it’s me that means she still has my number.” He gets ready to scold again.

AJ finds out that she can’t be on the show because the guy won’t do the show if she is on it. AH asks why that person doesn’t like AJ to be on the show. PD explains that person has personal reasons. AJ thinks PJ lied to her about everything being ok and he is the one who doesn’t want her on the show and calls him a bad guy.

PD thinks AJ called him a bad guy. He gets a call. The writer says they had some other guy in mind but he doesn’t want to do it and tells AJ not to misunderstand.

PJ tells the PD that he thought it over. He says PJ needs to say it clearly so PJ agrees to do it. PJ says he has a personal promise and it looks like fun. AJ asks the writer to rethink it (dropping her) and asks to meet the guy to convince him. The writer says she can’t do that and says sorry.

AH says “Let’s go,” but AJ cries and begs him to do something. PD comes in and tells AJ not to leave. He says she doesn’t have to drop out because the person they chose originally said he would do it. AJ asks if there was another guy besides the one who didn’t like her. PD says they didn’t even like the one who doesn’t like AJ. AJ is happy she doesn’t get kicked off and thanks them.

J goes to her house. He wonders, “Since when did she listen to me so well and keep not answering my calls?” Her nephew startles him. Kid points and yells it really is DJ. J shushes him and asks: “Am I your friend?” The kid says if J is friends with his aunt then they are friends.

J asks if the kid is “ding dong” from that time and points out he isn’t the kid’s aunt’s friend and if he calls like last time again he will be in trouble. The kid steps closer. J asks what he is staring at. The kid says because it’s unusual. Kid asks why J’s moustache looks like the korean character “seo = cow”. J looks at his reflection and realizes it is in the shape of a “seo=cow”.

AJ comes out and asks what he is doing here. He was about to ask her about his mustache but he changes his mind. He hides it behind his hand and asks why she isn’t answering his calls.

AJ: “Did you come here to meet me?” J: “You knew it was me and didn’t answer. Then that must mean you saved my number again on your phone.” She says she had to mark his number not to call. “You came here to argue that?” He says anyone can come to the restaurant here and it’s an honor if someone special like him comes. She tells him to eat and go. She calls for her nephew to go.

The kid is about to mention the mustache so J calls him Ding Dong and tells him to keep his private info a secret (but he said it in a hard way using big words) so the kid didn’t understand. So J simplifies it and tells him not to talk about it and the kid gets it now.

She gives him medicine instead of the cab fare since J didn’t want her to pay him back. The kid points out how the medicine is expensive but she says she can’t eat that when she thinks about that mean doctor who gave it to her.

PJ’s mom likes all the women except for AJ. She reads that AJ was a Treasure Girl and these days she is getting insulted on the internet. The mom tells PJ to get rid of AJ first.

J calls H but AH shows up. AH explains H had some emergency so AH came in H’s place. He tells AJ to come in so J is surprised. J asks why she came and she said she was with her brother so she came with him. She admires his home and he tells them to come in. They wonder why there are so many clothes. J tells them not to touch them. AJ says they are all women’s and guesses someone was here. J says there wasn’t, “it’s all mine.” AH asks if these are J’s clothes.

AH: “For when you are alone at home to wear anything, I do that too.” AJ asks if J has this taste. J: “I just said it was mine and not that I wear it.” AH says that if J just wore it his nipples would come out. So AJ and AH both imagine J at home giving himself a pedicure and being girly and both burst out laughing. J points at them and tells them not to imagine/envision that and both lie and say they aren’t.

J tells them to wait because he has something he wants them to pass on to Moon. J points out the clothes he has on aren’t for women; they are for both men and women. He says they don’t know fashion.

AH sees the arcade in the house and starts messing with things and AJ tells him not to because J will get mad. J yells down not to touch anything because it’s all expensive. The helmet is stuck on AH’s head and they can’t get it off. J yells down that he will report them if they touch anything. AJ says she will go and stall for AH to get the helmet off.

J is coming out of his bed room when AJ runs in. He asks what she is doing. She says, “This is your bedroom.” J: “Why are you running in here? Don’t you know where this is?” She runs and sits on his bed.

J: “Are you crazy?” She asks where the mattress is from because it’s so good. J: “Where are you sitting? Get up, you’ll make it stink.” She lies down. She says, “It’s even better if you lie on it.” J: “You like it that much, then do you want to sleep over? Want to play with me?”

She hops up in shock. AH is yelling from pain trying to get the helmet off. J tells AJ to hurry and come down. She asks to borrow his helmet because she has to do a sexy dance on the first show and wearing this will make it funnier than a wig. He asks if she thinks this place is a dressing room. He says he won’t lend it to her.

J: “Do you really want to do that dance wearing this on the show?”

AJ: “That’s how I won’t get edited out even if I come out a minute longer. I can continue earning a living. I put my life on the line to get into Couple Making. I can do anything.”

He says something and she asks if he is cheering her on right now and thanks him. He was about to give her the helmet but her brother calls her so she takes the envelope he wanted them to give Moon and leaves.

AH and AJ go to the store to find out which dress she can borrow to wear. She asks the stylist which dress but the stylist tells AJ that a whole rack of clothes is for her to wear on the show. Stylist asks why J brought it all back. J says his friend decided to wear something else. The stylist asks if that is why J gave it all to AJ.

AJ wears the pretty dress and says, “Let me introduce you to the newly reborn. I will do my best as a newcomer.” She sings a song from her past, the one that gets to J.

As he passes by, he hears her singing and watches her sing and dance in front of the mirror and his heart beats faster and he leans against the wall. Then he goes over to her, grabs her arm and his heart rate is at 128.

J: “What is this song? What are you?” His heart beats again. Why does it do this? He throws down her hand and leaves.

J gets a checkup. The doc says he is ok. J explains that when he hears a certain song his heart rate rises. He remembers all the times his heart raced when he heard the song. Does he need to be opened up again? He asks if his heart is somehow connected to/responds to that song.

The doc asks if he is shooting a sci fi movie. They discuss how he is similar to the Ironman. (there is more but will do later)

J thinks something is not normal and asks the doc if he is ok. The doc says he is; there is nothing wrong. He asks if J isn’t falling for someone. J: “Are you losing your mind now that you are older?” The doc says it’s good that J’s heart is normal like everyone else since J acts so arrogant.

There is a Treasure Girls CD on top of the doc’s CD pile. Moon gives J all the scripts minus the melo he hates. He asks if she likes melo. She says yes and why is he asking. He says he is asking because it might help him during his emotional movie.

J: “When you see that kind of movie, you like each other, give each other cheesy loving stares, over-reacts , etc. About how the heart pounds, does that happen for real too?”

Moon: “Like in the movie, you can’t hear it from outside but you can feel it beat inside you.”

J: “So when you see them cry and laugh, when it beats then does it mean you like them?”

Moon: “You can’t say for sure that’s why.” J is happy to hear that.

Moon: “Your heart can race because it’s funny and when you feel sympathy.” J says he likes that answer.

Moon: “But there is a time for sure when it beats when you like someone.”

J: “When?”

Moon: “When you see that person with some other guy, if your heart races. Then it is for certain that you like that person.”

J is in denial that it’s not it (not how he feels about AJ).

SR is having a conference with the cast for season 3 of Couple Making. SR gets questions about AJ, how it’s like to see her again since 10 yrs ago and if she is thinking of making a two-girl group with her. AJ comes up with a name.

SR gets mad about what AJ said. The writer said they put AJ in to help with the promo and it worked. SR says she will be patient till the first show because AJ will get eliminated and SR won’t have to see her. PD wonders if they need to get AJ out of the first show; he thinks AJ will make the show fun if she keeps going. SR comes up with a new idea: first instinct elimination.

J rates the women and makes AJ first place so H asks if J likes her. J says it’s for most ugly. H says AJ is first on the internet polls. People are choosing on the internet for good first impression elimination. J asks if she is first and H says she is last. “You need scores/points.”

H says he wants to vote too and asks who he should pick. J says he has no interest since she is the same agency. H thinks he should choose AJ. Every time H says the other girl, J faces gets gloomy but when H says AJ, J smiles. H chooses the girl. J gets H to highlight his script in blue after H says he did it in yellow. J says yellow hurts his eyes. J tells him to leave the computer behind. J was going to vote for AJ.

Jenny and AJ talk about the show tomorrow and first impression elimination. AJ says it happens at the end. Jenny worries AJ will get chosen. AJ thinks she can get at least 20-30 minutes of airtime.

SR wants the elimination after 5 minutes. The writer says then she won’t even be on 5 minutes. PD thinks it will be AJ and worries because AJ came by to show what she prepared or practiced. SR says AJ might not get eliminated, but the chances of that not happening are pretty low.

AJ and AH are happy they get to ride the van. J shows up and says it’s the van he rides at night and she isn’t at the level to share a van with him. AJ argues that Moon said she could ride it and it doesn’t belong to J but to the company. J says the company is him. He tells H he is going to use this van tomorrow night at 7 so be at his house. H says he doesn’t have a schedule. J says he is going around Seoul once riding in the van.

AJ wakes up J and treats him like he first did. AJ shows up for the program. Her old manager says she must not have seen the script yet. The other girls whisper. AJ: “Is there something weird in there?” AH wants to know why they made her prepare for personal performance if they were going to do this.

AJ asks why people think she will get eliminated. She is going to do everything she prepared and do her sexy dance and then leave. She thinks her first impression is ok. “Who knows, that guy might fall for me the first time he sees me.”

J reports to H what AJ did (honking and leaving) and orders H to bring her after she finishes recording. H tells J to leave her alone today because she will be sad after recording. J:”Why will she be sad?” H: “After she shoots the first scene she will be out, I think.” J asks why when she is putting her life on the show and is willing to work hard.

AJ practices her intro and gets a call from J. He tells her not to do the show. He will get her CFs, movies or anything. “And tell them you can’t do it and come back.” AJ say she will do the show. J says it’s obvious she will get humiliated as soon as she goes on without saying a word, so why do it? They say something else and she hangs up. He says she doesn’t listen/obey at all.

J asks who decides to drop AJ. H says the guy. J decides he has to go and force the PD to put the guy and AJ together. PD tells PJ to decide based on first impression and not think about who gets dropped.

The show starts and AJ is nervous when she sees PJ step out. PJ has one rose left after giving out two and he gives it to AJ who wasn’t expecting it.

J arrives to see that. While his heart starts to beat, J hears Moon’s voice say, “When you see that person with some other guy, if your heart races, then it is for certain that you like that person.” J is shocked.


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14 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 3

  1. Thank you for this, I’ve been stalking this page for hours xD
    i realized the same thing with the music 🙂

  2. Muahhhh, Softy!!!!! You’re the absolute awesomesauce, you know that? I’ll get cracking on my part now, hehe.

  3. Thank you so much for your brilliant work . I have stopped watching this drama because I would watch the actors and I never care for the characters and the story which is the reason why I watch k-dramas . Every thing is awesome there ; your pics show that the actors are indeed fabulous but to serve what meaning ? I can’t follow a thing that has no meaning , either too makjang , either too fantastic , either too shallow – which is the case here . The shallowness of entertainment , I want to forget it in dramas , not to have it in full sight .
    Thundie , your new header reminds me how some actors can hide behind their character and be so moving ! I want to be moved , not to be jaw-pending .

  4. Softy, you really outdid yourself. My gosh, this recap was so detailed! As for the episode itself, I thought episodes 1 & 2 were a lot of fun, but it didn’t really “get” to me. Episode 3 did. Yay!

    Hmm, I didn’t spot that many meta-reference in this episode and I suspect there would be even less as the drama progresses and starts really delving into the story. These are the ones that I spotted:
    1. In the scene where AJ gets slapped and people think she’s in an abusive relationship. Well, there has been an on-going rumor for the last few years that Gong Hyo Jin’s real-life bf, Ryu Seung Bum, hits her. I personally don’t believe the rumor (mostly because I really like both actors and I don’t think GHJ is someone who would take that kind of crap), but I wonder if the Hong sisters included the scene as a reference to GHJ/RSB’s own rumor to show how misunderstanding/false rumors come to spread in the showbiz like that?
    2. The helmet getting stuck on AH’s head. Jung Jun Ha is known for having a big head (literally) and is one of the daedoo (big head) entertainers (the other famous daedoo is that comedian who’s a member of Cultwo). You know, with Koreans’ obsession about the size of a head (and even more with having a small face…)
    3. And of course, the “big star” who doesn’t get chosen by PJ at the end of the episode was a cameo appearance by actress Park Shi Yeon.

    That’s all for now. I’ll update again if I think of some more!

    • Oh blue, I’m stunned to know that there are actually rumors floating around (for a few years, you say?) about RSB hitting GHJ!! No, say that ain’t true!! 😦

    • I feel very uneasy with this drama where the writers are playing with the wounds of the actors
      First Cha seung wo with his heart disease ( which is a true one since the scar on his chest is visible since Bodyguard ) then GHJ whether the rumor is true or not ; if the rumor is false isn’t it a pain for the actress to play that fake thing ?which surrounds her for many years ? I can’t imagine what it might be for her were it be true !
      I remember a picture when the actors read the script ; they looked astonished .
      Poor GHJ doesn’t seem in a good shape ; she is too much skinny and yet she does her best .

    • I hesitated about including GHJ and RSB’s rumor, but seriously, this is an entertainment industry. There are rumors about everyone and anyone, and I can list one that I’ve heard from every single celebrity in Korea out there (some bad, some good). I do think most of them are false or exaggerated from the truth (for instance, before the news broke out that Lee Jia was married to Seotaiji, the rumor surrounding her was that she had a powerful yakuza sponsor because people just couldn’t find out anything about her past… now we know why… and that she didn’t have a powerful yakuza sponsor but the most famous Korean singer as her husband). If GHJ/RSB’s rumor was true and if the scene from the drama was a parody of that, then I do think GHJ would have been uncomfortable acting it out. I think she was able to laugh about it and act it out because it’s exactly not true. The drama is in fact making fun of how such false rumors start. Can you imagine if those ahjummas did see that it was Dokgo Jin in the car? The rumor would have spread pretty fast that Dokjo Jin is AJ’s secret lover and he hits her. That false rumor would have been attached to those two names and followed them for a few years, I’m sure.

      As for Cha Seungwon, I’ve never heard about him having any heart condition. And as for GHJ, she’s always been the tall, lanky type even as a young girl. She joked around that because of that, her nickname has always been Olive Oyl (from Popeye).

      • Awwwww that is the cutest nickname- she does have olive oyl’s body frame 🙂 I love this ep cuz of the dress slapping scene – man that was satisfying. I also love J’s interaction with her nephew and how J calls him “ding dong” -soooooo adorable.

  5. Small question, what is the name of the actor whose photo is on the top of the blog, (not this post but right at the top) ?

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