When they were young/younger…

On a recent afternoon that was so muggy snails slipped on their perspiration and flies wore shades to protect their eyes, I dug up a bunch of music video DVDs to watch. One MV led to another and just like that, three hours passed. (And the mountain of clutter in my room remained mountainous and mocking, subsumed by the videos that were supposed to be background music as I worked on cleaning. Procrastination, you rule.)

All of the MVs were at least eight years old; some were made thirteen years ago. I recognized many of the actors and marveled at how young some of them looked. In one video, I squealed when I saw Kang Dong-won, his baby-faced good looks and height distinguishing him from the rest even though he appeared for less than five seconds in the six-minute MV. The guy was obviously still an unknown then.

Since I had such a blast watching the MVs, I thought I would share them on the blog and also have you guess the lead actors. (No need to guess Video 9, bwahaha. For Video 10, who else do you know besides Won Bin?) By the way, can you recognize that cutie patootie in the main image above?

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Psst, if the main image does not ring a bell, how about this one below?

26 thoughts on “When they were young/younger…

    • Sorry. I didn’t comment on the rest of your post… I was just too excited to see a young YSH πŸ˜› Damnn these bring back memories! The thick makeup… the (super) young looking actors… songs I still listen to even though they’re “old” πŸ™‚ I recognize pretty much all of the people in the MVs! wheee

    • Correct! Yoo Seung-ho in The Way Home. Lovely, lovely movie.

      By the way, “younger” in the post title because… well, the gentleman in Video 6 wasn’t such a young’un when he acted in that MV, was he? *flees from outraged BYJ fans*

  1. Put the bucket away, Madam Keeper. πŸ˜€
    Not going to hell…NOT going to hell…NOT GOING TO HELL… WOOHOO! πŸ˜›

  2. NIce videos!! I did recognize a lot; Park Jin He, Ha Jiwon, Go Soo, Jang Hyuk, BYJ, MGY,KDW, WB, Lee Donggun, Bae Doona and Choi Kanghee. Its easier to recognize the guys because nothing change much in their appearance esp. Jang Hyuk, Go Soo and Won Bin. And WB looked like Lee Minho’s hyung..

  3. Video 1: Park Jin Hee & Kim Sang Joong (Kyahhh!, Yoon Do Hyun, the sexiest voice in Kpop!)
    Video 2: Ha Ji Won & Kim Young Ae
    Video 3: Go Soo, Lee Eun Joo (RIP), & Jang Dong Jik
    Video 4: Jang Hyuk
    Video 5: Han Go Eun & Han Jae Suk
    Video 6: BYJ & Lee Na Young
    Video 7: It starts with the names of the cast. =)
    Video 8: Han Ji Min (OMG, she looks so young)
    Video 9: Haha, no guessing there. Who’s the girl?
    Video 10: Choi Kang Hee, Do Ji Won, Jo Min Ki , Won Bin, Bae Doona, Lee Dong Gun, Yang Dong Geun (OMG, he was the hardest to figure out. I had to do a double-take.)

    Which MV is the one where KDW appeared for 5 seconds?

    • I fell off my chair when I saw Jo Min-ki in Video 10. OMG… he looked so young and different! Just look at him in Queen Snoredeok and Flames of Desire!

      The Jo Sung-mo MV “I Swear” is the one where KDW appeared for THREE freaking seconds. That’s the reason I didn’t include it in the batch! But here it is, just for my Blue:

      • Oooh, the hair! πŸ˜€

        And I nearly spit out my coffee when the disco-trot-electronica/hip-thrusting started. Buahahaha!
        Thanks, Thundie! πŸ˜›

      • HAHAHA! Thanks, thundie! It’s been years since I last saw this MV, and I didn’t realize how bad JSM’s dancing was here. And who would have guessed back then that KDW would be the star he is now? Truly fascinating!

  4. Ah, I saw the first pic and I immediately thought “Kim Nam-gil!!!” but then the last pic proved me wrong. Ah well.

    I’ll watch the vids later cos I’m in a rush, but omg, Thundie! Best post ever!

  5. Is this meant to be a Guess Who? Fun!
    I guess Blue takes home the prize…
    Aww… Little So Ji-sub in The Way Home… Y’know Halmoni OWNed it though.

    Aww, no fair, someone just removed an old video of Won Bin, Kim Sun-ah and Chae Rim from way back when WB had ‘that’ hair. But even funnier is watching the opening credits the drama ‘Wang Rung’s Land’ (psst, it’s on AM-A if anyone’s interested) with a very young Jang Hyuk and So Ji-sub. I almost weed myself, was laughing so hard.

    • Just thought I’d share some snaps from a film dating back 20 years that I managed to acquire (wrestlemania my brothers for) recently. I think everyone will easily recognise the first two, the guy in the third snap? Not so easily. And the kid in the fourth snap? You’ll neeever recognise.
      (He hasn’t changed at all.)

        • Wow, how did these images manage to appear like that? It must be similar to the youtube clips. Wow, wordpress, you’ve come a long, long way.

          Yeah, the young (19-20y/o) man in the 3rd and 4th pic is Park Sang-min. Kind of watched two fairly recent episodes of Golden Fishery, one being the Park Sang-min special and the other the Im Kwon-taek special (the PD of the above flick and Sopyonje). Really nice and insightful (and funny) interviews.

      • It’s Kim Seung Woo, Shin Hyun Joon, and Park Sang Min from General’s Son! The little boy’s face looks familiar, but I can’t put a finger on it. It should be someone born in the late 70s or early 80s, right? Give us a clue! I’m dying here!

        • OK Blue, I won’t say the name… He’s someone who’s very recently started getting some recognition, he appeared in Giant (where he got to re-unite with PSM) also Ahjusshi and Secret Garden..?

          Thundiebell? *spits out her matcha… through the nose* Hahaha!

          • Hehe, you’re very generous with your clues! OMG, you’re right. I would have never guessed it was him. Actually, the person who I suspected the kid to be was another co-star of Giant, Joo Sang Wook. The only problem was that I had never heard before about him being a child actor.

            • Hahaha! Definitely not Joo Sang-wook.
              I am still a tad gutted that above kid didn’t turn out long lost brother Jun-mo. Imagine that? *faints*

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