No crack like this crack

So yesterday I had work deadlines spilling out of my ears but all I did (and wanted to keep doing) was close my eyes and inhale my ultimate crack. (Two of them, to be precise.) And not merely inhale, mind you, but immerse myself, body and soul, in the vapors swirling inside my head.

I’ve watched this movie ten times. Ten. I dare anyone to beat that. (Okay, I dare any TP reader to beat that.)


And I’ve watched this drama five times. (Look, a drama’s way longer than a movie. Five’s not bad at all! At least I’ve watched it more times than Dahee.) It transports me like nothing else in kdramaland, due in part to the OST. The most important drama OST in my collection and just second overall in Thundie’s Most Loved OSTs list. (If you do not know which is No. 1 after reading this post, then I do not know what to say. *pouts*)

How about you? What’s your ultimate kdrama (or movie) crack?


24 thoughts on “No crack like this crack

  1. You know, even though I’ve read nothing but praises for Ruler of Your Own World, I have yet to watch it. *runs away from thundie*
    From what I’ve read about the drama, I’m not sure I’m ready for it because I get the impression that it’s one of those shows for which the viewer has to be in the “right mood”, that it’s gonna be heartbreaking. Is that true?

    • Hi doozy, ROYOW is life-transforming and uplifting. Heartbreaking in some ways but not depressing. Watch it! (psst, parcel coming to you soon.)

    • Ah, as always, Duelist fan forever!~

      I almost never re-watch stuff I’ve seen before, especially movies. Duelist being my NO. 1 movie of all time, I’ve only seen twice and a half (got distracted by something somewhere). Hmmm… I think it should be My Tutor Friend or Almost Love, I’ve watched either of those 3 times.

      Drama – My Girl. I’ve seen this about 5-6 times.

      • My Girl I’ve seen also a lot of times. But I FF it now alot, I skip the scenes of the auntie and the assistant/driver guy. 🙂

  2. My all time K-crack is My Girl, Dal Ja’s Spring, Coffee Prince and a movie called Flying Boys. Those are the only kdramas I can watch over and over without getting tired of them. Staring Yoon Kye Sang, Kim Min Jung, Lee Jun Ki (and some others), Flying Boys always make me smile whenever my life hits a crisis. A touching, simple story of youth.

  3. For me, it was Thank You. I’ve watched it so many times that I’ve stopped counting at 5 or was it 6. It was such a sad but uplifting kdrama for me. We all live in hope for that something good and wonderful to happen in our otherwise dreary lives. Long live kdrama for all kdrama addict!!

  4. for me, the best drama i’ve watch doesn’t mean make me to re-watch them more than twice or so. Usually a movies/ dramas who can make me smile and happy, or there are some scene that make me feel warm while watching them. A drama with a memorable OTP or A drama with have alot good humour. There are prosecutor princess, capital scandal, you are beautiful and harvest villa. Particulary PP and YAB. I watched them like 10 times already and now I even remember every scene and each episode. Lol…

  5. For me, I’ll have to say is Que Será Será. I’ve watch it 5 times (without fast forwarding!). I found TAE JOO’s journey so compelling. I love when my heroes change because of love and his journey was deliciously fill is angst. The OST was absolutely great. It was awesome to see Eric walking to the beat of “Moon Rise” by W&Whale.

    And since we’re confessing stuff, I must confess that I’ve seen Boys over Flowers and Personal Taste at least three times each, just because Lee Min Ho is ♪ awesome ♪

  6. Confession… I’ve never watched all of Ruler of Your Own World.
    Every time I try to watch it something bad happens in my life. No, really! I watched some this morning and I don’t even want to go into details, but yeah something bad happened. You think if I power through the entire series the curse could be broken? I hope so…maybe. I might re-shelf it again.

    I’ve watched Speed Scandal more than twice. I’ve watched a little of DalJas Spring more than once. I haven’t really entirely sat through a entire show, because there’s always good new stuff to watch~ But I will replay my favorite scenes 😀

  7. My crack movie – Speed Scandal. Love the OST as well. Watched this about 6 times.
    My crack drama – My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Watched it 5 times without the FF button. Close second will be Tamra Island. I watched this drama 4 times without the FF button.. and 4 times with the FF button. All of its 21 episodes. And I watched the 16 episode version once WITHOUT the FF button as well.

  8. My crack kdrama is Damo. I don’t even know how much I have watched that. That said, The Duelist, tauted as the a Damo movie had to be watched. I was lucky enough to be in Korea when it premiered and was there on opening day. I must admit that while I wasn’t disappointed, I was confused. It was beautifully filmed and Kang Dong Won’s eyes were certainly SAD (and oh so large), I really don’t have an impression of that movie.

    As for Ruler of Your Own World, this drama wasn’t sad but it broke my heart. I have it stowed away as one of the best korean dramas out there but I can’t watch again because I will get all existentialist and philosophical. Not saying that the film is like that. It just triggers that reaction in me.

    And for most watched Korean movie, I think it would be Il Mare starring Lee Jung-jae and Jun Ji-hyun. It is such a beautiful movie.

  9. Full House, 4 times without FF subtitled, and its dub version 2 times with all the commercials. Watched this drama when I was burning up with fever, depressed, switched company then went back to my old company, somehow this is how I will always picture Rain and Song Hye Gyo. Coffee Prince twice, read the recaps and the translated book on line. Movie the Classic, Il Mare, My Tutor Friend, Innocent Steps and Sassy Girl about 4-5 times.

  10. Currently, my kdrama crack would be Dream High. I’ve seen i t twice before giving copies to two friends. Then I watched it with them (went house hopping). Burned it and gave the DVD to my equally-addicted mom. Then watched it with her. Re-read recaps over at Dramabeans. Burned it twice and brought DVDs to two separate parties: a reunion where I forced all my college friends to watch and a send-off party where I told our male friends to suck their complaints. What can I say? I can’t get enough of Kim Soo-hyun!
    I have no kmovie crack as of the moment but I watched this Bollywood (I know! I also didn’t see this coming) film, 3 Idiots, which stars Ameer Khan. It’s a comedy but its poignancy caught me offguard. I suggest you watch it. My friends and officemates are amused that I can recite most of its subtitle now. LOL

  11. I’m a newbie (1st kdrama in July 2010) and have done very minimal rewatching. My most rewatched show is Coffee Prince, but I haven”t done the entire series twice. Also, some of Goong and at least 5 episodes of Your’e Beautiful and some selected scenes multiple times. I actually like YAB more on second watch. I watched it soon after Goong and when I was still in withdrawal. YAB was so much fun, but I didn’t feel the chemistry with the OTP, which made me ache that I finished Goong. Beloved Kdramas are like pets. When a cherished pet dies you need a chance to recover before getting another 🙂

  12. I know a lot will not agree with me but Lovers in Paris is the most I’ve ever watched drama.
    I’ts my first k-drama and I never get tired of watching it. I have ROYW dvds. I only watched
    it once. I already forgot the actors except YDG.

  13. Hi thundie! My crack is Conspiracy in the Court. I rewatch certain scenes over and over. BTW – I’m currently watching Damo for the first time and falling in love with HJW all over again. I’ve been thinking its time to rewatch Duelist.

  14. The only time i watched ROYOW, made me an ANTI of GHJ. I hated her character with a vengance and it made me avoid all of her other dramas like SangDoo & Biscuit Teacher. But after watching her in Thank You, I fell in LOVE with her and forgotten her previous 2nd lead roles.

    My crack would be some mellodrama, Winter Sonata (4x) I’m Sorry I Love You (3x) & anything with YEH Cofee Prince & Goong.

    My Movie Crack – not that many but the first cut was My Sassy Girl and it sure was deep! I also like KDW’s but haven’t had the time to watch Duelist a.k.a Sad Eyes. Loved him in Temptation of Wolves & Jeon WooChi.

  15. I’m a newbie, too, and my absolute favorite k-drama is What’s Up Fox? I love everything about it, from Ahn Sung Young as the scary gangster sister, to Byung Hee carrying around her uterus in a box, to Chul Su’s noona love. I’ve watched it 3 times and look forward to watching it again and again.
    Other favorites are Coffee Prince, Kim Sam Soon, and Dal Ja’s Spring. And I re-watch my favorite episodes of OB/GYN Doctors and Playful Kiss. I know we’re addressing k-dramas here, but for j-doramas I love Kimi Wa Petto, Proposal Daisakusen, and Natsu No Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku.

  16. You tricked me with your lead photo!
    I like to fall into and lose myself watching My Dear Enemy once in a while…sometimes to help nudge me into dreamland accompanied by HJW. I don’t always start at the beginning, but I always watch the end. Their fine day, with the stolen glances and unspoken regrets, always fascinates me. I see or hear something new at each viewing. I fall in love with the pair every time.
    I want them to be happy together forever, so I think they are.

  17. ^_^ First 2012 comment~~
    Thundie, Hwaiting!

    My crack is the movie Duelist and the drama the Return of Iljimae/Secret Garden. ^_^

    Kang Dong Won fighting!

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