Because you rock

Yes, you really do, TP readers. (Especially you, Laica.)

(Check out the so-meaningful-they-make-me-teary lyrics of the song after the MV, and the always-gets-thundie-all-choked-up a cappella version of the same song at the end of the post. I previously wrote about The Happy Life, one of my all-time favorite k-movies, here.)

I lost myself a long time ago
A passionate self that stood freely…
under the blue green sky
Now I will get up
I will find my dream and go for it!
My heart was thrown into this world
It became tame and unable to breathe
Take my hand, my weary friend
Behind the cloud, the sun is still shining
Now it’s time to fly!
To the top of the sky!
Yes, we are now rocking!

My dear happy life!
I will sing until the end
I will shout to you like crazy
This is my happy life
I’m happy because of you
All the world’s cold stares, I don’t care
I will soar to the top of the sky
The most precious person…
above anyone else…
is actually you and me!


13 thoughts on “Because you rock

  1. YOU rock, thundie. Thank you. You made me cry. I had a really tough day today, I just didn’t want to go on anymore. But this really touched my heart. Especially the lines you bolded. It’s a beautiful song.

    I should check out this movie, it looks happy-making. 🙂

    Love you. You’re in my thoughts. Fighting!

  2. I’m tearing up. Fantastic post. I especially loved the below clip, and makes me want to watch Happy Life again… for like the fourth time. I hope you can be like the aghussis in the movie and rediscover your “happy life” when things look bleak or tough or mundane. Fighting thundie, I love your blog.

  3. I loved this song. Of course JGS is amazing, and I liked the movie, but the song was really what made me like it. ^_^

    Hang in there, thundie! You’re the amazing, talented, stupendous one. ^____^

  4. i agree with lovepark 100%. i’m tearing up too (the last video is Awesome) i also want to watch happy life again (3d time) i also love your blog.
    the happy life is my fave k-movie. it makes me cry but leaves me with the biggest smile, always. it really makes me feel happy and hopeful, and makes me forget bad or sad things
    thank you so much, thundie you rock too!!!

  5. Hi Thundie! I seriously don’t know whether I should thank you for making me cry so early in the morning but, thank you! I was listening to this while blogging so I didn’t even read the lyrics while it was playing. But the song is so wonderful I did not even need to understand the lyrics to feel its message. I can’t believe I missed this movie. I will download it someday (but only because I’m already downloading Conspiracy in the Court, Damo and Sandglass all at the same time).

  6. So Touching! I love the a capella version better since I finally got to watch the movie and know what the situation was when they did it.

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