Scale of Providence

Well, well. Here is thundie, two posts in a row, with download links for a 2008 drama that’s likely to garner as much interest as sparrows gathering twigs in some far-flung woods. It’s nowhere near your radar, I know! But before you roll your eyes and mutter that I’m not offering (or writing about) something more current, let me hasten to say that Scale of Providence is one of the best dramas of 2008.

Back when I was a newbie (still am!) in this thing called “Recapping the Kdrama: An Undertaking Not for the Faint of Heart,” I wrote a rather ranty first-impressions recap of the first three episodes. A few gripes about plot developments aside, I did go on to enjoy Scale of Providence and found it a gripping and suspenseful story that was well written, directed, acted and paced. (Incidentally, the PD went on to direct 2010’s stellar Jejoongwon. Aaand… the two male leads, who were archenemies in SOP, went on to play loving brothers in 2010’s gem-of-a-family-drama Life is Beautiful.)

If you like revenge thrillers like Resurrection, Devil, Green Rose and Time between Dog and Wolf, I’m confident you’ll like Scale of Providence as well. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what popular blogger and k-critic Dahee Fanel has to say about the drama in her Expectations vs. Reality – Take Three post:

It’s been three years since Rebirth (also known as Resurrection) ended its run, but I still miss it like crazy. So thank goodness for dramas like this, written by the same writer who brought us Green Rose. And while GR was often dismissed as a less worthy version of Rebirth, it was still a good drama (although I admit I never finished it). Scale of Providence looks like it’ll be tackling themes of injustice, truth, and suffering, which we’ve all seen before, in shows like the above-mentioned, or last year’s The Devil. But this one looks like it isn’t centered so much on the idea of revenge, per se, as it is on the idea of obtaining justice. This may not seem like all that big a distinction, but I think it’s pretty clear enough that it’s an interesting one. From the very first episode, the relationships and characters are set up very effectively, and already I’m drooling over what I can see are the upcoming hazy distinctions between good and evil, justice and injustice, truth and lies. The shades of gray that so few dramas seem to be touching on these days. Bring it on, babeh!


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17 thoughts on “Scale of Providence

  1. Just letting you know that I was thinking about you today. I thought, “Hmm, thundie hasn’t updated her blog in a few days. I wonder how she’s doing.” Hehe, I think you have a new stalker. Watch out!

    • I love being stalked, hehe. (And just so you know, I stalk your blog every day, too.)

      Psst, one parcel winging its way to you… as soon as I can find time to go to the post office. *ducks*

  2. You are the AWESOMESAUCE, you do know that right? I’m currently watching Life Special Investigation Team so am thrilled to have the subs posted and SoP has been on my radar forever (especially after reading yours and Dahee’s thoughts on it awhile back) so am excited that you posted the links for this as well! I hope you are doing okay! Fighting!

    • Oh, I’m glad you’re enjoying LSIT! I confess I watched the first 15 minutes and didn’t exactly like it (dear EKJ farting like he’s on fire was kinda ewwww… *runs from X*), but I will definitely watch it when I have time.

      By the way, I finally managed to find… *drumroll please* X’s mother of all reviews, the 2008 X Drama Awards, where he ranks Scale of Providence as 3rd best drama of the year:

  3. My oh my. This, and Song Chang Eui, have been on my watch list for a while. You’ve definitely just spiced up someone’s boring day at work, thundie.

  4. Hi thundie. Thanks for bringing “old” dramas to our collective consciousness. I’m new(ly addicted) to Kdramas and referrals really help a lot in deciding which one to pick because of the wide variety of choices available in the internet. Your reviews/recaps help me a lot. I’ve been reading your previous reviews as well. I have to feed my addiction, so please keep them coming!

    • Hi outofcontrol, thank you. I’m watching only old dramas these days (well, just one at the moment); can’t seem to muster up much interest in the current ones. (Even The Duo I stopped after just three episodes, albeit temporarily.) I’ll continue to share links for the old dramas that are too good to be forgotten!

  5. thanks Thundie! At this rate I might need to buy a seperate hard drive and name it Thundie’s goodies….lol….i hope u are doing well…btw how is Lee Sang Yoon doing in the The Duo, which I hope u’re enjoying?

    • Oops D, I haven’t progressed beyond ep 3 of The Duo. Lee Sang-yoon hasn’t made an appearance yet; not sure when the childhood/youth scenes will be done.

  6. X’s thoughts on Song Chang-ui’s role in Scale of Providence (and I fell off my chair laughing at what he said about Golden Bride; I downloaded all 60+ episodes after Life is Beautiful, bwahaha!):

    Never underestimate a late start.

    Of course someone born in 1979 and “late” should never be even in the same page, but a look at Song Chang-Ui’s career, and that is what comes to mind. Let’s forget for a moment that he got his start in musicals, including very popular ones like Hedwig and the Angry Inch (it can certainly help, but doesn’t guarantee a safe transition into acting). You know those underachievers, who for one reason or the other can’t find the right role, and keep wandering between project for years to later slowly settle down as character actors? Song Chang-Ui could have become that kind of actor. I took another look at the list of his projects before writing this and, boy… it’s not pretty. Let’s even forget things like 파랑주의보 (My Girl & I) or especially 긴급조치 19호 (Emergecy Measure 19), since Chungmuro works in different ways, and a decent role in a bad film can always be a decent role, whereas bad dramas rarely leave any actor much space (especially if we’re comparing what could be a great 5 minute appearance with 16 hours of blandness). But the dramas… oh oh the dramas. 웨딩 (Wedding), 맨발의 청춘 (Barefoot Youth), 101번째 프로포즈 (The 101st Proposal), even a role in 이산 (Yi San) as the (in)famous Jeong Yak-Yong.

    Of course what got him his first ever leading role was the popularity he achieved thanks to weekend drama 황금신부 (Golden Bride) — horrible, horrible show, since we’re there. But I wasn’t exactly sure he could make it. He certainly never showed any crucial flaw in his past roles, but any kind of potential felt trapped inside rather misguided choices (or, again, projects shoved down his throat by his management). Seems like all it takes is a great role, as Song pulled a sort of Eom Tae-Woong on us — of course there were people who thought Eom Jung-Hwa’s brother had great potential even before 부활 (Rebirth), namely anyone who saw 제주도 푸른 밤 (Blue Nights in Jeju Island), but most people found out through the 2005 masterpiece. What does pulling a Eom Tae-Woong mean? Kicking ass. A lot. And… suddenly.

    Jang Jun-Ha could have been just an insipid Mr. Justice, the kind of unbelievably honest character that only populates dramas. But Song made him real, convincing, humane. The skills he showed in the SBS drama were like a sort of wake up call, breaking the ice and bringing to the surface another very promising young talent. I still suspect he could be a Lee Min-Gi type (good at what he does in small doses, but lacking range), but it will certainly never be too late to disprove those suspicions. If his future is made of performances like this, then there is nothing to worry.

    Find out the other nominees here:

  7. I think I ‘ ll try it because I have loved a lot all the dramas you mentionned that were of the same kind , al though I can’t believe it can be as awesome as Time between …
    Thank you for opening our eyes to dramas that we have missed . Have a good day – or night , because I think we are very far from each other …

  8. Indeed one of my favourite dramas. Well written and well acted and I became an instant Song Chang Ui’s fan. He is the one and only reason I painstakingly downloaded Life is beautiful and sat through all 63 episodes without fast forwarding. I digress, S 0f P offers you the chance to think, to delve into your own conscience and to weigh the law against morality. It made us think of the shades of grey that each of us has to deal with in our own lives that in reality justice does not equate fairness.

  9. Hi Thundie,

    Great to see you’re keeping up so well with the blogging! Hopefully that means things are going better.

    Having recently finished Assorted Gems (OK, I just have to say that why, after 49 episodes, do they feel they need to project out 5 years in the last episode to wrap things up? And not even successfully, as far as I’m concerned! And since when does being pregnant cause pain and a fever??? Just a little ranting from me about an otherwise wonderful drama!) The Woman Who Still wants to Marry (really loved most of this drama and the ending, although was confused on the timeline as it doesn’t usually take three years to deliver a baby) and MNIKSS(which I had a very hard time getting into but eventually loved the angst, romance and ending, even though I did not find that couple totally believable. I tend to judge dramas like my bookclub books, though – if it makes me want to keep reading (watching) until I’m so bleary eyed I can’t focus, it amounts to a higher score, even if I’m not thrilled with all aspects.) After watching all these dramas in record time, I considered taking a little break (yeah, for about 1/2 a day), but now I’d like to watch something concurrently with others. I can no longer keep all these comments to myself, Thundie, as you have unleashed the inner drama loving beast in me! My subscription to Dramaload is expiring, so would you suggest I switch to Megaupload? I can’t ever watch along on TV as we don’t get any stations here.

    Speaking of comments, is it a requirement of modern day dramas that they contain a scene where someone is driving on a major road and feels the need to abruptly turn around? It would be interesting to clip all of those driving scenes together some day!

    Thanks for listening, Thundie!

    • Just realized I should have put this comment under “Your Turn.” Sorry, I’m still getting familiar with your site!

  10. I don’t even remember writing that. O_o Also: “popular blogger and k-critic”? Who is this person that you speak of?

    Maybe this means I should actually finish this drama…*stares at mile-long to-watch list*

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