The transformative (or hypnotic) powers of a kdrama

If you’re reading this post, it means you have more than a passing interest in kdramas. In fact, you could even be addicted to them, the horrors!

So, what have specific dramas done to you, specifically? See if you can come up with all ten answers. Don’t hold back!

The drama that turned you into a multi-tasker every episode
(for example, while keeping one bored eye/ear on the TV, you were able to iron a month’s worth of clothes, get reacquainted with the ‘To Do’ list buried under the mountain of junk that was once your desk, and even teach your pet parrot to sing Micky Yoochun’s My Girlfriend)

The drama that stirred in you a certain wanderlust, making you want to forsake kith and kin, home and hearth, for a life in Korea and nowhere else
(maybe so that you can breathe the same air every day as Yoo Ah-in, or be first in line to stalk greet Lee Jun-ki when he completes military service in May 2012?)

The drama that unleashed the crazy creative inner you
(until you got steamrolled by this drama, you never knew you had it in you to be a critic/blogger/fansubber/fanvid maker/ferreter and dispenser of k-news, etc.)

The drama that drove a rift between you and folks you hold dear
(was it because you said Bae Yong-joon’s acting regressed in Dream High, or you called Lee Byung-hun ‘greasy’ in Beautiful Days, both actors held in highest esteem by your mother?)

The drama that introduced your greatest k-love to you
(by ‘k-love,’ we mean an actor or actress, what else?)

The drama that caused you to do something totally uncharacteristic or embarrassing
(like seek out your long-lost first love, or practice your half-baked Korean on complete strangers in the mall just because you heard them speaking Korean or saw them buying kimchi)

The drama that stole your heart in spite of all your initial misgivings
(to the extent you now turn red whenever you remember how loud and strident you were when dissing the drama)

The drama that changed you physically
(bequeathing on you time-resistant semi-permanent eye bags, or causing the pounds to either pile up or drop off; perhaps you even tried to style your hair like You’re Beautiful’s Hwang Tae-kyung)

The drama that killed you, figuratively
(you laughed till you broke three ribs, or you cried so much you couldn’t see clearly for days, or you felt so gobsmacked by the beyond-stupid ending; you know, the drama that made you go “You kill me, Show, you kill me” repeatedly)

The drama to end it all
(this one you can’t stop talking about, either tremulously or with venom dripping from your mouth; in short, the drama that has affected you the most!)

50 thoughts on “The transformative (or hypnotic) powers of a kdrama

  1. Wow, I skipped some categories without realizing it. o_O
    The drama that drove a rift between you and folks you hold dear
    The Legend. I didn’t like it, but my sister did (because Bae Yong Joon is ~god *rolls eyes*). I kept complaining whenever we watched until one day she pretty much told me to stfu. XD

    The drama that caused you to do something totally uncharacteristic or embarrassing
    Miss Mermaid way back because back then I only watch my tv for cartoons/basketball. Can’t remember why we were so hooked to that show, though.

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