Your favorite kdrama comedic moments

Thank you so much for your outpouring of love and support in response to my previous post. Your comments, every single one of them, buoy me up every day.

Among the emails that I’ve received since publishing the post are two from Korazy Lady. In her second email, she suggested asking TP readers to share their favorite comedic moments from kdramas. After all, “laughter is so healing.” I love her suggestion!

Let me start the ball rolling with two of my favorites.

In this scene, poor Bok-gyu (Shin Ha-kyun, Harvest Villa) has a hard time trying to explain to his lady crush why his head got stuck between the window grilles in her apartment.

And in the scene above, Soo-jong’s father (Kim Gab-soo, Get Karl! Oh Soo-jong) is a bundle of sheepish nerves after he accidentally causes the sewer manhole in his house to explode.

Okay, your turn now. Share the kdrama moments that made you giggle or guffaw. Let’s have us a laughathon here!


53 thoughts on “Your favorite kdrama comedic moments

  1. The cat chase scene posted above from Evasive Inquiry Agency. Really anytime Lee Min-ki was on screen in that one it was pure gold!

    Ditto on the pig chase scene from You’re Beautiful. I also loved when Minam is kissed by Tae Kyung and she imagines all the different scenarios of why he would do such a thing. The grocery shopping scene as well as the fanfic parody were great as well.

    As much as I didn’t like the show, I smiled every time Hyun Bin did this on Secret Garden:

    The parodies in Delightful Girl Chunhyang:

    This doesn’t show the entire thing but you get the drift…

    Jung Il Woo pretending to be a psychic hippie on 49 days and his schoolboy twitter scene. Pretty much any scene he is in on 49 days makes me smile or giggle.

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