A post with no title

I don’t know what to call this post.

This blog has never been about me but about the kdramas and movies that I love (and loathe). But now I need to tell you something about me and I don’t know how… except that I must link it to what this blog is all about. I think that will make it easier. (But I still don’t know how to title this post.)

For days now I’ve vacillated between wanting to watch a ridiculously happy drama and one that will make me weep my eyes out. The former because it feels like the right thing to do, and the latter because I’m overdue for a good cry. But I can’t think of a kdrama that’s pure sunshine from start to end. Even if there’s one, watching it feels phony at this time in my life, like forcing a curmudgeon to whistle when all he really wants to do is hiss.

Increasingly my thoughts, when they aren’t preoccupied with many other things, have gravitated toward three dramas that belong in the second (makes-me-cry) category: Ruler of Your Own World, Have We Really Loved, and Solitude.

All are dramas that I love, by women writers that I adore (ROYOW by In Jung-ok, and HWRL and Solitude by Noh Hee-kyung). All were criminally underrated. All employed, sensitively and powerfully, a plot device that I normally regard with revulsion: the dreaded terminal disease. All are dramas that I can’t be rewatching now.

Because they hit too close to home.

What the last six (unwieldy) paragraphs have been leading up to, dear TP readers, is this: I won’t be around the blog much in the next two months or so because the most important person in my life is fighting the biggest battle of his life. I want to keep the blog going, but I don’t have the mental and emotional wherewithal to think about recapping and reviewing. I will still update the MU links for The Duo (although not always in a timely manner) and I may surprise you (and myself) with a post now and then. The future’s too hazy for any kind of planning, though.

Thank you for reading the blog and for putting up with my paucity of postings. Know that I appreciate all of you very much.

96 thoughts on “A post with no title

  1. Dear Thundie,
    Eventhough you don’t owe us explanation of your circumstances, I’m sure all of us appreciate knowing what you’re going through. It allows us to share your pain, worries and anxieties…..also to send you strength, best wishes, courage and for me personally…….if you or your beloved have cravings for any shippable comfort food… let me know….. Just say the word my friend and it will be by your doorstep asap. I’ll be very happy if you do.

  2. Thundie, whatever you and your family are going through right now please remember that our good God is sovereign and He will not let us go through something that He knows we cannot bear. He is in control and his grace is sufficient for any of us to depend on. Trust always in His mighty deeds and wonderful plans. Thank you for sharing your life with us. It matters to us, your readers. God be with you!

    • Dear Thundie
      It was six years ago in similar circumstances that I became a kdrama addict. Stay strong and you know our thoughts are with you.

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