H.I.T. drama giveaway

If you have been around Thundie’s Prattle for a while (we turned two last month, woot!), you may have come to several realizations.

First, we like to do things a little differently around here. Second, the blog has a peculiar soft spot for the underrated. Third, we love to give things away.

Thus… to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Thundie’s Prattle is giving away three copies of a drama that most people have never heard of, one that is NOT centered on a sappy sweet love story, muahaha! Nothing like crime and crazed psychos to brighten up this most romantic of days, no?

H.I.T., a 20-episode MBC 2007 drama, will always be special because it introduced me to one of Korea’s monster acting talents, Ha Jung-woo. Ha is more critically acclaimed for his turn on the big screen (sweeping up one best actor award after another), which makes H.I.T. that rare opportunity to see him in a lead role on the small screen. Here he plays Kim Jae-yoon, a prosecutor attached to the homicide investigation team (HIT). The team is led by Cha Soo-kyung (Go Hyun-jung), a policewoman whose partner and boyfriend was killed years ago by a serial killer.

As they work together (most reluctantly at first), sparks fly between Kim and Cha. Their coupling is cute to watch because the two are so different in temperament. But what drives the story isn’t the romance between our two leads, it’s the camaraderie of the team as its members go about solving the homicide cases. Each case spans several episodes, is vastly different in scope and complexity, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The last case is particularly chilling and reminiscent of the brilliance in Memories of Murder, one of the best Korean movies ever made.

Recently, as I read my pals rant about Athena, an action thriller gone to pot (I haven’t watched it, by the way, and feel less and less compulsion to do so), I kept thinking to myself, “Why don’t people watch H.I.T. instead?”

Yes, why not? It is solidly written (although admittedly some of the middle episodes dragged because of Cha’s inability to forget her past), entertaining without being gimmicky, filled with equal parts adrenaline and pathos, helmed by a superb cast, is pretty funny in places, and boasts an OST that will have you humming for days. Its characters are layered and believable.

To show you what I mean, I wanted to include a wonderful H.I.T. music video with this post. Unfortunately, as the theme song is sung by Super Junior, SM Entertainment does not allow the clip to be embedded. Never mind, you can still watch it here. The MV captures the pulsating energy of H.I.T. and gives you a good idea of what the drama is about. Check out also a live performance of the song by the group. Every time I hear this song, a shiver of excitement runs down my spine.

I hope I have managed to persuade you that H.I.T. is a drama worth your time. If you would like to win one of three English-subtitled box sets, here’s what you need to do.

Simply write a few lines (or one paragraph) on anything k-related. The only requirement is that the word “hit” must be included. Let me give you a few (inane) examples:

I don’t know what hit me, but ever since Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I can’t stop watching DBSK clips. This particular YouTube clip, Why Did I Fall in Love with You, is like a drug. I’m so addicted to it, help!

Me: Mom, my blog has one million hits!
Mom: Yes, and you’re going get one more hit ON THE HEAD if you don’t come over right now and watch the mother of all kdrama hits, Dae Jang Geum, with me. What do you mean, you’ve watched it with me before? Is once enough? Can anyone watch Naeuri Min from Episode 1 to 54 just once? What kind of daughter are you to deprive your poor mother of life’s pleasures?

Closing date for all submissions is February 28, 2011. I look forward to your entries!


43 thoughts on “H.I.T. drama giveaway

  1. He who roused me from my apathy and captured my heart with his performance, who replaced Jang Geun Seok as my I Lub You with his presidential speeches, who makes me squeal with delight with his charismatic screen presence; I now dedicate this to you, for you have ignited the ultimate fangirling passion within me. Though you are blissfully married to Ha Hee Ra, I was still hit by the love bug because of just how wonderful you are as the compelling Jang Il Jun in Prez.

    Because of you, I have become shameless. You probably will never know just how many times I have hugged my computer screen, flailed, and screamed due to amazingness. Cause you are my candy for me to savor for an indefinite time and God knows I love candy. Since I can’t get enough of you, I’ll be watching Comrades shortly. Just another excuse for me to bask in your awesomeness some more.

  2. Hi Lenita, my guest judges are sorting through the entries. I’ll announce the results when I get them. Should be soon. 😀

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  4. Too late! Aaaargh! *grabing my own hair*

    Hiks, 7 month too late to realize H.I.T is a much watch film to beg your mercy for some Ha Jung Woo stuff.

    Shame on me for watching all those K-stuff since All About Eve hype and never ever know such talented (and somehow charming for me), Ha Jung Woo, exist.

    Until last week, my bestie, Bite (yesh, her nickname is Bite) shoved me and literally shoved her laptop in front my face to watch The Chaser.

    And God, his acting is awesome, the way he portrait that psycho… *speechless*
    and later, in the same day, when I watch ‘knee drop guru’ with him as guess, watching how sincere and cute his personality are

    Ha Jung Woo totally hit me, right into my heart *chessy mood swing*
    Make me frantically craved for his acting more and more…

    *sigh* my stupid slow dimwit internet that cutted by mom -__- now I must go to hunting some dvd in town to satisfied my desire for some Ha Jung Woo’s works
    And H.I.T already one of my list, thanks to you and google search 😀

    *kiss and hug*

  5. I know that I am a full year behind, and you probably won’t read this. But the semester is over and I marathoned some shows. I have just finished H.I.T and LOVE IT!!!!!!! The whole team building aspect is a charm and how the hero falls for the heroine becuase she is smart and loyal and tough. I even like the other people in the love square. And she gets to save him in the end!!! Can I love this drama any more? I want this team at my job! and now that I know that Super Junior sings the theme song, I may even get my daughter to watch it with me when I watch it again (because you know I will).

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