The Duo

Last night I watched a drama that got me squealing with delight. No, it didn’t have a Kim Gab-soo or Yoo Ah-in, but what it did have was sageuk done right, serving up a compelling story, a wonderful cast, assured directing, and, seemingly in a class of its own, a superb music score.

Written by Kim Woon-kyung, who also wrote last year’s best short drama, My Sister’s March (more on this gem below), The Duo tells the story of how two baby boys born on the same night got switched, all because one runaway slave woman was desperate to give her newborn a shot at a life unthinkable for the dregs of Joseon society. As a result, a baby born of noble blood ends up in a beggar’s clan and grows up with the mistaken notion that a wet nurse, she serving the most influential noble in the district, is his mother.

Just two episodes of this 20-episode drama have aired so far and already they are fully subbed. Thundie’s Prattle would like to share download links with you and also tell you where to find the subs. As a bonus, you can download My Sister’s March as well.


All links deleted.

As for My Sister’s March…

Mixing some of the narrative traits of Jung Ha-Yeon and Noh Hee-Kyung’s work, Kim has been depicting the plight of the working class for decades, with exemplary storytelling, humanism that rings true, and a tragicomic, bittersweet touch which sometimes reminds of Yoo Hyun-Mok’s 60s classics and even good old Fellini. Focusing on the Masan riots from a few citizens’ (many of them real people, including Kim Juyeol and ruthless Chief of Security Park Jong-Pyo) point of view, the show not only pays tribute to the fallen Masan students and citizens who would lead to that fleeting, but exciting little spark of democracy which blessed Korea in 1960, but it’s also almost frighteningly topical, what with the mendacious cloud hovering over the Korean media as we speak. Most important of them all, it’s also a pretty damn good show with top notch acting (by greats like Son Hyun-Joo, underrated performers like Jung Chan and Kim Ji-Hyun, and theater legend Oh Ji-Hye), solid production values and nearly flawless writing. – misterX aka Anarchist


All links deleted.

25 thoughts on “The Duo

  1. I watched the first episode which was the only one subbed and I agree with you , dear Thundie : it’s a sageuk very well done . Any way I can’t resist the actor who plays the chief of the beggars since The 101st proposal : I am always waiting until the time when he will be smiling ; he has one of the most wonderful smile I have ever seen . He didn’t smile yet so I am waiting …
    Thanks so much for your post as always .

  2. Whut? Thundie? I’m disappointed in you. You’re not going to say this gives you creepy Cinderella Man vibes? Tsk.
    (Kiddin’.) It was definitely well-made and could barely recognise No Young-hak under that hair. ❤
    I'm invested in an 100+ episode sageuk these days, so I'll be banking Duo for now. but thanks a ton for My Sister's March.

  3. Will you be doing recaps on The Duo?

    I’ve watched 3 episodes and would love to read some insightful summaries as I probably missed a lot of subtle meaning because I zipped through it.

  4. Congrats on 1 million hits! May you have many millions more 🙂

    Thanks for putting up the link for the Duo…I didn’t know the writer was the one who also wrote My Sister’s March (which I LOVED!) so am dling this now! Thanks again!

  5. episode 1 and 2 hardly registered as much but 3 and 4 were amazing and I’m watching this raw!…looks like i’ll be having a new addiction

  6. Is it just me getting really frustrated with Duo. We are 6 episode down and when are we are going to be introduced to the older character.

  7. Thundie, OMG, 짝패 is sooooooo good! I am so glad that I decided to watch this while it airs so that I lose sleep only a part of tonight from doing a marathon of the first six episodes rather than two nights, or worse yet a night and an entire “sick” day.

  8. @ anonymous well ive heard that the duo is 32 episodes which might explain why they haven’t turned up yet. I also heard the older characters will show up at ep 9 but i’m not all too sure…

  9. I want to watch this, but not until we get into double digits. How long is WithS2 taking donations? I feel like slapping down more than $5 and just giving subs to some worthy people or something. You all seem pretty happy (so far) with the show so I must check it out when I can!

  10. hi! thundie.. been watching this new series and it was so great that I am anticipating every episodes from it… coz i am also a very big fan of saeguk k-dramas, but i was just wondering if its just only me thinking.. i just thought that the older version of Chun Doong should be Yoo Ah In.. althought I don’t have anything against Chun Jung Myung, he is also hot but I just thought that perhaps he can also be a good match for the male lead… hmmm… what do u think..?

    ps.. i just hope that Yoo Ah In will have another saeguk drama, he’s so good in Sungkyungkwan Scandal.. and i thought he’s also a good actor given a meatier character… don’t u thnk so????

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