Top 10 Kdrama Memories of 2010

No, this is not about ranking kdramas or k-actors. This is about YOU and your kdrama-related memories this year.

Did you fall headlong into the kdrama blogosphere, not as a reader but as a bona fide card-carrying blogger? Did you venture out gingerly for your first ever fanmeeting? Did you toss a much-loved k-actor out of your closet because he changed his hairdo or made two sucky kdramas in a row? Did you arm-wrestle a friend into going with you to NYC to see javabeans and girlfriday? Did you make your first MV to much giddy acclaim (because every Yoo Ah-in MV is met with giddy acclaim, hello)? Did you, for the first time and with much guilt, lust after an UNDERAGED actor?

In short, your top 10 most memorable moments this year, as a kdrama addict. Go ahead, spill the beans and don’t hold back!


50 thoughts on “Top 10 Kdrama Memories of 2010

  1. My top 10 😀
    1. Spent most of my first sem sneaking out of the dorm just so I can scoot off to the nearest internet cafe and watch YAB. At one point even lost my money, watch and phone because I was too into Minam and Mo Hwa Ran’s meeting in ep 13.

    2. Skipped classes and failed two major subjects because I was too addicted to YAB.

    3. SKKS! ^_^ It’s just a little sad that I got into the show after the madness, but Geol Oh! Yeorim! In Soo! were more than enough compensation for the lonely fangirl that is me.

    4. Hours and hours spent/wasted listening to thousands of Kdrama OSTs, even those I haven’t watched. It’s a nice break from all the Jpop and American songs in my head.

    5. Created more than 3 photobucket accounts to upload all screencaps, gifs, bts pics and fanarts I created/found from soompi

    6. Got my sister to flail and squee and spazz watching YAB and SKKS. Oh, how I love that watching these shows brought out her girly, emotional side I never knew (esp. when it comes to SJK and JGS :D)

    7. I had an irrational fear about torrent downloads (what if my pc gets a virus attack?! Oh the horror!), but my yearning to watch more and more k-dramas finally killed that fear. Yay! o(>w<)o

    8. Discovered FREAKIN' AWESOME bloggers and their intense love for K-dramas (JB, Dahee, Thundie, Ockoala, Serendipity, GF, Dangermousie, Darkeyedwolf, Kaedejun, Blue and Bella, etc etc). It's really comforting when you know at the back of your mind that you are not the only one to have passion for kdramas. I hope you guys never stop writing fun, thought-provoking, squee-inducing posts. 😀

    9. Learned to appreciate good-looking men and women, thanks to K-dramas. It's not my first year of watching, but my first year of getting truly addicted not only to shows but to the actors as well. Watching unsubbed interviews/mv/whatnot featuring Park Shin Hye, Son Ye Jin, Han Hyo Joo, Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki, and Goo Hye Sun is now part of my daily routine! LOL

    10. The best part, this person that I'm secretly liking for two damn years actually posted on my fb to tell me how much she loved SKKS. And I thought she couldn't be more awesome… *sighs happily*

    Happy new year everyone!
    @Thundie, that's the only DBSK song I have in my playlist. lol

  2. 1. I had the pleasure to watch the best drama ever made in history : secret investigation record ! i’m pretty sure i’ll never get to watch something as good as that drama, it’s life changing i’ve watched it 4 times in 2 months from start to finish

    2. i’m learning korean since 2008 ,and 2010 was the year i’ve watched my first korean drama without english subtitles . that drama is ATHENA !

    3.i was absolutely stunned watching park yong woo in Jejoongwon. best performance i’ve ever seen (seriously)

  3. I’ve always been a lone k-drama watcher in the past, but 2010 was the year when I discovered the joy of watching dramas with other like-minded and passionate community of people. So thanks, everyone! Here’s my top 10:

    1. Helping out with the “Smile, You” fan gift project by translating fan letters from English to Korean. I used to think fan gifts were a silly idea (umm, I still do just a little…), but now I understand why people do it. It was a blast working along with some awesome group of people, and it still gives me a fuzzy feeling knowing that we were able to see the project through.
    2. Thanks to the said gift project above, getting autographs from my then-celebrity-crush-of-the-moment (Jung Kyung Ho) and Lee Min Jung. Ok, I admit it. That small possibility of getting their autograph was my biggest motivation for helping out with the fan project.
    3. I think this needs no further explanation. Yes, the SKKS frenzy. What a wild ride it was! Will we ever experience something like that again in our lifetime?
    4. Because of SKKS, being part of my first subbing team. Oh, and by the way… the BEST subbing team ever, yeah?!
    5. Getting to know thundie and softy, who (to quote ockoala above) made me “blur the line between drama friends and real life friends.”
    6. Thanks to thundie, writing my first ever drama review.
    7. 2010 was the year that made me question why I liked certain dramas and not others. And in my search to find that answer (which I’m still seeking), it forced me to reflect upon myself as well (umm, who said k-dramas can’t leading to soul-searching?).
    8. As a continuing trend from prior years, crushing on younger men. Sigh.
    9. Discovering new drama blogs, and from reading their blogs, learning to be more accepting of others’ opinions.
    10. Becoming a bona fide card-carrying blogger!

  4. How fun.

    Random: I thought I’m the one who posted Doshite0 Why Am I Falling In Love With You song that you addicted along with My Girlfriedn youtuve video here. *Yah, I want to take credit in making you happy and addicted. haha

  5. Aaah Thundie – the best and top Kdrama Memory of 2010 for me had to be the whole “SKKS” experience – what a joyride it was…..

    You made it a “rocking” party experience too. I got to chat with all you fun people and have delusional dreams at the “hospital”….. Thundie, Softy, Blue and the whole SKKS subbing and recapping team – I cannot thank all of you enough for allowing me to enjoy SKKS to the fullest…

    And yes, I discovered I was a Cassie and that there were singers and groups who I had never heard of (JYJ, DBSK)…

    And Micky Yoochun – what can I say – I still have pangs when I think of LSJ….

    And the rocking J4 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great 2011!!

  6. 2010 of K-drama was a year of eating my words.

    10 commandments I (willingly) broke:
    1) What I said: “I do not watch sageuk (historical drama).”
    What I did: I committed the SKK scandal.

    2) What I said: “I don’t watch anything with folklore-originated fantasmic creatures”
    What I did: Double sinned with 2 Gumiho dramas.

    3) What I said: “I do not watch anything beyond 16 episodes.”
    What I did: I started on Giant and King Geunchogo.

    4) What I said: “Makjjang drama is hard to watch.”
    What I did: I broke bread with Kim Tak Gu. And swallowed everything in record time.

    5) What I said: “Yoo Ah In is a short young kid.” (You can’t blame me; he was constantly next to 1.9m Choi Ji Ho in Antique Bakery) misleading photo here
    What I did: Gulp. The tallest in the Jalgeum quartet? And with that moustache – did I say “kid”?

    6) What I said: “I do not watch family dramas.”
    What I did: Smiled at Smile, You and Please Marry Me.

    7) What I said: “I will watch anything with a good cast.”
    What I did: Ran away from Plan B.

    8) What I said: “I do not like men with milky white skin and big, pretty eyes.”
    What I did: Well, 그는 구용하야. (He is Gu Yong Ha after all…)

    9) What I said: “UFOs are stupid.”
    What I did: Blew my oh-so-clever mind with Joseon X-files.

    10) What I said: “I do not watch war shows.”
    What I did: “Choong-Seong!” *Salute*

    And the Bonus Biggest Boo-Boo:
    * What I said: “I’m not interested in younger men.”
    What I did: GAH. Sins are too many to recount. Let me go reflect in grief.

  7. It’s been five years since the start of my Korean addiction! It lasted throughout my university years, back when I thought it would just be a phase – alas that was not to be the case! It’s only now that I’ve started to realise that there really is no turning back, and boy am I glad! 2010 had been a good year for me…

    1. It was the year that made me fall crazily in love with the cast of Smile, You, so much so that I even talked myself into sending a fan message (thanks to the soompi fan projects)

    2. It was the year that made me go gaga over three adorably cute, and dare I say sexy looking boys. Guys…You’re Beautiful!

    3. It was a year that forced me to spend countless hours creating MVs dedicated to my obsession for Kdramas. One of my better ones being ‘Sexy back’ which captured the numerous expressions of ‘A.N.JELL’ – and boy were they sexy

    4. It was the year that I ashamedly admitted to being a “fangirl”!! Lol, I’m trying my very best to embrace it, even at my age, sigh.

    5. It was a year that I got my mother hooked on a Kdrama (finally!) And you’ll never guess which drama!

    6. It was the year of Sungkyunkwan Scandal…and what a drama it was!

    The year that “hot” was given a new definition.

    Hot: Yoo Ah In. Too hot to handle, bedroom eyes that will get you lusting, locks of hair that call for a new level of hotness, a hot scholar who will burn anyone within a mile radius. Levels of heat may vary (in intensity) according to different fangirls! Beware – not for the faint hearted!

    7. It was the year that I found out that I was lusting after too many younguns – noooooooooo!

    8. It was the year that (Korean) blogsites became my homepage – for regular updates, stay tuned to Thundies Prattle, Dramabeans and Soompi – sites to follow religiously, especially when feeding your Kdrama addiction!

    9. It was the year that I thought right, enough is enough. If I am to embrace and share my love of the Korean culture, I need to do a lot more than go on a Kdramathon – I began to venture out, I purchased my first ever Korean/English dictionary, shared my obsession with others, began my own collection of Kdramas, took a trip to London to hunt down a few authentic Korean restaurants. And what a sight to behold! After frantically searching for the place for half a day, we finally stumbled across the place that was given fantastic reviews for its quality of authentic Korean food. After seeing that the place was run by a Korean family, and bottles of Soju were being served, with Baek Ji Young blaring away in the background, I was sold. I ordered everything that I could think of that made my mouth water over the years: Bimimbap, Kimchi, Kimchi pancakes, Ramen and Ddeokbokki! One word, delicious! My next stop…Korea maybe?

    10. The year that Hyun Bin/Han Ji Won graced us with their presence on the small screens. The new love of my life, Secret Garden, need I say more!?

  8. Ijust found out about kdramas this year (engaged/married to a korean man) and I LOVE them!

    1. Chuno
    2. Chuno
    3. Chuno
    4. Chuno
    5. Chuno
    6. Chuno
    7. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    8. Secret Garden
    9. Coffee Prince
    10. did I say Chuno?

    I love kdramas now. I don’t even watch American tv anymore!

  9. as usual, i am late to the party 😦

    my top 10 in 2010 is dominated by SKKS

    1. SKKS addiction
    2. discovering thundie’s prattle
    3. writing for thundie’s SKKS epic review
    4. writing my entries to thundie’s story of a man giveaway. i did not win but i had fun writing and reading everyone’s entries. will watch tamra when tax season is over.
    5. making fan videos for SKKS.
    6. discovering JYJ / DBSK / micky yoochun. discovered “why did i fall in love” through one of thundie’s tweets and now it is the most played song on my ipod out of all songs i have purchased since 2005
    7. discovering YAI
    8. discovering shin mina. i have never seen any of her dramas until MGIAG and it has become my 2nd favorite kdrama of 2010.
    9. MGY — i have read so much about her but never saw any of her dramas until cinderella’s sister. i checked out the first few eps and god, she is scary good.
    10. following micky yoochun, yoo ah in and park min young on twitter, even if i cannot read/understand korean, and the twitter app’s translate function sucks

  10. My top Kdrama memories of 2010:

    1. Thundie’s episode 7 recap and Serendipity’s episode 15 recap of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Their recaps are always beautifully written, but these two in particular filled me with so much excitement I was left in a trance for a good several minutes after reading them. They then got me even more addicted to SKKS, a very happy addict.

    2. Yogurutu’s translation of Sungkyunkwan Scandal novel, poised and unassuming. With her translated chapters I could understand SKKS drama better, appreciate the adaptation, and wait for new episodes with heightened eagerness.

    3. Aquariaunicorn (from Soompi) called for a subbing team after Viikii’s subs were no longer available. Several soompi-ers responded and finally non-Korean speakers like me could continue watching SKKS. I was overjoyed for having quality subs, and am thankful to all kind souls involved.

    4. The one-liner enforcement that drove many among 600+ members in our thread from utter joy to what the fish frustration. Thank goodness we were hosted by Thundie around her cybercouch (the warmest and most welcoming couch if I might add!), and the fun continued. Won’t forget the “army of giddy girls” we all were here.

    5. Met my all-time favorite K-drama character: Lee Sunjoon. Who can simplify matters, and tackle them with concern for anyone and everyone involved. Who always sees through the noise to stay focused. Who is principled but knows when to go with the flow. Who is passionate, caring, learned, idealistic, honest, loyal, and so very hot oh my gaht.

    6. First time ever I can’t resist variety/reality shows. Too curious as to who a pre-SKKS Park Yoochun was and how he could play Lee Sunjoon so well, that’s why. I was and still am surprised that he’s not a formally-trained actor, plus this his first drama role. Yoochun brought to life this scholar Lee, youthful yet mellow.

    7. Hand-held into the world of DBSK/JYJ. So glad to have someone (Yeezer, how can I thank you enough!! <3) walk me through the hubbub to right where real things are. Getting to know some of the back stories also make me more appreciative of Yoochun and his earnest efforts.

    8. The SKKS epic review at Thundie’s. Man that was really epic. Thank you reviewers you did the show justice!

    9. This year I watched 9 2010-Kdramas and 3 older ones. Some of them are excellent (script-wise, directing, story, acting, cinematography, etc-wise), but none is as remarkable as Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Because besides having a meaningful story, everything else about or related to SKKS is simply, truly top-notch.

    10. I delurked and joined forums and learned from others and actually became giggly again. One word to sum up my 2010 Kdrama moments would be “nourish.”

  11. Top 10^_^:

    1. realizing that Kdramas had become a part of my life four and a half years ago… and I just keep moving forward with it/ 2010 getting more acquainted with timing and being able to be a part of Haru2Subs!/ still trying to figure out which Program is best fitted for a Mac/ want to just start my own site dedicated to “subbing and Macs”^_^ as I have so much more to learn still with editing softwares and appreciating the art of subbing even MORE!
    2. fully making my name switch from emyeutruyen to methuongcon (sinloithuong at and finding new avenues of kdrama refuges such as dramafever and am-addiction/ and for those sites offering great recaps such as thundie’s prattle!^_^ and dramabeans, I aspire to become a glimpse of a great writer as those writing recaps (I’m having a hard enough time just recapping my own drama life- no screen shots or quotes involved!)
    3. Finally being a part of this facebook obsession around me but only to post which drama I’m currently watching and to have So Ji Sub or a favorite Kdrama couple as my profile picture and favoriting Music Videos from Youtube… often recap MVs from^_^
    4. Favorite Kdrama couples were on the rise/ first and foremost Jung In and Hyun Su from Smile You! Feeling the connection to SJS as I recalled my most watched Kdrama, MISA, seeing Jung Kyung Ho in a totally new character as the main lead in Smile You!
    5. Giddy about Rain being featured in a Kdrama… finally again!… not at all disappointed that he left his American movie life! A little disappointed in his hair but than again contemplating on growing my son’s hair out like that^_^. Wasn’t quite impressed with his crying capabilities as I was when watching A Love to Kill… but then again it wasn’t as messy either. His comical facial expressions were at large though and reminded me of Full House (I know you either hate him or love him)… I mark him as my first Kdrama/Kpop crush^_^.
    6. Onto another crush of mine, Hyun Bin… just started watching Secret Garden at the end of 2010. At the same time, I was able to become a timer for WithS2! You mean, I’ll be able to time Hyun Bin’s voice!… a dream come true for a Kdrama addict like myself. His character is bringing me back to my most watched Kmovie, A Millionaire’s First Love.
    7. I became acquainted with old yet new faces to me in the Kdrama world, and that was of Lee Chun Hee in Smile You/And now for some reason, I enjoy thoroughly when he says “Aish” on Gloria. Also, I was first introduced to Bae Doo Na in God of Study (the first series I had a chance to become a part of through timing). I liked her character in GOS at the beginning of 2010 and continued to feel connected to her character in Gloria at the end of 2010.
    8. Lots of connections for Kdrama actors/actresses this year as I too got acquainted with actress, So Yi Hyun and watched her character develop in Assorted Gems (but still am about 9 eps away from watching the whole series… what?…). I have gone on to watch her character develop in Gloria through the magic of Timing… I catch up about every 3-5 episodes… trying to fill in pieces inbetween^_^- being that much more appreciative of Kdrama flashbacks! to help clue me in!
    8. Finding myself starting and stopping dramas more than I ever had before in the past… in the past not allowing myself to do so as readily feeling a sense of betrayal towards kdramas. But realizing now that it only gives me the opportunity to start anew and finish other dramas/ realizing also, that I can’t win them all (or vise versa^_^).
    9. As for one I JUST finished upon the New Year was Personal Taste… one that I kept stopping and coming back to weeks down the road and glad I stuck it out! This drama’s OST reminded me of how much I have missed out on in delaying my dling capabilities and syncing options to fully encompass myself even more with kdramas through listening to their OSTs in the car and at home. So, here’s to old OSTs (ones I still listen to on a regular basis: A Love to Kill, MISA, and One Fine Day) and to new ones I aim to listen to on an obsessive basis^_^.
    10. Still needing to watch So Ji Sub… even if the reviews may have not been at their highest and I’m not a “war bound” kind of drama watcher, but I have always admired SJS’s acting… well, until I get the chance to watch him, I will continue to fill my facebook limited friend based page with countless SJS profile pics: current one of SJS on Hanbok^_^!- what, new movie for 2011?^_^ “Only You”

    Happy New Year!

  12. My top 10 Kdrama memories.

    1. Discovering Twitter – I noticed on OT/DB that I recognize fewer people.. I said.. where did they all go??!! the answer is Twitter!! I have so many glorious twitter memories because of my OT sisters. momosan’s iPhone tech support for that actor? that was awesome. again, momosan’s infamous hiding under a desk bec of a tweet someone did?? EPIC. Don’t forget kender’s turn to be served on a platter via twitter? classsic. FUN FUN TIMES.

    2. Becoming a Lim Ju Hwan fan – I watched Tamra Island around June 2010, and that changed EVERYTHING. I was determined to watch that drama with the full subbed 21 episode as I wanted to see it as it was meant to be, not the botched up version. I’m so glad I waited. It may have been 1 year later.. but I am on board as TEAM PARK KYU for life. Most of my OT sisters know this already, but just in case anybody still hasn’t got a clue…. I ❤ LJH.

    3. Looking for wifi, cursing AT&T for the lack of international roaming coverage on data plans & finally borrowing my cousin's Blackberry so I could log in to twitter, just in case a certain somebody tweeted. I was never so dependent on technology before. I don't even want to think how much my bill would be for that 2 weeks abroad.

    4. Becoming part of a blog – If you asked me this 1, 2, 3 or 4 years ago.. I would say NO FREAKIN' WAY. I'm not a tecchy, not patient. But being a LJH fan.. I could not resist when a sister tweeted me saying she is LJH fan & is willing to share a blog with me about him. Hell yes!! I would not be able to start something like that on my own anyway. So I'm just started now to learn how to blog.

    5. & 6. Going to my first ever Kpop Concert – this can count as 2 best Kdrama memories because I also get to meet a very good friend!! You know who you are thanks for going to that concert with me!!! We still need to meet again for lunch!!! And I also hope I would meet more of my OT sisters. SOmebody still promised to take me to a jjimjilbang this year.. ^^ I'm waiting.. ^^

    7. Blurrying the lines between drama friends and RL friends – as ockoala have said.. I don't think there is a line anymore. My OT sisters &friends here on blogs and twitter are REAL people. And as far as I am concerned, all our feelings and thoughts are real as well. I am so glad I found such good friends.

    8. Opening up a Megaupload premium account – yes finally I did.

    9. Loving 2 DBSK songs – the one thundie posted above and also Love in the Ice (live concert version is just EPIC). I was never a Cassie, and I did not pay attention to DBSK before.. now I'm regretting not watching them once live at a concert.

    10. Yoo Ah In. Need I say more?

  13. i love korean dramas ever since i watched endless love (autumn in my heart)…until then i’ve been searching on the internet all about korean dramas…but i don’t post comments or write a blog about my undying love for k-dramas until i’ve watched SKKS…thanks to this site at least i can express my love about k-dramas specially SKKS…

    1. the title Sungkyunkwan Scandal don’t hit me at all…i was thinking what kind of drama is that…
    2. a special and dearest friend strongly recommends that i take a look and watched SKKS even for a single episode…
    3. when i search SKKS in the internet, they have aired 5 episodes already…
    4. episode 1 got me hook to watched all available episodes in the internet…
    5. since then i’ve been searching all about micky yoochun, park min young, yoo a in, soong jong ki…
    6. joined the Sungkyunkwan Scandal Fanpage on Facebook…
    7. wake up early every Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 in the morning just to watched the latest episode of SKKS even without the english subtitle…
    8. every Sunday i’ve been waiting for the upload of the current episode with the english episode…
    9. the more things i know about SKKS and the friendship that the co-actors develop in the set…the more i love the jalgeum quartet…
    10. now that the SKKS have ended…i still look and search for any news about the SKKS and the actors too…

    there are still words that i can’t describe about my passion for SKKS…thankfully there are sites continuously feeding us about SKKS…thank you guys…

  14. Whats the big differen happening in 2010 of all years?hmmm,
    1.I’m a yaoi fanfic addict and goes my daily I mean almost all day looking for it but thanx to MSOAN I switc to look for recap&news of kdrama
    2.listen to kdrama ost.seriously,back then I only had jrock in my mp3 list but now ost just what I listen too.
    2.found kdrama land thanx to Ockoala.she makes me addict with recap esp after MSOAN.
    3.Stay up all night just to wait for update on streaming new ep of MSOAN
    4.My friends call me crazy for one minute laughing one minute getting mad one minute cry or spamming at fb&twitter when I watch kdrama.
    5.Falling in love with MGY.I know she a great artist but until I watched Cinderella unni I found her brilliant acting and fell in love with her.making her in my #1 top acctress side by side with Song Gye Hyo.
    6.having lots kdrama friend that as same crazy as I am.
    7.although lots of people said that MSOAN sucks,for me its the best drama,never had I become a crazy addict to a drama like to MSOAN.
    8.I adore geun2 couple,never see a cuter couple than them,so well done chemistry that makes me believe they are really falling in love to each other.that best couple used belong to hyun bin and song gye hyo but geun2 takes the first spot.
    9.never had a drama makes me learn language like kdrama.I love Jap and lucky I can learn Jap at college but kdrama makes me want really bad learning korean..I can watch without subs though not entirely understand it but it way better than back then only knows annyong.
    10.kdrama makes me forget my jdrama I never watch it,too lazy to watch it.I did try to watch jdrama but somehow I hit FF button way often because of lack interest.
    sigh so many changes but big changes happen after I watch MSOAN. thanx to great blogger of kdrama like ockoala and you makes me addict to it more

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