Happy Jollydays!

Thundie’s Prattle wishes you many happy memories with your loved ones this holiday season. Rain or shine, may you always have someone to walk alongside you.

This has been a superb year for kdramas. Check out my year-end review for Dramabeans where I rave and rant about fifteen dramas:

Heady with a chance of ho hum

My dear guest blogger, ockoala, has also given her take on this year’s varied offerings:

A Koala Reminisces: 2010 Year-end K-drama Reviews

I’ll be back next week to announce the winners of the White Tower giveaway while Michael will be back the week after with his fabulous Secret Garden recaps. In between the two, we may even serve up a surprise recap or review. Stay tuned! And may 2011 be a great year for kdramas. Thank you so much for supporting this little blog!


18 thoughts on “Happy Jollydays!

  1. merry christmas and happy holidays Thundie
    thanks for “holding my hand” and introducing me to the blogging world
    without you I would never have known that a few people would care so much about my small contribution to kdrama
    I had so much fun here during SKKS and I hope another one like that comes along
    so we can share the joy again 🙂
    your blog is always what I read first so looking forward to your posts in the new year
    love ya,
    big hugs

  2. Happy holidays to you, Thundie! I can’t wait to see what offerings 2011 will bring us, and I’m looking forward to more posts from TP!

  3. Dear Thundie,
    Thank you so much for your heartfelt review.
    I love the clip of JJW you included at the end.
    already, I can understand why it is powerful.
    and already i am addicted to the song,
    and already, i am haunted by the sorrowful looks,
    and already, i am curious about their courage.
    thanks for writing about it and happy holidays!!

  4. Happy holidays, Thundie!

    I’ve already commented on dramabeans, but since I’m not sure whether you read through all the comments there (and besides, it also feels much more personal to post it here), I’ll say it here again.

    Thank you so much for your review!!! I literally relished at your every single word, not because of how exquisitely it was written (after all, I’ve always known you to be a talented writer and so I didn’t expect anything less), but because of how heartfelt it was. Whether you were raving or ranting about a drama, your love and passion for the drama industry (and of writing the review itself) seeped through, and it moved me. After all, there’s nothing as moving as witnessing people do what they truly love, and you showed that with your pen (and keyboard).

    As for the dramas you reviewed, would it seem presumptuous of me if I just quote myself for what I wrote earlier?

    “Your reviews always stood out to me in the past because it was the one I most agreed with, and this year was no different. (Can I sue you for causing chronic neck pain for excessive nodding of my head?) I’ve been meaning to watch Jejoongwon ever since you raved about it, but I’m intimidated by its length. Why, why, why did I waste my year with dramas like Baker King and let good dramas go by?!”

  5. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, Ockoala, Serendipity and all fellow k-addicts! My absolute pleasure to discover this blog and such a delightful k-drama community this year – and thanks for spoiling us with these wise reviews 😀 Wishing all the best to you all and of course the bright future of TP!

  6. Hi martha, thank you! I know I’m not the most prolific of bloggers, so thank you for still sticking around. Will try to blog a lot more in 2011!

    Hi softy! You and blue and the other SKKS addicts made 2010 such a heady year for me. Thank you for setting this little blog on fire during your live SKKS recaps. I’m still giddy remembering the 23,000 hits the day of the Ep 20 recap; happened once and never again, LOL! I cherish our friendship and our many email exchanges; please do not overwork yourself with the MSOAN and SG live recaps because you know you’ll hear from me!

    Hi endodo4ever, thank you for reading and commenting! We don’t get a lot of comments (sob) so everyone of them is much appreciated!

    Hi D, happy hols to you, too!! Hope you have lots of time to catch up with your kdramas!

    Hi Mic! I’m so happy that you like that YouTube clip. I created a YT account just to post that clip, LOL. It’s really hard to find Jejoongwon MVs or anything JJW-related online; I think SBS keeps deleting them. Jejoongwon is a wonderful drama and not really sorrowful; I actually find it very uplifting and stirring. It has an awesome (happy) ending, too!

    Hi blue!! Yes, I read all the comments over on DB and yours in particular made me teary. Truly, it made my day. Thank you, chingu! I have not responded to the DB comments yet because the moment I finished writing the reviews, I got smacked with a particularly nasty bout of heartburn and have yet to recover. I wrote the Editors’ Picks blurbs in a blur today and finished them just an hour before the post was supposed to be published. You can see it was hurriedly written, right? *blush*

    To be honest, I’m not thrilled with my reviews. I spent a lot of time watching and not enough time writing, and I relied too much on my memory (not taking notes was probably a big mistake) to try and remember and recapture my feelings. I’m especially vexed with myself for reviewing Jejoongwon last (I started with No. 15 and worked my way down the list, or was it up the list? :)). By the time I got to Comrades, Joseon X-Files and Jejoongwon, my mind was just blank. Sorry, dear dramas!

    Hi toopai, thank you for being so sweet and supportive. I’ll keep bribing my dear guest bloggers so that they will continue bringing you their superb reviews! I’ll keep writing more as well (have dues to pay, hehe; yes, have not forgotten the unfinished BL and YAB recaps!).

    Thanks again, everyone. And gigantic hugs for my awesome guest bloggers, Serendipity, ockoala, softy and Michael!!

  7. OMG thanks girly. i was like looking everyone for the episodes since it’s now a current drama and was starting to lose hope that i’d be able to find the episodes, but loke loke loke it’s right here the whole friggin time. OMG i really need to read your entire blog next to see what else i can find here. happy new years. good luck on the heartburn that sounds like no fun. i guess you should stop drinking so much liquor. ^^

    • *blush* Yes, I saw that, Mic. The first time ever that we got hits coming from DC Inside. I was sooooo excited and happy! Also so immensely flattered that someone actually translated that post into Korean!

  8. Thundie,

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and also a fabulous new year! By chance, did you magically teleport inside my brain and transcribe my thoughts for SKKS’ ending? Oye ve, I spent the past week and a half in my drama hole catching up and I think that bloody ending is going to give me a coniption fit everytime I think of it!

    And you and me both dear for Joseon X Files, I finished that as well and I feel dumber than a box of rocks right about now.

    I give you so much credit for how much you spend on top of writing such insightful reviews and subbing on top of it? WOW!

    And before I write a dissertation on your blog, SG is truly some good crack along with Michael’s amazing reviews. I wholeheartedly agree!

  9. Happy New Year to you thundie! Let’s hope the new year is full of excellent new dramas (or at least some that are fun to watch!).

    Thanks for inviting me to play here, I had a blast.

  10. Happy New Year, thundie! May your new year be filled with wonderful dramas, TP with lots more visitors and comments!
    Thanks for spreading the JJW love! You’ve got dramaok and bella on board already and probably many more viewers to come. Yay!

    p.s. Feel better from the heartburn. I hear that milk helps neutralize the acid.

  11. Hi anhsfoodblog, thank you! Happy hols to you too!

    Hi bella, you’re here! I’m still reeling from your exquisite More Beautiful Than a Flower review. How do you manage to remember so many details? I bow before you. And yes, do watch Jejoongwon!! And tell me if Park Yong-woo does not knock your socks off, hehe. About the SKKS ending… sigh. Funnily, it was right after I watched SKKS ep 20 that it became crystal clear to me: JJW was my drama of the year. I love love love the JJW ending because it was sweet, stirring, sensible… and completely right. But I still heart SKKS for giving me so many heady memories and for introducing me to some very special friends.

    Hi momosan! Be prepared to play a lot more here! You’re a wonderful writer, do you realize that? Here’s hoping 2011 will be as fun as this year!

    Hi doozy, muah, thank you! I’m thrilled to have found a fellow JJW fan in you. Thank you for being such an awesome friend. Here’s hoping we get to work together as timer/editor again. I missed that!

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