This kdrama addiction is the pits

I got into the car this morning and was greeted by the unfamiliar blaring of the radio. Turns out the CD player was jammed again.

“Oh no, Car, you do not do this to me. Not when my Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Jejoongwon OSTs are stuck inside your player!”

On days when traffic is moving as fast as dead toads, my kdrama Overplayed Sound Tracks keep me chirpy rather than curmudgeonly. I hum along, zilch understanding of the lyrics notwithstanding, and forget to swear at the jerk that had cut into my path without signaling. I find endless pleasure changing CDs (hmm, might that explain why the player has keeled over?), feel needlessly guilty when I swap certain CDs for others (I’m sorry, Damo OST, but I’ve had you in the car for three years!), and guard these same CDs like they were the rarest thing since a dodo sighting.

Now, because of a few kdrama OSTs, I’m seriously hating on a car that I love and even contemplating trading it in for a new car. One with a CD player that works.

And how about last night? The phone rang and it was a kin telling me she was coming with more kin to stay for a week. Instead of whooping with joy (since the last time I saw her was a few years ago), I groaned inwardly. Because now is not a good time to come, aigoo! I need to finish my Sungkyunkwan Scandal recaps (and let’s not talk about the Brilliant Legacy ones due a year and the half ago), I’m behind on subbing, and I have ten dramas that I need to finish in three weeks!

If this isn’t treachery, what is it? Turning against people and things that should matter more than a Lee Sun-joon diving into a creek. Not only has kdrama addiction gifted me with impaired hearing and beady eyes, I’m cursing being born into an extended family of immigrants scattered in eleven countries. Because we are wayfarers from the oldest to the youngest, there’s always coming and going. Which is fine (and fun, most of the time) but not when a kdrama deadline looms, namely a most important year-end review!

And let’s talk about late last night and early this morning. The time spent trawling the Internet because a sudden madness had seized me and I thought I could buy a CSS upgrade for my blog and learn to tweak design so that I could have a blog that was unique! Because I’m a serious kdrama blogger, hello!

Many hours and countless how-to sites later, I admitted defeat. Because if a so-called “serious” kdrama blogger can’t, for the life of her, remember what CSS and HTML mean, she has no business reaching for the moon.

And so I sit here now, with a new blog theme (that didn’t cost me a dime or any hair-pulling) and no SKKS recap. Because I’m the sum of two worlds that will be the death of me one day: kdrama addiction and procrastination. The busier I am, the more hours I while away getting nothing done. It’s sick.

To make things worse, I don’t even know the point of this post, do you? Maybe just this: I needed a new tagline for the blog and in my current sleep-deprived and panicky state, the first thing that popped into my head was that this kdrama addiction was an unhealthy obsession.

So, do me a favor. Don’t tell me about yet another JYJ concert or whisper more Yoo Ah-in news into my ears. Don’t send me another DBSK clip! I’m barely alive as it is.

By the way, If you call yourself the Yoo Ah In Preventorium, shouldn’t you be preventing weak-willed people from falling deeper into the pits? For crying out loud, stop that onslaught of YAI pics!

13 thoughts on “This kdrama addiction is the pits

  1. So totally with you , dear , because this blog is the only one with true love and intelligence . Thank you for all your work .
    I , too , have loved so much Jejoongwon and of course I have been crazy over SS and I am still in it overwatching it and hoping for every thing related to the actors .
    I am an almeoni but the power of fiction is great , just as in SS , the pleasure of having good things that happen in the fictionnal is priceless .

  2. Ah, yes, this addiction is…unfortunate? IDK, I kind of love mine to bits, even if it makes me lose sleep and sanity. Then again, I don’t keep a blog as a service for the community -though I do post a LOT about kdramas- and even sub, which… omg how do you do that? *is in awe of you and people like you* You guys are the best. I love you sooo much. ♥♥♥♥♥

    And thanks for the link, I didn’t know that site. Well, I did try not to get too involved, but I guess resistance is futile…

  3. Unnie this is our preventorium’s motto, in case you miss it:

    “Here we believe indulgence is better than prevention and is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than cure. So yeah make yourself at home and have fun with the Ah In virus!!!!!”

    ->To quote our very own founder on his recent interview, “If I can’t turn back time anyway, I would like to have had a fun life.”

    If this virus incurable anyway, we might just have fun with it^^ On that note, would love to share with you the latest microscopic discovery of this Ah in virus strain:

    Thanks so much for linking and promoting us on your blog! I hope you enjoy our service. The ICU is 24/7!

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  5. thundie, the YAI pic you posted seems to say, “yeah, so watcha gonna do about it, eh?!”

    Because I’m the sum of two worlds that will be the death of me one day: kdrama addiction and procrastination. The busier I am, the more hours I while away getting nothing done. It’s sick.
    OMG, *high five* I mean, we are in trouble. I’m the same way. And the bad thing is, my motivation to change is close to zilch.

    Good luck on the CSS project! In case you haven’t seen this yet, the site talks about various codes for headers. I browsed through it and saw that it includes that which you desire as well, a header that rotates different images. Hope this helps!
    *offers thundie some yut to de-stress*

  6. I 100% understand this tagline. I admit that I, too, stand at the intersection of those two most complementary worlds — kdrama addiction and procrastination. The good news is that right now, I don’t have a lot on my plate, but the bad news is, pretty soon I’m going to. The other bad news is, I don’t know if I want to be cured…

    Thundie, hwaiting! You’re not alone, and we’ll be here to commiserate all along the way. ^^

  7. lol…would it not be great, if you could make a living from watching k-drama’s?
    I wished I would only need to work 3-4 hrs a day. O no, just forget that. No work at all would be much better.

  8. “To make things worse, I don’t even know the point of this post, do you?”
    i do … i do … i do …. No i’m not marrying you … but i fully understand you cause i am going thru same phase in my life … and nobody around try to understand me … right now my life is around only few thing i.e. SKKS , SKKS Soompi thread, SKKS OST, SKKS MV, DBSK, JYJ, JYJ ADDITED TWITTER, AND ANYTHING ABOUT SKKS …. i took all my sick leave and many off from my work …. if this goes on i’ll be fired …. my partner will leave me (he is tired of me i know that) , my family already left me (they’re tried too) … but its O.K. until there is K drama and Internet … I’m just worried about money… if i don’t have job.. i’ll not have money .. and cause of money i’ll not have interent .. OHH NOOO … save me …. PLEASE OBAMA PLEASE … MAKE THE INTERNET FREE LAW .. so i don’t have to worry …. am i crazy enough????

  9. Wow, he looks super young there?! How old is he anyways? Should I be afraid that I’m a pedophile for thinking he was sexy in SKKS?!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hums along and tries to pretend she can sing in Korean while listening to drama and movies OSTs. Of course I have the windows up so nobody knows I’m doing so. I don’t think other people will understand my guilty pleasure.

  10. @Thundie
    Reading your post makes me miss SKKS again…trying hard to get over the withdrawal by watching 2 new dramas at the same time (M3 and SG) to combat the void…but alas…even with 2 new dramas..every now and then I would stop and go back to randomly watch SKKS.

    @Yoo Ah In Preventorium
    “Here we believe indulgence is better than prevention and is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than cure. …”

  11. oooohhhhh TP is sporting a new look. i know what y’all are gonna think but my favorite part of this design is the big font 🙂 nope, i’m not that old (or at least i tell myself everyday. ha ha!) but many years and long hours i spend working in front of the computer has taken its toll on my eyes. plus there are the kdrama marathons i used to do

    thundie, about your being not too happy because of family members visiting, i had a similar feeling the weekend after skks aired the last ep. i had to go to a family event that weekend but i so badly want to just stay home, watch ep 19 and 20 and work on my review. i thought why oh why did my uncle choose to have a birthday party that weekend? but really, it’s not like he chose to be born on nov 6 some 75 years ago 🙂

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