It’s Monday but where’s my Sungkyunkwan Scandal?

Are you like Soon-dol above? Clinging hard and refusing to let go? Wailing your head off because you’re back to hating Mondays?

Well, if it’s any consolation at all, here’s a post-SKKS poll to assuage (or aggravate) the pain somewhat. I call it the SKKS Silly Poll because… well, I hope its silliness will make you giggle a little and forget (momentarily) that Joseon Crack is over! Waaahhhhh!!








48 thoughts on “It’s Monday but where’s my Sungkyunkwan Scandal?

  1. LOL, skks is still on… kbs2, still mon and tue. Still watching it passionately as if it my 1st time, cant get enough of it, so who say it is over? :((((( Thanks a million thanks thundie for keeping the ball rolling. And thanks a million thanks for ep 20 sub.

  2. Was watching SKKS on KBSWORLD and my laptop simultaneously last night… it feels like a neverending orgasm.. LOL.. my friends calls me a loony this morning when I told them abt it…

  3. hey guys

    *bitter lemon (comeback! comeback *in Rose’s Titanic voice) I died laughing over that

    after today, maybe it will get better – it has to – I am trying to take baby steps away from SKKS but my feet are like lead and refuse to budge….

    oh who am I kidding – it’s never gonna happen – I want SKKS back!!!!!!!!

  4. *sigh* tuesday without skks stream to look forward to…. but there’s still kbs world (i can concentrate now because i’m not streaming at the same time anymore), and there’s still the 20 episodes with english subs. it’s not gonna end. i swear! hehehe

    i do hope TPTB seriously consider publishing the books in english. that’ll be awesome!

  5. was infected with the virus SSK especially Moon Jae Shin and I do not want to heal … so whatever happens I will let the virus that grows bigger and stronger in me …. do not substitute it with anything, unless you have something that could really comparable with the SSK … keep sharing I want to know more about Korean drama

  6. it was great fun to watch skks and greater fun to read about it in different blogs..i swear if it was not for recaps and summaries and discussions i would’nt have enjoyed skks this much….as for your polls thundie…these r quite entertaining…
    as to acting in this show….all were good (i cant help writing my opinion so plz dont skin me alive micky fans)…..PMY YAI and SJK were very good far outshining MYC who was stiff in ealier episodes but pretty decent in second half of the series though there were times when i wished the lead was some other actor ……
    overall it was a fun ride…….i hope for something more distracting than skks to come along.

  7. Thanks to KBS World, I watched the 1st ep of SKKS in mid-Oct and got completedly addicted! I caught up through dramacrazy and jacinta entertainment. I always avoid saeguk like a plaque but SKKS is unique! It is my one and only saeguk drama thanks to the noble, resplendent looking scholar with curly eyelashes and husky voice! I have rewatched SKKS countless times and now thanks again to KBS world I am able to squee over Lee Sun Joon on big screen! I just can’t get enough of Micky aka Lee Sun Joon!

    BTW, I think I am the oldest ahjuma fan of Micky in this blog.

  8. I wish so much that there would be a season 2! And that softy would still be around for the live recaps so we can all go through the fun madness once again! XD

  9. Jyj, i heard there’s a bazillion fans waiting in line now. And i’m stuck here at work. I wonder if i’d still be able to get in :((

    Thundie, i hate mondays now!!! Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

    In all honesty, micky yoochun should continue doing dramas. But i dont want him to stop his singing career. He should do both.

  10. I really envy all of people in here who enjoy this show so much….. even addicted to it…. because I can’t……. I enjoy the first half of this drama, but starting from episode 10 onwards, I got bored. until now I’m still on episode 17… Please motivate me to continue this show….

    Lee Seon Joon is my superhero.I am serious. I still miss Sunkyunkwan Scandal. Can’t wait for the DVD release!!!

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