SKKS AA (Sungkyunkwan Scandal Addicts Anonymous): Membership now open!

Confession time. How many of you utter the following line at least ten times a day?

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Variations of the line:

  • What are you doing to me, SKKS?!
  • Have mercy, SKKS!

In addition, you exhibit the following (extremely troubling) symptoms:

  • Spend all your waking hours doing SKKS-related things (like scouring the Net for clips and news and rewatching an episode 100 times). Your spouse or partner is about to leave you, and you are about to be fired, but YOU DON’T CARE.
  • Fidget like you have ants in your pants from Wednesdays to Sundays. On Mondays and Tuesdays, however, you are as happy as a bear with a full tummy.
  • Watch certain clips of a certain star ad nauseam. Curse yourself for not discovering said star the last seven years because you were hibernating in some cave.
  • Do live recaps and survive on three hours of sleep. Sneak out of work or class to join live recaps.


And the scariest part? These symptoms are only a few of the dozens that have been chronicled. Some people can’t stop mooning. Some are planning to name their unborn sons Yeorim. Some have been standing in front of the mirror the last two days wearing a hat with strings, eyes closed, and imagining someone removing said strings ever so slowly.

So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up for membership now before someone else shoves you into the club.

And once you are in? You spill the beans, of course. Just tell all your fellow addicts how crazy you have become because of SKKS. You don’t hold back, no siree, you let it ALL OUT. Confess EVERYTHING. Which character you love to the moon and back. Which scene made you giggle like a loon and which one made you sob till you dropped. All your thoughts as the drama draws to a close next week!

How else can you be cured if you don’t face up to the truth?

(Incidentally, this post is Softy’s idea. See what three hours of sleep can do to you!)


290 thoughts on “SKKS AA (Sungkyunkwan Scandal Addicts Anonymous): Membership now open!

  1. Need this hospital to nurse my aching heart.

    I watched Sungkungkwan Scandal only three weeks back, starting from ep 6 (on KBS world). Of course, I watched it whole series starting from ep 1 on internet soon after. It steals my heart, soul and mind. Never a show did that to me before. So glad to read and see that there are many who lose their sanity due to this show. This is something I am unable to share with my hubby and friends. They would not understand and i am worried to be teased (my hubby, in particular).

    Anyway, thanks for this “hospital” to help me heal my heartache. So glad to see that I am not the only one.

    Just read the epic review… it is very very good… thanks SKKS lovers… AWESOME job!!

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  3. late admittee, but passionate as ever! I have been on the run but now will have to admit myself into SKKS hospital!
    symptoms are similar to the well known SKKS Virus. Possibility of recovery: Zero!
    feverishly searching youtube for SKKS fanvids — particularly any Sunjoon-YoonHee biased! ❤
    have been putting my homework on hold everyday just to stalk soompi thread and ease my addiction with the soundtrack and any song that has been used for fanvids!
    taking Yeorim Twirling classes!
    Intended college major: SKK Confucian studies of the famed Jalgeum Quartet!

  4. Can I still join even if it’s almost a month since the show ended? I always get addicted to shows AFTER everyone has stopped spazzing about them…*sigh*

    This show transformed me into an annoying facebook user because I kept sharing and posting link on my wall, flooding my friends’ news feed. I tell everyone I know to watch it, because it’s good, it’ s fun, blah blah blah, and they’d be like, “She’s off her rocker!” I memorized some songs from the OST and sing out loud anywhere even though my voice isn’t pleasant to listen too. 😦 And, I squeal in a very girly way everytime I recall Joong Ki’s smiles, winks and his Yong Ha’s fawsome bromance with Jae Shin, something I’ve NEVER EVER done before. (Wow, I dunno whether to laugh or be embarassed by these words)

    The worst this show has done to me was when a friend of mine was telling me something sad, but stupid me was remembering the ep 17 kiss (I tend to drift away at the most random moments), making me grin broadly! She was offended thinking I was smiling because of her problem… T^T Luckily it’s just the start of the second semester so I won’t end up failing a subject like I did before when I was hopelessly attached to YAB.

  5. hospital. addict. spazz. virus. SKKS. doctors. Garang. Micky. Ah In. Min Young. Joong Ki. Waaaah!

    Okay, these just pop in my head randomly. WTH! It’s been a month since it ended, and yet… Sigh. Still can’t get enough of them guys. Especially Yoochun’s and Ah In’s roles. I even hang out at yogurutu’s site just so I could munch on her translations of the book. LOL, I even downloaded an e-book of the Korean novel; and to think that my comprehension of the language is super basic. Until this very moment, I am still devouring everything in the net.

    I’ve been to this page before; I just wasn’t sure if I was addicted at that time.

    Well, I haven’t been a fan of KPop before ‘coz I’m more of an Indie person. But this… this has led me to DBSK. It was like I was filling the emptiness SKKS’ ending has left in me by watching Yoochun in DBSK clips, etc. (okay, I am pathetic in these pop cultures this way: they just “disbanded”! LOL).

    The best fusion drama I’ve ever seen (well, it’s not a lot anyway)… I think I’m gonna be hung up in this drama until another really catchy one bumps my way. For now, there isn’t any yet so SKKS still dominates my dramaland.

  6. 1. OH. MY. GOD. I have never been reduced into happy incoherent pile of fangirl goo EVER. Until this show. Most shows would get an “awww…” from me, and maybe a few tears if its a melo. Otherwise I’m a brutal detractor. Brain cell 1# (or was it 2#?) dominates.
    2. O, SKK, HAVE MERCY!!! Every episode got me thumping my chest, trying to contain freakish smiles in public, rolling on the ground, and randoming whisper-screaming “JAESHIN!” when I’m alone. Sigh.
    3. I’ve also been homicidal on Mondays, going WHY ISN’T IT UP YET!?! Oh, right there is a time difference. I went online to find out what the time difference between us and Korea is in order to estimate when the subs could be finished.
    4. I’ve been addicted to the drama, but the recaps too. I got addicted to dramabeans’ recaps because of SKK. Now I read the other recaps on the site and I’m going “Just another episode/readisode! It’s so good!” I
    5. ULTIMATE SYMPTOM: I think Ha-In Soo is an awesome character. Therefore, I have imagined in my mind the sequel for SKK where Ha-In Soo is the lead with a few new characters in the mix. A new lady lead too of course. In order to solidify this in reality for me, I’ve created a song-drama (a drama sonfic if you will) where I’ve picked songs to go with the drama. I don’t think this would work if I did a fanfic. This has taken many hours of thinking, mulling, and squealing for me. Papers? Piffle. A phone call? Piffle. Eating? Piffle. The song-drama is now 177 songs long and is actually quite well-developped. I AM INSANE. The title: Joseon Dream. The premise: Minister Ha has been demoted and now the Ha family has been ruined. They’re much poorer than before but not dirt poor. It’s still pretty bad though. In Soo has managed to become a puny low-ranking official in the Ministry of War. He is trying to climb the power ladder and pwn everyone who has stepped on him and his family. Is he less bad? Nope. The Big Political Poopoo: Someone has been assassinating low-ranking officials in several ministries driving the capital insane. There has been messages sent by the assassins that the Ha family, specifically Ha-In Soo will be next. This is obviously part of something WAAAY bigger. The female lead: (who is currently nameless) is a bodyguard masquerading as a man (we need continuity don’t we?) sent by the King to protect Ha-In Soo. She seems way too skilled for that lowly position which makes In-Soo suspicious. She is kind, strong, determined, but also oddly fatalistic. Her hackles rise when she sees how unscrupulous In-Soo is. The drama: Well, in mind this song-drama is more serious than SKK and about darker themes. Of course, dreams are an important theme and motif, since an important part of female lead’s character is her insomnia and nightmares. But it deals with the bigger setups that SKK never delivered on. Like what kingship and a government is supposed to do, the ideas of sin, forgiveness. In my wild imagination, it’s AWESOME. It’s much quieter, more serious, a bit less heart-tugging than SKK. Like I said, I AM INSANE. The song drama can be found at The search keyword is “chengxia”. The playlist is called SKK. Maybe if this really develops fully, I will turn it into a songfic. Or have someone else do it. Monkeypoo, over and out.

    *looking at YAI blog* GAH!!! MY EYES!!! THE BEAUTY!!! *whisper-scream* JAESHIN!!!

  7. guys…..I have a confession too…I’m an SKKS addict…*sigh*…I have all of your symptoms above and even more…I did something crazy…I’m ordering the SKKS novel via internet even though I don’t speak Korean..I thought let’s get the novel first then find a way to translate it later…LOL..showed how crazy I got because of SKKS. I did not know who Yoochun was till I saw SKKS. THe 1st impression when I saw him in this drama was…’Can’t they get a better guy to be the hero?’…I know–I know…shoot me. But then he grew on me…and now if anybody said that it was a misscast, I would defend Micky with my dying breath. He is the epitome of Lee Seon Jun. He brought SJ to live..I cried when he cried….I melted when he smiled..I fainted when he proposed to YH…..*sigh*…And now I keep surfing through the net to find more of SJ and YH fan fictions to satiate my thirst for these couple. Definitely my love affair with SKKS isn’t over yet..God…some one out there…can any body translate the SKKS novel?…If there is a petition to get this novel translated to English, please count me in….SKKS…I heart you…Micky…Saranghaeo…

  8. Guilty as charged! I have all the symptoms hahahaha. Watched the show 4 consecutive times and still can’t get over it. I need a rehab =)

  9. i have the The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars the book Sungkyunkwan scandal was base on but it’s in korean. Is the a posibility that someone can help me translate it?

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