Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 14

In this episode, we up the ante and we up the angst. Whatever happened to our light and fluffy romcom? We have reached the point in a drama’s story where the emotional quotient is cranked up to “max”. And if the show has been stumbling, this is the point where we roll our eyes and sigh with exasperation at the ridiculous carrying on. But if the show has been getting it right, this is the point where our hearts are stricken and we are totally on board the emotional roller-coaster.


We think we know people, especially when we get along and think we’ve become good friends. It’s quite a breath-taking shock to discover that they have been concealing a whole different side to themselves; been nursing a heavy history of death and survivor-guilt, and been flirting with danger and indulging in seditious activities.

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Tenderness and Fear

It’s your new dear friend! And he is in desperate danger, with the campus abuzz with malevolent searchers for the fugitive Red Messenger. You’ve barely recovered from your shock, and you have to kick into action. First, cover your tracks. Then, get him to a safe place – where else but where you had your nearly-disastrous clandestine bath. Next, see to his wound.

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But, oh, he’s so badly wounded! What can you do? He’s being brave, but he’s in a terrible way. What good can your amateurish bandaging do? He’d always been so strong and unbound, and now he slouches weak and vulnerable. Will he recover? Can he escape being caught? You feel a chilling fear. You feel the tears fill your eyes…

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Pain and Tenderness

It’s not the first time you’ve been wounded. But it hurts every time. Damn. Hate being helpless and incapacitated. Guess this is what happens when one flirts with death and doesn’t value life. Yet, strangely, you feel relieved to be still alive.

Alive to see her face again. You want to send her away, away from danger. But it’s so nice to have her care for you. She’s so cute when she pretends to scold you gruffly, but you can see that she is pretty stricken. Heh.

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Why, are those tears in her eyes? Damn! The pain!

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Horror. The Horror.

You were trying so hard to distance yourself from your room-mate, but he came to you like a little puppy dog, begging for a little affection and attention. You had no choice but to push him away as hard as you could.

But wasn’t that too harsh? The poor boy was cut to the quick. Is he still crying? You can’t bear it any more. Hang consequences and propriety and guarding your principles – you can’t bear to leave him wounded and whimpering. You must find him…

And thank goodness, he doesn’t seem to be on the verge of slitting his wrists. But what is he doing, furtively covering up tracks in the dirt with a broom?

6-170 7-170

You follow him into the ceremonial memorial hall, and you see…


Him. With Crazy Horse. Close. Very close. Sweaty, gasping, intimate…

What? What?

Shock. Denial. Feeling betrayed. Anger. Jealousy. Sadness. Profound loneliness.


Cool-Headed Calm

You may be the court jester, but you are no fool. Tonight, you forsake your usual posture of scoffing from the sidelines and leap into the fray.

First, medical attention. You blindfold a physician and bring him to Crazy Horse’ hiding place.


Anger and Resolution: Going in for the Kill

You are the chosen one. The son of the Minister of War. And the one elected by the country’s elite civil service college to be Student President. Your power has never been challenged. Until recently. By Sungkyunkwan’s Rainbow Coalition who are undermining your political principles and who are irritatingly resistant to your schemes to break them. And by the Red Messenger who is spreading disaffection against your political affiliations and mocking your family’s inability to capture him. How dare they!

What if the Red Messenger is member of the Political Harmony Faction? Aha! Exposing him would destroy all that has been a thorn in your side. He must be found! Tonight! Mobilise everyone! Failure is not an option!

An interesting find by your henchmen. Yeorim’s fan in the ceremonial memorial hall. Hmm, very interesting indeed.

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Fear and Fearlessness

You are Yeorim. You sail through life insouciantly on a cloud of mischief and mockery, floated by your wit and charm (and family wealth). You never get too involved with anyone or any cause; that would take all the fun out of it. And that would be too risky. You treat life as something to be tasted and enjoyed, but not to get too serious about. You love beautiful women and beautiful things. Even your college hostel room has nice furniture.


But there is one thing you care about, one person. And your morally indolent self will exert itself to the utmost to protect him. Even take the risk of engagement and relinquish the safety of mocking from a distant.

13a-170 13b-170

The Student President pays you a late night visit, prowling and bristling with suspicion. You have to play this just right. A light casual tone, a quick look to check that Geol Oh’s robe is out of sight, a nonchalant stance… You usually treat life lightly and carelessly, but this situation is so dangerous and the stakes are so high, you feel that rare emotion – fear.

14a-170 14b-170

But even in fear, you are fearless. For you are Yeorim. The Court Jester! The one who sees everything, who dares speak anything, and who bows to no one. You play a dangerous of cat-and-mouse, provoking In Soo by pretending to be injured, then distracting him by mocking him.

15a-170 15b-170

And because you are the impish Yeorim, you can’t resist a gratuitous parting poke. “You should stop playing games and get some rest, Student President. You’re over-extending yourself, slipping up.”

And predictably, you get a rise from him. “Mock me one more time and I will not let it pass, not even for our old times’ sake.” Oho, he threatens you!! Well, the cards on the table now. Which is as it should be, for what a court jester does best is to bring out into the open what should decently be hidden away.

16a-170 16b-170

Annoyance at Stupid Minions

You are the Evil Overlord. But how are you expected to achieve world domination if you are surrounded by stupid minions? Your gormless henchmen have failed you in what should have been the simple task of hunting down an incapacitated archer on your own campus grounds. And if that weren’t enough, the stupid interfering professorial pleb comes along and gives you demerit points for not abiding by the curfew. You! The Evil Overlord! Curfew! Demerit points! When there are enemies to smite and mortals to terrorise!

17a-170 17b-170

Thank goodness for the other professorial pleb, who at least endorses the hunt for the Red Messenger. Though, why? No matter, at least now you can get back on that treacherous Yeorim’s case. How did you ever think at one time that he was your most valuable minion? The weasel has turned on you and you’re pretty sure that he is hiding the Red Messenger behind his screen.


Except that, behind his screen is nothing more than his collection of erotica. Curses!

19-170 19b-170

And now the stupid professorial minions are back at it. Ticking you off for breaching the sanctuary of Sungkyunkwan by searching a scholar without royal warrant. Lame. And saying you don’t have the usual search rights of a Student President because your rights as such have been suspended. Lamer still! Just he wait. When you are Master of the Universe, you’ll show him.

Photobucket 20b-170

Intense Relief

You have been hiding in Senior Yong Ha’s concealed closet, concealed in the wall behind the screen. What a narrow escape! Not one, but two searches! What a relief. Now you can tend to the poor young man who has been in uncomfortable agony keeping quiet on your lap.

21a-170 21b-170

And thank the unexpected resourcefulness and helpfulness of this Senior. Why did you ever have the feeling that he was up to mischief? Why, he has veritably swooped down to save the day. How did he know what was going on?


And how cute are these two Seniors? Jae Shin Senior mutters that Yong Ha Senior has been following him around for years. Senior Yong Ha threatens to box him, but haha he’s only kidding. They tease each other comfortably – Yong Ha caressing Jae Shin’s hand like a demented lover, Jae Shin protesting. But you’re not fooled, you can tell that these two young men share a real affection. They are so silly and so sweet! You never knew. Guys! They never demonstrate their affection for each other except in extremis.

23a-170 23b-170

You are just so relieved that Jae Shin is safe and the danger is past, you readily agree with Yong Ha Senior to keep this a secret. Even from Sun Joon. Of course. What Sun Joon doesn’t know can’t hurt. And we must keep Jae Shin Senior safe.

The Depths of Despair

Disbelief. Despair.

With your forbidden love and your loveless engagement, you thought that things couldn’t possibly get worse. But they have. Though you love him so much, for the sake of rightness and for his sake, you were resolved to give him up. And there he was, frolicking with another man, like it was nothing! Nothing!

So, evidently, supposing the world we live in were one in which he would be permitted to love a man, it would be Crazy Horse he would choose, not you.

You feel that your world has rocked. You feel that everyone and everything is against you. You feel as if a cannon-ball has dropped out of the sky onto you.

Nothing makes sense. Nothing you do has any point. There’s nothing left for you. No comfort for you. And you are all alone.

Let’s drink. Let’s drink to oblivion.


The Anger of Thwarted Evil-Doing

You are an Evil Overlord and you hate being thwarted. Hate it! Hate it! Even drinking and smashing cups in your lair doesn’t take the edge off how much you HATE IT!

26a-170 26b-170

The Manipulator and The Manipulated

He loves having power. And power over people. It’s shame that his evil plan to trap the Red Messenger didn’t work out. But at least he scored an injury and it would only be a matter of time before his formidable son sniffed him out. On the other hand, his toy and tool has also been injured. And he does so get a rush from deploying his pet puppet. (Though, if he had any sense at all he should be feeling a little apprehensive being the hated black-mailer of a kick-ass ninja assassin.)


She hates being powerless. How much more must she do before he keeps his promise? Before she can regain her dignity? Could life get any more demeaning? But she is the Great Cho Sun and she must be strong, very strong, if she is to survive this. And she must control that deep hatred in her bosom. Killing the War Minister now probably isn’t going to improve her situation.

28a-170 28b-170


Hee. Basically, just “fear” sums up how the War Minister feels when he has an audience with the scarifying Left State Councillor.

The Left State Councillor who realises that the Red Messenger was protected by fighters sent from the king. The king who wants to protect the Red Messenger and find the Geum Deung Ji Sa. Which would bring down the Noron. Bring down the Noron! Be afraid, War Minister, be very afraid.

29a-170 29b-170

Resignation and Resolution

You are the king. You didn’t ask for it, you were born into it. But here it is. And you intend to make the most of it, making a better tomorrow for your beloved country; make the most of it while you may. But it’s not so easy. People think a king has absolute power. Alas, not so, when you are surrounded by perfidious court officials and hamstrung by a conservative political faction that would stoop even to the murder of your father. No one is safe. Trust no one.


Well, perhaps you can trust a very small few. Including this man Jung Yak Yong. You are a shrewd judge of character, and isn’t it clear that this man is no self-serving sycophant? Can you not see from his eyes that he is loyal and faithful to you? Why, see how pain clouds his countenance when he realizes that you have been rolling opium joints for pain relief.

31a-170 31b-170

You may not have long to live, so you must act quickly. And with resolution. The Geum Deung Ji Sa must be found! And your father laid finally to rest. Even if it means recruiting untried and vulnerable Sungkyunkwan scholars for your venture.

Professor Jung understands this. But see how much he cares for his boys? He requests that he personally bear the blame for any failure on their part. What a lovely man!

32a-170 32b-170


Much as you might rant about the futility of life, you feel surprisingly happy to wake up and find that you have lived to fight another day. And that your two friends have stayed up all night caring for you.


And when she wakes up (and you feign sleep), and tenderly feels your forehead before quietly leaving the room, you feel so much pure, simple happiness, you can’t help but smile to yourself.

34a-170 34b-170

Apprehension and Exasperation

Dashing about having great adventures and saving lives is all very well. But now you have to face your room-mate. Whom you love. Who only last night categorically spurned your friendship. Whom you still love.

35a-170 35b-170

And whom, it appears, has drunk himself into a sodden mess. And now needs tidying after, the silly boy. And then has the ill-manners to pout and flounce out.

You are just so exasperated with him. “Stop it. Just stop being so bad-tempered. I heard you well. I’ll just be your room-mate, nothing more, so there’s no need to throw your displeasure in my face.”


Collusion and Confusion

Nobody knows your master like you do, and you can tell that your Master’s rigid stance has softened recently, and you can tell it is because of the Pretty Young Scholar. Not too many young man can stand your anal Master, let alone be an improving influence. Must cultivate him! Together, we can make Master Lee Sun Joon a kinder and gentler man!


But why is he looking so forbidding, and dashing away with such uncharacteristic unfriendliness? Just when I mention the Master’s engagement…

And why is Master looking so grim? And saying things that make no sense, like “My heart is overflowing”. All so baffling.

38a-170 38b-170

Shock and Titillation

You may pose and preen, but in reality you always knew that it was a great piece of luck that you got into Sungkyunkwan at all. You had thought it the greatest excitement to be admitted, but you never suspected that student life would be quite so much filled with intrigue and scandal.

And is that, could that be, Crazy Horse and Dae Mul in an intimate embrace in the library? And, didn’t someone say that Lee Sun Joon saw something peculiar? Oho, is that what has been going on in that room? Ha! You always did think that the Political Harmony Faction was too good to be true.


Shocking! Who else saw that? Your eyes weren’t deceiving you, were they? You need to check this out, confer with your friends. You know, for the sake of veracity…


Outrage. But Not Quite the Outrage of the Entirely Innocent…

You may not be having an homosexual relationship with Dae Mul. But you are in love with Kim Yoon Shik, or whatever her real name is. What a stupid rumour! Entirely stupid! But, in a twisty way, you’re not entirely sure you can categorically deny it, in all honesty…


You are not gay. You are definitely, absolutely not having a gay affair with your male room-mate, whatja talking about, you are a girl. You’re not even having an affair with him, period. Except, you can’t tell anyone you’re not a man. But, but, what’s this about Lee Sun Joon having seen something? What?


You feel betrayed by the discovery that your room-mates are having an affair. But nonetheless you can’t feel happy about the rumours swirling around them. Rumours that cite you as a witness. How you wish you could tell off all these improperly behaved gossiping scholars! Except that, who are you to tell off anyone? For you love a boy.


You have spent all your life toying with others and mounting elaborate deceptions, relishing scandals. Suddenly you feel out-manoeuvred – somehow a scandal has erupted around your dearest friend and the girl you have watched and grown a little fond of. What is happening? Perhaps this is what it feels like to be caught in a web. Perhaps this is pay-back for all the times you’ve manipulated others…


Panic and Perturbation

Homosexuality? Here? In Sungkyunkwan? On my watch??!! Oh my stars, oh my star!! This will be the death of me. The death of me!

45a-170 45b-170

Righteous Indignation

We the righteous and blameless scholars of Sungkyunkwan must purge these hallowed halls of this uncleanness. And we must uphold our prerogatives and do it with our own hands, under our own jurisdiction. Even if it means reinstating that hateful, arrogant Student President.


Provoked and Out-Played

This is ridiculous! You march right up to the Student President and lay into him. “Call off this farce!”


But once again, you have been too hasty. This is not a “simple” stupid prosecution. This is a fishing expedition for the Red Messenger. “If you explain to us why you two were in the ceremonial memorial hall that night, why of course we’ll dismiss the hearing.”


48a-170 48b-170


Trouble just dogs your every step. Here he is again, with his puppy-dog eyes brimming with pitiful tears as he begs you to believe that he can’t possibly be playing around with another man. Another man! Perish the thought! How could you possibly think such a thing, he says pleadingly.

49a-170 49b-170

“How could you possibly think such a thing?” – Why does that cut you to the quick?

It’s not hard for you to maintain your stern demeanour as you lecture him about not letting others read the wrong message in his manners. You know best, after all, what confused emotions Yoon Shik can innocently incite. In addition, lecturing comes naturally to you, especially when you are under stress. But lecturing isn’t proving quite so cathartic this time. For, why do you feel so hollow? So alone?


Loving the Machinations!

At last! Everything is going my way. It could not be more perfect. I shall call the Noron as witness against the Soron and the Namin. Perfect! There is no way I can lose. Even the king can not interfere in the proceedings. Either the two are found guilty and expelled, or the Red Messenger will be exposed, and in either case Lee Sun Joon will turn his back on them and the pesky Political Harmony Faction will be toast. Toast! Any which way – win! Win! WIN! BWAHAHAHAHA!!


A Sharp Exchange and a Sinking

You are Yeorim. Therefore, if there is a lion to be bearded in his den, beard him you will. “You must think your scheme very clever.”


He may have terrible taste in henchmen and be boringly single-minded, but at least he has a quick understanding and you can get straight to the point. You need to get to the bottom of this. For Geol Oh’s sake. “Do you really believe they have an unlawful relationship?”

53a-170 53b-170

“Either that, or the wounded Red Messenger was in the ceremonial memorial hall that night.”

Damn! He suspects. He has it all worked out. You have to hand it to him. “You’re something else. This way you get at Geol Oh, Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Sun Joon.”

“One more. You. You will be left all alone.”

Damn. He’s right. Why does that hurt so bad? You are Yeorim! All you need is your wits and your pretty face! But, damn. That prospects makes you feel so uneasy.



He seems to be concerned about his Dae Mul. But then, how could he have been so careless as to let Kim Yoon Shik be implicated and endangered in this sorry, sordid fashion? Infuriating and reckless boy! How he deserves one of my sternest lectures on taking proper care of things!

But, why is he looking at me in that strange, sardonically half-amused fashion? As if he knows something I don’t?

56a-170 56b-170


Why can’t she explain to me, her professor and protector, what happened? Obviously the charges are not true. Why is she being infuriatingly tight-lipped in this perilous hour? What is going on? Is this going to blind-side the king’s plans? Is this precious child going to ruin herself, and everything? And, what for?

57a-170 57b-170

Overcome with Honesty (For Once)

You are Yeorim. And you never show your hand.

But some things are more important than your dignity. Geol Oh give himself up? No. Over your dead body. You will threaten, you will beg, you will do anything to ensure he stays alive.

58a-170 58b-170

Geol Oh coolly says he’s pondering the best course of action. But who knows what he will think is best? He’s infatuated with that girl! Who knows what he will do!

(What you don’t know, is that Yoon Hee overhears this whole conversation. How amused you would be, if only you had any heart left for amusement!)



You are Lee Sun Joon. And you won’t let the school provost bail you out. You will stand witness. And you will do what needs to be done.

The provost keeps rabbiting on about the fatality to a nobleman of being caught up in a gay scandal. Ha. The irony. You’d warrant he wouldn’t be so eager to save your butt if he only knew your forbidden desires. How hollow and how hurting his words are. How hollow and how hurting the world is. Well, you will just have to be resolute and do what needs to be done.

60a-170 60b-170

Is there no end to stupidity? The stupid students are crudely mocking Kim Yoon Shik. Throwing vegetables and salt in his face? Oh, for pete’s sake! You should walk away. You need to walk away, for both your sakes. But you can’t. The stupidity and injustice get your goat, and the hurt and humiliation in his eyes strike your heart. You can’t help but walk over, give the students your best nobleman’s glare, and lead him away.

61a-170 61b-170

He is grateful. Ah, this is why you should have walked away. Now he is pleading again. That you help him. Pleading with those beautiful beseeching eyes. That you believe in his innocence.


But you saw what you saw. There are so many things you could be angry about, but what cuts you the most is his lying to you. Why can’t he tell you the truth? He trusts you so little, alas.

“I can’t say what really happened. For Geol Oh’s sake. But we’re innocent. Please believe us. Please help us.”

He’s most concerned for his lover’s sake? He doesn’t seem to be concerned for himself! Foolish, foolish boy! He has no idea. If he would only ask, you would do anything for his sake. And what is he asking? That you who are unable to fulfil your own desires help him to fulfil his, by saving his lover? How much more hurting a request can he make? How much farther do you have to go against your own grain for him? How much more do you have to defy all logic, all self-preservation, and all propriety for him?


You say as much. But silly, foolish boy, he thinks you are completely rejecting him. He really has no idea what you are talking about. He really has no idea how much your heart is breaking.


A Spot of Cathartic Intimidation

What to do? Still don’t quite know. But you can do what you do best – physical persuasion.

You march up to those dumb-ass slanderous scholars and hug one of them. “Let’s see now – Go spread the rumour that Geol Oh is having an affair with you.” That’ll learn ‘em. Not sure what that solved but, ah, you feel so much better!


A Spot of Cathartic Scheming

What to do? Still don’t quite know. But you can do what you do best – scheming and ingratiating.

You wine and dine scholars. “I vouch for them – they don’t have that sort of thing going on!” And, well, you know, it’s true. You know for a fact they can’t be having a homosexual relationship! (Sadly, they don’t seem to be having any kind of illicit relationship.)


But the scholars don’t look very convinced, though they don’t refuse your drinks. Hmm. Not sure what that achieved. But at least you tried.

And these bird-brained lackeys of In Soo. So annoying. So obnoxious in their crowing over the inevitability of the downfall and disgrace of the accused. Such idiots! So why can’t you just ignore them, and why do you have such a sinking feeling?


Isolation. Then, Intimacy

In very danger of ruining your life by merely being in Sungkyunkwan, you never thought that life could get any worse. But somehow, it has. It has. You are now in eminent danger of ruining your life. And your buddy is in danger of losing his. And your beloved is getting engaged. What is the point of anything? What can you do? Might as well fend off everyone and escape the world by hiding behind a book.

But Geol Oh won’t leave you alone. With his perspicuous eyes (extremely sane eyes. Crazy? Horse? Ha!), the expert in fending off everyone and escaping the world has searched you out and called you out. “Come. I’ll take you to something 20 times better than a book!”


Wow! What a view! The wind on your cheek. The world at your feet. A strong friend by your side. Your life may be crashing, but for a moment, just for a moment, you can soar and be happy.

69a-170 69b-170

Because of this dear person. You can’t help but reach out to him. “Why do you do it? The Red Messenger? Why risk your life?”

You have turned this light moment into a heavy one. But it’s worth it, to catch a glimpse of his soul. “I don’t know. Because I feel compelled. Because I need to do it to feel alive. What about you?”


Ah. If he but knew. You too, you too feel compelled. You too are taking risks with your life in order to live. If he only knew…

He continues: “Someone once said that when you are up here, you can hear Sungkyunkwan breathe. And some such other stuff; that the doors of Sungkyunkwan open not to the palace, but to the poverty of the servant’s quarters.”

And somewhat to your surprise, Geol Oh reveals his innermost thoughts: “It’s because of him, because of that someone, that I do it. Because I feel that the world needs to know that he once walked upon it. My Hyung.”


71a-150 71b-150

“Kim Yoon Shik. There will be a way for your name not to be sullied. And, I’m sorry.”

Oh. You’re so moved, you don’t know what to say. He has a very strange look on his face. He has revealed so much, but you feel that he is not telling you everything. Best not to say anything, and just accept his apology and his presence for the heart-felt gift that they are.

More Resolve

You are Lee Sun Joon, and you will do what needs to be done. Yes, even tying yourself to this insubstantial, almost laughable man in a power matrimonial-match.


And attaching yourself to this insubstantial girl who keeps gushing about her life being like a romance novel (whatever that means). And fawning disconcertingly over you. And sidling up to you. Yoon Shik never fawns or sidles…

73a-170 73b-170

And listening to your father give you unwelcome advice on why you should put up with your in-laws and how you should use them. Oh, if he only knew that the in-laws were the least of your problems!


But this much control you still can have over your life: You can leave Sungkyunkwan. Leave that place of bliss and of blistering pain.

Thankfully your father accepts your decision.

The Reckoning

I am Lee Sun Jon, and I will do what needs to be done.

The day has come. The student council is convened. In Soo is prowling and roaring. Jae Shin is reining in his temper. Yong Ha isn’t quite his usual exuberant self. Yoon Shik… Yoon Shik looks like he often does – in over his head. And as he sometimes does in spite of all his bravery and fire – hopeless.


Yoon Shik denies the charges. And just says, “Please believe us, Student President.” The stupid, naïve, sweet fool!

I am called as a witness. This is my moment. I will do it now. For something higher than self-preservation or even my own principles. For what I feel is right is do. For Yoon Shik. For love.

76a-170 76b-170

“The homosexual… is me.”

77a-170 77b-170

77c-170 77d-170

My Feelings

Loved this episode. Loved all the angst. I think I am basically a closet Wagnerian.

One blight on the landscape: Remember I said I don’t fret over the casting of Micky YooChun, who frankly is not the strongest actor in town? Well, this is the episode where I take that back. I think Micky was fine when he was being stodgy, or when mildly perturbed and puzzled. But now when Lee Sun Joon calls for full-on raging inner conflict and passion, I’m just not buying it. Micky is like a light tenor who does ok for Gilbert & Sullivan, but is quite unable to carry Tristan und Isolde.

At the same time, I totally love Lee Sun Joon the man. I love exploring his point of view – it’s so fascinating and complex. Yoon Hee started out being the more interesting of the two, but she seems to have paled recently as a character. I find his pathos far more compelling than hers.

But, all in, minor quibbles. Overall, a winning piece. The romantic tension is convincingly heart-tugging and mercifully non-nonsensical. Another solid episode in a well-crafted series.

26 thoughts on “Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 14

  1. I agree that Micky Yoochun could/should have up the ante in his portrayal of a conflicted man here. He has shown some of those flashes before — the almost-fight at the hockey game; the stunned look after seeing YH/JS together in this ep. Nevertheless, I love this episode and the angst, oh the angst… it keels me (but I love it)!!! Thanks for a great recap.

  2. oh the angst. The tension in the past episodes was so thick that i was getting really uncomfortable watching it. like someone in here mentioned before, it seemed like something/body was going to explode any second…eep.

    my minor quibble at the moment is Yeonhee’s disappearing backbone. what happened girl? where did it go? was it love? did love kill it? oh say it ain’t so.

    again, thank you for the recap.

  3. Serendipity, awesome recap, as usual!

    My fav scenes from this episode:
    -When Yoon Hee cried when she saw how badly wounded Jae Shin was. I’ve read that people dislike how Yoon Hee’s been crying more frequently in the last couple of episodes but I love and was actually hoping while watching this scene that she would cry for Jae Shin because poor thing, he needs that, to know that Yoon Hee cares deeply for him, even if not in the romantic sense.

    -The treetop scene… a lovely bonding moment between YH and Jae Shin (even if the logistics of how Jae Shin’s able to get her on and off the tree is questionable.)

    -Any scene with Sun Joon. (Yes, I’m biased. Can you tell?)

    Re: Yong Ha
    I believe that his friendship with Jae Shin is genuine. But that exchange between In Soo and him, and his reaction when In Soo said that once he successfully eliminates SJ, YH, and Jae Shin, Yong Ha will come to his side because he’d be all alone, made me wonder that at the end of the day, perhaps Yong Ha works primarily for himself. Which is consistent with what we’ve seen of his character thus far. But I dunno… I guess I thought he’d be different with Jae Shin. Anyone else feels this too or am I seeing things?

  4. This episode is not a happy but it has one of my fav moments: the injured scene, the scene when Jae-shin gets up and sees Yoon-hee beside him (YAI manages a smile-but-not-smile face wonderfully), and the ginkgo tree scene. I’m so happy to read the recaps for them. It’s totally different from watching!

    Thank you so much for the recaps. And here is my bribe to the hard work that you and thundie unnie have done for us fans: a new MV. I hope it alleviates (or exacerbates) our pain for Jae-shin (sorry i I rant about Jae-shin too much. I love Sun-joon too, but I have a penchant for cute heart-broken second lead 😦 )

  5. thank you for the recaps!! it was fantastic.. totally love this part..

    “The wind on your cheek. The world at your feet. A strong friend by your side. Your life may be crashing, but for a moment, just for a moment, you can soar and be happy.”

    I think I want to use that as one of my life’s quotes.

  6. Dammit! I wrote a long reply to your recap, but it’s now all gone with the wind. 😦

    At any rate, the shortened version of my comment: You. Rock. YOU ROCK. I prostrate myself at your feet.

  7. Thanks for an amazing recap…Loved your haiku from the previous ones too. 🙂
    Also on Personal note…
    Thank you for always taking the time to respond and sooo quick too on my PM to you on soompi’s SKKS thread. I felt I was special 🙂 (^_^)

    I am snugly securing my spot/shelter on your blog in readiness for the super typhoon SUNGKYUN in combo with hurricane KWAN packing with wind gusts as strong as 500kph and shaping up as the Kdrama’s most severe storm of the year predicted to hit this coming monday and tuesday near internet all over the globe.

    • LOL, Nikky…

      (She Who Totally Rocks) Serendipity is the author of this recap as well as the freaking awesome haiku one. The one who wrote to you over at Soompi is thundie the loony. 😆 (Unless Serendipity also PMed you there… in which case thundie will go dig a hole now to bury her head…)

      tinysunbl, thanks for yet another wonderful MV!

  8. Thanks for the recap. What can I say…I love how you’ve presented the recap around all the emotions felt by the characters.

    YAI particularly grabbed my attention at the beginning of the episode as he portrayed the pain he was in.

  9. Just like I said in my tweet, I got all emotional while reading this recap. It was such a lovely ep, full of tension and barely restrained passion and feelings and you described all that so well! Thank you!

    I really love all the characters who are so three-dimensional and realistic and…akdlajflskdhf I feel like talking about them forever. I adore the acting and I’m with you; I, too, wasn’t sold when Micky was cast, but I like how he’s acting now. Sure, he’s not the strongest of the actors, but he’s doing ok and I’m buying his inner turmoil, which is what’s important IMHO.

    As for the others, well, I’ve always liked Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in and I knew they were going to do a good, if not excellent, job on SKKS, but the way they play their characters is just plain *brilliant* and whenever they’re on screen, I’m pretty much mesmerized. The taking-care-of-Moony scenes were…alkdsjlasjdlasdafhlahdk Did I mention I love Yeorim? And Moony? And their friendship or bromance, whatever you want to call their bond? I also love them separately because…how are they so good, sensitive and just…alksdhakljdkahsdl Gah, see? SEE? I turn into an incoherent mess when I try to talk about them.

    As for Yoon Hee, she’s…interesting and I empathize with her on some level (like, rationally, I know what she might be going through, how her feelings must be overwhelming for her) but…IDK, it’s not a deep visceral full-on emphatic reaction like I get when I think or see the boys and I don’t know if it’s the acting or the script. Still, I care for her so her storylines work for me.

    LOVE Prof Jung. LOVE HIM! I so didn’t expect I was going to love him this much, but I do and he and the King? alkdjalfkjhdaskf I have a thing for loyalty and trust and these two totally have that kind of friendship.

    BTW, am I the only one who thought Yoon Hee was going to out herself as a girl in order to save the day? Because that seemed the most logical step for me.

  10. This recap is love. Pure love. One of my favorite recaps & I enjoyed reading it thoroughly.

    Curious & looking forward to see how you and Thundie will do the next two eps since I feel they are the weakest.

  11. I really love the way you tell the story.. Not the usuall recap or summary, something like poetic or i’d rather say just like the classic literature :).. I’ve a silent reader on every where related to SKKS. I’ll be waiting for the next lessons… And forgive me for my poor english :). Big thanks from an ajumma, rhianti

  12. Sigh…this obsession is not healthy!! But what a KILLER episode, in fact, they have all been KILLER episodes. Thank you for yet another FANTASTIC recap and for capturing those heartfelt KILLER moments! See how I use KILLER synonymously with Sungkyunkwan Scandal!? If dramas could kill… this would be the one. (As clichéd as it may sound, lol).

    peace out x

  13. Micky Yoochun’s agency did a great job in their publicity, there have been a lot of articles that are posted up praising his acting but truthfully there’s nothing special with his acting skills, he’s being eaten alive by his co-stars. It’s because he’s an idol-turned-actor, that’s why the critics are light against him. If it’s not an idol who had this kind of performance as LSJ I’m sure a lot of people will be throwing stones against him, Micky’s acting is mediocre at its best.

  14. Oh, no, as a native Korean speaker, I really believe Micky shines in these scenes. He has all the angst kept inside but the trickling in his eyes just gives it all away. Sun Joon is such a stoic character, which suits the role of ultimate Sunbi(an equivalent to a gentleman in the old times in Korea), who were trained not to show any obvious feelings in public.

    In ep. 15, you guys will all eat your words. He’ll just prove himself to be a stunning actor. Wait and see.

    Love your recaps!! Thanks for posting them up!

  15. First, I love reading the recaps by all the ladies on this blog. You guys have a way with words, and I’m truly jealous. This recap was no exception.

    That said, I’d have to disagree with your criticism on Micky’s acting. The truth is that critics and viewers tend to be even more critical of idols-turned-actors because of the bias that they’re getting their roles due to their large fan base, and they’re not as serious about the craft as those who are actors first.

    Among all these idols-turned-actors (Sung Yuri, Shinhwa’s Eric, Kangta, FTTS’s Hwanhee, DBSK’s Yunho, SNSD’s Yoona, Kim Hyun Joong, and many others), Micky is the first one who the Korean audience (infamous for being overly critical) genuinely praised for his acting and not merely paying lip service. Even on sites like DC Gallery where the people posting tend to be of mixed gender and slightly older, the general consensus has been that a new gem of an actor has been discovered. This kind of uniform praise I’ve rarely seen before.

    The difference is found most clearly between those who are native Korean speakers and those who are not. Non-native Korean speakers would have to resort strictly to the facial expressions conveyed by the actors, whereas the Korean speakers would be much more inclined to consider how the dialogues are delivered in line with the natural intonation of the Korean speech. Both are extremely important factors to make a good actor, and a truly good actor should be apparent whatever the fluency level of the viewer may be. However, with an introverted and inexpressive character like Lee Sun Joon, it is harder to be a judge without more heavily taking into account the speech of the character. And I think this is one main reason why so many Korean audience is uniformly praising his acting.

    By no means am I arguing that his acting is flawless. Even with such an inexpressive character like Lee Sun Joon, I’m sure it would be possible to show more nuanced acting. But despite so, Micky’s acting debut has been one of the most impressive ones I’ve seen in recent years, not only among idols-turned-actors, but just among young actors in general. It’s even more exciting because of the immense potential he showed.

    Hopefully I didn’t sound like an irrational fangirl who’s merely defending her star. Although it’s true that I’m his fangirl, I’ve only recently become his 800,002nd fan, mostly attributed to his role in SKKS. (I believe Thundie beat me to the 800,001st spot). Hmm, okay kill me now for writing such a long essay defending a DBSK member. What have I become???

  16. Just finished Ep 15 Friday and decided this was the weekend I’d catch up on the world famous SKKS recaps! For whatever reason, I decided to start at the end and work my way backwards. I’m so glad I did, because this is stunning. So much so that I’m going to scroll up and read it again right after typing this comment.

    “The wind on your cheek. The world at your feet. A strong friend by your side. Your life may be crashing, but for a moment, just for a moment, you can soar and be happy.”

    I think I want to use that as one of my life’s quotes. – xiaoSxin

    Me, too. Because that completely describes my life since I discovered the joy of K-dramas and found some of the best friends in the whole world.


  17. i finally decided to watch seeing all of you here as well as over at db gushing over this sageuk. boy, am i glad i did. joining in on the chorus of squeals over the angst and whatnots …..

  18. Public Announcement:

    The 800,001st spot was claimed as early as the first SKKS recap posted on this blog. Of course, at that time said claimant was a little embarrassed to admit it openly, because… (see first question on vote-till-you-drop SKKS poll, and also the third poll, the one that says “The only Micky I know…”). But it’s not a secret anymore, and everyone else needs to fall in line! 😆

    At the risk of incurring Serendipity’s ire, I also want to say I LOVE Micky’s acting. I totally love him and his portrayal of Lee Sun-joon.

  19. Seriously, I cried during that tree-scene with Jaeshin & Yoonhee.The sadness of it. It felt like my heart was being squeezed. 😦 Ah, Jaeshin..

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