The vote-till-you-drop Sungkyunkwan Scandal polls

Ha! So Episode 16 just ended and there’s one whole week before the next episode?

Short of going crazy with the wait and the anticipation, why not relieve the tension with some polls? Twelve polls in all, and you can even vote repeatedly. Yes, vote till you drop!

Have fun!













48 thoughts on “The vote-till-you-drop Sungkyunkwan Scandal polls

  1. now i can see myself really addicted to this drama.. even answering poll is fascinating to me and laughing like a crazy person…. so sad that it will end soon! it’s no doubt that i will watch it over and over again until i will be up on my senses…

  2. Where are you watching this one Thundie? Viikii because as far as I know you don’t speak Korean and the subs seem to only be up to episode 6.

    You make me REALLY want to watch this but I’m afraid to start until I have all episodes available with subs because I need quick fixes when it comes to my dramas and refuse to wait weeks for new eps!!

  3. I meant are you watching at Viikii or using soft subs because the soft subs are only available up to ep 6 that I found.

    My first comment was kinda confusing, DOH!

  4. So I know I’m nut Thundie, but I thought I’d answer anyway ^^. Anything to share the SKKS love! ~

    Kristal, you can find softsubs in the soompi SKKS thread–subs are available through episode 14. I think the first 5 ot 6 are from GOESS, the next 4 are from Viikii, and the next 4 were made by the Soompi SKKS sub team (which formed once the licensing problem started at viikii). The Soompi team is still working on 15 and 16, although partial subs for 15 were released to tide everyone over until the complete subs come out :).

    Happy watching!

  5. thundie hugs. i’ll be back to vote some more.
    i love this. so much fun!
    SKKS is the best, they should just extend it
    or do a special. thanks

  6. For that last question, I will probably end up in a “raid my refrigerator” state: find ANYTHING that is SKKS and keep my addiction prolonged till my friends finish spazzing and we all die of withdrawl.


  7. i love reading all the comments! SKKS might not be a GOOD drama the way that Comrades or Conspiracy in the Courts is good (both of which I still haven’t collected enough impetus and energy to watch), but that’s only because it’s a GRREAT drama. I don’t care about historical inconsistency, or a lack of important social and political issues, when its just this much fun to watch!

    I only voted in one of the polls – the one about Yong-ha, because you KNOW the boy is just meant to be with Moony!

    ps. I’m SOOOOOOO anticipating the mega-post about SKKS, when I had so much fun reading the varied opinions of everyone for the Comrades one (I suspect I might enjoy the post more than the drama, which is why I still can’t MAKE myself watch it)… my only request – pls let it be soon.

  8. Rocking poll thundie!!! Loved the question on MJS’s hair (LOLL & still LOLLing) – truly as someone said earlier – the most important question in the world!!)

  9. I want more SS πŸ™‚
    Just watched the Eng subbed ep 15. CANNOT WAIT FOR ep 16!!!! πŸ˜€
    Kimchidrama faster faster!
    Thank you! πŸ˜€

    The most entertaining poll ever.

  10. AhahaHAAA!!! Thundie, this was super wonderful! Priceless! I don’t even know what to say to express just how I loved it! Haha! Super thanks!

  11. This survey was a hoot! Thanks!

    Just started watching and after the first episode I was hooked! What fun! What shenanigans! What delicious possibilities!

    Thanks too for the recaps too. Trying very hard not to peek at episodes I haven’t watched yet but with limited success. ADDICTED!!

  12. Fun poll. Although that didn’t distract me at all on how Ep.16 should be airing today!

    Oo the drama will always live in my heart if it end, becuase i'm so buying it!
    It's a must have peoples! Show everyone how popular that drama was overseas by buying it .. haha .. might stick some sense into adding korean channel in our local cable. bleh.

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