Blown away by Comrades (Part 1)

Some dramas you watch and can’t wait to forget. Some you will never forget, no matter how hard you try.

Eyes of Dawn, Shin Don, Winter Sonata. Dramas that continue to haunt me, for reasons I love or loathe. Yesterday I added one more to the list (of beloved dramas); I know this one will reside in my heart for a very long time. Dramas that blow you away tend to linger, we accept that.

In a two-part series, Thundie’s Prattle brings you what I’ve affectionally termed a Comrades Squeal Party. In Part 1, we relive the drama through a few YouTube clips that you can download. In Part 2, some friends wax lyrical on why this is (almost certainly) the drama of the year for them.



[Download clip] [Download mp3]

I love this last clip the most and I’m sure you’ll understand why when you come to the end of Comrades.

9 thoughts on “Blown away by Comrades (Part 1)

  1. First clip was responsible for me dropping Poontang No. 1 and going for this instead, a few months ago. See what a good trailer can do…

  2. Been waiting for you to write a review on this drama!
    And yes, I do think that this will be the first korean drama that will makes me unforgettable and leave a deep impression in my heart. Though some might said that the historical facts are somewhat twisted, the love, friendship, brotherhood is what kept me going.
    Stellar performances from the actors and actresses
    This is my first time watching Choi Soo Jong’s drama but it makes me to be excited about his next drama! (:

  3. Kitteh’s Chief Retainer (aka Anarchist), this is my first time watching the clips. You’re right; what a superb trailer! Makes me want to rewatch the drama so bad. BTW, speaking of Poontang No. 1, did you finish it perchance? 😆

    Hi lala, guess what? You’ll be getting not just one Comrades review but at least six. By gifted writers, too. Hmm, I should start sending my panel of reviewers some reminders… 😀

  4. Hi momosan, can’t wait for you to watch this masterpiece! Never have I loved so many men in one drama so much. I feel that I know each one so well… as though they are my own brothers. The acting in Comrades is just out of this world.

  5. Blown away. Unforgettable. This is the BEST DRAMA of the year. Hands down.

    Thank you, thundie…will get crackin’ on the writing. 😉

  6. i found it enjoyable but not terribly gripping (have not finish watching, only at ep 16). the female leads are not exactly eye-catching so that little bit of romance in the drama is not memorable. maybe that is the whole point, an all guys thing?

  7. Dudes, this Comrades, it is awesome!
    Only up to episode 12 yet, but kudos to show for not only humanising the NKPA but also making a good few of them so amazing that I wind up rooting for them (am I supposed to? My bad *hides*). Given the bloody and bitter history between both sides, I can imagine it wasn’t easy for them to have remained unbiased and for them to have kept things at a human level. Not to mention the acting is solid enough that it’s impossible not to feel affected by any of them.
    When they tossed around the terms ‘anti-war’ and ‘human drama’ in its (blink and you’ll miss it) promotion, they’d obviously meant it too.

    Just finished watching Sandglass and I’d definitely count that as one of those shows that resonates with you. The death and destruction in that is so devastating I’m practically numb, worse knowing all those events actually happened, just like they were happening on screen and not very long ago either. How Korea managed to crawl out of that hellhole, I don’t know, I’m just floored.

    Aah, Shin-Don, I spy download links. Too much enabling over here, too much, for a weak and unhealthy, feverishly obsessed kdrama fiend such as I. Hee!
    Ooh, Giant 34, too!

  8. Thanks for these links, Thundie!

    I am only on episode 16 as well, as I am keeping up with the regular schedule of KBS World on cable, but I so love this drama. Its not cutesy, its not makjang, and the romance storyline is not the main focus, but the acting is so stellar that you can’t help but be sucked in to the gritty and painful time of war.

    I have always loved Choi Su Jong’s acting, and I enjoyed Dae Jo Young so much mainly because he was in it, but he is just so impressive here. All the men are amazing in making us see the bonds of brotherhood that have grown through the challenges of war. This has been the best drama for the year for me so far. And yes, this is one of those dramas that just stays with you and leaves a great lasting impression.

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