Take a good look at the above faces because you might soon be joining a small but extremely vocal group of viewers chanting the following refrain:

Best ensemble of the year. Best writing, best directing, best acting, BEST DRAMA!

To understand why it’s blowing the minds of its viewers, check out Serendipity’s first-impressions review which details how Comrades is doing everything right, and doing it with startling power and poignancy.

And now you can watch it all, because the final episode aired last night in Korea.


All links deleted.
Thundie’s Prattle isn’t done singing the praises of Comrades. It is simply waiting for more people to discover the drama before it rolls out a special post. Stay tuned!


17 thoughts on “Comrades

  1. Thanks for sharing the links to these, Thundie!

    I absolutely adore this drama! Its gritty, its not pretty, and quite heavy in terms of the subject matter, but you can’t help but get invested in it, which is why its so darn good. Amazing acting, writing and directing all around! I agree that its the Best Drama I have seen all year.

  2. Thundie, thanks so much for sharing the links. Ep 1 was so intense. This is not something I can marathon due to the fact that after watching this episode I was literally left shaking.

  3. Just finished watching ep 1 to 4 over the weekend. Am I glad I read the first impressions and decided to watch it!

    I don’t understand Korean but it seemed like the people from the mountain hide-out speak a different dialect? Or was it my imagination?

    You really end up feeling for the characters regardless of the side they are fighting on. It captures the senseless tragedy of war perfectly.

  4. thank you so much for the links. i really enjoy reading all the posts from all (3) of you. i am actually a lurker but can’t help but comment regarding these downloads. i used to go to a site that uploads comrades and giant videos but the site has since closed and i was really sad that i won’t be able to watch it completely (since i have read good reviews from your site & tweets, same goes with your friends’ websites and tweets). most of the sites i visit don’t upload giant & comrades series. i am really happy that you were very kind to share it to us. my gratitude abounds. kamsahamnida!!!

    thanks again for your generosity!!!

  5. @daktari, thanks for the tip. i actually have an account at am-addiction but i have not been there for a long time already (i might have forgotten my account & password). i don’t know how to post any comment there. i usually just read forums at soompi since i have no idea how to post a comment (he he, sorry). i think you have to post something in the forum at am-addiction to be able to download the links since the last time i went there (when i can still remember my password and account) i can’t seem to find the links.

    sorry, this may be off topic already. thanks again!!!

  6. Thank you SO very much, Thundie.
    I’ve had to resort to torrents to d/load decent quality episodes of Giant ever since tek1nn vanished, so I truly appreciate the megaupload links for Comrades, cheers again. I’ve just d/loaded the first two but too scared to watch them just now. Eeek!

  7. I want to give you a million hugs and kisses for introducing me to Comrades. Without you, I would have merely glanced at it on the list of dramas currently airings and would never make that small, but oh-so-important, click. But anyhow, thanks to you, I clicked and now I’m hooked. I love all of the characters in the drama.. they are so real to me.. I dunno wat I’m going to do when something happens to one of them… ahhh, just the thought of it kills me. Anyway, THANK YOU!

  8. Thank you so much for these! These show hands down is the best drama I’ve seen all year. Up to episode 18 and it’s just well done! More people need to watch this show

  9. Very nice show, but sometimes unrealistic. I.e. southkorean soldiers are throwing 4 grenades, six are exploding, killing exactly everyone. PLA soldiers are carying PPSz guns, s.korean rifles. Never taking guns from fallen enemies.

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