Road Number One: Episode 4 — A Recap in Verse

I humbly present
My recapping in haiku
Road Number One, 4

Rehash plot and pain
Then, night. Trenches. Shells. Screaming.
Brutal hand-to-hand

Morning. And mourning…
For ourselves and for the dead
Grimy and grim, we

3-150 4-150

Thirsty and desperate
We grab, we dig, we eat mud
Reduced and brought low

5-150 6-150

Rain! Relief! Oh, joy!
Oh, that it has come to this…
Curse the cruel fates!


Tae-Ho reminisces
The rain and the hope… “Su-Yeon”
First-flush of a crush

8-150 9-150

Jang-Woo reminisces
In training, in rain… “Su-Yeon”
Clutch the sketch-book, rock.


Respite. An errand…
Newly minted lieutenants
To bring to slaughter

11-150 12-150

Pusan. Passing out.
“Let’s frivol while we yet may!”
But not our hero…


Stranger solicits:
“Officer, come play with me!”
Wait, yikes, it’s Su-Hee!

14-150 15-150

We live in ill times
We get by the best we can
In lipstick. In shame.


“Su-Yeon? My father?”
“He’s Dead.” Shock, regret, and tears
Existential angst.

17-150 18-150

Wait! Is that…? Su-Yeon!
Both men search, run, desperate
Oh pathos, heartbreak

19-150 20-150

(But, why the drama?
Su-Hee gave him directions
To Su-Yeon’s clinic)

21-150 22-150

Clinic. Su-Hyuk bro
A fit, help! CPR, stat!
Handy procedure…


Rest? Run? Argue they
Join comrades up north, he must
Troubled, fearful, she


Knock on door, ohno!
A uniform! Su-Hyuk flees.
But, wait, can it be…?

25-150 26-150

Jang-Woo! Giddy smiles!
Joy unalloyed! Salute! (huh?)
Embrace. Music soars.

27-150 28-150

Wannabe in-laws
Tae-Ho and Su-Hee catch up
Both beaten and down


“Could you look at me?”
Su-Hee springs. He recovers:
“You’ve done nothing wrong.”


But his parting shot:
“Tell Su-Yeon to answer me”
And returns not hug


Lovers lost in time
Content in arms and few words
“Sorry.” “Foolish talk!”


Suddenly, a chase!
(What?) Tae-Ho after Su-Hee
Through the market (Why?)


Cliché cute-shop date
(Really? Grown-ups? On parting
in middle of war?)

34-100 35-100 36-100

Hunter, prey, lovers
Converge. Widened eyes! Pleadings!
Shock! Horror! (But, why?)

38-110 38a-110 39-110

Sudden explosion!
Run and scream! But Su-Hyuk strews…
Propaganda bills

40-170 41-170

Run, our lovers, run!
Away from Tae-Ho (But, why?)
Hide, our lovers, hide!

42-170 43-170

Tight in the alley
And close to discovery
Hearts quicken, blood pumps

44-150 45-150

Alley, kiss. (Frisson?)
Dandelion-like fluff flies
Here in clinic, love.

46-150 47-150

Then, sketching and tears.
Depart he must; duty calls
Time bears on, fluff flies,


“Go. You must go now.
Though all may say you are dead
I’ll know you’re alive.” (?!!)


Bare back in twilight
For remembering, she says,
the way back to her. (?!)


“I have decided,”
He declares. Stalling, drawing,
Soaked in light and tears


Ep 4: My Verdict
Can’t understand, can’t buy-in
“Huh?”, “why?” and “really?”

Less over-acting
(Whew.) But insurmountable
logic and sense gap

Like, eat mud for thirst?
Su-Yeon a neurologist??
Really? Can’t compute.

Epic Love? A miss
Sappy, sloppy, senseless, wet
Can’t feel the Epic

29 thoughts on “Road Number One: Episode 4 — A Recap in Verse

  1. Reading your recaps
    Gave me a reputation
    For insane laughter

    I hope you’re happy
    My roommate thinks I’m bonkers
    Just like this drama

  2. Can’t write poetry to save my life
    But no matter as Road’s rife
    With incomprehensible strife

    Prof: You call that a haiku? Syllable count is all wrong; moreover, a haiku does not rhyme. FAIL!

    I love this recap
    But fear Serendipity
    will not soldier on

    Prof: No meaning or imagery whatsoever. FAIL!

    Oh, dandelions
    Drifting in the air of this
    Disappointing Show

    Prof: FAIL!

  3. Serendipity
    Seems to revel in my pain
    Heartless recapper!

    Thunderbolt, as well,
    Encourages lunacy
    Can no longer breathe

    Roommate offered pie
    I accepted, still laughing
    Her eyes scream pity

  4. what the two of you have done
    is make me avoid the show at once
    serendipity’s cool recap
    to the show is like a slap

    news for road number one were strong and swift
    but now it’s barely floating adrift
    i just can’t bring myself to watch
    what seems to be a huge big botch

    normally i would lurk, read and laugh
    but this has inspired me just enough
    to think a few words in a rhyme
    just to thank you guys for all the fun times!

  5. Stop please, stop it now
    Your mirth hurts me to the core
    I’m just a drama

    Sappy and sloppy
    Is that how you describe me?
    Ouch, you are cruel

    What is it you seek?
    A sizzling bromance, perchance?
    Shit, this is a war!

    People are dying
    Lovers torn apart, screaming
    You demand logic?

    Go watch your Comrades
    Jang-woo says he doesn’t care
    Trot along now, shoo!

  6. i’m just a drama trying my best
    instead i’m made to feel like a pest
    i’ve made the men eat mud
    to those displeased people i say “so what”

    i’m trying to showcase so ji sub
    however it looks like here he sucks
    to those fangirls expecting more
    i say please wait for the next drama in store

    i was groomed to be a blockbuster
    instead i have been busted
    by a little boy from baker king
    and then a rocking legend came

    is there no end to my woes
    how much further would i have to go
    before i finally ends
    so that i can hide in shame


    – from a sad drama

    (ooh bravo people, this is fun…^^)

  7. Sorry, I can’t write any poetry to save my life…I just want to say Thanks to Serendipity for her hard work and witty recaps…

  8. That was THE SHIT.

    There’s so much more dramatic tension when the story is told in verse! It’s like you’ve taken what was a choppy narrative, but rewritten it in such terse syllables, that it turns it into something that feels epic!

    The short bursts of images and words takes this to an entirely different place.

    Also? Just hilarious.

  9. Comedy hour
    Too many to count, sides hurt.
    Team mockery RAWKS!

    Moar if you please, dear,
    if not, okay, too. Just pay
    my med bills. Dying.

  10. Unhealthy comments!
    I’ve now broken a few ribs
    O, cruel commenters!

    Maybe if this show
    Had been written all in rhyme
    It’d have found some brains

    Soon you will receive
    Two sets of medical bills
    Whatcha say ’bout that?

  11. I’ve suffered enough
    by some so-called drama buffs
    would you pay for my med bills too
    since i’ve been reduced to poo poo

    Soo-yeon is busy saving broken ribs
    The guys are busy blowing things up into bits
    when will jang woo eventually die
    will i laugh or will i cry?

    it’s time to go it’s time to go
    soon i am reaching my goal
    i may be good i may be bad
    in any way i’ve tried my best

    – from a sad drama

    who is to pay for my med bills too
    from the cracked ribs i got from here
    it was fun writing these lines
    though i almost died trying to make it rhyme

    first time i’ve ever been so active
    going back to my lurker’s cave
    now i’ve got to rest my brain
    til the next time i’ll come again~

    – raye (^.^)

  12. Class, no more haiku
    Today we take a Road trip
    The one less traveled

    Because this is how
    All k-dramas should be made
    The pathos, the pain!

    Wait, who just said “Shit!”?
    Who just groaned very loudly?
    Just ‘fess up now, speak!

    Was it you, Thundie?
    Or you, Miss Dahee Fanel?
    Trying to rile me?

    Smarty-pants like you
    Think Road is a big fat joke

    Kim Ha-neul’s all class
    So frail you fear she might break
    But she proves you wrong!

    See So Ji-sub’s eyes
    Conveying how intensely
    He desires her

    How dare you mock him
    Saying he glares like a bug!
    What? That piercing gaze?

    Don’t diss Yoon Kye-sang
    WHO. ARE. YOU. to say he sucks?
    He lost his girl, dolts!

    Choi Min-soo’s the one
    With five marbles in his mouth
    Go pounce on him, go!

    You have no idea
    What a masterpiece this is
    How I sit entranced

    Every episode
    Transports me so, breaks my heart
    I can’t get enough

    Bridge of Tragedy
    Field of Dreams, even a truck
    Each one resonates

    So shut up, you two
    If you can’t appreciate
    Works of art… like Road

  13. Recapping the show
    Screencapping the suffering
    Not Shakespearean
    But tragic and yet comic
    We change the channel again

    (lame attempt at tanka)

  14. Road Number One
    I know not
    After reading Serendipity’s recaps
    I know a lot

    War and trenches are my thing
    But Road Number One to Serendipity
    is full of stink
    Nevertheless I will wait for better tidings
    So Serendipity, continue your recapping!

  15. this is supposed to be a serious show and epic (ky) and all, but the recaps i read about this show are all comedic? ive read girlfridays review and broke a few ribs…

    with all the effort and used of time
    do I complain for lack of rhyme?

  16. You All – Wonderful!
    Wit and snark, laughter and fun
    Overwhelming cool!

    A silly idea
    Hatched in recap delirium
    Took on life, blossomed

    Road – What can I say?
    Never was Mock so easy
    You set yourself up

    Cautionary Tale
    “How to aim high and fall flat”
    Aspiration Gap

    Recaps – May wind down
    with couple *extremely* short
    Or… Oh sod it, may just forget about the whole thing, I’m off to watch Comrades!!

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  18. I will travel Road no.1 later.
    Now I see only complex wit and ribaldry
    From those who would normally
    Adore the eyes with the light in them.
    What has happened in this mud and mayhem.
    War is always hell but does it have to be hell
    In a drama?
    Oh yes I forgot. We have actors who want to rant and rave and save the girl.
    I hesitate to see such bravado that is not real
    I have seen original heroism and it is not like this.
    Act of bravery takes seconds not an episode
    Then it is forgotten.Get on with the war and stay alive
    If you can.
    This drama does not call to me but Thundie you are brave
    I will travel Road No 1 later…..Maybe.

  19. Thundie,
    I have come back again to give you more words. Not in rhyme and not in jest. I did not tell you that I read all your verse and it made sense to me with the pictures. I still have not watched this drama but I have a firm image of what Road No.1 was about. I believe there is still a Road called No.1 and it was very important during that war. I find ground warfare too harsh still and my memory still does not like to be brought back to life so I cannot watch this drama. However, I did find your words most vivid and I really don’t think I even need to see the drama. You are a poet whether the haiku is correct or not. I felt your desire to put words down on paper.

    I have not done any new haiku. I also had harsh judgment which was somewhat bruising.I will go back but maybe this time I will try waka instead. Not easier but not quite as rigid.

  20. I’ve seen the pretty pictures of the men that play these parts.
    But after reading this recap, I wont to even start.

    Recaps are hard enough when written down in prose.
    But 27 haikus? I’m thowing you a @->->– !

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