16 thoughts on “Missing The Devil

  1. Sadly, I haven’t watched this one. *hides*
    Would love to join you, but shouldn’t I watch Resurrection first? *hides in a dark corner*

  2. Hehe, you should watch both… at the same time! 😀

    But kidding aside, watching Resurrection first did not make me love Mawang less, and I know people who like the latter much more than the former, even though technically speaking (and writing-wise) Resurrection is the better drama. In fact, I may actually love Mawang more despite its minor flaws (plot contrivances or coincidences, etc.) because it’s more heartbreaking. Although revenge is the main theme in both, Mawang is really about redemption.

    If you like doppelganger stories and political intrigues, then Resurrection. If you miss Assorted Gems’ Ruby (Seo Yi-hyun), then Resurrection. Otherwise… MAWANG! 😆

  3. Mawang is the drama in which I discovered Han Jung-su and Seol Sajang from Pasta. It showcases a lot of veteran actors.. it really is a one of a kind drama. The only thing I didn’t like in Mawang was the constant replay of the flashback scenes. I miss Kim Ji-woo.. when is she going to come back with her new project? I’ve been waiting for three years!

  4. Having had so much fluffy drama fun lately, I may check this out – time to get the DVD out if I can find it, that is.

  5. I am also a fan of this drama, it changed my opinion towards Joo Ji hun who I always think is a walking block who cannot act or should not act in the first place. I am happy that a good drama like the Devil earned a lot of praise from people around the world just like last year’s you’re beautiful. It did not win in the time slot when it was first broadcast but whoever watched them will enjoy them a lot. The Devil is so good that I watched the drama so many times, always find something new to watch each time e.g the costumes,lighting, background, music, colour in other word, I like everything of the Devil even more than the Resurrection. Thank you for slide show the Devil. But the big problem is it is very hard to find shows with this much of quality. This is my only complaint.

  6. It’s one of my favorites! I only watched two kdramas all the way through in 2007 and one of them was Mawang. Joo Ji-hoon was a startling surprise and I think it like intensified my love for Uhm Tae-woong like ten-fold or something…I would do a rewatch but I still yet have to watch Resurrection as well.

  7. To tell you the truth.. i stopped in the middle of it. I just couldn’t bare the thought of watching what’s going to happened in the end to our devilish delicious lawyer.

  8. I’m going OT yet again, do I see someone falling for a pretty boy that goes by the name Jung??

    Devil is on my To Watch list, but I’m a scaredy cat. This drama looks a little creepy.

  9. I really should rewatch it. It is one of my favorite dramas , honestly I cried so much watching it especially in the last episode.
    The cat and mouse game between Joo Ji-hoon and Uhm Tae-woong characters was intense.
    I felt sorry for both the characters both of them could not move on and the result of that was tragic.

  10. Thundie, I would be on board if you do a Resurrection rewatch first. Mawang I’ve yet mustered up the courage to rewatch since I was so traumatized (in a good way) the first time around. Its darker and more disturbing than Resurrection since both leading characters are deeply flawed. Pretty much everyone loses out. Resurrection I also believe to be about redemption though much more hopeful ending then Mawang.

  11. Have not seen either of these dramas. They simply have not come my way.
    Also there is not enough time in a day to do all the things in which I am interested. Mostly concerned with Asian entertainment of course.I am still watching Assorted Jewels. Near the end now I think. I love it.

    When I get to the two above mentioned dramas I will give you my opinion for sure.


  12. Who’s missing The Devil?! I am… 🙂

    This is my first kdrama love. It turned me from a jdrama addict into an avid kdrama viewer. The Devil and Resurrection are my favorite kdramas of all time. It’s easy to put them the on top of all the other dramas I’ve seen, but I can never decide which one of the two I like more.

  13. Sigh….haven’t got the chance to watch either. Heard that both are very intense. I have Mawang lying around somewhere. Will let u know when i’m done watching it.

  14. The ending of”Devil’ is really very tragic and sad. It made me cry. Joo ji hoon’s acting skill has improved tremendously and love him even more since Goong.

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