Finally a recap but…

…it’s not for Thundie’s Prattle this time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please check out my first recap for Dramabeans >>> Chuno: Episode 14

At 5,765 words, it’s my longest recap ever. Help, I really have no idea how to be brief!

(Psst, I hope you enjoyed that slideshow of Un-nyun seeing Dae-gil for the first time after ten years.)


2 thoughts on “Finally a recap but…

  1. it was a very good recap, thundie! hope to read more recaps from you. and that chuno image (under subbing) you have of daegil is absolutely smexy!

  2. Thundie, I’m saving this until I watch the drama. Waiting until the subs are complete. I don’t want to stress myself. Anyway take your time because as long as I don’t start a drama I can wait forever.

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