Treasure Trove (Part 2)

For Part 2 of our Treasure Trove series, I’m pleased to present an eclectic selection of dramas. All of them have one thing in common: awesomeness in spades!

Oh, before you start clicking those links, here’s a public service announcement:

The four dramas are raining hotties so have a bucket handy for your drool. On a related note, the editor of the Eight Days’ subs gets first dibs on the king. (If you are going “Ha, go ahead and have him,” you ain’t seen the king and his swordsplay yet. Sexiest royal alive.)

Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong (Drama City)

Raised her entire life in a mountain monastery, young Booyong hankers for the bright lights of the city. The singer Bi is her idol and lipstick that she picks up on a trail becomes a prized possession. Realizing his disciple’s restlessness, the master (played superbly by Byun Hee-bong) decides to send her to a former disciple in Seoul. This former disciple now runs a fried chicken takeout and also happens to be the mother of… Lee Min-ki!

I watched Booyong of Mt. Kyeryong shortly after being Minkiteered (aka Kang Tae-bonged; if you have watched Minki in Dal Ja’s Spring, you’ll know what I’m talking about) and was completely charmed by this little gem. From waterfalls and brooks to Minki’s yodeling as he delivers his mom’s fried chicken, from martial arts to The Secret of the Punch (a training manual that everyone wants), this is a story that will stay with you for a long time.


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Eight Days: The Mystery of Jeongjo’s Assassination

I previously talked about Eight Days here. Dealing with the reign of King Jeongjo, and described as a “badass, hard-hitting political thriller,” this cable offering made my jaw drop just from the opening credits alone.

Costing 4 billion won for a mere 10 episodes, this was on average one of the most expensive sageuk of all time, bringing in acclaimed film director Park Jong-Won — who, interestingly, directed what’s still the best big screen Korean sageuk of the last 20 years, that 영원한 제국 (The Eternal Empire) which… sure enough, dealt with more or less the same period as this show — and TV sageuk veteran Kim Won-Seok, who wrote the fantastic 임꺽정 (Im Kkeok-Jeong) over a decade ago. It cast sageuk mainstays like Kim Sang-Joong, Jung Ae-Ri and Kim Gi-Hyeon along with interesting newcomers like Jo Han-Joon. And, last but not least, it interpreted this historical period with the kind of verve and panache only those well versed in the genre and period can do. –MisterX


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Fight was my pick for second best drama of the year in my 2008 year-end review for Dramabeans. Don’t miss the wonderful Special episode, where you’ll see the leads training for their roles. A must-watch drama if you’re a fan of Yoo Geon, Baek Do-bin (who was utterly wasted in last year’s Queen Seondeok) or Uhm Tae-woong (ditto on being wasted in QSD, grrr!).

After a year of mostly duds, Fight (a.k.a. Road Fighter) was that breath of fresh air I badly needed… Only eight episodes, and with each episode under an hour, its premise was so simple the creators of East of Eden would have rolled their eyes in derision. A drama about fighting and fight clubs? That’s all? But that simplicity, stripped of all unnecessary trappings, gave Fight a focus and energy missing in many of the dramas this year. I never knew watching two men beat each other to a pulp could be so exhilarating. The fights were beautifully choreographed and realistically fought, and a wonderfully upbeat music score made them even more compelling to watch. –thunderbolt

This show pulses with the intensity of the human spirit, and those fight scenes? Simply breathtaking to watch. –Dahee Fanel

It’s just a simple story with simple motives and an even simpler conclusion, but just like many of Park Jung-Woo’s scripts it’s filled with glorious moments. The energy, the vitality, the realism and excitement of the fights. You don’t necessarily need to park your brain at the entrance, because it always knows what its cliches and limits are, but never insults the viewer’s intelligence trying to go beyond that. And, even more importantly, it’s just barrels of fun with great music and action choreography from start to finish. –MisterX


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My Older Brother (Drama City)

“In my family there are three adults who are worse than children. The first child is my grandpa who is senile and who calls me ‘Oppa.’ The second child is my grandma who hasn’t left her room since last winter and who keeps lying that she’s about to die. The third child is my older brother, who just poked my butt and is laughing.”

Narrated by nine-year-old Kang Chol-gi, who is the youngest in the family but the most mature, My Older Brother is written by Lee Kyung-hee, who penned the 2004 hit I’m Sorry I Love You and, most recently, Will It Snow For Christmas.

This heartwarming one-episode drama marks Lee Min-ki’s debut in 2004. His acting is a little raw in places, but the patented Minki goofiness is unmistakable. In the most moving scene in the drama, he may even blow you away, he is that convincing in his portrayal of a man who is deeper than what he appears to be. The rustic setting and a wry humor that permeates the episode are additional pluses.


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16 thoughts on “Treasure Trove (Part 2)

  1. Wow another great feast! Thanks Thundie for the goodies… hehe my friend will be busy downloading those trove for me, yeah! Have watched Fight immediately after your review in 2008, really enjoying and loving the short drama!

  2. Oh ya who hasn’t been bonged by Mr. Kang Tae Bong 😛
    Watched Evasive Inquiry Agency a while back but didn’t know how to appreciate it ;P will definitely check out Booyong & Older Brother

  3. Yay! I’ve been meaning to start 8 days and Fight for a while, so this is wonderful! Thank you so much for posting these!

  4. Thundie, don’t know if you upgraded already, but I sent Jackie better versions ripped from TVR (a local cable affiliate of tvN). Around the gigabyte each, better resolution and sound. Usual place. ㅋㅋ

  5. Thanks for the MU links for Eight Days! Sadly, I can’t use them unless I join MU. Is there an alternative that someone could suggest?

  6. just watched my older brother.really loved it.can i say it brought tears to my eye?well minki was convincing in his potrayal.thank goodness i watched most of his projects.the child was also good.really heartwarming 1 episode drama.

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