First birthday and a drama giveaway

Thundie’s Prattle is ONE today. Happy birthday, blog!

(Here’s the post which started it all, dated Jan 12, 2009.)

To celebrate this little milestone, I would like to have another giveaway, one that is special and different. After mulling for days, it dawned on me that I could give away something “homemade” this time. Something dear to me and which I would like to share with you.

If you do not already know (from my list of Top 40 Dramas), my most-loved drama is Shin Don. It is the drama that owns my heart completely.

The best descriptions of Shin Don come from the friend who not only introduced the drama to me, he translated every episode. In MisterX’s words:

It’s a madly complicated and madly involving drama. Think Shakespeare. Decadent, intelligent, irreverent, romantic and a little crazy. Pretty much the best historical drama Korea has ever produced.

It finished quite a while ago, but I still can’t come to terms with what I’ve seen. It’s not just how complicated, intriguing, disarmingly powerful and intelligent, marvelously directed, written and acted this Drama is. The damn thing still dominates my thoughts. Every time I see one of the actors who appeared in it, hear even of silly things like a name (say, Goryeo), it’s all back to that incredible finale, to the moments when I stared at the screen, convinced I was watching something truly unique from start to finish.

It’s as if Freud and Shakespeare in Macbeth mode had a fight, reconciled and then wrote a majestic Sageuk together, with some of the most radical characters you could think.

The drama is 61 delicious, unforgettable and fully-subtitled episodes. Here are a few screencaps:

I would like to burn THREE sets of Shin Don on DVDs (61 episodes, all with English fansubs by WITHS2) and send them to the winners of this birthday giveaway.

To stand a chance of winning a set, all you need to do is complete the following sentence:

Shin Don intrigues me because…

The closing date for the giveaway is January 26, 2009.

Thank you again for reading Thundie’s Prattle!

35 thoughts on “First birthday and a drama giveaway

  1. Happy Birthday, Thundie’s Prattle! I’m glad I stumbled across this wonderfully-written blog. 🙂 I look forward to more witty musings and cleverly-penned reviews!

  2. 1 year…that’s a awesome! What an achievement to be proud of =)

    My reason:

    I grew up watching historical dramas of the chinese kind, which is basically how a fifth-grade chinese school drop-out was able to stay fluent in chinese! I just love watching dramas set in historical periods, but for sagueks my viewing has been limited to only a few really popular ones like Jewel in the Palace for example. Even just from the picture of the 3 main characters, the style of dress seems different to the sagueks I’ve watched.

    With the review introducing Shin Don that you posted, I was immediately intrigued by and drawn to the unconventional “hero” and how it’s set up to explore the darker side of human nature. Sure I’m an idealistic liberal arts major, romantic at heart, and sentimental cancer zodiac that adores korean romantic comedies and family dramas…but I think I need to watch something to balance it all. And to be completely honest, it’s really those dramas that dare to delve deep into the darker side of human nature and relationships that gets to me the most…because let’s face it, that’s our reality. So, I’m ready to be blown away. And I’ll admit in advance that if my entry gets chosen, I’ll probably get addicted, have a massive Shin Don marathon and start dreaming in Korean…I’ve got terrible self-control when it comes to things I love, hehe.

    Continue blogging b/c it totally feeds my addiction! =P

  3. Hi Thundie, hope you’ll be blogging for many more years to come! Congratulations on your 1st year!! 😀

    Shin Don intrigues me because, when someone says that a drama owns their heart completely, it gets me wondering :D. I’m a huge K-drama fan, but haven’t had the chance to catch Shin Don yet. So, I’m very curious to know what makes this drama so unforgettable for so many people 🙂

  4. sucks, just missed the deadline! nevertheless, will try to get my hands on this highly recommended (so says thundie)sageuk.

    congratulations on reaching this important milestone and may you chalk up many more.

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