Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010

After a mad month of kdrama marathons and a week of writing and very little sleep, I’m pleased to announce that my 2009 year-end review is up at Dramabeans:

The Good, The Bad, The Middling

The review covers fourteen dramas and also includes my Top 5 of the year, for various categories.

I hope the review will make up, in a small way, for the recent lack of postings here on the blog. Right now I’m pretty exhausted (three hours of sleep a night for more than a week is brutal, don’t try it!), but I’ll resume the remaining Brilliant Legacy and You’re Beautiful recaps soon.

2009 was a decent year for kdramas and I regret taking my own sweet time and thus not picking up a few that I really wanted to watch in time for the year-end review, such as Tamra, the Island and Friend, Our Legend. I will definitely be watching them in 2010! I’m also hoping to watch Story of a Man and The Return of Iljimae soon.

Looking toward next year, I can’t tell you how excited I am that Chuno airs next week! *squeals* Look out for the English subs, brought to you by WITHS2 and TEH X!!

Thank you so much for reading Thundie’s Prattle this year. I wish you a fabulous 2010, filled with all the things that make you smile and laugh. May it be a great year for kdramas and kmovies, too!

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  1. dang! so u were thunderbolt lolz??!! in fairness, your review is way better than the first one ahaha coz u enjoy or at least u tried to enjoy the dramas and not just find the flaws to hate on it! 2 thumbs up for u thundie! thanks for all the efforts and sleepless nights!

  2. Thank you for all your almost sleepless nights and many sacrifices to provide entertainment to many people including me.

    I really enjoyed this year in Kdrama….your recaps enhanced my enjoyment in watching them. I’m so happy you will resume with your BL recaps soon…looking forward to know your insight on the last 4 episodes..I just love this drama…

    Thank you thundie…you’re an awesome writer!

  3. You done good, Thundie! Even on 3 hours of sleep a night! Looking forward to more of your re-caps but catch up on your sleep first! Thanks so much for caring about Kdramas enough to find the time to share with us. Always fun to compare the various perspectives provided by you, Dahee and Javabeans. Wishing you all the best in 2010 as well as many hours of undisturbed sleep!

    And reading about the possibility of EYES OF DAWN being subbed this year had me jumping out of my chair and SHRIEKING “OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE!!” I bow before your feet, and those of a certain Mr. X (aka HIS GRUMPINESS or FAT CAT OWNERS INC.), and all those crazy fansubbers at WITHS2!!! Will be making a donation TODAY!

    P.S Sorry, never managed to respond to your post this summer. No, I’ve never used “Non” just “Nonbirira” (“Nonbiri” means “taking it easy” in Japanese + my initials.) And – you got it – “Sisters For Dimples” was a fanclub for the kind of dimples, Lee Seo-jin. Great fun while it lasted but alas, those days are over – although some of us still keep in touch…

  4. Oops, “KING” of dimples – not “KIND.”

  5. Great re-cap Thundie! Thanx for sharing..

    And yes, I’ll follow you CHUNO CHUNO CHUNO!!!

  6. I love your reviews though I admit it’s been a very disappointing Kdrama year. Hopefully things will improve next year.

    By the way ruthie, there’s enough dahee bashing over at dramabeans, you don’t have to add to it here. I may not agree totally with Dahee’s opinion but I will defend her right to express it the way she wants to. That is the right of every citizen in this world.

  7. I loved coming here and reading your blog this year… Thanks so much Thundie! (btw, I used to be “amy”.. i’ve taken on a new persona :D)

    I’m glad Eyes of Dawn is being subbed.. but then.. Thundie, I thought you needed subs to watch k-dramas.. but you’ve already watched Eyes of Dawn.. so I had assumed that subs were already out.. but I guess I was mistaken..

    I really hope you like Tamra.. I would recommend giving it a chance at least up to ep 6 even if the first few eps don’t grab your attention.. soft subs are only out for eps 1 – 6 only.. but you’ll be able to watch the rest on

  8. @morserachel
    u just made me laugh so hard!
    i think u need to read your comment again.
    coz i think we all have the right to express ourselves. common now, im a citizen of this world too! lolz peace out! teehee

  9. the difference is, dahee is drama bashing and you are dahee bashing. Running down someone just because you don’t agree with the way she expresses herself is not expressing your opinion.

  10. Thundie – At the risk of sounding like a nutty fan I have to say this-I hope you never ever stop blogging.:-D Your reviews are so much F U N to read. And it’s like your personality sort of seeps into your reviews. I’m sure you’re a whacky person with a wicked sense of humour in RL. It’s always such a pleasure to read your recaps and reviews.:-) Hope you catch up on your sleep – the YB and BL recaps can wait.:-)

    Thank you for giving us such a lovely gem of a blog. Reading it is almost like watching You’re Beautiful- Funny, unpredictable and always makes me smile.:-)

    Wish you a blessed New Year filled with a lot of cheer and laughter and lots of awesome K-dramas and movies.:-)

  11. i had so much fun reading your blog (and your review also over at DB)… looking forward to another great k drama year in 2010… i will try to finish Friend, the Legend too….
    Happy New Year, thundie!

  12. Your review was awesome, Thundie. And I’m looking forward to the continuation of your You’re Beautiful recaps. But please have your much-needed rest.

    Anyway, I just want to thank you again for The Happy Life DVD. Much love from the Philippines.

  13. Wow, a long list of review… am printing them out to read in a jiffy; hopefully will make good use of my christmas ang pow to purchase some of your suggested list of must-watch!

    Agree with all that this is an entertaining & meaty blog; like I said before I always feel a bit more intelligent and smiley after visiting this blog! (though haven’t been visiting of late ‘cos a while back my dear mom suddenly passed away 😦 Now that grieving period is over… hope to drop by here more often 🙂

    Anyway Soju to you on your next decade of blogging!

    p.s. oh I like the definition of “august”; have a friend who used to work for this company in S’pore named August.

  14. 3 hours?? Good grief.

    A Happy New Year to you and here’s to a great year ahead (esp in K-drama land)!

  15. Thundie dear….great job as always with your review on dramabeans site! Wish you lots and lots of sleep…..and hopefully more recaps in 2010. Love Simi

  16. Hello I thank you for writing such wonderful posts. I just discovered you this year around the YB mania.

    I am definitely a fan of yours now. Also because of you, I also discovered Ender Girl’s blog as well…

    I will be commenting on your Brilliant Legacy posts soon. hehehe

  17. Hi thundie,

    Thank you for all the works, with javabeans, WITHS2 and here on this blog.

    First drama on list to watch next year for me will be Chuno. You’ve convinced me. ^^

    Peace and hope for a great 2010. Take care.

  18. Thanks for the LOL review Thundie–I thoroughly enjoyed it due to your always amusing prose. I discovered your blog only this year though I’ve been reading your year end reviews for the last couple of years on JB. Its always a treat.

    In terms of the recaps I rather have your Joi de Vivre POV rather than getting it done to feed the mob.

  19. Your end of the year review over at dramabeans was a great read.
    I enjoyed everones opinions and agreed on a lot of them.
    Hopefully year 2010 will have great quality dramas in both kdrama and jdorama.

  20. Thank you so much for the comments and for reading that looong year-end review. Javabeans said last year that my 2008 review was 5,000 words so I tried this year to be more concise. Haha, FAIL. This one went past 8,000 words and kept going, aigoo. I must blame misterX for telling me on Twitter to just feeeel and not worry about length. 😆 Funnily, when I was reading the other reviews, I didn’t want them to end! They were all so amazing.

    I hope you enjoyed the whole series of reviews. Part 6 is up, in case you have not seen it:

    Today is Jan 1, 2010. Happy New Year!

  21. Well, I recently stumbled onto your blog (the past couple days), so I can’t say that I’m too caught up in all your opinions, but I did your dramabeans review, and I think you’re spot on.

    This year, for me, was great – not because of the quality of dramas produced, but because dramafever opened up (the ONLY way I can watch dramas without downloading them from d-addicts), and I actually had the TIME to watch more drama and become more familiar with it. I really enjoyed having the ability to read others’ opinions, which helps me keep my eyes out for more drama to watch and different ways of looking at things. 😀

    So thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to reading more this next year. 😀

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