Favorite Female Roles (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of our Favorite Female Roles poll. (Part 1 is here. Please check out the Favorite Male Roles poll as well: Parts 1 and 2.)

I really like this second part because it allows me to pay tribute to one of the brightest lights in the Korean film industry. She has left us (a fact that still brings me to tears), but in my heart she is always here, illuminating our days with her sweetness, her grace, her strength, and the immense power of her acting.

We love you, Jang Jin-young.

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  1. hmmmmm lots of unfamiliar names… anyway… I was wondering isn’t it Jung Ryeo Won not Kim Ryeo Won? haha!

  2. I voted for more actresses here… either because I have watched these actresses more… or simply because I feel happier coz my dear KSA is here. *hugs thundie*

  3. @Raine,
    we definitely are not from the same “era” of Korean drama. The first part has a lot of unfamiliar names for me.. and this second part is where I know almost every actress. Could it be Korean drama Gen X and Korean drama Gen Y? *^^*

  4. Oops, Raine, I must have been all “Kimmed” out, hehe. 😳 Corrected, thanks! If it’s still appearing as “Kim” instead of “Jung,” just refresh the page and you should see the new version.

    Alodia, thundie’s forgiven now? 😆

    Btw, I’m sure this question will come up sooner or later so I’ll just post the answer here:

    Yoon Eun-hye is not included because her body of work is still pretty small. *runs*

  5. @alodia
    haha! maybe so… haha! or maybe I just watch too many of those trendy dramas that I neglect the more substantial ones! haha! My kdrama age is pretty young too… like 3 or 4 yrs old! haha! and my kmovies are super super limited! haha!

    all okay now… 🙂 ahaha BTW thanks for all the polls! haha! I missed the males part 2 so I’m gonna get to it now haha…

  6. Thank you for putting Suna in the list now.

  7. I love Suna in MNIKSS, but the more I love and admire her in City Hall. I think Suna is the actress so devoted to her work that she can transformed her self in any character and she`s the only actress “fOR mE” who can make the character so effective and so real that the audience cannot differ Suna from her role….Amazing actress!

  8. I voted also for more actreeses in this Part 2 of the poll than in the first one, I think I like the actresses also in this part more and is kinda sentimental too that included in this poll are the late but great actresses Jang Jin-young, Choi Jin-shil and Lee Eun-joo, RIP…

  9. Nothing beats Kim Samsoon for me. S Diary was pretty fun too. Kekeke, don’t bash me, but I still hold that Gong Yoo is Kim Sunah’s best partner. Awesome chemistry there!

    BTW, I’m so behind on Yeh Jiwon. I’m guessing that One Shot and Boy Meets Boy are her new movies?? Need to scour them up soon.

  10. Thanks for this poll; reminds me to watch more k-dramas as I’m totally unfamiliar with one or two names included here.

    @ditdut- I watched S Diary and She’s on Duty and I gotta say Gong Yoo and Kim Sun Ah really make a good on-screen pair. Now that Gong Yoo’s out of the army….

  11. thnks for doing part 2 for both male and female.

    i must say that i’m only familiar with a handful of actresses and their works.

    geeshhh … wish you had picked a better photo of my Sosuhno (Han Hye Jin) 😛

    thanx again dear.

  12. yess.. thank God people agree that Geum-soon was Han Hye Jin’s best role.. so far

  13. Dear Thundie,

    While scanning the newswire, Ive come across news about Jang Jin Young’s husband who has just published a book as his ‘LAST GIFT’ to his wife.

    There is quite a story there, unfortunately after translation by google, all turns to gibberish.

    Would you care dear, to post this news?


  14. Hi Lm J

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I can’t translate from Korean to English; that’s the main reason I don’t normally post news on the blog. Another reason is because Dramabeans and Dahee Fanel both do such a great job with news:



    RIP, Jang Jin-young.

  15. YAY KIM SUNA IS HERE!!! SO HAPPY!!!.. yeah i’m more familiar with part 2 of these actresses..! but still SUNAH ALL THE WAY!

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