You’re Beautiful: Episode 14

Filming in Progress


(Tae-kyung and Mi-nam stand facing each other)

(TK) Go Mi-nam, I came because I have something to tell you. I’m telling you only once, so listen carefully. Go Mi-nam, I… You…

(clanging and tooting noises; first busload of fans comes into view)

(PD) Cut, CUT! The first bus is moving too slowly and the second bus is following too close. Tell the second driver to keep a two-car distance. Also, the fans need to scream louder, much louder. Like this: OPPA, OPPA!! C’mon, let’s wrap up this scene quickly, it’s so friggin’ cold out here.

(close-up of Tae-kyung’s face as he whispers into Mi-nam’s ears)

(TK) I like you.

(Mi-nam walks away in a daze; fans descend on Tae-kyung; he gazes after Mi-nam’s unsteady gait and smiles bemusedly; fans clamor for autographs)

(PD) Cut! That’s a wrap for this scene. Good job, everyone.

(Jang Geun-suk and Park Shin-hye walk together toward the van)

(PSH) Oppa, your ears must be frozen, they are so red.

(JGS) Ha, just look at your own nose. Someone must be missing Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. And the way you walked just now was funny, like you were going to keel over any minute.

(PSH) Was it very weird? The PD didn’t say anything so I thought it was okay. I’m supposed to be in great shock, you know. Hwang Tae-kyung finally confesses his feelings for Go Mi-nam!

(JGS) It took 14 episodes, but he finally did it. Some fans might be disappointed, though. They’re dying to hear his first “I love you.”

(PSH) Too bad Tae-kyung had to have a zit on his forehead when he made his grand declaration today. (runs off giggling)

(JGS) What? You come back here, you little rascal. Come back or I’ll spank you!


(Mi-nam sits unseeing, her mind replaying the earlier scene; when she realizes she did indeed hear the words “I like you” from Tae-kyung, her face lights up as though flowers are blooming all around her)

(PD) Wait, wait. Shin-hye, don’t forget to hiccup as you’re smiling and giggling. Imagine you’ve just won 500 million won.

(PSH) Aww, PD-nim, I’m more romantic than that. I’ll think of Geun-suk oppa, haha! Okay, I’m ready.

(Tae-kyung observes Mi-nam from inside his car and smiles)

(TK) She must have heard correctly. It’s too embarrassing to repeat myself.

(Mi-nam’s laughter can be heard across the road; she slaps the bench and stamps her feet in glee; passersby think she’s loony; Tae-kyung’s car pulls up; he gestures for her to come to the car; he smiles; she blushes)

(PD) Cut! Why is that woman standing so close to the car? Ask her to move out of camera range. Geun-suk, reverse and drive up again.

(scene is repeated)

(PD) CUT! What the hell, why is that woman peering inside Geun-suk’s car again? That is not in the script! 2nd AD (2nd assistant director), who is that crazy woman?

(2nd AD) Oh, she was one of the extras at the bus stop and this is her first day on the set. I saw her trembling earlier and when I went over to talk to her, all she could say was “Jang… Jang…” Since my name is Jang Kwan-ho, I said “Yes, you want to speak to me?” but she continued to mutter “Jang… Jang…” so I left her alone. Her scene was simple anyway; she just had to walk past the bus stop. I’ll move her away now. So sorry, PD-nim.

(2nd AD peels the woman off JGS’s car window and leads her away)

(JGS) Hmm, that extra sure looks familiar. Where have I seen her before?


(camera crew are setting up the lighting)

(JGS) You know that cast extra who interrupted the roadside scene? I just remembered where I saw her. At Star Clinic yesterday! The clinic must not be doing well if its nurses have to moonlight. I wonder if Dr. Kim knows that she is here. Or perhaps today is her day off?

(PSH) Oppa, you were sick? Why did you go to the doctor yesterday?

(JGS) No, not me. Tae-kyung went. Wait a minute… I am Tae-kyung! Oh, never mind, I can’t explain the script now. Just take it that there was an additional clinic scene. Or maybe it was all a dream. If I can get three hours of sleep tonight, my mind will be clearer tomorrow.

(PSH) You can sleep tonight but I can’t. We’re filming Jeremy’s magic bus scene after he finds out that Mi-nam likes Tae-kyung. Ah, that one is going to be emotional. Hong-ki was telling me he’s nervous.

(JGS) He’ll be okay. I have complete confidence in him.

(PSH) Oppa, you were so cute earlier in the car scene when you were saying “like” so many times. I think PD-nim was getting annoyed with us because of the NGs.

(JGS) It was all your fault. Mi-nam is supposed to hiccup when I say “like”; instead you burst out laughing.

(PSH) Because you had that cheeky smirk on your face!

(JGS) I was not smirking, I was smil…

(PSH) Oppa, wait. Don’t turn, but that extra has been staring and smiling at you. That one over there. No, don’t look at her, she’ll know! The nurse you were telling me about. I saw her taking a few steps toward us and then moving back. She seems undecided about something. Is she supposed to be in this scene?

(PD) Geun-suk and Shin-hye, get ready for your scene now. The food’s already on the table.


(camera crew and bus driver are waiting inside the bus)

(PD) Shin-hye, the bus ajusshi will keep pace with you, so you just run as fast as you can but don’t fall. Hong-ki, you look straight ahead and wait for Shin-hye to board the bus. Remember not to look at her until she speaks to you. You have the phone in your pocket?

(LHK) Yes, it’s here. I’m ready. (takes deep breath)

(PD) Okay, good. Do your best.

(Jeremy is deep in thought when Mi-nam climbs on board; he doesn’t see her until she stands in front of him; he glares at her and tells her to get off because this is his bus; she does not move)

(MN) Jeremy…

(J) I was fine when you said you were a guy and when you became a woman again. But if you say it’s Tae-kyung hyung… I can’t be fine. Why isn’t it me? You were the only one that I told about this magic bus. I only allowed you and no one else to hold Jolie’s leash. I was even going to sing a song for you. Why? Why can’t you like me?

(Jeremy’s voice cracks as he speaks; both of them are crying; he turns his face away; she sits across the aisle and continues looking at him; both sit in silence as the bus goes on its one-hour journey; his phone rings; it’s the radio station calling to check why he isn’t at the recording studio; he had promised to sing a song on air at the end of the program; he stares at the phone and then at Mi-nam before answering)

(J) There isn’t much time left, is there? I’ll just sing the song over the phone.

(radio station gives the go-ahead; deejay introduces Jeremy to listeners)

(J) Hello, it’s Jeremy. Since college entrance exams are over, I wanted to give all our industrious students a happy song as encouragement.

(deejay introduces the song title: Excellent Words; Jeremy looks directly at Mi-nam as he speaks into the phone, as though he’s speaking to her)

(J) These excellent words were so precious to me and I held onto them dearly. They are words I can’t easily repeat, but I hope they won’t become words you don’t want to hear, or meaningless words that make you sad.

(he begins to sing, tears streaming down his face, his voice breaking again and again as Mi-nam watches in tears; he sings the last line of the song, “I love you, I love you” and sighs deeply, the expression on his face a mix of pain and anger)

(MN) Those are very good words.

(J) But you can’t accept them. I can’t say that I’m feeling okay now, but when the bus returns to its starting point, I will be all right then.

(the journey finally ends; before disembarking, he tells her to forget everything that he said on the bus so that he can return to being the fun-loving person he was; they get down and, like an act of illusion, he instantly is cheerful, putting his arm around her and suggesting that they treat themselves to ice cream)

(PD) Cut! That’s a wrap!

(PD comes forward and hugs Lee Hong-ki and Park Shin-hye; the crew members, some still with tears in their eyes, clap and cheer; an inexplicable warmth envelops the motley group as they stand on the sidewalk; it is four o’ clock in the morning)

(PD) Hong-ki, you were amazing. Simply amazing. My jaw was on the floor the entire time watching you. All right, everyone. It’s been a long day. You’ve all worked hard. 1st AD, can I have a minute with you? The rest of you can go. Goodnight.

(PSH) Hong-ki, I was so proud of you. You know I cried for real, right?

(LHK nods, too spent to say a word)


(PD) Guys, will you stop laughing? You’re affecting the rest. See, the set costumer keeps giggling.

(LHK) Ji-woo sunbae started it! The moment we walked on the set, she put her palm on her chest and said, “In here, there is you” and then she collapsed in fits! That’s my line and I can’t concentrate because of her. Shoo her away. Lock her in the changing room.

(1st AD) All right. Everyone, compose yourself. Geun-suk, to the piano, please. PD-nim, we’re ready.

(Tae-kyung sways his head as he plays, his eyes closed, like one in a trance; Jeremy comes behind him and covers the latter’s eyes with his hands; Tae-kyung smiles and covers Jeremy’s hands)

(TK) Shin-woo?

(Lee Hong-ki bursts out laughing)

(PD) Cut! Hong-ki! What is it now?

(LHK) Sorry. It was the tremulous way Geun-suk hyung said “Shin-woo.” And then when he looked up at me, his eyes were so huge! Sorry, PD-nim, I won’t laugh again. Sorry. (clears his throat)

(scene is repeated; Tae-kyung leaves in disappointment after seeing Jeremy, but the latter stops him, grabs his hand and puts it on his own chest)

(J) In here, there is you.

(sound of breaking glass; the guys turn and see Shin-woo behind them; Shin-woo’s eyes are blazing, or at least they are supposed to be blazing, if it is possible for mild-mannered Shin-woo’s eyes to blaze)

(SW) I’m going to destroy both of you!

(PD) Camera, faaaade out, wrap! Okay, now you can all laugh. Yong-hwa, I know you were about to burst, holding your hand in that position.

(JYH) Not only that, it was Geun-suk hyung’s face! The camera was behind him so you couldn’t see, but he was biting his lips and trying hard not to laugh!

(JGS) I was not! PD-nim, don’t listen to him.


(PSH) Oppa, you look so cool in that garb. I like!

(JYH) Don’t tease me. This is a sad scene for me, kiddo. You broke my heart, remember? Letting me go to Busan all by myself. Sob, sob.

(PSH) Aww, don’t cry, Oppa. I’ll go with you to Busan for sure the next time! Jolie, come here and look at this handsome man.

(LHK) Jolie, don’t go!

(PD) The three of you, stop clowning around. Get ready now.

(Mi-nam and Jeremy have just finished bathing the dog when Shin-woo comes into sight; he is back from his Busan trip, the one that Mi-nam was supposed to have taken with him; he tells her to stop helping Jeremy with Jolie and to come help him instead; Mi-nam remembers his confession at the airport and hesitates, unsure of how to behave with him)

(SW) After rejecting my heart, are you going to also reject my request for help? You feel sorry, don’t you? Well, then don’t reject my request.

(inside the house, Shin-woo passes Mi-nam a small box; inside is a valuable gift from his mother although closer inspection suggests it could be a pacifier, perhaps baby Shin-woo’s?)

(SW) My mother wanted me to give this to you. This is something that she had always wanted to give to my girlfriend. I couldn’t explain everything to her, but I brought this here to show you my mom’s heart. I don’t expect you to accept it.

(MN) I’m sorry. I’m sorry to your mom as well.

(he tells her that he is going to be a burdensome person to her from now on; they didn’t have enough tension between them in the past, but he is going to change all that so that she will take notice of him)

(MN) Shin-woo hyung, please don’t do anything foolish because of me.

(PD) Wrap! Well done, you two. Let’s break for lunch. I’m so famished I can eat Jolie.

(J, PSH and JYH) PD-nim!!


(JGS) Shin-hye, are you excited? You’re going to get a special treat tonight.

(PSH) Ah, Oppa, don’t tease me. Anyway, you’re doing all the giving and I’m just receiving. Work hard, Oppa!

(JGS) Want to practise now? As professionals, we should prepare well, right? Come here…

(PSH) Oppa!

(Mi-nam is asleep when she receives a call from Tae-kyung; he can’t believe that she can fall asleep after being told that he likes her; she ought to be awake and reliving that exquisite moment!)

(MN) Hyungnim, we’re watching a movie at this hour?

(TK) Don’t get any ideas. I asked you out because I need you to be my eyes.

(inside the cinema, its couple seats mostly empty, Mi-nam holds Tae-kyung’s hand and leads him up the steps; she trips over the outstretched legs of a man with his girlfriend; a few seats away, a woman watches our couple intently)

(MN) Are these seats okay?

(TK) No, they’re too close to the screen.

(MN) Okay, then is this last row okay?

(TK) No, that’s too far back. Let’s go there. (he leads her down the steps)

(MN) Hyungnim, you can see now?

(TK) Go Mi-nam, you’re my eyes. Eyes don’t talk back.

(the two finally sit down; in front of them a couple is necking away; Mi-nam yawns, overcome by sleepiness)

(PD) Cut! Extra in the first row, why is your head turned toward Geun-suk? You’re supposed to be watching the movie! Retake!

(Tae-kyung and Mi-nam fall asleep, still holding each other’s hands)

(PD) Cut, CUT!! Extra over there, why are you standing up? Get down! 2nd AD, what in the world is going on? Does the extra know what she’s supposed to do?

(2nd AD walks over to the woman; they exchange some words)

(2nd AD) PD-nim, this extra thinks the scene will be more meaningful if she is sitting next to Tae-kyung.

(PD) What? Has she become the Hong Sisters or the script supervisor? We’re wrapping this up. No ad-libs and no more NGs!

(PSH) Oppa, did you see? It’s that nurse!

(JGS) So? She’s working, you’re working, and I’m working. At this moment the script calls for me to be asleep and I’m taking advantage of it. Don’t wake me!

(the movie ends; Tae-kyung and Mi-nam go out to the viewing deck of the building; she tells him that she feels refreshed after sleeping for two hours; he pretends the movie was all right; she has no idea he was fast asleep the entire time; the two talk about stars that can be seen and stars that are hidden; she tells him that things shaped like stars are everywhere; she can even use the vapor from her breath to draw a star)

(MN) After my brother returns and I’m gone to a faraway place, I will look for stars and think of you.

(TK) I will come and look for you often, to see how many stars you have collected.

(Tae-kyung walks over to the edge of the deck to look at the view)

(PD) Cut! Geun-suk, why did you jump suddenly?

(JGS) I saw a ghostly reflection in the glass. Someone was smiling and staring at me from behind the glass doors!

(everyone turns around; they see a familiar-looking woman scurrying away)

(PD) That extra again? Good grief! 2nd AD, I don’t want that woman around anymore, understand? How many NGs have we had because of her? Don’t use her anymore!

(as Tae-kyung is looking at the view, Mi-nam thinks about how much she is going to miss him, her brightest star, when she is gone; her eyes are wet)

(TK) Go Mi-nam, should I show you some stars now?

(he beckons for her to come over and pretends he is going to hit her face with his knuckles; as she braces herself in shock, he pulls her close and kisses her; they kiss for a long time; the 2nd AD stands guard behind the glass doors, making sure the woman extra is not around; he heaves a sigh of relief when the PD finally yells “It’s a wrap!”)

(JGS) Shin-hye, rate that kiss.

(PSH) Oppa!


(unhappy that her son seems so close to Mi-nam, Mo Hwa-ran invites Mi-nam to her house on the pretext of giving her a present; unknown to her, Tae-kyung has found out that her relationship with Go Jae-hyun isn’t what she made it out to be; he has also learned that she was involved with several men and that she tried to come between Go Jae-hyun and the woman he was seeing)

(MHR) I’m curious about your reaction, so I invited you here. Open it.

(MN) These are a woman’s clothes.

(MHR) Yes, they are. I chose rightly, didn’t I?

(stunned, Mi-nam tries to explain but Mo Hwa-ran tells her not to worry; she knows Mi-nam must be impersonating her brother for a good reason and she will not pry; speaking like one who is deeply concerned for Mi-nam, Mo Hwa-ran asks if President Ahn and the A.N.JELL guys know)

(MHR) From your answer, it seems the other A.N.JELL members do know and they have been covering up for you. Are you all that close to each other? It’s hard for me to explain to you, but Hwang Tae-kyung and I have a very special relationship. Please make sure he does not get into trouble because of his entanglement with you.

(MN) Whatever happens, I will ensure Hwang Tae-kyung is neither harmed nor hurt.

(MHR) You really seem to care for him, but from his perspective, it would have been better if your paths hadn’t crossed.

(PD) Okay, it’s a wrap! Fantastic! Sung-ryung noona, you are luminous as usual. We are all in awe.

(KSR) In awe even though I’m playing this evil mom? (smiles)

(PD) No, you’re not evil. You are VERY evil! (chuckles)


(still giddy from their kiss, Tae-kyung and Mi-nam are shy and yet playful around each other when they meet at the A.N.JELL building; they make a date to meet that night to watch the stars with his newly acquired telescope; she agrees happily, unaware that he has bought a necklace with a star pendant to give to her; inside the studio, an astonished Mi-nam overhears President Ahn and the music director talking about Mo Hwa-ran’s relationship with Go Jae-hyun; she meets her aunt to find out more)

(Aunt) I hid the truth from you because if you knew that your dad left your mom because of that Mo Hwa-ran, you would get upset. If you knew she was cast aside, if you knew she died alone while giving birth to both of you, you might hate your dad.

(as she listens to her aunt’s words, Mi-nam’s eyes fill with angry tears)

(MN) My mom was cast aside and died alone? Mo Hwa-ran said she and Dad were just friends. She said they didn’t have a relationship. I’m going to ask her again.

(Mi-nam gets up and leaves)

(Aunt) Mi-nam… Oh, our Mi-nam. What am I going to do?

(the aunt stands up and accidentally knocks over her cup of coffee)

(PD) Cut! Choi-ran sunbae, are you okay?

(CR) Yes, yes. Sorry, I’m always so clumsy. Shin-hye, I was so transfixed by your acting I forgot myself. PD-nim, I’m all right. It didn’t spill on my clothes.


(JGS) PD-nim, must I talk to Pig-Rabbit? At this rate I feel that he’s going to talk back to me one day!

(PD) Viewers love all your scenes with Pig-Rabbit. Both of you are inseparable, so get used to it. Don’t you know your friend is flying off the shelves? Most wanted gift in Korea? Pig-Rabbit.

(JGS) It’s not a buy-one-get-one-free deal. I don’t come with Pig-Rabbit.

(PD) Don’t get big-headed, young man.

(JGS) I was just kidding, PD-nim!

(Tae-kyung taunts Pig-Rabbit and tells him that the necklace isn’t for him; he then goes up to the rooftop terrace to wait for Mi-nam; he waits a long time but she does not show up; just as he is fretting, he receives a call from his mom)

(MHR) I’m going to meet that man’s child right now. You come, too.

(TK) I’m not interested. Be a mom to that kid or whatever, just don’t involve me. I’m  hanging up…

(MHR) You know the kid. It’s a girl called Go Mi-nyu. Come and see.

(unable to believe his ears, Tae-kyung runs to Mi-nam’s room and searches for any evidence that will contradict his mom’s words; he finds the photo of Mi-nam with her dad and brother)

(TK) That can’t be… It can’t be her.

(he finds a photo of Mo Hwa-ran as well, with Mi-nam’s birthday greetings to him written behind it; of all things, why was she going to give that to him?)


(in Mo Hwa-ran’s living room, Mi-nam confronts the older woman, asking her to deny her relationship with her dad)

(MHR) Your dad and I were not simply friends. We were two people who could never forget each other.

(MN) My dad left us for you, the same way you left Hwang Tae-kyung… You left and hurt the one person you should have cherished the most. I can’t believe a person like you is capable of love. You leave and treat people callously. How can my father love someone like you?

(MHR) Here is the song that your dad wrote for me.

(MN) That’s a lie.

(MHR) I’ve told Tae-kyung everything, but you have not told him? Why don’t you tell him? See if he believes you.

(Tae-kyung opens the door and walks in, into what feels increasingly like a bad dream; the three people stand and stare at each other; Mo Hwa-ran, who has orchestrated this grand moment, breaks the silence first)

(MHR) This girl is the daughter of the man I loved. She said she wasn’t trying to deceive you.


(Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye are getting final touches to their makeup; the PD is talking to the script supervisor, going over last-minute changes to the script; the 1st AD runs in)

(1st AD) PD-nim, PD-nim, we can’t find Jang Geun-suk anywhere in the building!

(PD) What? Did you call him? He must be around. Call him!

(1st AD) I tried, but his phone is turned off.

(PD) What? That’s only supposed to happen in a drama, dammit. Look for him!

(Jang Geun-suk staggers in; he looks dazed; everyone runs to his side)

(PD) Where were you?

(JGS) I was kidnapped. I was kidnapped!

(everyone) WHAT?

(JGS) I was on my way here when a hand reached out of nowhere and pulled me into the storeroom. It was the nurse!

(PSH) Oppa!

(JGS) I could smell soju on her breath. I wanted to leave, but she grabbed me by both hands and said, “I trust you. I like you. I want to have you!”

(2nd AD) Isn’t that the famous line from Brilliant Legacy?

(JGS) I don’t know, but she continued, “Rockhead, I’m sorry I love you.”

(1st AD) Wow, she sounds like a kdrama goner. She sure knows her lines. Anyway, fortunately you were able to escape.

(PD) She’s a lunatic. Call security. Slap a restraining order on her or something. Geun-suk, we’re running late. Get ready. Cameras roll in 10 minutes!

(both Tae-kyung and Mi-nam have returned to the A.N.JELL building, she running after him; if his face could be used as a barometer for the weather, a storm is imminent)

(TK) When did you know about my mom? When did you know that the song I was remaking for her was written by your dad? Did she tell you how much she loved him, and that she abandoned me and wanted to be your mom? I heard the two of you were so close she even baked cookies for you when you were little. Both of you be close from now on, but don’t involve me. Don’t stay where I can see you. I don’t want to see you.

(Tae-kyung walks off; Mi-nam falls on her knees and cries; Tae-kyung is crying as well, behind a pillar where she can’t see him; watching them both are Shin-woo… and a certain nurse… in a queer disguise)

(PD) It’s a wrap for Episode 14! Awesome work, everyone!

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  1. wow i love your recaps rofl
    and all of your written BTS scenes seem so realistic too! ahha “shin-hye, rate that kiss.” that’s totally something JGS would say, too, flirt that he is (and he STILL needs to ask PSH out for reals. seriously.)

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    I will just have to wait until I have the physical strength to read the rest of this recap.

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    Everyone acted really well this episode – not that they don’t normally, but HongKi really blew me away with that bus scene. It was beautifully done, and so was ShinWoo’s look of resignation when he went through that airport gate. Either way, two thumbs up!

    I just realised that YB is the first k-drama I’ve actually watched from beginning to end. 0.0

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    Come to think of it, we should suggest Nurse Dee for season 2. Season 2 will not have PSH in order that there should be absolutely no competition for TK’s affections.

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  13. You know your episode 14 recaps centered on BTS and NGs are brilliant since You’re Beautiful production team has been pretty stingy overall with sharing them with the fans. I have not seen any real NGs released and I’ve been wondering to myself since I watched episode 14 how seriously funny the fanfic one will be.

  14. i’m loving how you incorporated a line from Brillent Legacy in this recap. 😛

  15. i really don’t know what came over me, but i’ve become insatiable with anything related to YB. it’s been a month now that i’ve been googling everything that’s connected to YB, and i think i’ve been to almost all sites that carry any news, bits and pieces of YB. thanks to everyone who so kind enough to satisfy this hunger by devoting time and effort and skills…i miss A.N.Jell !!!

  16. Here I am having my bouts with insomnia so what do I do? Read Thundie’s recaps on YB “again”. You’re YB recaps never fail to amuse and amaze me. I love reading it so much! It’s one of the reasons why I started blogging as well. You and your work inspire me. 🙂

  17. Thundie…great work! You’re recaps for YB are simply hilarious! I’ve been watching YB over and over (and over and over) and can’t seem to get over this obsession. I know that drama ended over a year ago but still it’s so timeless! I’ve read javabeans/girlfriday’s recaps of YB and just recently got introduced to your work. I really like your writing style! It’s so fresh and unique. I can tell that you are one true, blue, drama addict! LOL! Anyhow, just one complaint though…why didn’t you finish recapping until the final episode? Did YB disappoint you? Or was it just time constraints? Just curious cause I was really looking forward to your thoughts on the last two episodes.

    • Hi Jnt1024

      Thanks for the kind words! I’m surprised that you’re not hurling rotten fruits my way for mangling the YB plot so much in my recaps.

      I do plan to finish the YB and Brilliant Legacy recaps one day. Life’s been busy but I do very much want to finish them so that I can go on to recap other dramas without constantly feeling that twinge of guilt!

  18. Thundie~ Honestly you’re recaps are so refreshingly unique from the other…hmmm…how should I describe it? Normal? Common? (not to put down other bloggers, I seriously liked their intellectual dissection of each episode) recaps. You seriously had me laughing so much that my stomach literally ached. I’m currently into M3 and loving your recaps for that show as well. Can’t wait for new episodes and new recaps from you =) Mondays and Tuesdays now can’t come fast enough thanks to Maeri and Mugyul!

  19. Thundie, what can i say?? I’ve JUST discovered you! I am still struggling to get over my obsession with YAB (without success since i keep all 16 eps on my phone and keep rewatching it!), but I think i’m going to be equally obsessed if you dont wrap up eps 15 and 16….(crossing all my fingers; will gluing them together help? ‘calling Tae-Kyung, come in, over’)

    I just can’t get over your awesome creativity and crave for more….please, please, please? I know the drama has wrapped up almost 2 yrs now, but…..just, please???

  20. omg!!!! when jgs said to psh rate that kiss, i was like… no, wait, i felt like they were really close and happy together so ithink that the both of them should marry each other!! bwahahhaha. 🙂


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