Best and Worst Dramas (Part 7): 2009

I know. I know what you’re thinking.

“HELLO! It’s not even December and you want us to vote for the 2009 dramas? Getting carried away with this poll thingy, are you?”

Wait, hear me out. I know it’s early, but depending on which spot on the planet you’re planted, December is just 1-2 days away, anyway. Also, some of you made up your minds long ago (woohoo, City Hallers!) and have been waiting for a poll like this, right? (Excuse me, Ms. Thundie, we’re not poll-crazy like you!)

I’ve been checking the voting for the 2003-2008 polls and reading your comments. The results have been interesting, with some dramas leading both the best and worst categories! In about 2-3 weeks I would like to write up a special summary post on the Best and Worst Dramas of 2003-2009. Instead of the seven-year itch, this will be the seven-year pitch where I’ll pitch (on your behalf, because you’re the ones who voted) for the best dramas.

Finally, many of us are still undecided about some of the 2009 dramas and wondering whether to pick them up or toss them away forever. This poll may help us. For instance, if I see lots of people waxing lyrical about Cinderella Man, I may retrieve it from my Don’t Touch bin.

To allow you to change your minds later, I’ve removed the restriction on repeat voting. That does not mean you can vote for You’re Beautiful a hundred times! Keke. But seriously, limit yourself to just Three Repeat Votes, okay? I trust you.

(Best and Worst Dramas poll: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.)

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  1. Hi Almontel

    The best dramas are in the first light-colored poll. Worst dramas are in the 2nd black poll. I deliberately made the colors different so that there’s no confusion. The two polls are different and the votes do not affect each other.

    The same dramas are listed in the Best and Worst categories for all the polls: 2003-2009. You’re Beautiful is at 9% for Worst 2009 Dramas because some people voted for it. I guess not everyone is enarmored with it. 🙂 YB is actually leading in the Best Dramas category with 37% of votes cast. City Hall is close behind with 35% of the votes so far.

    Thanks for voting, everyone! I’ll do a summary of the votes next week as well as my thoughts. I’ve not made up my mind yet as I’m still trying to catch up with the 2009 dramas.

  2. Best drama(s): City Hall for deep, mature love, and intelligent script;
    YB for fun, glamor, and Those Were the Days nostalgia.

    Worst dramas: Can’t vote, because I avoid dramas which I feel are not good.

  3. oh, you know me, I picked City Hall over You’re Cutie. 😀

    But it’s really not possible to compare apples and oranges. For example, can you really compare Binnie in Friend, Our Legend, and the job he did in that drama, with the light and airy characters of YB?

    Anyhoo, love your work Thundie!!!!

  4. Thanks, samsooki, you just sealed it for me. Was wondering what to watch next: IRIS, Partner or Friend, Our Legend. Friend it shall be!

    Latest! City Hall is leading You’re Beautiful by nearly a thousand votes! 😯

  5. I really loved City Hall and You’re Beautiful, totally diferent styles but both endearing…maybe CH a bit more ’cause I love Jo Gukie (hot…hot…hot)
    It’s painful to talk of the worst, but even when I adore Yoon Eun Hye, Take care of the Young Lady was a mistake, and Boys over flowers was terrible, sorry but I can’t stand bad acting plus grandma-like couple kisses ;), too much to handle guys

  6. roarrrr go your beautiful a.n.jell!


  8. well it was hard to choose the best because I watched so many good dramas this year.. but if I am asked to choose I will choose (and I’ve chosen)…

    1. You’re Beautiful
    what can I say? YAB warms up 2009… the plot, the actor’s acting, the cuteness, the couple, daejii tokki ^^, Jolie, TK and A.N.JELL itself are really adorable. and after a few weeks without watching this drama, I’m feeling EMPTY! I miss them so much! this is the first time I become really addicted to a drama. and I DEMAND A SECOND SEASON!

    2. Shining Inheritance
    I enjoyed every single episode of this drama… the romance between eun sung and is really cute and lovable. I’m not guilty if I say that they are really compatible, right? 😀

    1. Boys Over Flowers
    I’m wrong if I say I totally hate this drama because I love Kimbum, Kim Joon and Lee Min Ho. they are really CUTE! haha.
    but I wanna be objective. truthfully I dislike BOF because it really ruins HYD.. hey, where’s Makino’s strength and power? I can’t find them in Jandi. Jandi is too weak to be Makino. and the plot.. yeh! after watching HYD (yeah, I was too stupid! I watched BOF first and then HYD. my bad) I kinda regret spending my precious time by watching BOF. BOF is NOT THAT WORTH! huh. HYD is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better.

    eventhough HYD boys are not as cute as BOF boys 😀

  9. typos!!!!
    I meant eun sung and hwan’s romance. the word “hwan” was missing 😀 sorry

  10. City Hall is the best!!

  11. Just out of curiosity, what would the results be if people were not allowed to vote more than once? Please have a new poll because the results here seem really skewed.

  12. Hi jemi

    If you’re wondering why City Hall is commanding 44% of the votes vs. 32% for You’re Beautiful, I think (and I’m just guessing based on my traffic stats) it’s because City Hallers from everywhere are voting.

    Since yesterday I’ve been getting a lot of referrals from the Soompi CH thread and other CH (or Kim Sun-ah) forums, threads and blogs. CH fans from Korea and China are also voting, I believe.

    I do not think that people are deliberating skewing the results by voting multiple times. Like I wrote in my introductory note above, I TRUST my readers to vote a maximum of THREE times only.

    I have learned (after posting my CH review, lol) that City Hallers are a very special bunch of people. They truly love CH and are passionate about promoting it. I admire that zeal, I honestly do.

    When I created this poll, I was expecting a close fight between CH, YB and Brilliant Legacy. YB led strongly at first, but CH is now way out in front. Surprisingly, BL isn’t even in 3rd place; it’s actually behind Queen Seondeok! Whether CH will continue to lead when the poll closes (end of Dec) is anyone’s guess. I will comment in more detail when I write up my summary post next week about the best and worst 2003-2009 dramas.

    Thanks again, everyone, for voting! If this is your first time visiting Thundie’s Prattle, welcome!

  13. first time in your blog!! City Hall best drama ever!! for me this couple have the best chemistry EVER!! so cute

  14. City Hall best drama ever !

  15. 尹尚賢和尹恩惠雙贏好配

  16. 就喜欢《city hall》车大叔!!!

  17. I’ve never watch city hall but I think I will. whatever, YAB is the best 😀

  18. how come the best drama could b d worst too?.. i thought ‘jealousy’ word could perfectly decribes this..

    YAB is perfectly d best for me.. i cant say IRIs for the time being since it wasnt finished.. but YAB is still winning in my heart ^,^

    worst?.. cinderella man of coz, cannot say others– uhuhu!..

    juz wish thundie would give a good summary then despite of maniac-kind voting above– hehehe!

  19. why is YAB winning in worst D’:
    i mean, it had lots of flaws, but it was still amazingly enjoyable. bof, on the other hand, wasn’t. its flaws dominated it and it gave me the mother of all headaches with its logic holes and plot fails. wtf DDD:

  20. I think this isn’t a good year for drama. There’re only three dramas that I pretty enjoy: Tamra, Friend and Partner. Jammyunggo and Gyeong-seok aren’t counted because I haven’t watched them.
    In fact, there’re many bad ones. Style’s the worst of this year (and one of the worst ever!).

  21. 好喜欢金善雅,加油!!!永远支持你!!!

  22. Best drama : You’re Beautiful / You’re Handsome
    Worst drama : Boys Over Flower

    Why YAB get the worst drama? I think YAB is the best drama that I ever watch… ^_______^
    after I finish watch the drama I really miss the so much, yay !!
    hope there’s seasons 2…

    WORST ? I think BOF beacuse I already know the main story of the drama (already watch Taiwan and Japan version before Korean version out)

    Hope you all can support YAB to be the BEST DRAMA in 2009!!
    YAB Fighting !! (^_______^)V

  23. City Hall is the best

  24. City Hall – solid acting, incredible leads, sizzling hot chemistry, amazing lines, riot of a cast, beautiful osts

    You’re Beautiful – funny, trendy, surprisingly good vocals, swoon-worthy pop-idol leads, esp JGS

    BBF – total mess, enough said

    Take Care of the Young Lady – without YEH’s popularity & fan base, nobody would watch this… Unfortunately, YEH’s acting left much to be desired…

    Cinderella Man – total disaster, wrong leads, zero chemistry, messy storyline

    To sum it up, for me City Hall is the BEST!!!

    As for the WORST, it’s a 3-way tie between BBF, Take Care of the Young Lady & Cinderella Man.

  25. As of 2009, best drama for me is City Hall. As a City Haller, I do admit I’ve voted twice instead of only once. But that was only because I clicked twice by accident. So other fans please forgive me.

    I do also like You’re Beautiful. Not so much as City Hall though I must say. I didn’t like the acting of the main actress, but A-N-Jell was pretty good. For some reason YAB’s storyline has reminded me of BOF… But I must say YAB is much better directed.

    I had watched IRIS, it was very addicting for me at first. But for some reason the ending couldn’t satisfy me. I liked the drama, almost the whole cast, but the script’s weak end had disappointed me.

    Worst drama for me, actually there are many bad ones. So far there are 3 ways tie: Cinderella Man, Triple, and The Man Who Can’t Get Married. I would say BOF wasn’t good also, but I did enjoy Kim Bum’s romance and I liked the OSTs.

    Right now I’m going for Dream, Partner and Shining Inheritance. Any other good dramas I shall watch?

  26. For me,… CityHall is the Best drama in 2009 !!!
    Everything is Perfect !!!

  27. I AM ALL FOR CITYHALL!. true to [thundie] City Hall fans are so remarkable and loyal i am from the states and so far many from the states are fallen for City Hall!. i have to say that 2009 did awesomely great on dramas this year but City Hall took the fame by alot!. the story was so UNIQUE. it wasnt the typical love story. i think thats why so many people has fallen for it! but i also know that many of my friends also loved YAB. personally i didnt get attached. but anway. my worse would go to Cinderella Man, i had high hopes for it but then it dissapionted me!. cause the cast is really decent and amazing.! anyway. CITYHALL ALL THE WAY! cannot wait to see your take on best and worst!

  28. Top Three For Me:

    [1] Cain & Abel
    Totally biased because of Han Ji Min.
    However, I also loved the acting by the two male leads. One of the few dramas that I found myself drawn to both the protagonist and the antagonist. One of the few dramas that I really liked the actor’s performance as the antagonist. I found myself hating & sympathizing w/ him at the same time.

    [2] Assorted Gems
    Love the mix of humor and melodrama.
    Love the twists the drama team uses to twit the audience. Love the “Family” feel of the drama and the reversal of roles and expectations.

    [3] You Are Beautiful
    The “Cute” factor and the vocals.
    The Pig-Rabbit was adorable. 🙂

  29. Just a thought about the “Worst”.

    I didn’t choose any because I tune out the ones I didn’t enjoy… and stopped watching them. So if a drama was bad, I didn’t finish it. If it wasn’t enjoyable, I didn’t finish it. A lot of dramas are not seen just because I couldn’t get into the mood of the genre… though many other people seems to have enjoyed them.

    A lot of votes are garnered for some particular dramas. If someone watched through the whole drama then voted… perhaps the production team did something right. There were enough interest in the drama for people to at least watch it.

    BOF seems to get a lot of hate after the fact, though there were a lot of interest while it was airing. I thought the casting was questionable & didn’t really watch it through… but some of the parts I watched were enjoyable.

    YAB seems to also get a lot of hate after the fact.
    I’m amazed at that response. My informal popularity meter is the number of pages for a drama on the SOOMPI forum. I just checked, and it’s at 689. That’s a whole lot more than for my personal favorite “Cain & Abel”, which has 158. And more than for my second favorite, “Assorted Gems”, at 40 pages. “City Hall”, one of the favorites of this poll, has 385 pages.

    Just a few thoughts… 🙂

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