Best and Worst Dramas (Part 6): 2003


This was supposed to be a five-part series… until I saw the list of 2003 dramas.

How can I skip the year that produced the first drama that nearly drowned me? I drooled, I wept, I was becoming dehydrated! (Thank you, Damo. I owe you.)

At some point it will end, but for now may I present to you Part 6 of our Best and Worst Dramas poll? (The five that went before are here: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.)

By the way, I’m not kidding when I say “worst” because some of the worst dramas I’ve ever watched are here! *runs away screaming*



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  1. Haha, I’m not voting for this one. Pretty much the only drama I’ve watched in its entirety is 1% of Anything, that’s it. I really need to finish Dae Jang Geum and Sangdoo. Yay for the upcoming winter break!

  2. Sigh, only recognise two from this list as well, unfortunately neither of them tickled my fancy- Attic Cat and 1% of Anything.

  3. I wasn’t a kdrama fan yet (not until 2004) but I’ve seen a couple of the dramas from them over the years including the awful awful Thousand Years of Love…even SJS couldn’t save it. Though it was somewhat worth it (barely) if only for seeing SJS in quasi-sageuk form in the first episode. I really do want to see SJS in a sageuk one day even if it’s a movie or something.

  4. I’ve only watched 4 dramas from the list. And I voted them as best dramas hehe..
    All In
    Jewel In The Palace

    I’ve also started to watch 1% of Anything for the sake of KDW. However didnt liked and quit in the end..Still think whether to continue watch it or not.

  5. Wow, I’d forgotten entirely about so many of these dramas! And I saw a surprising number of them. Fairy and Swindler (the drama that made me change my mind about Kim Min Seon), Bodyguard, First Love (blergh), Land of Wine (what an awful show that was), Love Letter, My Fair Lady (Kim Hee Sun should just not act), Punch (only show where I found Joo Jin Mo attractive), Into The Sun, All In, Attic Cat (love!), Age of Warriors, Dae Jang Geum (blergh x2), Damo (love x100), Sang Doo, Stairway to Heaven (barf), Thousand Years of Love, Summer Scent (barf), etc.

    It was difficult to vote because I’m not a fan of most of these shows…=\

  6. haha, once again I voted for everyone’s favourite…as Worst.

    Dae Jang Geum

    First, I have to state that I dislike period dramas in generally, except for Chinese period dramas, because I cannot accept the look that Japanese and Korean folks spot in ancient times. But…for DJG, I tried to watch it, got hooked a bit, and then got bored after finding out the number of episodes it had. I’m not the type to continuing watching episode after episode just because the lead has strong willpower and determination to get over all the trouble that comes her way. Not for me.

    I just realised that I voted for DJG in Wosrt 5, but the poll result shows 0 vote. O.O I’ll try again later. haha, determined to get it registered!

  7. Only recognized a handful here but this is the year that gave us the spectacularly awful “Stairway to Heaven” for which I will be eternally grateful for since what sport will I have if I didn’t have this drama to make fun of.

  8. Best drama(s): Damo, and Sangdoo. Cried a bucket, both.
    Worst: 1% of Anything. Even my boundless love for KDW after Duelist couldn’t save this series, the first I ever abandoned.

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