Best and Worst Dramas (Part 5): 2004


Ah, this was the year where I tipped over the edge into full-blown K-addiction.

Prior to that I was just an innocent hanger-on (this post explains the six stages of K-addiction; hanger-on is the second stage). But everything changed in 2004. I learned to download a drama for the first time, albeit with much hair-pulling, and I also met him. The rest, as they say, is history.

Part 5 of our Best and Worst Dramas poll brings back so many memories for me. I hope it triggers some for you, too.

(Psst, have you voted in the Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 polls yet?)



6 thoughts on “Best and Worst Dramas (Part 5): 2004

  1. Best
    Emperor Of The Sea (My absolute fave drama of all time<3)
    Full House
    Save The Last Dance For Me
    What Happened In Bali

    Actually these are the only dramas I've watched in 2004 along with Ireland^^ So I picked the worst dramas randomly^^'

    Lovers In Paris
    Prince's First Love
    Love Story In Harvard
    Into The Storm
    Snow White

  2. Love Story in Harvard is my worst. Period. And I still went through with it (albeit with a lot of fast forwarding) in case it got good. It never did.

  3. Yikes, I have only finished two dramas from this list. The rest, like Miss Kim or Sweet 18 and Sunlight, are still left hanging. I remember Sunlight airing in my country after the Full House crazed and that drama was pretty dull.

  4. Arggghh, this is getting from bad to worse. I was only able to select two from the entire list! Full House and Sorry I love You. I really need to dig out some of these 2004/05/06 dramas, anyone up for a drama marathon?

  5. Another great seaguk year. The only other kdrama besides the Seaguks that was great for me was Misa

    I can’t decide which is worse Love Story in Harvard or Prince’s First Love

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