Best and Worst Dramas (Part 4): 2005


I love Part 4 of our Best and Worst Dramas poll because THE DRAMA OF MY HEART aired this year, keke. I believe some of you will also find your all-time favorites here (see MV above!). Please check out Parts 1, 2 and 3, too. If you have not voted yet, please do, thank you!




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  1. 2005 started it all for me! my kdrama fandom started all because of this one endearing romcom that I’ll forever hold dearly in my heart… and since I can’t stop rambling about her since poll one you probably know that it is My Girl! haha!

    Green Rose
    Delightful Girl Chunyang
    My Name is Kim Samsoon

    Princess Lulu
    Sad Sonata
    Sweet Spy

    I’m yet to watch Fashion 70s

  2. Ha! Thundie, I know your favourite! I’ve to say mine is resurrection but then I have not watched Shindon. Hope to catch it one of these days. I’ve not seen many of the dramas listed but the ones I’ve seen are really not that bad except one or two.

  3. Best
    Fashion 70s
    My Girl
    Green Rose
    Sweet Spy

    A Love To Kill
    My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    Hanoi Bride
    Super Rookie
    Hello My Teacher

  4. Watching that MV just reminded me of my crazy MG days.
    Now I want to watch that drama all over again…

  5. I can’t believe that most of the dramas I’ve been watching are from 2005, which in turn is reflected in my voting. I didn’t realise how far behind I’ve been. Maybe I should start watching more shows online like YB instead of waiting for the DVDs which take forever to reach KL.

  6. I feel rather gutted actually; my knowledge of Korean drama isn’t very extensive-it’s pitiful! Lol I could only pick 2 favourite dramas from 2006 and 2007, didn’t even bother selecting the worst drama as I wouldn’t have a clue. Mind you, the fact that my Kdrama obsession started in late 2006 might have something to do with it, but come on, that’s really no excuse!

    peace out

  7. I voted 2 for Top 5:

    [1] MNIKSS
    Can anyone leave this out of Top 5? The chemistry between the leads, the painfully realistic plot sprinkled with just bits of fairytale-like romance, the good pacing (with no drag, I dare say), the one-of-a-kind kdrama female lead which I think provided the impetus for more of its kind (ahjummas, divorced mothers etc etc). KSS is so real, with worries, dreams and personality traits that can be found amongst us average people, it’s difficult not to emphathise with her.

    [2] 18 v 29
    Funny drama, but got a little draggy near the end. I liked how they included scenes from the past within the episodes to so us viewers how the two foes ended up marrying each other. In fact, I was really looking forward to seeing brilliant-smile Siwon appear! Because of him I grew to like the lead too (he looked too ahjussi initially, but grew on me as time passed).

    I think I’m gonna make some people lose their shoes because I vote My Girl as Worst 5. I really liked it back then, got addicted to it and laughed with it. But it got so draggy and…unrealistic towards the later half, that it was a pain to finish it. I was always wondering why the leads were being kept apart by foolish reasons and in scenes where the female lead cried (I can’t remember when but it semed quite plentiful), I felt ridiculous instead of touched. It’s the kind of show that gets you while you’re watching, but leaves you with a bitter taste after the excitement has ended; “what is the point of the story?”

  8. can’t believe not many have watched (and voted for) be strong geum soon. Aside from catapulting han hye jin (jumong) and kang ji hwan (7th grade civil servant) into fame, it had very real, very relatable characters and an inspiring plot. if not for BSGS, i wouldv’e voted for kim sam soon as the best drama of 2005, but the acting of the two main leads in BSGS did it for me. testament to how much i liked it: it had 160+ episodes, but i finished it in less than 5 days. almost didn’t sleep as i couldn’t get enough of geum soon and ahjusshii (might be the best kdrama i’ve watched so far).

  9. This is the year my faith in kdramas was resurrected with “Resurrection”. What an amazing kdrama and my favorite of all time.

    But look what else was there that year that made it a banner year for me.

    -My Girl
    -Be Strong Geum Soon
    -Fashion 70s

  10. Among the top for me are:

    My Girl
    Be Strong Geum Soon

    I’ve seen all three multiple times.

    “My Girl”
    My love for Lee Da Hae started w/ this one.
    Love her playing rom-com roles…
    She’s good in other genre too, but I don’t particularly like them enough to watch her in them.

    Han Ji Min is one of my favorite actresses.
    I’ve seen her in all the dramas except Yi-San.
    Like them all except “Great Inheritance”.
    Couldn’t stand the actor.

    “Be Strong Geum Soon”
    My favorite Han Hye Jin role, liked her in “1%” too. Her acting is strong though it took me a while to get used to her looks. I thought she looked best in “Terroir”, though I didn’t like that drama very much.
    Kang Ji Hwan is one of the few male actors that I liked in almost all his roles.
    One of my favorites scenes is his Bob FOSSE style dance to amuse Geum Soon. 🙂

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