Best and Worst Dramas (Part 3): 2006


Hehe, we’re on a roll! Presenting Part 3 of our Best and Worst Dramas poll. (Part 1 is here and Part 2 here.) While you’re mulling over your choices, I’m going to replay the Soulmate MV. Ah, C’mon Through…



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  1. BEST
    goong: soft spot for this drama as it’s what sucked me into the k-drama black hole, with no end in sight from the looks of things.

    freeze boring…boring…someone was sleeping alot…boring

    vineyard man slow, draggy…skipped to the last episode

    one fine day sung yuri so bad, even gong yoo could not save this drama.

    IT WAS OK:
    snow queen: hyun bin good, sung yuri strikes out again

    what star did you come from: could have been shorter. all in all pretty decent drama

    tree of heaven: started out good lost interest in the middle but was able to finish, somehow

    spring waltz: the angst! the over and under acting! and that song they play a lot but I can’t find anywhere! still pretty good and I enjoyed it.

    SOULMATE…must watch after seeing the MV…thanks THUNDIE!! …I need something great after watching You’re beautiful!

  2. I have a soft spot for 2006 because this was my freshman year in Kdrama. I didn’t vote for Worst dramas because all the 2006 dramas I’ve watched so far I either liked it a lot or just liked it. There’s none from the list that I absolutely hated.

    Best: Bad Family, What’s Up Fox, and Soulmate.
    Like: Which Star Are You From, Fantasy Couple, Invisible Parachute.
    Guilty Pleasure: Goong and Lovers.

  3. I only watched one kdrama that year: Goong. And I only started watching that drama since I had read the manhwa and really liked it. But I really didn’t like the drama (it was super pretty though), but it did introduce me to dramabeans so I am grateful. I think after I had finished MiSa I was reluctant to start something new. But since then I’ve seen couple of the dramas from then and I really liked Soulmate and What’s up Fox (yay! Chun Jung-myung is back!). Loads of others still to watch: Bad Family, Goodbye Solo, Alone in Love, Hwang Jinyi, etc.

  4. I must be in the minority for voting Goong as the worst drama in 2006. The first drama that I used the fast forward button so that I can finished it.

  5. Okay… again I’ve missed out on some gems of this year but you can’t blame me… This is like my 2nd year of kdramas and I didn’t know any better than ROMCOMS ROMCOMS and moooore ROMCOMS!!!

    Watch list:
    Alone in Love
    Goodbye Solo

    Soulmate (lovely soundtrack! clever editing!)
    What’s up Fox (Go Hyun Jung! Chun Jung Myung! SOLD!)
    Bad Family
    Goong (fine! I know it’s super overrated but after My Girl this pretty much sealed the deal between me and my kdrama addiction!)
    Fantasy Couple

    Exhibition of Fireworks (KJH! Why must you put me through this mess!)
    Lovers (ugh! funny start but the latter parts were just so overdramatic!)
    Mr. Goodbye (bleh)
    Spring Waltz
    What Star Did You Come From (The ending still puzzles me up to this very moment! WTfudge was the deal about them and chicken ginseng soup!)

  6. Best
    Alone In Love
    Goodbye Solo
    Hwang Jini

    One Fine Day
    Spring Waltz
    Vineyard Man
    Which Star Did You Come From?

  7. Only one vote for Best 5:

    I pardon the typical drag in the later part of the drama. Even if this doesn’t end up on one’s list of Top 5s, it will definitely not end up in the list of Bottom 5s, given the stellar performance by the two leads, beautiful and aptly used OST, vibrant and lavish sets and costumes.

  8. As I’m a sucker for family dramas, I voted for Pure 19. Liked Gukhwa so MUUUUCH better than Geum Jan Di. I liked Alone in Love too. But I sooo hated exhibition of fireworks. It broke my heart to see my beloved Kang Ji Hwan in that pathetic excuse for a drama.

  9. Was a good year for Saeguks and it looks like I watched three that year.

  10. I watched the Vineyard Man, i was totally blown away that i watched all the episodes(without subtitles!). Give it chance, u wont be disappointed.

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