Favorite Female Roles (Part 1)

Here is Part 2 of our Favorite Roles poll. Part 1 is here.

Twenty actresses and seven of their most recent or most famous roles. (They must have at least seven to qualify for this poll. Sorry, Yoon Eun-hye.) Again, in random order except for the one who reigns deservedly at the top: Korea’s first win at Cannes for Best Actress.

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  1. LOL, there was this movie of Kim Haneul with Kang Dongwon whose title just escapes me at the moment. It was one of the very first Kmovies I watched and I remember that I laughed so much. Not only KDW was SO darn cute there, KHN was really hilarious.

    I voted The Art of Seduction for SYJ because I just couldn’t believe that she could pull off comedy.

    Gosh, Thundie, this voting thing is SO much fun!! How about poll for ‘Worst Project’?? At least now I can vote for CJW and YEH..

  2. Great poll! Any chance of including the movie Too Beautiful to Lie & the drama Romance for Kim Haneul? She was amazing in the movie & Romance will always be a favourite.

  3. Couldn’t vote for Choi Ji Woo’s poll – I haven’t liked her in anything! =\

    It was so hard to choose for Jeon Do Yeon. She’s amazing in everything. And choosing between Duelist and Damo for Ha Ji Won was painful. Same with Kim Min Jung in Ireland or Fashion 70’s.

  4. I like Yoon Eun Hye best but she’s not here 😦 I just really liked her character in CP (well, I think everyone did XD) and she looked so pretty in the stills of My Fair Lady I saw.

    I know less than half of the actresses on here, lol. But I really like Ha JiWon, she’s such a good actress and so pretty! I was disappointed that she didn’t win any awards for HaEunDae. Oh and I voted for Im SooJung because Sorry I Love You is like THE classic k-drama for me, and she was super-cute in it.

  5. Hi deeta, the wheels in crazy thundie’s head have been spinning nonstop since she posted Part 2. More polls coming to you soon, beware! 😆

    Psst, Too Beautiful to Lie is the name of that movie with KDW. I absolutely loved her in it and have reviewed the movie here. Included in the poll now!

    Hi lovehaneul, judging from your nick I figured you must be a KHN expert. Your wishes granted! (Apologies to those who like her best in Almost Love and Stained Glass. No votes so far so I removed them, oops.)

    Hi Dahee, I liked CJW in Mr. Duke. She didn’t wail there and she was so pretty and spunky.

    Hi lollyobsessed, oops, sorry about YEH! She hasn’t done a lot of work so I excluded her. It’s the same reason why I had to leave out Joo Ji-hoon and Bi (plus some of my personal favorites like Jin Yi-han) in the Part 1 poll. They need to have done at least 7 dramas/movies to qualify for the poll.

  6. My fave Shin Min Ah role is Punch. Since that drama isnt on the poll, I pick My Mighty Princess^^

  7. Thanks for including Lee Da Hae in the list-seems like she’s the youngest there-really love her in MY GIRL (cannot believe that she can be a very good comedian), HEAVEN FATE and GREEN ROSE.

  8. Oh scratch that, I liked Choi Jiwoo in that movie with Ahn Jaewook, First Kiss or First Love or something. She was cute and didn’t cry buckets!

  9. wow! It’s polls galore at the thundielandia! haha must complete this one quickly! haha! yiiiipeee

    awwww! thundie! you really included LDH! haha! *hug* although choosing my fave isn’t much a dilemma considering her not so smart project choices yah know (well at least the choices were narrowed down to 3 ^_^)… if anyone chooses her in EOE I’m gonna hunt them down! haha kidding… Funny though if this poll were to be made in two/three months time I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be choosing Chuno by the looks of the stills released… hihi

    well as for HJW, it was just impossible to choose… haha… the same case for SYJ… But I had to choose A Moment to Remember because I almost got dehydrated after I watched that!

    I can’t pick anything for CJW because I haven’t watched any of her work… I remember watching her in a movie but I just can’t remember the title (even the story) of the movie! haha…

  10. I’m enjoying the polls only if to see what the results are. I didn’t really vote in this one or the favorite male roles since for a lot of the actors/actresses I haven’t seen their better works yet like (I haven’t seen many of Sohn Ye-jin’s movies/dramas or Jeon Do-yeon’s). So I feel like I can’t vote unless I’ve seen majority of their works. But this is pretty interesting.

  11. Did I miss something? Kim Sun Ah is not included here?
    She acted in My Lovely Samsoon. When It’s At Night, City Hall, She’s On Duty, S Diary, Christmas Eros, Great Expectations, etc. Some are great hits too.

  12. Sulyn, you beat me to it! Missing Kim Sun Ah, the woman who broke 50% ratings, what travesty! Thundie, better include her quick, before Alodia comes here beating you up with a 2,000-word long pole, err… treatise, on why KSA should be featured.

    I had difficulty choosing Gong Hyo Jin’s best role. She’s so good; I like them all! It was a torture trying to decide between Sang Doo and Thank You. In ROYOW, she was second lead and at times outshone the lead actress.

  13. I love Kim Ha Neul and I voted for Romance… actually it’s hard for me to choose one coz I like all of her dramas/movies… but Romance is just especial coz it’s her 1st drama that I’ve seen her act and instantly made me a fan…

  14. You have my favorites on here particularly Jeon Du Heon, IM So Jung, & Bae Do Na. Only missing Moon Geun Young and Kim Sun Ah.

  15. Hi sulyn and rambutan

    What can I say? I have no excuse except for this one: I forgot. 😳

    The first 20 K-actresses to pop into my head. That was it. Perhaps I should have gone to Soompi and referred to the list there. Maybe next time. This is just a fun poll and is not meant to reflect the Top 20 actresses. Peace out!

    Psst, if it’s any consolation, City Hall is far ahead in the poll for Best 2009 Drama. 😀

  16. Sad… my lovely Kim Sun Ah was left out…

    I first thought it was because she only made 3 dramas so it was okay if she’s not included… but when I looked at the list more closely, movies are also included.

    No, I have no 2,000-word comment (hi rambutan!)… but really, how can you forget Samsoon? 😦 😦 😦

    Anyway, voted for Ms. Go for Mi Shil.

    Thanks for the fun poll!
    But still, I am sad. :p

  17. lol!

    Ahh thundie, how could you leave out dreamboat and superwoman Kim Sunah!

    I must give you grief as well. How COULD you! waaaahhhh! 😥

    Still, I should vote for LDH and NSM, my two other favs. I will leave Ha Ji Won’s poll alone though, I don’t want to burst into flames or be caught in her sexiness.

  18. Hi thudie,

    Great post and polls.


    My personal fav is Im Soo Jung, Bae Do Na, Shin Min Ah and Lee Na Young.

    My pick for ISJ is obvious. I don’t think I ever smitten nor did I indulge is someone acting like that. Just by saying ” Ajuhssi Saraghae” she has mesmerized me with her depth and diversity of emotion. She is not just shed a tears at that scene, but she shed dimension of various emotion. Happiness is good but I didn’t see something new. So I choose MISA. I haven’t watch Cyborg so I can’t vote for that. But from what I have saw -the trailer- her acting is just brilliant!

    Bae Do Na. I simply love her in Someday. How can someone act like that? She is truly a brilliant and one kind of an actress. She can pull different roles and when people saw her people didn’t see BDN per say, but the roles that she carried. I dind’t even know/guess her personality since she never carry her personal character in her roles. She completely immersed in her roles. Deep and sharp. She is super, super super talented and underrated actress. I just soo loving her. So much.

    Shin Mi Ah. Wah…….my cutie, lovable and personal fav. What I can say about her? She indeed has more talent that her works has shown us. In movies, I didn’t impress so much by her works. She has carried some sort of similar roles. Not depth, no intensity or so on. She is lovable but not captivating enough in her movie’s roles.


    How I’m sooooooooo smitten by her acting in ALTK. I watched her with skeptical outlook. Oh, nobody can act like ISJ. Oh, she act spunky like ISJ, trying to copy her. I sound like that at first. But how my I was wrong! In ALTK, she has put her all, her deepest emotions, her strength, her diversity. I can say, it one of a role that I can never forget. She indeed has immersed so much in that roles I kind of worry if she herself will hurt herself by too indulging in that roles. She is truly remarkable in that role.

    Lee Na Young, Goo Hyo Jin and SYJ is one of a kind of actresses. I voted for them.


    Other than above I don’t vote either I didn’t watch all their works yet or didn’t have any fav or dislike for their works for example CJW I didn’t really like any of her character. Ha Ji Won is talented but I don’t know why I’m not that smitten by her. Maybe because of the first movie that I laid my eyes into is comical, ott acting and movie. It is sure a turn off for me for but I will try again later to watch her other works.

    I personally rotted for Kang Hye Jung since I know she is underdog and Nam Sang Mi since I lover her in Bad Family and her beauty but I haven’t watch much of their acting nor did I really see the diversity yet in their acting despite different roles they have taken. Kim Min Jung too, I love her in New Heart, but I have not watched all her works yet to do just in my preference.

    Lee Da Hee too. She is sure is something on her own but I didn’t smitten yet by her in terms of acting. Maybe if I have the chances I will watch Green Rose and Chuno to prepare immersed if possible in her acting.


    Did you forget someone that are extremely talented here? A woman called Soo Ae? She is not my personal fav, but she is extremely talented and I LOVE watching her acts!

    Thanks for a great post again and so soory for my LO__NG comment.

  19. One more, have you watch Rosemary for Bae Do Na? I never had but from what I read it was great.

  20. My first kactress that I know are Chae Rim, then Lee Young Ae, the Kim Tae Hae and then the one that really caught my attention is Lee Da Hae-of course through her MY GIRL.

    When MY GIRL was shown in my country, she become a talk among my country netizen, most said they don’t believe she was the same girl in GREEN ROSE-completely opposite, the way she talk, walking and crying. Because of the hype, I googled a lot about her and start GREEN ROSE-then I know what they are talking about, the rest is history, she’s one special actress. Now I saw her on Arirang almost everyday ‘Heaven Fate’, make me proud to be her fans. She’s still got flaws but talented enough for such a young age to carry all the roles mentioned in the poll above. I’m not really bother about her personal life or offscreen attitudes which I found still less or secretive on the media compared to others-she’s not really a ‘media darling’ which actually I like, cos it shows that people know her through her acting.

    I am glad that my view on her acting is shared by and expert not just by her fans.


    I love other kactresses as well but not to the stage I want to study/google about them, just enjoy their drama/movie.

  21. Update! 😀

    The three actresses with the most number of votes:

    Lee Da-hae (93 votes)
    Ha Ji-won (77 votes)
    Kim Ha-neul (70 votes)

  22. i choose LDH, but its just because there’s no other actress like : YoonEunHye, SongHyeKyo, KimSunAh, KimTaeHee & my fav actress HanJiHye. i mean, i dont know much about some actress listed here. but.. oh well.

  23. i voted Lee da hae because for me she is really versatile actress. Honestly at first i thought she is a one sided actress, but when i saw “Heaven’s Fate” dang it this girl is really awesome actress. For those who have Arirang watch Heaven’s Fate. I saw all her sides as an actress here in “Heaven’s Fate”.

  24. K.min dear,

    I think this part is consist more of distinguish, talented and prominent actresess that has accomplished or won international/local awards. Not that I say that part 2 is not. But those in this part- 1, is among those has been acknowledge of their versatality and talent in acting.

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