Best and Worst Dramas (Part 2): 2007


Part 2 of our Best and Worst Dramas poll. (Part 1 is here.) This was an awesome year for Kdramas, but you are still limited to five choices each, haha. Think hard!



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  1. My picks:
    Conspiracy In The Court
    Dalja’s Spring
    Evasive Inquiry Ageny

    Coffee Prince
    Goong S
    Hello Miss
    Witch Yoo Hee

  2. The hardest was picking the best of 2007, but amazingly, the easiest to pick was the worst of 2007. I guess 2007 had a fair share of masterpieces and failures…

  3. Okay this was hard… I had to remove my mark on one or two of my choices so that I can make room for the others at the bottom of the list… add to the fact that A LOT of those in the list are at the top of my watch list just because of the rave reviews they got… as for the bad ones luckily the five was easily identifiable…

    Capital Scandal
    Coffee Prince
    Dalja’s Spring
    Thank You
    The Devil
    Flowers of my Life (if only I had one more slot!)

    Bad Love (oh KSW’s abs! How you lured me into this mess)
    Goong S (why did I even bother?!)
    Hello! Miss (sorry LDH but it was really bad…)
    Insoon is Pretty (tsktsk)
    Witch Amusement (ugh! pulls out hair!)

    Must Watch:
    Conspiracy in the Court
    White Tower
    Evasive Inquiry Agency
    Que Sera Sera
    Time Between Dog and Wolf (again continue watching!)

  4. BEST:
    coffee prince (gong yoo ’nuff said….ok, storyline was great and I loved how everyone character was given a chance to shine…and love yoon eun hye….but gong yoo ep.9 yum yum!)

    dal ja spring ( sometimes draggy but only because I wanted to go back to dal ja and tae bong)

    crazy for you (melodramatic yes, but the chemistry between the leads? yes, yes!)

    the devil joo ji hoon is that you? evil never looked sooo good

    goong s: stole 3 hours of my precious time…I want it back dang-nab-it!

    witch yoo hee loved JB’s recaps, hated the drama. how is it that ha ga-in keeps getting drama roles? she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. am still scratching my head as to why the 2 guys in super rookie were fighting over her.

    9ends 2 outs: no chemistry between the leads. storyline so so. although the male lead was a cutie. could not stand the girl in the end. wishy washy much?

    time of wolf and dog see title he he

    capital scandal no chemistry between the leads. although kang ji hwan was oozing enough sex appeal to light up los angeles. I only finished it because I was bored and had a 16 hour flight I needed to kill time with

  5. I really feel like I can’t vote for this yet since I’m currently working my way through Conspiracy in the Court and am about to start 8 days sometime over my winter break. I only watched three dramas in 2007: New Heart, The Devil, and TBDAW since real life was super busy. I’ve been trying to catchup all year trying to watch dramas from then. But I did vote for Witch Amusement (what was Jae Hee thinking when he picked this project) and Hello! Miss (ditto LDH!) as worst drama of the year. Oh and that goes for Goong S too…::sigh:: the plot line was a lot more interesting than the Goong but the acting…

  6. There were many good dramas so it was difficult to pick 5 especially when I have not watched conspiracy and 8 days but to picked the worst is easy. It has to be Get Karl. It broke my record because I’ve never abandoned a series once I started until Get Karl. Hated everything about it.

  7. oops… i was a bit trigger happy and didn’t pick my favorite of the year: Flowers for My Life!

    Flowers for My Life
    Conspiracy in the Court
    Que Sera Sera
    Dalja’s Spring
    Evasive Inquiry Agency
    6th: Coffee Prince (Sorry Gong Yoo!)

    It’s always hard to pick legitimate worsts because I give up after a few episodes if it doesn’t capture my interest…

    man this was a good year for dramas.

  8. I’ll be back with a more detailed reply, but just wanted to urge everyone to check out that H.I.T. MV I posted.

    First, it’s an excellent and exciting MV. Second, the song’s by Super Junior. Third… my darling Ha Jung-woo’s in this drama!! 😀

  9. QSS is my favorite drama is all time 🙂

  10. Oh man… I can really tell 2007 was good year for K-dramas cuz I wanted to pick more than 5 best dramas.. (2008 on the other hand was pretty bad). I don’t pick worst dramas because I usually don’t watch them altogether… can’t call a drama bad when I didn’t watch it.

  11. i didn’t really a lot kdramas in 2007.
    although actually it is the year that i watch most of it..

    goongs (my top 5 favourite kdrama,i expect it to be on people’s worst list though)
    new heart
    coffee prince
    Golden Era of Daughter-in-law(really funny)

    daljia’s spring(a torture watching it) (until my vote,i’m the only 1 who vote it is the worst kdrama of 2009!)
    Get karl!oh soo jung(i don’t understand the story,makes no sense)
    9 ends 2 out(so so story,confusing start)
    witch amusenment

  12. I’m quite surprised to see votes for Witch Amusement in the Worst 5 category, since my friend pestered me to watch it, saying it was good. Aniwaes, I didn’t vote any of Best 5, because I’ve not watched a single of them! =S

    I vote for Worst 5:
    [1] Goong S
    Over-hyped name, under-delivered plot. Episode sunk and so did the whole drama, into my tank of never-to-watch-again. It’s on my I’m-glad-for-Youtube list.

    [2] Time between Dog and Wolf
    Caught this on cabletv and…seriously, even after episode 1, I had no idea what the focus of the drama was. Nah, Couldn’t bring myself to go beyond ep 1.

  13. My best loved drama for this year was Golden Bride (I like long dramas) and surprisingly… Hello Miss. I know the general consensus was that it was really bad for LDH, but I liked its inane humour, and LJH and LDH were very cute together. The story wasn’t that complicated and makes for easy watching.

    Didn’t like:
    Probably gonna get mauled for this but–
    Coffee Prince
    I know, I know, again everybody liked it. But boy on boy (in this case, girl-disguising-as-boy) just doesn’t do it for me. I’m a traditional romantic.

  14. Didn’t realize how great 2007 was. Three of my all time top 10 are here.

    -White Tower
    -The Devil
    -Thank You

    as well as some lesser known gems

    -How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor
    -My Man’s Woman

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