Best and Worst Dramas (Part 1): 2008


It’s fast approaching the end of 2009. Time to start thinking about our most loved and most hated dramas of the year. But since there’s still a month to go, shall we revisit the dramas of the last five years first? Which ones did we go to bed dreaming about, and which ones did we throw rotten eggs at?

For each year you’re allowed to pick FIVE best dramas and FIVE worst dramas. Let’s start with 2008!

(In case you’re wondering about the above MV, it happened to be the first Hong Gil Dong MV I found. I swear I wasn’t deliberating looking for one of Jang Geun-suk!)



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  1. Best
    Beethoven Virus
    La Dolce Vita
    Hong Gil Dong
    Painter Of The Wind

    On Air
    Who Are You?

  2. Best: I Love You
    Worst: Three Dads and One Mom

  3. wow I didn’t realize that there had been a dryspell on kdrama last year! Many I felt indifferent about and a few made me either squeal with glee or pull out my hair! also there’s a lot on my watch list that I still didn’t get to watch… hmmm

    Last Scandal
    Who are You
    (sorry LDH I just can’t put Robber in the list… It’s not bad or anything it’s just that it’s not fair to the other three… *wink*)

    EAST OF EDEN! (ooops bitter, much? haha.. but, really.. see it for yourself… no really don’t! you’ll just hurt yourself!)
    Three Dads One Mom
    Powerful Opponents

    watch list: (in order of exigency)
    La Dolce Vita
    Hong Gil Dong (KJH and JGS!!)
    Painter of the Wind
    Worlds Within (more like continue watching!)

  4. I was on the j-drama side of the force in 2008. Seriously, 2008 was pretty lackluster…..only Hong Gil Dong made it to the end (hence the vote)and Strongest Chil Woo (via dramabeans recaps)….reading JB’s recap on this drama was pretty laugh-out-loud funny…I even played the “get ready to rumble” song in the drama each time I read the recaps…very fitting…he he he….nice fanvid btw….

  5. ::sigh:: I know a lot of people don’t agree…but I thought JGS was really attractive in HGD…maybe because I think the long hair looks good on him…acting wise, he was kind of uneven in HGD, imo. There were some great scenes and some not so great, but he really does a good job conveying his feelings with his eyes and YAB this year it definitely shows. I’m actually glad he’s done a lot of secondary male lead roles (Hwang Jinyi, BV, HGD) before doing YAB. Though I do hope he picks a more meatier role for his next drama/movie. Hong Gil Dong for me was a drama that could’ve been good, but one that kind of fell apart along the way.

    For me, there were only two dramas in 2008 I watched all the way through Last Scandal and Who Are You? both I started because JB had done recaps on dramabeans. La Dolce Vita, Painter of the Wind, Scale of Providence and Fight (where it’s currently KDOTM along with Taerung National Village on d-addicts) are ones that I didn’t get a chance to see, but are high on my to-watch list. La Dolce Vita especially since I realized watching Partner this year that LDW has improved a lot as an actor. I seriously couldn’t believe how much he has improved. He was definitely a capable actor before but his acting has become more nuanced and it felt more natural (not sure if that’s the right word).

  6. worst : powerful opponent, robber
    I cant even think why I started to watch this drama
    horrible start,,,, I’m done after 2nd ep of each dramas

  7. Didn’t realize how blah this year was for Kdrama until I took the survey for the previous years! Had a hard time choosing on 5 I thought were great! But 2008? Only came up with 1. Do have some I that I haven’t watched yet and they are supposed to be very good so maybe my assessment of this year isn’t exactly fair…

  8. 2008 was a really bad year for kdramas for me. My top 2 are Scale of Providence and La Dolce Vita with Scale of Providence having a slight edge simply because La Dolce demanded my heart and soul while watching and I felt drained at the end.

    The rest ranged from so-so to downright horrible, at least the ones that I’ve seen.

  9. yeaaahhhh surrrreee…that was the first Hong Gil Dong MV you found, thundie. I believe you…sort of. 😉

  10. the ones that I voted for the Best 5 dramas of 2008 are the ones that I’ve really seen. here it is (In my order of preference) ^^

    La Dolce Vita
    Last Scandal
    Kingdom of the Wind
    Who Are You
    Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung-geum

    though I think Spotlight is in my runner-up in my list. I haven’t seen Beethoven Virus and Hong Gil-dong yet…

    can’t vote for 5 worst since I didn’t follow too much dramas last year except for those I voted for

  11. I usually vote without making much comments because I’m just too lazy, but I’ve got just a bit of time on hand so why not? XP My best 4 (sorry but I don’t watch much kdramas, so I don’t know half of those up there…but I swear, what I voted for, I really liked!):

    [1] On Air
    I was quite surprised that this wasn’t exactly a big hit in Korea. Many complained about the constant shouting of the two female leads; true but get over the first 2 episodes and we get to see more witty bickering and non-verbal fighting. Plus it brings us behind-the-scenes and was an idiots’-guide-to-kdrama-production for me, allowing me to better appreciate the filming process when I heard about rushed filmings etc later. The OST was great too and the romance between Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) and Seo Young Eun (Song Yun Ah) was sweet and well-paced. I liked how they made the pairing quite ambiguous till we got pass the half-mark and then surprised us by pairing the older woman with the younger man, and the younger woman with the older man. One shortcoming would be the exaggeration of the plot, but seeing all those problems that plagued BOF, perhaps those featured in On Air aren’t really exaggerations!

    [2] When It’s Night
    My first Kim Sun Ah’s drama since MNIKSS and I totally enjoyed the humour! The romance didn’t touch me much, but I remember laughing really hard at the humour.

    [3] Gourmet
    The food!! There were slow parts, especially when the plot focused on ingredient searching and food origins/brainstorming. But those were made up for by really delicious looking dishes! Also, the lead, my dear Kim Rae Won, did a great job in making the character real with hints of selfishness and weakness. I typically enjoy romcom and the like. Gourmet isn’t really a romance-focused drama, but I never once hit the fast-forward button.

    [4] Hong Gil Dong
    This one I hit the fast-forward button quite a bit, especially towards the end. But surprise surprise! I didn’t skip the political conspiracy parts! I skipped the Gil Dong + Yi Nok parts! lol…Yeah, I’m a Chang Hwe X Yi Nok shipper, and the moment I felt that it was totally impossible for them, I decided to lessen the frustration by skipping Gil Dong + Yi Nok parts. Furthermore, I hated (have always did, but this time it’s more pronounced) how Yi Nok can only love one person and never ever changed her heart. It’s too far-fecth. I don’t believe in this. But overall, in spite me of being initially turned off by the fusion element (WTH, hiphop in an ancient brothel!?), it was a fun drama. The final fight scene deserves moment too, with beautiful music, beautiful metaphors and beautiful picture composition! To be honest, if I did not have such a small pool of dramas to choose from, and if JGS’s pretty face wasn’t in there, I wouldn’t put this as best 5. In fact, it might even cross into the worst 5 zone!

    I had wanted to vote Beethoven’s Virus in too, but as much as I liked the lead’s presence and how he managed to be so irritating yet charming at the same time, I’m worried that I can’t take the relationship I read about between him and the female lead – I didn’t finish it.

    I didn’t vote for worst 5 because, being the non-kdrama person I am, I won’t even finish watching one if it’s less than good. But…why did so many vote On Air as worst?! =(

  12. 2008 was a lackluster year. a bit of a yawn actually.

    it was much easier for me to pick WORST 5 DRAMAS … lol

  13. This is so sad, but 2008 was such a bad year for dramas (in my opinion). I only liked two, Last Scandal and Who are you, and both of them don’t even make my top ten list of most-loved kdramas. As for the ones I hated, I need to put in Robbers. It just didn’t make any sense at all to me.

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