Favorite Male Roles (Part 1)

Today’s a wonderful day because one of my favorite stars was discharged from the army. It makes me so happy to know he’s back!

I’ve been thinking about Chun Jung-myung all day and revisiting memories of his past roles. Which of those have I loved the most? One thing led to another and I thought, “Hey, let’s have a poll!” The last (and only) poll on the blog was so very long ago.

Here in random order (except for the first one because today is his day; welcome back!) are twenty actors and seven of their most recent or most prominent roles. Some of them I love ardently, some of them you love ardently. All of them are familiar names, I’m sure.

Vote for those you’ve watched (you can always come back and vote for the rest next time). If I have left out any of your favorite roles, please post and tell us what these are. Some actors, like Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun, have a filmography that’s so long it’s not possible for me to list them all.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Part 2. See if your favorite actresses are included!



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  1. Ha~ I’d be the one giving 1s to strange choices.


    Ha Jung-Woo – The Unforgiven
    Ryu Seung-Beom – Die Bad

    are a must. ㅋㅋ

  2. Hei you left out Kang Tae Bong of Dal Ja’ Spring… the role which made me fall head over heels for LMK the cutie! hehehe…

  3. Oops, X is here. I swear I was going to get Queen Seondeok done, but this poll thingy took forever with Photobucket dying on me every five minutes.

    Just realized I left out Crying Fist for RSB, too. Unbelievable. Updated the RSB and HJW choices. You can vote now, sir, keke.

    Okay, off to work on QSD now! *runs*

  4. Hmm, I’m sure I put Dal Ja’s Spring there. Okay, give me a minute… Don’t vote yet!

  5. I feel bad (and inept). Sometimes I vote for a project because that’s the one I’ve seen.

    But someone just HAD to put up their newly found love Jang Geunseok in, huh? Haha..

  6. Hehe deeta, JGS was one of the first to pop into someone’s head. 😳 Blame it on The Happy Life! I’m so in love with that movie and with his singing there.

  7. I’m dying to know… Who voted The Happy Life for JGS? It’s not me… although I was about to (have not voted yet).

    Is it you, X? 😀

  8. OK, results just in… 🙂

    Jang Geun-suk and Kim Rae-won are leading with 10 votes cast each. In first place (from the bottom, sob) is Ryu Seung-beom with just one vote.

  9. I’d have trouble choosing anything else, since…. HA.

  10. I think if Joo Jin Mo was in this poll, it would be even cooler~~^^

  11. thundie! I’ve been a silent lurker in your blog for quite sometime now… I just love how your witty humor never fail to amuse me! anyway, this fun poll got me out of my hiding! hahaha!

    @deeta, I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone… some of the actors I’ve actually skipped because I haven’t seen any of their listed work…

    anyway… gosh major dilemma with SJS and KJH… With SJS I was torn between MISA and WHIB… while for KJH I couldn’t choose between Capital Scandal, 7th Grade and Rough Cut! whereas with JGS I didn’t really find it hard to choose YB since serious withdrawal is still in full force… sigh! haha

    As for LJJ, I wanted to vote for Il Mare but it wasn’t listed haha…

    I’ll be waiting for the part 2! yippeeeee! I hope you’d make space for my fave actress *cough*LDH*cough* haha! kidding! don’t mind me! haha

  12. Oh man, choosing my favourite Lee Min Ki or Hwang Jung Min roles were impossible! Jisub’s was hard, too. But I voted, somehow…=\

    To be honest, I kept waiting for Oh Man Seok’s name to come up, and was so happy when it did, hehehe…

  13. For Chun Jung-myung, it was difficult to choose between Good-bye Solo and What’s Up, Fox. I only watched a small portion of Fashion 70s and he was very attractive in it too. I loved him in Great Enemy too. It’s either that he’s been good with choosing decent roles or that he’s just darn charming and attractive to me!

    I’m not a big fan of Kim Rae-won but I thought he was impressive in Snowman as a sub-lead..

    I voted Beethoven Virus for JGS and I guess Happy Life would be my second favorite JGS project (even though I watched it for Mr. Kim Yun-seok… I liked JGS in it too).

  14. Ooooh, good post! What about My Love Patzzi for Kim Rae Won? I am watching him in that one now and he’s adorable! But he’s good in everything he does. 🙂 Some of those actors though I haven’t seen anything by them, so I guess I need to watch more KDramas 🙂

  15. kang dong won, jang geun suk, and the one and only Kang ji Hwan are my favorite kactors
    Kang dong won : can’t get enough of him, I’ve been such a stalker for his projects… well, I have to admit that his role on Temptation of Wolves is (still) the best for me, and of course the OST was awesome!!!
    Jang geun suk??? Ahh what should I say about him??? Go JGS!!!!! PS : Baby and I was his best hair style… and a couples of first half of YAB
    Kang Ji Hwan?? My favorite… damn!! I love his role on Capital Scandal, one of my favorite kdramas (I dont like Ha Ji Min tough)….

  16. You put in JGS!! 😀 YB’s the first one where he’s been the lead right? Anyway I really like HTK as a character, it’s very…unique. I think he’s my fav Korean actor now. And YB is over *sob*

    I voted for most but skipped some…I liked Kim Rae Won in My Love Patzzi. I liked him more than Kim Jae Won. Why’d you miss that drama out? Haha…

    I only know of Lee MinKi because of HaEunDae, but wasn’t he in Rainbow Romance aka Nonstop 6 as well? I liked him in HaEunDae, it was so sad.. T.T

    Lastly, Jo InSung! Loved him in Nonstop. That was the only thing I saw him in, but he was so cute and fresh-faced in it! And I love Park KyungRim, she’s awesome!

  17. I think my favorite Kim Rae Won is Plum Blossom!

  18. Raine, I can’t believe I missed out Il Mare!! That was one of my earliest kmovies and I LOVED it. Still do. I was wondering yesterday whether to remove Last Present and put in Il Mare instead since there were no votes for Last Present. But LJJ really shone in Last Present playing a comedian experiencing marital woes.

    Dahee, I was at the mall yesterday, just sitting sipping a glass of Coke when it suddenly hit me: Oh no, I missed out Uhm Tae-woong! Blame it on Queen Snoredeok where his character is soooo super boring!

    Amy, I still have not decided if it’s YB for JGS or The Happy Life. (Yes, I can vote too, lol, but just once, like everyone else.) On one hand I am so in love with his role in Happy Life and with the whole movie itself. I must have watched the finale a hundred times this week alone. Just look at the way he sings and plays the guitar! On the other hand, I think YB really stretches him just because it’s 16 episodes (no, don’t tell me how it ends because I’m not going to watch 15-16 before I’ve recapped 13-14!). He’s done wonders with the multi-faceted Tae-kyung character and he’s really the main reason why I love YB. Btw, JGS has the most votes cast so far in this poll. He’s truly the IT guy now for many viewers (except Dahee and X, hehe!).

    Paula and lollyobsessed, oops, my apologies for omitting My Love Patzzi for KRW! He has a large body of work and I thought I would include only the most recent ones. I’ve not watched that drama so had no idea if he shone in it. He was co-lead with Kim Jae-won, right?

    Yay, ayay, another Kang Dong-won fan! *high fives* I loved Temptation of Wolves (although Dahee hated it, lol) because of KDW. I have the director’s cut set and really love the special features. The guys fought for real and it was brutal.

    Hi dw4p, a friend lent me Plum Blossom a long time ago, so I watched it only once and had to return it. I wish I can rewatch it since I’ve come to really love Bae Doo-na. Have very hazy memories of the movie (mostly of KRW’s naked butt? ^^)

  19. dear thundie,

    where is Song IL Kook ? how come he is not in this list?


  20. Hi Lm J

    I know! *hangs head in shame* I remembered SIG only when I was doing the 2008 polls and saw Kingdom of the Wind. A few of my pals adore him to death and for sure they’re going to wring my neck. *runs*

    But you know what? I left out so many others, too. Just a few minutes ago this realization came out of nowhere and hit me HARD on the head: 💡

    I left out Park Hae-il! OH NO!!

  21. OMG my beloved Kang Ji hwan’s picture doesn’t do him justice. I’m just ranting here, I know BSGS isn’t really popular with the general Kdrama shippers, but KJH’s role and acting in Capital Scandal and HGD (and his chemistry with the female lead) isn’t even comparable to his EVERYTHING in BSGS. The drama is a a bit old, and has more than 150 episodes, but seriously, it’s worth watching just to see what KJH (and Han Hye Jin) can do.

  22. Oh dear, where is UTW and Jo Jin Mo?

  23. Song Il-gook, Uhm Tae-woong and Joo Jin-mo all included in Part 2 of the poll. Check it out! 🙂


    If we can judge an actor’s popularity by the number of votes cast for him, the following three are right on TOP now:

    Jang Geun-suk (138 votes)
    Lee Jun-ki (116 votes)
    Hyun-bin (111)

    Leading (in the reverse direction) is a fantastic actor whom I adore…

    Ryu Seung-beom with just 14 votes. 😥

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