Anticipating Jeon Woo Chi

Is it December yet? The reason I’m asking is because around the time the streets and malls are going to be packed with merrymakers and carolers, my most anticipated movie is going to be released.

Why am I so hyped up about Jeon Woo Chi, a film about an ancient Taoist monk teleported into modern Seoul? Well, do you know who’s the male lead? And have you seen him in a period movie? I present Exhibit A below:

See? Now you realize why Duelist reminds me of the following quote by Rumi:

First, when I was apart from you, this world did not exist, nor any other.

Second, whatever I was looking for was always you.

I love Duelist so much I can never do it justice in a review. It needs to be experienced, savored, tanked. And among the many reasons why this movie will forever be Numero Uno for me is Kang Dong-won, an actor whose body of work I collect obsessively. Watch him below in Exhibit B:

See? Doesn’t that trailer shout FUN in huge letters? C’mon, December!

(If you suspected this post was an excuse for someone to gush about Duelist, you are absolutely right.)

9 thoughts on “Anticipating Jeon Woo Chi

  1. OMG!!! Now you’ve whet my appetite for (1) The Happy Life; (2) The Duelist; and (3) Jeon Woo Chi. Is any of these available in North America? Will Jeon Woo Chi be shwon in commercial theatre outside of Korea?

    Kang Dong Won!!??? Sorry, as you know, I’m new in this korean wave (thingy)… so I’ve never heard of him. But he does look verrrryy interesting. You collect his work? Has he ever appeared in a drama? Or is there one that is readily available online that I can watch?

    • Hi wits

      Omo, you’ve not heard of Kang Dong-won? Here comes thundie running to set things right for you, keke. First, two MVs from the drama Magic:

      I blogged about Magic long ago. It’s a pretty unknown drama but I love it. Besides Duelist and Magic, I’ve blogged about KDW in these posts: M, Temptation of Wolves and Too Beautiful to Lie.

      Hi amy, you’re not alone. Lots of people complain about the lack of story/plot in Duelist. But trust me, it’s there! 😀

      Hi ripgal! I knew you would comment, lol. My fellow Duelist fanatic, muah! (Woohoo, Dahee, where are you?) That drama with Bae Doo-na is Country Princess.

  2. Count me in! I’ve been waiting for this movie for over a year because of Mr. Kim Yun-seok. He looks hawt as Hwadam! The trailers and posters are making me super excited. I really want to see this on a big screen.. Kang Dongwon looks cute as well.. love him dressed in Do-poh..

    By the way I finally watched Duelist… it was beautifully filmed and Kang Dongwon is breathtaking in it.. but I found the story a bit lacking. Do you know if Duelist is a movie version of Damo? I was constantly reminded of it when I was watching it.

  3. You’re definitely not the only one anticipating this Thundie… I’m super super excited too!

    @ wits

    Better late than never. KDW has only appeared in several dramas, his most prominent – 1% of Anything with Kim Jung Hwan, Magic with Kim Hyo Jin and another one with Bae Doo Na, what’s that called already?

    But film is definitely his best. Check out Duelist, Maundy Thursday (Our Happy Time), M, Voice of a Murderer (just his voice featured, but equally fantastic), Temptation of Wolves (romance chic flic, but he’s so damn handsome here!) or his comedy with Kim Ha Neul, Too Beautiful Too Lie.

    Did I miss anything, Thundie? hehehe..

    And oh, don’t wanna miss his new flic with Song Kang Ho too! Can’t wait!

  4. Here I am! 😛

    I love you for this post, unni. And at the same time…Nooooo! You’re making me want to rewatch Duelist! D: At this rate, I’m going to memorize the entire script for that movie…

    If only I were in Korea and could watch Jeon Woo Chi on the big screen when it premieres! 😦

  5. Ah, I thought the name sounded familiar. I first saw him in temptation of Wolves (@wits – which I have uploaded under my acc on youtube). He definitely shines on screen.

    I then saw him in 1% of anything, which I wasn’t very impressed with to be honest. Nor did I take a liking to his film You’re Beautiful, which had him cast alongside Kim Ha Neul.

    Judging by the above, I don’t think I’ve watched enough of his work to actually comment on how good he is as an actor and whether or not I find him alluring! But thank you for pointing out some of his finer works. I had no idea he was so versatile as an actor.

    peace out

  6. Hi Dahee

    I know! I was telling X that if QSD subs don’t get done fast enough, just blame it on thundie discovering Duelist MVs on YouTube. It’s impossible to watch just one or once; it’s also impossible not to feel that overwhelming itch to watch Duelist after seeing those MVs! 😆

    Hi namedx

    Too Beautiful to Lie (Feb 2004) was KDW’s first movie. His acting was pretty raw there, wasn’t it? He made it in 2003, the same year as 1% of Anything. He improved dramatically over a short period, filming Temptation of Wolves (Jul 2004) and then Magic (Aug 2004). I thought he was amazing in Magic playing a really complex character.

    You’re right that he’s so versatile. I love his choice of roles (and I’ve watched all of his movies except the latest two which have not been released). I love that he doesn’t get typecast. He has one more movie after Jeon Woo Chi (as co-lead with Song Kang-ho!), and then he’s off to the army.

    Here’s a very recent pic (just yesterday?) from the Jeon Woo Chi press conference:

  7. Hahaha! thanks a lot, thundie. I’ll check him out, just because you seem to like him a lot!

    @namedx, thanks for uploading temptation of wolves on to youtube. will definitely watch.

  8. @wits: you’re welcome : )

    @Thundie: Thanks for filling me in on KDW’s filmography. I had no idea his film alongside Kim Ha Neul/1% of anything was some of his earlier work. I always assumed it was temptation of Wolves-which I rather enjoyed (simply because it was one of my first Korean films). I tried searching for his drama Magic online but failed miserably. It’s proving rather difficult to find any of his dramas (eng subbed) online. Do give me a shout if you come across any of them online. If all else fails, I might have to buy a copy, but questions is, is it really that worth it!? : )

    Peace out

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