Hansel and Gretel movie giveaway

Yesterday was a milestone for this little blog: 100,000 hits!

I remember the day I started Thundie’s Prattle, nearly ten months ago, and how excited I was when I had 25 hits that day. I thought, “Holy cow, people are actually reading this baby!” When I reached 4,444 hits (and it was a long time getting there) I even took a screenshot of the number, haha.

To reach 100,000 hits is pretty mind-boggling for me (although I know some of you bloggy folks get that number in a week), so you don’t mind if I celebrate, do you?

I was at the mall today and chanced upon a movie I’ve always wanted to watch but was too afraid to. But ever since I laughed my head off watching Episode 1 of Hometown of Legends 2009, I’ve worked up a teeny bit more courage for the horror genre. Moreover, Hansel and Gretel (2007) is helmed by two actors I adore: Chun Jung-myung and Shim Eun-kyung.

In his review, my friend X (aka MisterX aka His Grumpiness) gave the movie an 8.5 rating. Now, if you know X’s standards, you know that’s high praise indeed. According to him, Hansel and Gretel is “like a grotesque, abstract, somewhat absurd but stunningly beautiful little trip of imagination.” Wow, that description makes me want to pop the movie into the DVD player this very instant.

I bought three copies of Hansel and Gretel, one to keep and two to give away. It’s my little way of thanking you for reading my prattles. The DVD comes with the following special features (all with English subs!):

TV spots
Making (behind the scenes) highlights
Production design
Other directors’ recommendations

To win a copy of the movie, all you need to do is complete the following:

If I don’t get to watch Hansel and Gretel, I’m gonna…

Write as much as you like. The closing date for all submissions is Nov 21, 2009.

Here are more images from the movie to whet your appetite.

I can’t wait to send the movie to the TWO winners that my guest judge will help me pick. Thanks (in advance) for taking part!


13 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel movie giveaway

  1. Yay, congrats on the 100,000 hits, that’s awesome! This looks like a cool movie, I remember Dramabeans talking about it on her blog, so here I go:

    If I don’t get to watch Hansel and Gretel, I’m gonna kidnap you Thundie and take you off deep into a dark and dreary woods until I come across a creepy old house. Then, I am going to leave you on the doorstep, ring the bell and run like crazy! If I pass two forlorn looking children on my way back to civilization, I’ll send them your way. Muwha ha ha! 🙂

  2. Hi there! I just want to say that I’ve been coming here for a while and I absolutely your you’re beautiful recaps, they’re hilarious! Also congrats on the milestone 😀
    I’ve wanted to watch this for a while but never had the chance, but here is my entry! If I don’t get to watch Hansel and Gretel, I’m gonna bake a rainbow muffin, eat it, then barf a river of rainbow. Then sit on a marshmallow boat and row myself to your house and bombard you with marshmallows and chocolate truffles and candy. You will be so overwhelmed with sweets that your endorphins will shoot up and will hand me the Hansel and Gretel movie so in the end I will get to watch it after all(jk, hopefully that will come true. I mean, just the last sentence part haha :D)

  3. Thundie, congratulations on the 100,00 hits. I always like to visit your site and enjoy very much reading your recaps.
    Thundie, If I don’t get to watch H&G, I’m gonna miss nothing except the WHAT’S UP FOX cutie. If I don’t get to watch H&G, I’m gonna go to the library and read the fairy tale book of H&G. Then I’m gonna rewatch the EXCORSIST to scare me to death again.

  4. Thundie, If I don’t get to watch Hansel and Gretel, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I’m gonna…ahh what the heck, even if I don’t, I’m still gonna continue reading your blog whether!

    lol (Peace out)

  5. [edit] Thundie, If I don’t get to watch Hansel and Gretel, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I’m gonna…ahh what the heck, even if I don’t, I’m still gonna continue reading your blog!

    lol (Peace out)

  6. Congratulations! It really is quite exciting to see that number creep upwards… Totally addicting, just like your blog!!

    If I don’t get to watch Hansel & Gretel, I’m gonna forget that horror movies with macabre children are the scariest of them all, and end up naming my first born Damien due to my memory loss.

    BTW – the You’re Beautiful recaps are making me laugh so hard that I peed in my pants a little…

  7. Wow, congratulations!! ^^
    Good for you!

    Okay her is my spin:
    If I don’t get to watch Hansel and Gretel, I’m gonna move into the dark dangerous and gloomy forest and build a gingerbread house , become the wicked witch and lure innocent people into my trap muahahah<———evil laughter

  8. Hi, *excited waves*, this sounds like so much fun. That number shouldn’t come as a surprise, your entries are wonderful. The court scenario in your recap was absolutely hilarious, Tae-Kyung’s defense outbursts, haha, so true to character. Anyway, here’s my entry:

    If I don’t get to watch Hansel and Gretel, I’ll narrow my eyes, cross my arms across my chest and do the obligatory fish-mouth rotation. “Damn, I let it get to me, and therefore I lost.” And of course I’ll be saying all this fully garbed in my grandmother’s cocktail blouse, matched with a pair of totally *manly*, mind you, harem pants and a bottle’s worth of hair spray to maintain my trot ahjusshi hair-style; all whisked back and shiny, the sheer wall of it distorting signals and sending mixed messages to my brain. ”Humph, it’s probably dweji-toki’s fault anyway, she keeps distracting me lately.” Half-smirk, and a slurp of water to wash down the bitter taste in my mouth.

  9. Congrats on the milestone, Thundie!

    I would never dream of writing my own blog, and I’m glad I have the pleasure reading such great ones like yours.

    If I don’t get to watch Hansel and Gretel, I’m gonna…
    teach myself car mechanics and convert a van into a fully-loaded RV, so I can ride around the country with Chun Jung Myung. I won’t berate him for breaking a perfectly good bottle of Brunello, I won’t laugh when he breaks his right arm and pretends that he can’t use chopsticks with his [dominant] left, and I won’t mind it if he calls me Baby instead of Noona.

  10. Dear Thundie,

    Congrats for the hits! You really deserved it with all the wonderful and witty recaps and freindly atsmosphere here it was a great ride together with you!^^

    I will pass with the quiz since I’m not that good at putting good metaphor. Hehe.

    p/s: I just wanna ask how do we put the Blog Hits counter in our blog? Thanks

  11. Thanks so much for the milestone good wishes! *hugs*

    Closing date for submissions is Nov 21, so please keep them coming.

    Hi anastassia, you can enable the Blog Hits counter through your widgets sidebar. Every WordPress.com theme does it differently, but I think you can simply select and drag it into your sidebar.

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