Cha Seung-won movie giveaway results

Want to know if you have won an English-subtitled DVD of Cha Seung-won’s 2004 movie, Ghost House? Keep reading to find out!

Two guest judges, Dahee Fanel and Sevenses, have each picked a winner who will receive this a-laugh-a-minute ‘horror’ movie. (Yes, I watched it last week and it’s wild. If you have only seen Cha Seung-won in City Hall, you won’t recognize him here.) They told me they had a really hard time picking the winners but they eventually did, phew! I don’t envy their task, because all the submissions were awesome.

Okay, without further ado, I present the winning captions:






Congratulations, Sheryl (Pic A) and Janie (Pic B)! I will be emailing you shortly to arrange for delivery of the DVDs. Happy watching!

To everyone who participated, thank you. This is the giveaway with the most number of entries and I’m touched and honored. Do look out for more giveaways from Thundie’s Prattle.

Special thanks and hugs to my pals, Dahee and Sevenses. I had a good giggle reading about how you chose the winners. You two are so creative and funny!


6 thoughts on “Cha Seung-won movie giveaway results

  1. This is sooo awesome, can’t believe I won!!!!!!
    I had lots of fun dreaming up the captions, thanks so much!

    waiting faithfully,


  2. Wow, jin jjah?

    ‘I… WON’ (using rambutan’s caption, hehe)


    Currently watching CSW other movies A day with My Son & My Teacher Mr. Kim. Looks like Ghost House will be next on the list then, hope it’s won’t cause nightmare :>

  3. Hi Sheryl and Janie

    You’re both deserving winners! 😛

    I’m going to drop the DVDs off at the post office today. Let me know when you receive them, thanks!

    Psst, Janie, Ghost House may revolve around a ghost, but it’s more slapstick than scary. I’ve not finished it (was pretty tired and fell asleep midway, oops), but it’s a wild park-your-brains-at-the-door kind of movie. Our ghost is more mischievous than malicious and you wouldn’t believe the pranks she’s capable of. Cha Seung-won’s a delight to watch although half the time you feel so sorry for him. Poor chap is so happy to finally own a house, but our naughty ghost wants him OUT because that’s her house.

    Happy watching!

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