Accidental Couple

Episode 1 of Accidental Couple (aka Just Looking aka That Fool, 2009) was surreal. Never had I been so simultaneously awed and repulsed. Here was acting at its finest and here was acting so excruciatingly awful I wanted to throw a shoe at the screen.

Imagine the very best tenor in the world giving the standout performance of his life. He opens his mouth to sing and your jaw drops; it will remain on the floor for the entirety of the concert. Then it’s the turn of the accompanying “choir” and your hair stands as you listen to what sounds like seagulls and sea lions cackling and barking at each other. You call that singing?

But behold a miracle midway in the performance.

With eight numbers down and eight more to go, you suddenly realize the discordant noises have disappeared. It’s as if the tenor has sprinkled magic dust on the singers around him. The choir is now singing in tandem, its members’ faces flushed with joy. You take your fingers out of your ears.

See, perfection is contagious after all. You can’t be acting sixteen episodes with Hwang Jung-min and not have his greatness rub off on you. The more scenes you have with him, the more rapidly you are going to improve. How can you not when the man infuses the air around him with such purity? Yes, that’s the word. His acting is so pure in intent and execution it leaves you awestruck.

The magic begins the very moment he appears. This man with the nerdy haircut and the imperfect skin, a school-boy satchel hanging from one shoulder. This nondescript man. For many years now he has worked in a post office, not delivering mail but selling postal insurance. He doesn’t have the gift of the gab, obviously, so he doesn’t sell as many policies as his frustrated chief expects. He loves to sing and for two years has posted a sign-up form for colleagues to start a singing group with him. No one comes forward. He has a crush on a pretty colleague, but she doesn’t even glance in his direction. Not once has he been on a date and his sister despairs that he will ever get married.

One night he attends an awards ceremony for the acting luminaries in his country. His favorite star wins for best acting by a female lead and he is ecstatic. On his way home, still starry-eyed from the night’s events, he sees a car spinning out of control and crashing into a wall. He runs to the car and inside is his idol, that best actress. Please help me, she begs. Please sit in the driver’s seat and act as if you were my chauffeur tonight.

He does as she instructs. And just like that, like a bizarre dream, our hero’s life changes completely.

I sat through the first few episodes of Accidental Couple with a lump in my throat. The tears threatened but never fell; the crying was all internal.

My heart ached for Gu Dong-baek. How I hated seeing him used and misused in an outrageous charade that will advance other people’s political ambitions and illicit passions — people who care only about themselves and not for him. A contract marriage with the actress Han Ji-soo so that her “scandal” with Gu Dong-baek will quell rumors that she and a certain politician’s son are an item.

The politician is running for the ultimate mayorship position: Mayor of Seoul. To win he needs the backing of the gilded in industry, specifically the owner of the country’s biggest media conglomerate. So he gets his son engaged to the media mogul’s daughter. Engagement perks for the young’un, who is schooled abroad and thankfully does not take after his dad in the looks department, include a coveted position in his father-in-law’s company.

Six months is all it takes for the charade to run its course. Once the politician is elected mayor, the son will break off his engagement and marry his true love — the actress whom he has been dating for seven years. That is the plan. To pull it off, they need someone to play the actress’s husband. Someone they can manipulate easily. Someone like Gu Dong-baek.

Contract marriages. Haven’t we seen them in kdramas before? Full House immediately comes to mind, except in that one the gender roles are the reverse. Most of the time the couple enter into a contract marriage because one of them is in dire straits, usually financially. Not so in Accidental Couple.

I concede Gu Dong-baek is not coerced into playing the role of the pseudo husband. He’s her fan. She seems so unhappy and he badly wants to see her smile, to be joyful again. So out of the goodness of his heart he agrees to her request. He just wants to help her, it’s as simple as that. But it’s precisely his pure-heartedness and her and her lover and his father’s collective selfishness that make the whole thing so wrong. How can they get away with such exploitation?

When, after a spell of being together and thinking she’s comfortable enough with him, he alludes to them being friends and she immediately squashes the idea, my heart cried for him. When her lover, that Kang-mo guy, turns up in Guam unexpectedly and it’s so obvious that our hero is the third wheel, I couldn’t stop the tears this time. What is heartbreaking is how he smiles through the whole charade, how he picks himself up and just plods on. He cries, thinking no one is looking. He keeps looking out for her, protecting her, doing everything she asks of him, like a fool.

But I didn’t just hate how shabbily Gu Dong-baek was treated or the far-fetched premise of the plot. It was also how terrible some of the acting was in the first few episodes. I could not believe one drama could showcase acting that ranged from the sublime to the abysmal… in the lead roles! But let’s talk about the sublime first.

I will come out on a limb here and say that Hwang Jung-min’s acting is so amazing it ranks up there in my all-time Top Three best performance by a male lead in a kdrama, together with Kim Myung-min (White Tower, 2007) and Yang Dong-geun (Ruler of Your Own World, 2002). Such acting comes around only once every few years.

I missed Gu Dong-baek every single second he wasn’t in a scene. Despite being a pawn, albeit a willing one, in a farce that I had strong ethical objections to, he made me smile till I thought I was going to get jaw ache. He was an intoxicant giving me a high; I couldn’t get enough. He made me, an increasingly crappy cynic, believe that “heart of gold” isn’t just an idiom that you bandy around, but that it can exist. Gu Dong-baek’s heart is indeed golden; it is indeed genuinely kind and good.

Unfortunately, the people taking advantage of his goodness are many.

There’s his actress wife, so caught up in her sacrificial lamb role she does not realize how blinded she is. Looking at how easily Kang-mo and his father can manipulate her (the sham marriage is their idea), you would think she is all legs and not much else. (I would kill for those legs, though. Just saying.) Playing her is Kim Ah-joong, in what is my first real look at her. (I’ve seen her, of course, on the cover of my 200 Pounds Beauty DVD. Remind me to watch that at some point.)

If it weren’t for Hwang Jung-min’s spades of awesomeness, I would have fled from Accidental Couple within minutes of Kim Ah-joong’s appearance.

The woman looks fabulous from head to toe, front to back, up close or plastered on the wall in yet another seductive pose. But she can’t act. Put her together in a scene with Kang-mo’s Joo Sang-wook and every flaw in their acting is magnified tenfold. Her acting is as nuanced as a porcupine is cuddly, and he is merely going through the paces. I have no idea what she sees in him because he is essentially emotionless. Everything he does feels like 2% milk, diluted and bland. The guy doesn’t have a single standout scene.

No matter how I hated Sang-hyuk in Winter Sonata, at least I remember him lying on the hospital bed like the pathetic second fiddle that he is, pretending to be dead so that his ex-girlfriend will be so gripped by pangs of guilt she’ll zip back to his side. In contrast, nothing about Kang-mo is memorable. He isn’t so evil that you despise him. He isn’t so angelic (like a certain second fiddle in Brilliant Legacy) that your heart hurts for him. He is just… boring. But what is truly sad is that he remains the same for sixteen episodes. Because he shares so few scenes with the great Hwang Jung-min, that’s why. Not enough opportunity for “iron sharpening iron” to work.

Kim Ah-joong, on the other hand, is the female lead; she and Hwang Jung-min are constantly together. Even if they sleep on separate floors and work in different places (he in a post office and she in another world), they breathe the same air at home. All that togetherness can’t possibly leave her unaffected.

It took several episodes, but after a while I forgot to roll my eyes when it was a Han Ji-soo scene. I stopped studying her legs and features (or taking little mental notes such as “That hair color looks fantastic on her, but I’m sure it’ll look frightful on me.). Instead I laughed when she was being silly, like the time Dong-baek asked her to make him laugh ten times, and I even teared with her when she was giving that press conference. By the middle of the drama (Episode 8 is the episode where everything sort of clicks and the choir members stop looking like they were just plucked randomly off the streets), it is obvious there is a palpable chemistry between our two leads. They look adorable cooking together; they stop looking like an accidental couple.

It’s the same with Lee Chung-ah and Baek Sung-hyun: Hwang Jung-min’s magic finding its way to them, teaching them that anyone can act like the crazies gotten you, but real acting is all about control.

The last time I watched Lee Chung-ah was several years ago in Temptation of Wolves. Her acting was nothing to shout about then, even as the female lead. But in Accidental Couple, watching her in the first two episodes was like nails on a chalkboard. I wanted to reach into the screen and tell her this (before gagging her): Have mercy on your viewers. Find another profession. Anything but acting. If Kim Ah-joong is bad, you are worse.

By the end of the drama I loved Lee Chung-ah’s Min-ji. She made me giggle and laugh out loud. She was that gust of wind sweeping into a room the instant the windows were opened, dispelling the stale air and making one feel suddenly rejuvenated. I loved how she fussed over her brother, how she idolized her famous sister-in-law, how her jaw dropped at her brother-in-law’s abs.

Ah, that brother-in-law. That Sang-chul. Han Ji-soo’s brother back from Australia, supposedly, but behaving like he just emerged from acting lessons taught by really incensed gorillas. How else to explain why the guy is a walking ball of rage? First Lee Chung-ah and now Baek Sung-hyun. What’s with the overacting at the start?

But the same transformation takes place as well and soon I was marveling at the writer’s cleverness: make Sang-chul Kang-mo’s unwitting antagonist, yes! Whereas Kang-mo is trying to drive Dong-baek and Ji-soo apart, Sang-chul will make them fall in love and become a real couple. The result is some of my favorite scenes in the drama: bantering, shopping, snuggling together. I love our Dong-chul couple!

Thus, as first impressions go, the first episode tossed out enough bad acting and shenanigans to make me want to bail out, and I would have, normally. But I was so drunk on Hwang Jung-min’s portrayal of Gu Dong-baek.

This isn’t my first time watching him; the first was long ago in that wonderful action noir, A Bittersweet Life. He was a revelation there as the villain; I still shiver when I remember his sneer and that facial scar. But Lee Byung-hun was so riveting there as the lead, I didn’t pay enough attention to Hwang Jung-min. Still, he was unforgettable. Other movies followed: Waikiki Brothers, You Are My Sunshine, A Lovely Week. He always delivered, playing every sweet or sinister character with passion and panache. But I never really fell in love, not until Accidental Couple.

If I can give only one reason why I am so smitten with Hwang Jung-min here, it is that he plays his character with so much heart. Every little thing he does — whether he is smiling or crying, leaping into the ocean or playing board games — is so heartfelt, so sincere and earnest. We forget that he is acting; we think that he is indeed Gu Dong-baek.

But although I love everything about Hwang Jung-min in this drama, I do not love everything about Gu Dong-baek. Especially after he fell in love with his fake wife, he seemed more subdued, nodding in agreement more often than I felt necessary. He was less carefree than before; he walked with less lift in his steps. I particularly dislike that side-plot with Kyung-ae, that annoying colleague that he had a crush on and who decided belatedly that she was going to reciprocate. The whole thing about her holding our couple to ransom was just so stupid. Just as the drama was moving at a trot, she emerged and slowed everything to a crawl.

But in the end, all the little annoyances don’t matter. You don’t need more than one reason to watch Accidental Couple, and this one reason alone will make up for all of the drama’s shortcomings. Silly office bickering becomes watchable, the camaraderie in that post office making me feel all warm inside. I stop cringing at unrealistic plot twists and wait gleefully instead for that happy-ever-after that I know will come. Gu Dong-baek’s too good of a man not to be given all the happiness that he deserves.

It’s been a long time since I watched a drama at this pace: devouring sixteen episodes in two days with no fast-forwarding. A simple Cinderella story of a mismatched couple falling in love against all odds. This story reached out and grabbed me. I don’t know if Accidental Couple will make my Top Five best dramas of the year, but I do know that I’ve found my Best Actor.

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  1. HURRAY!!!!! 😀

    I admit it: I’ve been dropping by your blog every few hours ever since you said you finished AC, hoping that you’d written something and posted it up. I’ve been dying to read what you thought, and you certainly did not let me down. 😀

    Hwang Jung Min is simply a sensation here. I can’t get enough of him. Agreed – he is THE best actor of the year so far. I also agree that it feels like spending so much time with his genius rubbed off on everyone else on the set. How could you NOT be affected, really?

    I also kind of hated Ji-soo until around episode eight. After that, she was fine. Thank goodness!

    And the Dong-chul couple!! *heart* I love them so, so much. I gobbled up every scene they had together. They’re so adorable. Their chemistry was on FIIIIIRE.

    I wonder how I would react if I met a Gu Dong-baek in real life? I’m sure he would be frustrating to deal with at times, since he’s always thinking of others, and never himself. You might end up feeling a little inadequate, compared to him. But I think at the end of the day, he would help make you a better person, help you become more courageous. I love him so. How could I not? My heart feels like it’s going to burst whenever I think of him.

    Hwang Jung Min is always saying that he wants to be an actor who acts with his whole heart. He wants to become an actor who never lies, who is always portraying his real and sincere feelings. I think he’s succeeded (although he may disagree with me!).

    By the way, unni, I think you should watch “Happiness”, his film with Im Soo Jung. He’s phenomenal there, too, except this time, he’s acting as a Bad Guy, a selfish person. Very different from Gu Dong-baek.

    Okay, I’ll shut up now. Thank you, unni!

  2. In addition to being boring, Kangmo has the unfortunate destiny of being a total asshole who looks like he’s had constipation for a while. I despised him and never felt sorry for him.

    I like your choir metaphor, it’s very fitting. I had a hard time finishing the first 8 episodes. But episode 9 onwards were breezy. It was a hugely fun ride.

    I have to admit that I was not convinced by the pairing of KAJ and HJM, they just don’t look…together. But I think it was around episode 11 for me that they became to actually look like a couple. When Jisoo becomes more playful and less remorse and I guess KJA sucks at being serious because I thought her best moments are moments where she can laugh and play with Dongbaek.

    I know HJM’s been in lots of projects, but honestly, from now on, I will always think of GDB whenever I hear HJM. GDB is just such a memorable character.

    Anyways, thanks for reviewing this drama!

  3. Ooh, Kyungae is actually a character I totally heart. I literally started giggling whenever she comes on the screen because she’s just hilarious to boo. She just cracks me up. She’s got a good heart, she wants to save GDB from being used by HJS. She threatens them to break up simply because she has no idea JS’s and DB’s feelings are mutual. I remember she was like ‘Wait, HJS, so you’re into him too?? Then WTF am I doing..’ or something like that, lols. She pretends to be smart, but is definitely not the sharpest thing. Gawd, I’m a totaly Kyungae fan, hahah..

  4. I also have a confession I’ve been checking this site regularly because of the wonderful recaps of Shining Inheritance.
    I adore the main lead, I fell in love with him in Happiness, even though he was a totall a-hole there.
    But I also admire Kim Ah-joong who carried 200 Pounds Beauty on here shoulders (as much as I love Joo Jin Mo he only has a supporting role there). She has fantastic comical timing which they didn’t utilise here until several episodes into the series.
    Likewise this series only picked up for me thanks to the lovely lighter moments where the main couple have fun together and when the brother in law was bonding with Gu Dong-baek or the sister reacting funny to the brother in law.
    Those moments were just golden.

  5. Ahh, i have been meaning to watch Accidental Couple! But didn’t have the time because of BL (:

    Since I have read this I’ll just go watch it now (or soon at least, ahh me and my lazy self!). Hehe, i’m sort of afraid of the first 8 episodes though. But, it’s alright..I can make it through them!

    Thanks for the blog thundie!!~

  6. thanks for your wonderful insights… i enjoyed reading them. I have also became smitten with HJM after watching him in AC… i keep on going to dahee’s blog because of all her wonderful, wonderful posts about HJM….

  7. I loved Dong-Chul couple too.. I think that’s when this drama really began to pick up. Sangchul started to brighten it by helping Jisoo get closer to Dongbaek.

    And Hwang Jung-min… he was the reason I anticipated and watched this drama. This drama wouldn’t have succeeded if GDB was someone else. He literally owned this drama. Hwang Jung-min’s acting is just.. so.. refined, regardless of which role he plays. He never goes over the top in his acting, which is always just right. As much as I love YDG as my No. 1 actor, I sometimes have complaints about his acting, such as some of his own personal habits showing up too often when he’s playing different characters, so he ends up showing too much of himself instead of a character he needs to become. I don’t have such complaint toward Hwang Jung-min or Kim Myung-min.

    Anyhow, I really hope HJM does another drama, hopefully playing more attractive and charismatic character and show the viewers how versatile he is. I suggest that you check out Blood Ties and Road Movie when you have chance. It’s a joy watching him nail down every role he plays.

  8. Oh, didn’t know HJM’s acting is at the same par as KMM… no wonder I fell for him… I fell so deeply in love with HJM while watching You are My Sunshine, he was so attractive and enchanting in that movie. Didn’t know that he is in AC until certain chingu brought it to my attention. Thundie’s lovely review makes me want to scout out this drama and I might do a two days marathon as well 🙂

    P.s. Hi Thundie, where did the time go? Haven’t visited your blog for a while…, I remembered not so long ago I visited here and it was hitting 7000+ and to date you have an audience reaching 40,000, whoa and congrate!
    P.s.s. I always feel a bit more intelligent after visiting your site; I took a glance at your reviews on QS and BL and they are so intriguing… Btw, how many hours do you guys have per day that enable you guys to watch so many dramas, I only have 24 hours a day 😦

    First thing first, off to hunt for HJM aka AC…
    P.s.s.s. hehee, I love another HJM, the feminine one from Capital Scandal 🙂

  9. gah! i really cried watching this series. indeed, the main guy in this drama is a very effective actor. he managed to move me 🙂 i have tears of pain and joy from time to time.

  10. Hi dahee, you’re the one responsible for spreading the Hwang Jung-min virus, lol. Been gobbling up the Hwangfest on your blog since I finished AC. *muah!* You know, Dong-baek reminds me of Ko Boksu in Ruler of Your Own World. I remember wishing I knew someone like Boksu in my own life. Now Dong-baek gives me that same kind of longing. On one hand he’s too good to be true; on the other hand he’s such an everyman. I’m definitely buying Happiness.

    Hi deeta, must confess I have no lingering impression of KAJ, whether serious or playful. When I think of AC now, only one person comes to mind! I love HJM in this role most. About Kyung-ae, I didn’t mind her at first; she’s just kinda ditzy. But I disliked her elevated role in the last 2 episodes. I just felt the whole thing was silly, but that’s just me.

    Hi Sparrow, sorry to keep you waiting for the BL recaps! I’ll make up for it next week. I’ve not watched 200 Pounds Beauty, but I’ll take your word that KAJ has fantastic comic timing. ^^ I’ll try to watch that soon.

    Hi Luciely, you’ll breeze through even the first eight eppies of AC, I promise. HJM is just sooooo good he makes everything else bearable. I actually like him more in the first half; he was more his own person. Because the others were so bad, his acting stood out more for me.

  11. Hi elise, isn’t dahee the sweetest? I adore her to itty-bitty bits. All those awesome HJM translations!

    Hi amy, love your comments on HJM and Yang Dong-geun. I have the same thoughts about YDG in Dr. Gang. I’ve been planning to blog about Dr. Gang (just first impressions), so I’ll save my thoughts for that. But you’re right: I didn’t see his character in that drama, I saw only YDG.

    Hi Janie, oh, did you forget my blog? *sob* I missed your comments! ^^ Last night my nose was so buried in my BL 19 recap, I didn’t realize I had crossed the 40,000 mark until I published the post and could take a breather. I still remember when I reached 4000 hits; I was so excited I even took a screencap of the event, lol. Anyway, no matter how many more hits I get, I’ll not forget when I first started this blog (in Jan this year) and was getting like 20 hits a day. That’ll keep me humble.

    Hi unfathomablesisa, oops, I don’t remember crying while watching AC. Maybe a teeny bit. I guess I was just too mesmerized by HJM. Every second watching him I wanted to pinch myself. He was so fantastic!

  12. Hi, Thundie

    Love your blog.

    Similar to you, I fast forwarded a lot until about episode 8, then I was hooked.

    I loved Kim Ah-joong here so much that I went back and watched “200 lb beauty” that I put off watching, then watched close to 200 episodes of “Peculiar Woman, Peculiar Man” starring Kim Ah-joong.

    I think you’d like her acting there as well. The story (PWPM) is essentially all about her, and she practically carries the drama.

    One thing that you didn’t make a comment about, and I confess that was the reason why I came to this blog, is the final kissing scene between KAJ and HJM. I kept looking for the same passion as I found in “All About Eve” and “Resurrection” kisses, but it felt like she didn’t really wanted to kiss him and that she was just going through the motion. Did you feel that way? Am I too spoiled to expect such kiss excellence in kdrama?

  13. Hi Michael, I’ve just realized I have not answered your questions. Sorry!

    Must confess I don’t remember that final kiss in AC at all. I don’t even remember the kiss in Resurrection! In both dramas the two male leads are so splendid, they overshadow everyone else including their female co-lead, lol.

    I did not fastforward AC, not even in the early episodes. That might cause me to miss a HJM moment! I actually rarely use the FF button. The drama must be extremely awful and exasperating for me to do that. 🙂

  14. Lol, I am stil wondering how the earth this movie been made!!! It is accidental!!! Anyway, HJM is fantastic, not just in term his personal acting only, but the way he is capable of lifting the whole drama to the other scale. That’s what we call a brilliant actor! He kinda remind me of Mr.Bean. But, I do believe he is much more capable and mobile. KAJ too deserved some credit, the way she sang the song…. Arg.. WONDERFUL!! But, I think the most important thing she wanted to deliver is that we human really can change to become a better person regardless of who you are. KAJ, you deserved to be lauded beautiful now!! The drama itself really change my perception towards life2! In the bottom my of heart, I’m now starting to believe a lot of wonderful things now, like GDB said “there are not necessary bad things happened in this world”. It has given me lot of strenght and encouragement. Now I do believe that sometimes a loser win. HAHA. Man, I’m tears now. Blushed…. Tq, The Accidental Couple!

  15. I just finished watching it and oh how I fell hard for Mr. Hwang Jung Min. He was totally awesome in this drama. The more I watched the more enthralled I became. I’ve seen Bittersweet Life but don’t remember him. I guess I’ll have to go and rewatch that to see more of his awesomeness(is that even a word! LOL). At this point I am a total fan girl of Hwang Jung Min and I’m going to try my best to watch all of his movies(but not the scary ones)
    He made Goo Dong Baek such a loveable character and you couldn’t help but root for him not matter what.

    The first time I ever saw Kim Ah Joong was in The Bizarre Bunch(which was my very first korean drama) and she was so fiesty in that and in this at least in the beginning she was so subdued! It took me awhile to get used to the soft spoken high pitched voice of hers. For a while it really irked me, but as her character got stronger so did her voice and it didn’t bother me so much.

    As you said Thundie around epi. 8 was when things really came together and the chemisty was truly there. I was worried in the beginning because it seemed like the spark would never ingnite.

    Loved the whole Dong Baek and the Swallows. Too cute and funny! I really expected them to be horrible.

    This is a drama that I throughly enjoyed!

    Thanks Thundie that was the perfect review for Accidental Couple!

  16. Time and time again I always return to what pulled me back to watching Kdrama. Accidental Couple is my favourite kdrama of all time! I watched it so many times even my kids knows what to say when they say it! I thought Gu Dong Baek pulled it all for me! He was my bait and he got me hooked! He was excellent till the end! An honest character and a sincere approached fit perfectly!

  17. Well it looks like I got a late start on this drama but still. A favorite for me and so far the most realistic. If you subtract that it would never happen part lol. Still, everything else was great and on pair.

    The problems I had with the series. I explained away later after further review. Kim Ah Joong’s character was cold in the beginning but what famous person wouldn’t be in that situation.

    Hwang Jung-min character made a few hard to believe decisions. Like ditching Kim Ah Joong’s character and going out to eat with his co-worker. It would have been easy to tell her then what he told her later but didn’t. Storyline needed it to happen.

    Anyway I thought all the actors and actresses gave a outstanding performance. Hwang Jung-min and Kim Ah Joong really out did themselves and drew you in the story.

    Never have I heard a bad guy say so little and had me despise him more and more, each time I saw him lol thank you Joo Sang-wook.

    As for Lee Chung-ah, I have to say well done. She did a OUTSTANDING job keeping the atmosphere light and bubbly. Also keep it everything fresh with her antics lol

    I had to say Kim Ah Joong character was hard to love in the beginning because of her standoff personality to the situation. I’m glad they broke her shell later and let her character really shine.

    At the end it was almost ruined by her saying no to Hwang Jung-min’s character. Over the renew contact of Joo Sang-wook’s but she quickly shifted gears and was back on track.

    I didn’t think any Korean Actress was ever going to steal my affection more then Lee Dae Hae had but I was proven wrong by Kim Ah Joong.

    She has a honesty and warmth, that’s hard to miss. And when you see her smile, it hard not to feel the heat. It’s a rare girl that can show you everything you want to know about her, by just looking at you. I’m aware she’s human, with human faults. But I have faith my stalker instincts will kick in and clear those up lol.

    Hwang Jung-min… That man is the only person I’d call Superman other then Christopher Reeve. I’ve never been disappointed by his performances and this drama is no exception.

    The chemistry him and Kim Ah Joong had was really amazing. I ate up all the scenes that they had together. Although his character was frustrating at times. Like that stupid co-worker thing, that happened.

    Still the man has a presence of warm and understanding that you can’t miss.

    Well in the end I’d see it again and I will see it again. Which I’ve never done before. But later, I have to catch up on my favorite girl *Kim Ah Joong* first lol

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