The Fox Family movie giveaway

In Korean mythology, a gumiho is a fox that can transform itself into a human when it is one thousand years old. The transformation takes place when the fox consumes human hearts or livers.

Although outwardly human, the gumiho (literally “nine-tailed fox”) remains fox-like in its behavior. Various permutations of the myth have been depicted in popular culture, with the gumiho transforming most commonly into a beautiful woman who is either blood-thirsty or benevolent, evil or innately good.

The gumiho legend has been brought to life in several Korean movies and one drama. Of the lot, the only one I have watched is The Fox Family (2006), about a family of foxes and their fervent wish to become human.

If we must assign a genre to it, then The Fox Family is a musical, or a musical film. But it is also a comedy, a whodunit, a heartwarming tale spun around hopes and dreams, family love and togetherness. Dark and quirky, weird and wonderful, here is one circus you won’t forget.

This is one of my favorite Ha Jung-woo movies and I would love to share it with you. It’s just a small gesture to thank you for visiting the blog and for reading my prattles.

To win an English-subbed DVD of The Fox Family, simply complete the following sentence:


I want to watch The Fox Family because ___________________.


You can write a brief or long answer, one sentence or a paragraph, you decide! My guest judge will pick TWO winning entries. Closing date is June 21, 2009.

To whet your appetite and (maybe) help you with your answer, here are a few more images from the movie.


15 thoughts on “The Fox Family movie giveaway

  1. I want to watch The Fox Family because the mixture of using a mythology and comedy in one movie is one thing I can’t resist. PLUS, Park Si Yeon is hot.

  2. I want to watch The Fox Family because I didn’t even know Ha Jung Woo was in it. So Thundie, gimme the DVD because I want my Ha Jungwoo and Park Siyeon!

  3. I just wanted to say HJW is hilarious in this movie.. Just revisualizing funny scenes he did makes me laugh.. those facial expressions lol

  4. I want to watch The Fox Family because HJW’s clownish expression 2nd and 3rd picture killed it for me. No, he can’t possibly be the brutal and heartless murderer in the CHASER right? I refuse to believe that’s HJW!

    And ermm, I wanna see HJW dance!

  5. Haha sayroo, do you know that Park Si-yeon is sooo hot in this movie it’s been slapped with an NC16 rating? If you’re below 16 years old, you are not allowed to watch it! πŸ™‚

    Psst, deeta and ripgal, you’ll fall off your chairs when you see Ha Jung-woo in this. Also, that hairstyle that only a mom can love? He suggested it himself. Okay, no more spoilers. But like amy said, he’s hilarious here. Made my heart go all pitter-patter in one scene, too. This is a must-watch movie for HJW fans.

    By the way, good news. I just realized I may have three copies of the movie. So we’ll have THREE winners instead of two. Let’s have more submissions!

  6. LOL, the HJW’s Spock hairdo in one of the pics is awesome. I have this urge to pull on his ears so they look Vulcan.

    I think this was PSY’s project right after My Girl, no? I know she improved later, but I’m actually in doubt over her performance here.

    BTW, sorry for commenting twice. I just wanted to comment on HJW’s hair.

  7. If I say “I want to watch The Fox Family because…” I will lie, I already saw this movie plenty of times but this time I have a chance to see this movie on DVD, so…

    I want to “re-watch” The Fox Family because the casting is awesome, Ha Jung-woo is now one of the best actor in Korea, Park Joon-gyoo and Park Cheol-min are one of the funniest actors I ever saw, the child actress is so cute, okay, the Korean child actress are always so cute, but this time she eats humans, how cool is that seriously? And it’s good to see the comic side of Park Si-yeon and the sexy dance scene in the subway is always a delight, no a treat, for me. As for Joo Hyeon, we have here one of the best senior actor (remember A Family?).

    @ deeta: Personally, I think Park Si-yeon did very well in this movie. She sings, she dances (a LOT: the sexy dance, the tango with Park Joong-gyoo, and when the Fox Family dance in the street too), and it’s so cute when she makes the fox cry, cute & Park Si-yeon normally don’t match, but this time yes.

  8. Oh deeta, comment as many times as you like, no worries.

    Ishida21! Thanks for that resounding endorsement of the movie! ^^

  9. I want to watch the Fox Family because it looks visually appetizing and very different from the typical K-movie formula. I don’t own any Korean movies so this would be the first:)….the costumes alone make it worth checking out.

  10. I want to watch The Fox Family because… honestly, if I don’t win this I might just have to go out and buy it anyways, seeing as how your description (and hilarious screencaps) have seriously intrigued me.

    That’s the short answer. The long answer is that although I’d be inclined to watch this movie for the costumes and make up alone, when you add in the whole musical-mystery-heartwarming-comedy element, how could I possibly resist? And what’s this? There’s the potential for the ingestion of human liver? That does it. I MUST see this film. And then I got to the phrase, “dark and quirky, weird and wonderful,” and I was like yes! gimme! must! have!

  11. This Fox Family is one you want to put on your re-watch shelf.
    It is a totally different take on the Fox with Nine Tails story. Usually a dark and mysterious tale, you would not think of it as a musical.
    All the actors play their roles so well. However, I think that the Ha Jung Woo here is like going into a new shop with all new items that you have never seen before. Everything is a delight and reveals delicious new elements.
    Surely Ha Jung Woo is a most adventurous man. I just love his comedic talent because I have enjoyed his dramatic talent before. He must enjoy jumping off into the deepend of new characters.
    Definitely an A1 movie.

  12. Oh! By the way..this is not written for the DVD prize. I already have this courtesy of our Thunder.

    Just wanted to repeat my thoughts on this movie.

  13. Thank you, everyone, for participating!

    The giveaway is now closed. I will announce the three winners in a separate post soon. Watch out for it! πŸ™‚

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