Episode 1 teasers: Eight Days – The Mystery of Jeongjo’s Assassination

It’s one and the half years since we bade farewell to 2007. Yet many people continue to discover what a gold mine that year was, giving us some of the best Korean dramas ever made.

Among 2007’s quality offerings was a relatively unknown period drama aired on cable TV. Eight Days – The Mystery of Jeongjo’s Assassination did not blow me away like Conspiracy in the Court did, but that’s like comparing a Pulitzer Prize to the Nobel Prize, a Lexus to a Lamborghini.

Both of these two 2007 dramas are short: Conspiracy at just eight episodes and Eight Days ten. Both deal with the same subject: King Jeongjo.

You will see a very different king in each, but both are unforgettable and portrayed brilliantly by actors at the top of their game. Eight Days’ Jeongjo is played by Kim Sang-joong. I love his version more than Ahn Nae-sang‘s in Conspiracy, if that is even possible. Ahn Nae-sang’s king made me sad, but Kim Sang-joong’s made me swoon, so smitten was I by his charisma.

There is precious little about Eight Days on the Internet, but the best description of the drama is here, so I will let you read that. You will also find the only English subtitles on the planet for this sageuk at that site.

If you’ve watched the drama, see if you can recall these scenes. If you have not, check them out nonetheless to see if you might be interested in one of the best drama offerings of 2007.


What significant role does the tortoise play in the drama?


What plea did Prince Sado use to try and forestall his death?


What is it about his mother’s expression that will haunt Jeongjo?


(This next teaser applies to the following three images.)

Which royalty feels the most kinship with the animal kingdom?


What is more interesting than the two heads on the gibbet?


Wherefore the disapproving look on our Naeuri’s face?


Which powerful opponent was Jang Gichong contending with?


Will the couple exchange more than just chaste kisses?


Is the king droolsome? Pick one of two answers: Yes or yes.


Was Moon Inbang expecting a more palatable feast?


What did the foreign gentleman just say?


What ominous foul play has just occurred to startle our king?

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  1. Ouch… Lexus? ㅋㅋ At least make it a Lotus. Lexus are horripilous~ (which is the bastard child of horrible and… uhh… something else, I guess).

  2. Xster, in some places on this planet, owning a Lexus means one has arrived, or is arriving. ^^ It’s an excellent car that doesn’t cost the earth. Also, some makes of the Lotus use the Toyota ZZ engine, hoho.

    Off-topic: Tickles me so that our chief retainer in Kingdom of the Wind is now a practice pitcher for snooty Dong-tak in Strike Love. How the mighty have fallen!

    Writing this post made me think of the 2007 gems, from White Tower to Mixed-up Investigative Agency (I know you hate the name) to Mawang to Time Between Dog and Wolf. I miss them all. Am still waiting for a 2009 drama to zap me, make me feel transported from the start. Ah, where is it?!

    By the way, do you have an answer for the first teaser? I’ve been thinking about that. Is it just there or is there a deeper meaning?

  3. Ahem… but buuuut I drive a Toyota~ Not for long.

    Golden turtle, majestic metaphors, et al. ㅋㅋ

  4. Thundie, I just wanted to pop by and thank you for this post. I’m watching Eight Days (yes, it took me a long time to finally get to it *shame on me!*) and LOVING it! 😀


  1. City Hunter – thundie's prattle

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