All about firsts

No, this is not a Winter Sonata review!

Rather it’s a skip down the memory lane of our K-watching experiences, back to that first this and first that. Let me start and then I hope you’ll all jump right in. Be as brief or as detailed as you like.

‘Tis time for some serious K-recall. Here we go!


  • First K-drama

    My answer is obvious, hehe.


  • First K-movie

    An Affair? Joint Security Agency? The Harmonium in My Memory? This is a hard one since it’s so long ago, but I’m sure it was either a Lee Jung-jae or a Lee Byung-hun movie.


  • First K-crush

    I’m pretty sure it’s Lee Jung-jae since I adored him so much in An Affair and went on a mad buying spree of his movies. But around that same time I also learned the art of “multi-crushing” and was more than infatuated with Lee Byung-hun because of Beautiful Days. Of course since then I have honed said art to embarrassing heights!


  • First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet

    Jo In-sung. Ushered lovingly into hallowed closet for wonderful acting in Madeleine, and then hurriedly thrown out mere weeks later for wooden acting in Love of South and North. Got to maintain exacting standards. It’s a jungle out there.


  • First K-forum

    Back when I was still starry-eyed over my first K-drama, I joined a Winter Sonata forum hoping to find translations for the songs in the OST. When prompted for a nick, the first name that popped into my head was that of my grouchy hamster. So “thunderbolt” I became and have remained. About that forum, I haven’t a clue if it’s still around.


  • First K-movie on the big screen

    Untold Scandal. (And guess who showed up and brought the house down? On account of the gazillion flash bulbs and ear-piercing shrieks, my eyesight and hearing have never been the same since. And no, I wasn’t there as a fan, just as an observer, haha.)


  • First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in

    Damo. Wept and wept and wept, for days! That baptism of tears marked a milestone, though. No longer was I just a casual viewer. No siree, I learned to post images and to download clips, I even invented a Damo hospital for fellow weepies. In short, I had become a K-lunatic!


  • First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words

    When I first saw Park Shin-yang (PSY) in Indian Summer, I thought, “Jiminy Cricket, the guy’s so ugly! No thanks, I’m not watching this movie ever.” Well, much later I watched Lovers in Paris and got zapped by the PSY lightning. Went on to watch Indian Summer seven times, hoho.


    Okay, it’s now your turn to jolt those memories. Feel free to invent your own categories. Have fun!

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    26 thoughts on “All about firsts

    1. LOL, did you go all fangirly over some Sama in Untold Scandal? Did you stalk him when he came?

      The first time I cried to a K-drama was MISA, which spurred my Jisub love and which is why that drama would forever be imprinted in my brain. I didn’t even shed a tear for the first 15 episode, but I totally made up for it in the last hour of the drama. I was a frightening sight by the end.

    2. Good grief, deeta, NOOOO! Was dragged there kicking and screaming!

      Just kidding. 🙂 Some friends really wanted to go so I just tagged along, and only to the movie premiere, not the fan meeting. The whole thing was surreal, like an out-of-body experience. The movie’s really gorgeous on screen, the acting less impressive. I think Yonsama tried his best, though.

      The one movie that I really, really, really want to watch on the big screen is Duelist. I’ll die happy if my wish comes true.

    3. Oooh, fun post! 🙂

      First K-drama: I…don’t know. I’ve been watching dramas all my life. There are too many. The first one I remember, though, is one I watched on the sly when I was around four years old. I think it was an adultery storyline. All I remember about it was that this beautiful lady slapped some guy for cheating on her. And it aired when the sun was still out, so maybe a morning drama? Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the drama, because my mom caught me watching it one day. 😦 To this day, I wonder what it was called.

      First K-movie: Again, too many. I have absolutely no idea. Also, do Korean cartoons count? 😛

      First K-crush: Ahn Jae Wook. The moment I saw him in “Star In My Heart”, my little nine-year-old heart went pitter-pat. Must’ve been the hair. Heh.

      First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet: Ryu Shi Won. I was fairly crazy about him for a while because of “Beautiful Days” (I think it was his supposed piano playing skills that did me in), but after I’d seen a few of his older dramas, I realized that he pretty much just played the same character over and over again. And it was boring. Now I kind of can’t stand the guy.

      Jo In Sung was next to get tossed out of my K-closet. 😛 I liked him in “Piano”, and disliked him in “Madeleine”, lol.

      First K-forum: Hmm, toughie. I used to use my dad’s ID to log onto a Korean music site, but that doesn’t really count, I guess. I think it was a fan community on LiveJournal, actually. And from there, I was directed to Soompi. And ze rest is history. 🙂

      First K-movie on the big screen: I’m pretty sure it was that Jang Nara movie, “Oh! Happy Day”. Oh, what a terrible movie that was. Still, the Korean theatre experience was interesting – there were so many screaming fangirls in that theatre!

      First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in: This, too, is difficult. Mostly because I tended to cry really easily over dramas and movies as a kid. It was embarrassing how absorbed I was in them. Maybe “Autumn Tale”? I don’t remember crying THAT hard, though…Hmm, the ending of “Piano” was pretty bad. I SOBBED over that one. The ending of “Glass Slipper” was terrible, too. I sobbed like a baby and yet I still had the energy to throw a pillow at the T.V. Oh man, that one depressed me for days afterwards. Okay, I nominate “Glass Slipper”!

      First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words: I can’t think of any, actually. I tended to watch anything that was available. I wasn’t picky. I suppose that “King and I” made me change my mind about sageuk, though. I got hit by the sageuk virus, shall we say. Hehe.

    4. This is cool…. ^^

      First K-drama:
      Should be Goodbye My Love by Ahn Jae Wook and Kim Hee Sun. Some 10 years ago I think..

      First K-movie:
      My Sassy Girlfriend.. probably just like so many others out there. It was the first ever Korean movie to hit the CD stores at my place I think?

      First K-crush:
      Ahn Jae Wook. I think I fell for him in the drama Sunflower, where he played this really hot and arrogant doctor. It could be because of the hair too..hehehe..

      First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet:
      Hmm… I don’t think I have tossed anyone out of my closet yet? But I remember watching Jo In Sung in Piano for the very first time – and I fell head over heels for him in there. Everything after that was tolerable, even Love of South and North. Then he blew me away in Dirty Carnival…so I guess he’s still sitting in my closet..

      First K-forum:
      I think Soompi was my first K-forum? Nothing beats Soompi..

      First K-movie on the big screen:
      Almost Love/Comic Youth by Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul. (watched it twice even – with different ppl :P) It was the second Korean movie ever to be screened in local theaters here. The first one was Taegukki, which I regretted not having seen that on the big screen.

      First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in:
      Erm… I think it was Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School? But that didn’t get any worse that MISA. I remember crying buckets and buckets watching that drama…(but I’m thankful because I found So Ji Sub! :P)

      First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words:
      Duelist. Because of Kang Dong Won. (Thundie might want to crush me!) I saw bits and pieces of KDW in this drama with Bae Doo Na, and I went, ahhh…he’s not star material. He’ll be a side cast forever. Sad huh? But then I stumbled across Duelist, and the rest became history. I don’t think I’ve missed a single KDW movie out there after that.. still haven’t gotten to Magic tho..aiks..

      Thank You. There was a period where ppl were so crazy about Jang Hyuk in Successful Story of A Bright Girl. I didn’t like the drama, didn’t like JH in there – and even failed to like him in Volcano High. But right after Thank You, I instantly ate my words. I think I was like you, zapped by lightning.. must be Min Gi Seo factor..


      Well just for fun, I added some more..

      First K-drama that I watched more than once:
      Delightful Girl Chun Hyang. Can’t believe I did this. But I’ve seen this drama more than 3 times – and the first 2 times were done in the span of a week.

      First K-drama that I bought/downloaded:
      Bought – Autumn Tale; and seriously I regretted that. Didn’t get all the hype, and didn’t like the story at all.

      Downloaded – Goong/My Girl at the same time. But in the end I forgot about Goong because I was too crazy about My Girl.

      First K-actress crush (sounds weird huh?):
      Kim Ha Neul. Thanx to My Tutor Friend…
      Didn’t like her in Piano tho, she wailed and cried too much.

      First K-couple crush:
      Ahn Jae Wook and Kim Hee Sun. Ahhh loved them in Goodbye My Love and Sunflower…

    5. thundie, if your first one was Winter Sonata, did you prejudice K-drama? ^_^

      I’m 18 and I’ve been watching K-drama for about 12-13 years (most of my life ^^). I started with Feelings (Lee Jung Jae), My Mother’s Sea, Sandglass (you know, my mom didn’t cry when watching Jack died in Titanic, but she did for Choi Min Soo in the last scene ^_^)… And then movies.

      I go to theatre often, but haven’t ever gone for a K-movie. That’s because my local theatres always screen something like Attack The Pin-up Boys, and currently, it’s screening A Story Lamer Than Lameness (credit to javabeans for the title ^^).

    6. Weee, this is a great post

      May I join too…

      1st k-drama: Autumn Fairy Tale. I think it was shown in my country in 2002 and it gave me a different perspective to watch a drama because the story is different & the actors are great compared to most programs shown in my country… I remember a particular scene where in Won Bin’s character visit Hye-Kyo’s & a tear fell from one of his eyes nonchalantly. For me that scene made me realise that he’s really a good actor even though I’m only 14 that time to know what really makes a good actor to stand out beside good looks…

      1st k-film: I’m not sure if it’s Arahan or Phone… I only watch romcom films in the past few years but after watching The Chaser last year, my cravings rise to a whole new level of korean film admiration & my interests is more diverse now for which I truly enjoy because I get to criticise & appreciate art in films.

      1st k-crush: hmmm, I want to say Won Bin & Song Seung Hun but I’m only 14 years old when I watched AFT to know what crush is… hihihi 😉 hence my 1st korean crush would be Kang Dong Won when I watched Temptation of Wolves. The scene where he lift the umbrella his holding & showed his uber lovable face in front of the camera was just precious for me.. I replayed that particular scene many times & although for me the story or plot is not really great, Dong Won’s character made me enjoy the film more & enticed all throughout.

      First K-movie on the big screen: None yet… 😦 Sadly April Snow & My Sassy Girl are only the two films that I know that was shown in theatres here (Philippines), but I hope Haeundae will be on cinema this July & if that will happen I’ll be happy to watch it on my local cinema…

      First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words: Duelist & Welcome To Dongmakgol

    7. Mmmh…. memory-related games. Here comes the coffee withdrawal.

      # First K-drama

      I’m thinking one between The Dancing Gayageum (1990 MBC) and Ilchulbong (1992 MBC), watched in early 1992 on crappy rental tapes.

      # First K-movie

      Bae Chang-Ho’s Whale Hunting (1984), in… uhh… 89ish?

      # First K-crush

      Park Ji-Young in Jang Nok-Su (1994).

      # First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet

      I seriously have no idea. Too many to choose from?

      # First K-forum

      Probably something Korean in the early days of ze Internet.

      # First K-movie on the big screen

      Life and Death of the Hollywood Kid (1994), which happened to kick twenty brands of derriere.

      # First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in

      Something about eyes and the crook of dawn, around 1992.

      # First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words

      Again, too many to choose from.

    8. Ooh, this looks like fun!

      # First K-drama

      Full House

      # First K-movie

      My Sassy Girl

      # First K-crush

      So Ji Sub, of course.

      # First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet

      None, really. But if I had to I’d say Song Seung Heon, though he was never really in my K-closet to begin with. I was very much in awe of his beauty while watching Autumn Tale but after my recent bad SSH experience (read: 20 whole episodes of East of Eden. Don’t ask.), I no longer find him appealing.

      # First K-forum


      # First K-movie on the big screen

      None. Not a huge fan of them anyway.

      # First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in

      I’m Sorry, I Love You

      # First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words

      I don’t think there are any. That’s a good thing, right? 🙂

      Goong. I already kinda rambled in the poll thread. Joo Ji hoon. Yoon Eun Hye. Nuff said

      3 Extremes. Very interesting. Very gross. Stopped in the middle of the second story.

      Joo Ji Hoon natch. His chemistry was so good with YEH, I watched so many fanvids of them on you tube, he was on my laptop wallpaper for 6 months, and googling him landed me in Javabeans blog and I’ve been there ever since.

      Park Shin Yang in Lovers in Paris. First I thought, why is there an ajusshi in the lead role? Lee Dong Gun is too fine to be in the second role. 2nd thought, any girl that wishy washy is not worth fighting over. But PSY won me over in that drama. He knew exactly who he wanted and was sticking to it. No, don’t talk him out of it. And don’t try to marry him off, not gonna happen.

      Does dramabeans count?

      Goong(rented from Netflix then bought.)
      I rented other dramas from Netflix and Asian Dramas. Stumbled upon d-addicts for downloads, then Veoh and now ajaaja.

    10. First drama that makes me eat my words: Goong. The other way around tho. Halfway through the drama, I got soooooo hyped up on it, I was all in love with it and surfing around *gasp* collecting pics and caps, telling people how awesome the drama was. About two weeks after watching the final episode, I finally gained some sanity and saw what a painful drama it was.

      First K-crush: Gong Yoo, for no other reason than the fact that he’s got the cutest expressions.

      First K-actor I wanted to punch in the face: Uhm Tae Woong, hehehe, in Choonhyang. He played his character so convincingly, yes, but damn, his character so deserved a punch in the face.

    11. Ooooh, I LOVE reading everyone’s firsts. Thank you!!

      Here are additional new categories, thanks to ripgal, simi and deeta:


      First K-drama that I watched more than once


      First K-drama that I bought/downloaded/rented


      First K-actress crush


      First K-couple crush


      First K-crush against my will


      First K-actor I wanted to punch in the face


      Let’s add more! More of everyone’s firsts, and more categories. 🙂

    12. “thundie, if your first one was Winter Sonata, did you prejudice K-drama? ^_^”

      Hi Non

      If I had any prejudice, it was actually before Winter Sonata. The papers were talking about Autumn’s Tale and how it was igniting a K-craze across Asia. The more coverage there was, the more I didn’t want to watch the drama. I’m stubborn (and weird) that way. Also, I was mostly watching j-doramas at that time (whatever was on telly) and felt that switching to kdramas was akin to betrayal!

      Then I chanced on Winter Sonata when I was channel-surfing and was just sucked in by that potent combo of snow, song, story and smile (those dazzling pearlies that Yonsama kept flashing). But by ep 12 or 13, I got seriously weary of Choi Ji-woo’s whining and wailing. Give that poor amnesia-struck guy a break and stop forcing him to remember his past with you! Other things irked me as well: that whole incest theme, the evil mom, the spineless and clingy ex-bf, the fatal disease… But overall it was quite magical and I was sold.

      Looking back now, if I had watched a gem like Ruler of Your Own World first, I would not have tolerated Winter Sonata. But I also don’t want to be snooty about my evolving tastes. All of us are different and we watch our kdramas for varying reasons, and all these reasons are valid in their own ways. Perhaps my background (in literature) tends to make me more critical than normal and I place more importance on the writing than anything else. A drama like WS (now, not back in 2002) or Stairway to Heaven makes my insides churn, but I can understand why they are so popular. A distant aunt was telling me that Stairway to Heaven was da bomb, best drama ever. I didn’t disagree with her, I just listened to her as she gushed, and we had an awesome time just talking about kdramas.

      I honestly have no prejudices toward kdramas. I know they’re a mixed bag, but I guess I just love them too much. 🙂

    13. @ thundie:
      “First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet: Jo In-sung…”


      @ ripgal: “First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words:
      Thank You.”

      Well well well… hello ripgal, we meet again… =) It’s been over a year since my own Jang Hyuk epiphany, and though my obsessions has waned a bit (i.e. have not yet seen “Tazza”), “Thank You” will ALWAYS be special to me. 😀

      @ sly: “First K-movie on the big screen: None yet… 😦 Sadly April Snow & My Sassy Girl are only the two films that I know that was shown in theatres here (Philippines)…”

      “Arahan” was also shown here, I saw the poster at SM North some years back. Watched it on a ripped DVD much later, though. XD (Ahn Sung-ki, may you live forever!!!!! *prostrates self*)

      Back then, all K-actors (other than Yonsama and Lee Byung-hun) looked the SAME to me, and I remember pointing to Ryu Seung-bum on the “Arahan” poster and asking my best friend, “Isn’t he also that sad-eyed dude from ‘Glass Slipper’?” And she gasped, “Gawd NO!!!” LOLLLL Well, she was already a Soompi user back then and I wasn’t.

      @ deeta: “First K-actor I wanted to punch in the face: Uhm Tae Woong, hehehe, in Choonhyang. He played his character so convincingly, yes, but damn, his character so deserved a punch in the face.”

      LMAO!!!!! I like this. I didn’t watch more than an episode of “Chun-hyang” but until UTW blew my freakin’ mind in “Resurrection,” he was just that creepy, cradle-snatching ajusshi who wasn’t even cute enough to merit talentless-eye-candy status. After “Resurrection,” I was like… I BELIEVE!!!!!!! Hahahaha

    14. love reading this entry Thundie so I will share mine too ^^

      First K-drama: it’s Jjim or Partner starring Kim Hye-soo, Ahn Jae-wook and a young Chae Rim being shown on Arirang TV, my first Korean Channel haha

      First K-movie: My Sassy Girl…loved Cha Tae-hyun’s role, finding him so romantic even if Jeon Ji-hyun is really one sassy gal!

      First K-crush: I’m tossing between Ahn Jae-wook and Won Bin ^^

      First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet: Bae Yong-joon, just finished watching Winter Sonata and I’m was all at hype for him, but eventually I just stopped liking him

      First K-forum: Soompi of course! I just joined before to download OST’s and read drama reviews but I found it so fun sharing information with other people so I got the hang of it, I felt sad when my first 200+ posts got wiped out when the Big Soompi crash of 2005 happened but now I got more posts than I was expecting to have…

      First K-movie on the big screen: none as of yet, Korean movies are dubbed here in Manila and I hate it!

      First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in: Jumong. I posted like mad in Soompi and other forums related to it. One post even got to a promotional ad for Jumong when it was aired in my country years ago..Have it’s OST, followed some of the casts’ careers until now. That was also my first Historical Drama and it was such an unforgettable experience

      First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words: My Name is Kim Sam-soon…I was thinking about all the hype the drama had, its big ratings when it was first aired in 2005, and then I thought I wouldn’t like it so I just bought the DVD out for fun but it turned out to be such a cute drama after all. Sad though that my DVD got stolen and didn’t get back to me T_T

      First K-drama that I watched more than once: Full House, I think I watched around 7 times, including local airings, reruns and other dubbed versions…lol! Loved Song Hye-kyo and Rain’s chemistry, I admit

      First K-drama that I bought/downloaded; A Second Proposal, my first Oh Ji-ho drama and it was a big tearjerker too so I just bought the DVD through a friend

      First K-actress crush: lol! its Oh Yeon-soo actually, among the fave actresses that I have saved pics of, her pics areliterally filling up my hard drive. Love her acting and her personality too so I always look forward to her next project. Jumong and La Dolce Vita are my fave works of the actress ^^

      First K-couple crush: Wonbin and Song Hye-gyo in Autumn Tale

      First K-crush against my will: I dunno, maybe Shin Dong-wook, I like the guy but even If I try to boost him up for me it still didn’t work

      First K-actor I wanted to punch in the face: none as of the moment, I can’t remember a K-actor that I totally resent for…^^

    15. E.G., I can’t toss Yonsama out if he was never in the closet in the first place! ^^

      OK, so my first three kdramas were all BYJ vehicles, but that was because I was too much of a noob to venture into untested waters. But my 4th drama introduced me to Lee Byung-hun and that was it; nice meeting you, BYJ, but I be moving on.

      NOOOO, don’t you dare punch Uhm Tae-woong!


      koala, hi! You just finished Winter Sonata? People were falling like dominoes for him in that drama and you do the opposite, toss him out? LOL!!


      OK, to add a couple more firsts:

      First K-couple crush:
      ~ Yang Dong-geun and Lee Na-young in Ruler of Your Own World. I will love this couple forever and ever.

      First K-actor I wanted to punch in the face:
      ~ Lee Hee-do who played the evil stepdad in Glass Shoes. Hated his character sooooooo much! (But he’s a terrific actor, so hardworking and versatile.)

    16. *First K-drama
      Don’t remember cuz I’ve been watching them ever since I can remember.

      *First K-movie
      Probably one of those old movies from early 80s

      *First K-crush
      I guess it would be Choi Jae-sung and Park Sang-won from the Eye of the Dawn. I couldn’t decide whom I liked more.. they were equally attractive! I was still living in Korea back then and I still remember debating with my middle school classmates who we wanted more of.

      *First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet
      Ahn Jae-wook I guess. I had a pretty big crush on him when I watched Star in My Heart but lost interest in him soon after, although I still think he’s a good actor. The fact that I haven’t watched anything with him in since Star in My Heart says it all.

      *First K-forum
      KBS drama viewer’s forum for a drama called “Rose and Bean Sprout” because it was hilariously.

      *First K-movie on the big screen
      Probably a kids movie called “Uraemae” (Korean equivalent of Power Rangers) lol

      *First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in
      It would be Piano. I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it at the time.

      *First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words
      Can’t think of one

      *First K-drama that I watched more than once
      Ruler of Your Own World. I was so impressed with Yang Dong-geun’s acting that I had to watch it over and over.

      *First K-drama that I bought
      Ruler of Your Own World. I initially watched it on video tapes I rented from a Korean video store here in US. I wanted to watch it again so badly that I preordered the DVD through a ROYOW cafe at Daum so I could have it as soon as it came out.

      *First K-actress crush
      It’s not so much of a crush but Gong Hyo-jin is my favorite actress. I liked her so much more than Lee Na-young in ROYOW and I have yet to encounter a drama she did that I did not enjoy.

      *First K-couple crush
      Go Soo and Kim Ha-neul in Piano. How desperately I wanted them to be together!!!!

      *First K-actor I wanted to punch in the face
      The guy who played “Dok-sa” in Piano. I literally wanted to punch him in the face every time he bursted out with that evil laugh.

    17. I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments, looked fun so I’m joining in! I especially liked the ones who’ve been kicked out of the k-closet.

      First K-movie
      My Sassy Girl. I watched this before I watched kdrama. I couldn’t stop laughing and made me want to drink soju and make funny noises. Now I know why they make the noise.

      First K-drama
      Successful Story of a Bright Girl. My first marathon and didn’t realize it was time to go to school.

      The I have to pretend I have pink eye look
      MISA. How can it not?! This drama took me forever to finish. I got to Ep 14, but I couldn’t watch the last two episodes because I just didn’t want to see him die. It was my 2nd kdrama and I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t until 6 months later when I actually had the balls to finish it. And from then on I became a certifiable “k-lunatic.”

      So Ji Sub. The hair and that bad boy look. Geeze… I was googly-eyed, still am.

      None so far. I pretty much keep them locked up.

      D-addicts then Soompi. I’ve joined ages ago but still look like I’m a newbie. I hardly post, I like to read and silently agree.

      Eating crows feet
      Park Yong Ha. Did not like him in Winter Sonata, and Loving You was no better. But after seeing him in On Air and the currently airing A Man’s Story. I’ve had to eat my words. He’s not that bad after all. He’s a recent addition to my k-closet.

      Repeat Offenders
      Samsoon; Thank You; MISA and the list goes on.

      Wish I can erase from my memory
      Exhibition of Fireworks. I should have stopped at episode 6.

      Punching Kim Min Joon
      I liked him in Damo, stiff but still likeable. But it went downhill from there. He keeps choosing annoying and very very clingy characters. Hated him in Lovers in Prague and then he got worse in Someday (totally creepy). Then annoying in both Surgeon Bong Dal Hee and In-Soon is Pretty. I really should stop watching dramas he’s in but I like the other actors. And he just ruins it. Ruins it! Done.

    18. thundie…I’ve seen Winter Sonata around 2004 when the Korean Wave suddenly hit my country. I know Bae Yong-jun is really hot property but my crush on him was just premature though WS rated well here in Manila, I dunno why, haha…just funny as I was typing my reply, I remember seeing his photos around The Face Shop stores here recently, it just made me remember my comment here about him ^ ^

    19. First K-drama

      Full House

      First K-movie

      Millionaire’s First Love

      First K-crush

      Chun Jung Myung

      First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet

      None, i guess.

      First K-forum


      First K-movie on the big screen


      First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in

      MISA and A Love to Kill

      First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words

      Happiness and Golden Bride

      First K-drama that I watched more than once

      Full House

      Wish I can erase from my memory
      Alone in Love….. The ending sucks… (for me) I want to get back the 16 hours I spent watching it!!!!

      Let me add this…..
      The very first K drama that I watched non-stop ( my eyes hurt after that 16-hour marathon) was My Girl. Though I enjoyed it tremendously I never re watched it…..

      I really had fun answering this. Thank you!

    20. @ koalabear:

      Oh GAWWWWDDDD, what’s with frigging Yonsama and The Face Shop? So he’s their newest endorser, is he now? Whatever happened to good ol’ Kwon Sang-woo??? (Answer: Nothing. Nothing happened to his career, so bye-bye endorsement deal! Poor bloke, tut-tut.) Still, BYJ = The Face of The Face Shop… eeeewwww….

      Funny you mentioned it, because I happened to pass by the Trinoma Mall store last week, and lo and behold!–there was that giant poster of BYJ clad in impeccable white, proffering a tray filled with — flowers (??? moisturizing lotion? bath soap? loofahs? wasn’t sure WHAT the stuff was), with a beatific smile on that stupid plastic face of his. Almost ruined my day, ugh.

    21. First K-drama: Winter Sonata (Boxing Day, 2005, one sitting); watched it over and over for the next one month.

      First K-movie: Il Mare. Loved it. Surreal, beautiful.

      First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet. None, I’m the faithful type! Maybe it’s not easy to get inside my closet in the first place! kekeke!

      First K-forum: D-Addicts. Used to suffer withdrawals when D-A was down for even half a day.

      First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in: Winter Sonata, followed in quick succession by Autumn Love Story and Damo. Loved the last to bits and wanted to check into thundie’s hospital. I came two years late, though. Loved seeing my cat face in the mornings. For one who cried only when angry and not even at funerals (never been to one), I was proud I could cry over something sad.

      First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words: The Duelist. Saw 1% of Anything, abandoned at ep. 14 (never before for a drama) and swore KDW and his co-star were the pits. Fell in love with Sad Eyes and went on to watch Temptation of Wolves, M, Thursday, you name it.

      First K-actor I wanted to punch in the face: too many. All green-eyed monsters who try to separate my destined lovers, and all the villains. Have to admit though, that without them, there’ll be no Korean drama!

    22. First K-drama:
      My Girl – still watch it occasionally.

      First K-movie:
      Antique Bakery – Superb story

      First K-crush:
      Gong Yoo – after I watched CF, I downloaded almost 200 pics of him in one night.

      First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet:
      None – I adore only two K- actors – Gong Yoo and lovely Lee Seung Gi

      First K-forum:
      My first post was in Thundie!.

      First K-movie on the big screen:
      None – still prefer to watch English movies in big screen so far.

      First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in:
      Hmmm – I watched just a few compared to other K-lunatics, so far I don’t wet my handkerchief over any K-dramas yet.

      First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words:
      Iljimae, I used not to like Jun-ki in My Girl because he looks to girly. But Iljimae changed that my word forever

    23. First K-drama
      Winter Sonata

      First K-movie
      April Snow – it was the slowest movie ever. 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back *grumble grumble*

      First K-crush
      Lee Jun Ki – also my first second male lead crush in My Girl!

      First K-actor to get tossed out of my K-closet
      Lee Dong Wook – loved him in My Girl. Not so much in some other forgettable movie after…

      First K-forum

      First K-movie on the big screen
      Unfortunately, also April Snow. I’m glad that didn’t put me off K-movies after.

      First K-drama to make me look like something the cat dragged in
      I can’t remember if I cried much during Winter Sonata. But I certainly did for I’m Sorry I Love You and A Love to Kill – I just can’t remember which one I watched first.

      First K-movie or drama to make me eat my words
      Sons of Sol Pharmacy – The leads weren’t dashing and there didn’t seem to be much drama. But one accidental watching while nothing else was on changed it for me. Character development at its very best. I ended up liking/ loving every character although they started of as annoying shallow creatures. I’ve since moved on to another family drama – Three Brothers.

      First K-drama that I watched more than once
      My Girl – I think I’ve seen it at least 5 times and I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to get my non-Kdrama friends to watch it too.

      First K-drama that I bought/downloaded/rented
      Bought – My Girl
      Downloaded – Boys over Flowers

      First K-couple crush
      Never – the hot male lead belongs to me!!!

      First K-crush against my will
      Yoon Sang Hyun in Lady Castle. He saved the show methinks.

    24. Oh and 1 more:

      First K-actor I wanted to punch in the face
      Park Si Yeon in My Girl. Ever since then, I have held back my emotions for evil second leads…

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