Brilliant Legacy: Episodes 1-2

Among the crop of dramas that started airing in Korea a few weeks ago, the one I chose to watch first was Brilliant Legacy (a.k.a. Shining Inheritance, 2009). This despite one friend dissing the drama for being “ridiculous” and another conceding it was full of “cheesiness” and “mediocre acting.”

Cheese or not, I wanted to watch Brilliant Legacy for one reason: Bae Soo-bin. Playing a king in last year’s Painter of the Wind, he owns the most soulful eyes I’ve ever seen on a K-drama royalty. I love his eyes and pretty much everything about him.

Which, of course, begs the question: Why is Mr. Soulful Eyes looking so glum below?

Well, Park Jun-se (Bae Soo-bin) has a car and of course it’s precious to him and he expects to drive it. But a stranger who has just come off a flight from New York wants to take over the steering wheel. A very bad idea, if you ask me, because you shouldn’t drive when you have jet lag! But try telling that to obstinate people.

Jun-se’s misgivings are well-founded and we are “treated” (if you consider rolling your eyes repeatedly a treat) to a hair-raising highway race.

But let’s backtrack a bit and go back to that New York flight because that’s where we’ll first meet our two leads.

Remember “Miracle on the Hudson River”? An airliner lost power in both its engines after it collided with a flock of migratory birds, but the pilot miraculously landed the plane on the river without a single casualty. Apparently birds are a perennial problem in that area.

With that backdrop in mind, it’s my theory that a bird somehow managed to get into the plane that’s bringing our leads home to Korea. So, as Sunwoo Hwan (Lee Seung-gi) was sleeping, our displaced bird sought out Hwan’s head and decided to build a nest on it!

How else do you explain this hairdo?

Hwan’s mane bugs me. In every scene that he’s in, all I see is that… nest.

Forgetting to comb your hair after a long flight is one thing, but forgetting forever? In Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator is so irked by an old man’s eye he decides to commit murder: “He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye! yes, it was this!”

In my case, it’s that… thing. Because of that damned hair I just can’t make myself like Hwan. It’s irrational, I know. Hwan’s grandma has hair that looks like his but I don’t hate her.

Speaking of grandma, she’s president of a veritable seolleongtang (beef soup) establishment and it’s her plan to make Hwan her hair. Oops, I mean heir, HEIR!

There’s a little problem, though.

Hwan hates the smell of seolleongtang. He’s also an RJ (royal jerk) who thinks nothing of flinging paper cups out of the car while driving (studying in the States taught you it’s okay to litter?), never mind that it almost causes an accident. (Hence that car race mentioned earlier.) His family is worried that he has disappeared after landing in Seoul? That’s their problem. He took a fellow passenger’s bag by mistake on the plane? She needs the bag so badly she’s practically in tears pleading with him? Let her wait.

A royal jerk’s world revolves around himself.

Which makes it puzzling then that Yoo Seung-mi (Moon Chae-won) should be so overjoyed to see Hwan at the airport. Maybe he’s not a royal jerk but royal jelly, soft on the inside with a heart full of goodness?

Nah, not in the first two episodes. Everything that he has done thus far makes you want to boil him alive in one of his grandma’s seolleongtang vats, so unlikable and overbearing is he. I don’t know if it’s possible for him to change his stripes in 26 episodes. More like 260?

Take this scene, for example. After grandma issues him with various threats, Hwan has no choice but to show up for work at the seolleongtang restaurant. But instead of working what does he do? Throws a royal tantrum and proceeds to show why he’s more brute than gentleman by punching the restaurant’s manager.

(Humor me please and study that pre-punch scene above. Now do you see why I’m fixated on that HAIR? It’s like he’s put one of the black earthern bowls on his head!)

Fortunately, one person in the drama is not afraid of Hwan.

Go Eun-sung (Han Hyo-joo) had the misfortune of sitting in the same row as Hwan on the plane. No thanks to a 14-hour flight and the weight of the nest on his head, obviously-in-a-stupor Hwan mistakes Eun-sung’s bag for his own (how coincidental that it’s exactly the same and how convenient not to check the tags, hullo!).

The bag contains a special gift for her father’s birthday and when her persistent efforts to recover the bag from Hwan fail, Eun-sung socks him one, thus allowing us to see his large nostrils and thick lips. Not a pretty sight.

As it turns out, losing her bag is the least of Eun-sung’s problems. Events unfold rapidly and in just two episodes we see Eun-sung losing her father, her home, and her money.

Unknown to Eun-sung, her father’s successful company is now on the brink of bankruptcy. Her stepmother (Kim Mi-sook), used to flaunting her wealth in the company of other wealth-flaunting rich men’s wives, shows how much she loves her husband by demanding that he keep the company afloat with whatever means he can muster. Sell your heart if you must, she screams at him, but find the money!

The desperate man takes her words to heart.

Eun-sung’s younger brother is Eun-woo (Yeon Jun-suk), who’s autistic. The two are very close, and he’s a gifted pianist who has written a song specially for her.

One of the first things that Eun-sung does upon returning home is to take Eun-woo with her to visit the grave of their late mother. But as far as Eun-woo is concerned, his little world is made up of his dad, his mom (the stepmother, not the mother who has passed away), Eun-sung and Seung-mi, his stepsister. Reconfigure his world and he falls apart.

And indeed Eun-woo and Eun-sung’s world collapses.

Begging the banks to no avail and managing only to secure a small loan from a friend, their father lies drunk in an alley and is robbed. The robber is subsequently killed in a fire and is identified as Go Pyung-joong, Eun-sung’s dad, because he has the latter’s identity card, watch and ring on him. The news is broadcast on TV and that’s how his wife learns about his death.

(Aren’t the police supposed to notify the dead man’s family first before they inform the press? Not in this drama. Boo to forensics in this drama too, because even if you have an intact body, there’s apparently no need to check the DNA. Haste is the name of the game, I suppose, seeing how quickly the case is closed and the body cremated, even before the deceased’s children are told!)

Eun-sung learns belatedly about her father’s passing and her grief is compounded by the absence of his body. (Han Hyo-joo wails like she’s being strangled; it’s hard to watch without cringing. Her crying does become more natural later, as does the rest of her acting.) When she insists that it might be a case of mistaken identity, the stepmother gives her the glare of death and Eun-sung stops protesting.

The funeral takes place. Eun-woo seems bewildered by it all, still not registering that the dad who doted on him is gone…

But we know that Go Pyung-joong is very much alive. In fact, he even shows up (behind a pillar) at his own funeral.

Why does he allow the charade to proceed? Simple reason: If he dies, his family gets a huge insurance payout. The money will allow his wife to maintain her privileged lifestyle and will pay for his children’s upkeep. Most importantly, Eun-woo will be able to continue receiving treatment for his autism.

But the unthinkable happens. Which, if he had given enough thought to it, is not all that unthinkable. His wife’s mercenary conduct (asking him to sell his heart) should be fair warning. (Till greed do us part.)

Instead of using the insurance money the way her husband intended, the stepmother wastes no time driving Eun-sung and Eun-woo out of the house.

(Here’s where I become teary… for Eun-woo. He cannot be separated from his room and his piano, and my heart is gripped with unease at what will happen to him. When he bids the mother farewell and tells her he’ll be back, I can barely see through the tears. Yeon Jun-suk’s acting is remarkable the way he portrays an autistic teen.)

The stepmom gives Eun-sung a sum of money and even though the latter is bitter at being driven out, she takes the money for Eun-woo’s sake.

The next few days are trying, even for a person used to hardship (which Eun-sung isn’t). Moving first to a hotel (which the fearful Eun-woo rejects) and then to a friend’s house (where she witnesses how even the kindest intentions can go awry, the friend and the friend’s mother beating Eun-woo for his outbursts and destructive behavior), she finally finds temporary refuge in a public sauna. There, she sees Eun-woo being beaten up (again!) and then discovers that her money has been taken (right under her nose, literally) while she was asleep.

With no money, no home, and no one to care for Eun-woo so that she can look for a job, Eun-sung decides there’s only one avenue left. She and Eun-woo will go look for their parents… in the netherworld.

What follows is rather cheesy and comical. I know it’s supposed to be heartrending, these two orphans about to commit suicide, but the outstretched arms (Let’s fly, Eun-woo…) just seem so posed and staged, so dramatic.

The suicide is aborted (only two episodes down and twenty-four to go, so it’s too soon for our female lead to exit the stage) and the siblings hug each other and cry their hearts out. (All the while I’m thinking, Shouldn’t you be hugging and crying on the ground, instead of on that precarious ledge? Mr. PD, show some consideration for viewers with acrophobia, please!)

That almost-visit by the Grim Reaper galvanizes our Eun-sung and she seeks out another friend for help. Said friend must have had one trip too many to the plastic surgeon because Eun-sung does not recognize her. Still, the friend was once a recipient of Eun-sung’s father’s kindness and she immediately offers Eun-sung and Eun-woo a place to stay. Nothing fancy, just a tiny apartment that she shares with her boyfriend who works shifts. No overcrowding, phew.

Not only that, the Good Samaritan friend helps Eun-sung find work as… a guinea pig for hair coloring experiments.

(Just kidding. But doesn’t Han Hyo-joo look fabulous in that yellow wig? I vote that she keeps the wig on for the rest of the drama, what say you?)

Now employed as a waiter in a nightclub, Eun-sung’s ability to speak English (intelligibly, thank goodness!) is an advantage. She seems immersed and happy in her work, secure in the knowledge that Eun-woo is being watched by her friend’s boyfriend.

But the good times don’t last. Who should swagger into the nightclub one day to ruin the merry atmosphere? RJ himself.

Yes, our royal jerk is back. He sees yellow-haired Eun-sung and proceeds to pounce on her, dragging her across the room so hard she almost dislocates her shoulder. (It’s not revealed in the drama that she suffers any bodily harm, but I’m positive of it. Someone slap a restraining order on this odious specimen, please!)

He’s pissed that she stood him up on the day they were to meet and swap their bags. Of course RJ does not know her dad died that day. Still, does that give him the right to manhandle her? In his A Definitive Guide for Jerks, yes.

But worse than Hwan’s rough handling is the frantic call that Eun-sung receives from her friend. Eun-woo is missing!

I confess that I found Episode 1 boring. I started the drama bright-eyed, but after repeated yawning (and eye-rolling at the plot contrivances), I could barely stay awake. But the second episode surprised me; I didn’t feel bored, not at all. When I finished it, I couldn’t wait to go on to Episode 3… until I realized I hadn’t downloaded it. Dang!

What kept me engaged was undoubtedly Eun-sung and Eun-woo’s story, from the moment they were driven out of the house to that cliffhanger ending, where Eun-woo has become united with Wicked Stepmother. Once again I’m gripped by fear for Eun-woo; I need to know what the witch is planning to do with him!

So yes, I will continue watching for a spell but with two fervent wishes:

1) RJ’s hairdo must go. There’s enough hair on that head to stuff a pillow. Lopping some of it off might perchance free up space for good sense to seep in and thus make him more appealing?

2) Give Jun-se more scenes, c’mon! Can you stand seeing him so morose?

60 thoughts on “Brilliant Legacy: Episodes 1-2

  1. Hehehe. I’m surprised you managed to watch episode two, actually – I couldn’t even bear to watch episode one properly (let’s just say that much fastforwarding occurred).

    Lee Seung Ki should just…not act. At all. He’s a very likeable guy on variety shows, but every time I see him in a drama, I kinda want to punch him. This one’s no exception.

    So, should I have continued, for Bae Soo Bin’s sake, at least? 😛

  2. Oh, I had an ulterior motive for watching ep 2, LOL. Thought I should at least try blogging about a current drama, for a change. Was lots of fun, so I may do it more regularly. Maybe Queen Seondeok next? Teehee… But nah, will leave sageuk recaps to ze master. ^^ Mine aren’t recaps at all, actually, since I write everything from memory and may leave out many details. More like summaries?

    Is Lee Seung-gi famous? I have no idea who he is. Didn’t pay any attention to his acting; was too distracted by what was above his eyebrows!

    Hmm, there was very little of darling Bae Soo-bin in the first two episodes. But ep 2 was still quite good in terms of pacing and plot development.

    Will check out the other current dramas (the subbed ones). Am in a sampling mood!

  3. How can anybody not like Lee Seung Gi? He’s such an adorable cutie. hahaha…

    So FYI Thundie, he’s a singer. Quite a popular one. He also gained lots of fame in this KBS Variety show 1 Night 2 Days/2 Days 1 Night with MC Kang Ho Dong…etc. BL is his second acting stint I think… his first was in 7 Princess w/ Goo Hye Sun.

    I adore him, so I can pretty much tolerate watching him being so overly violent and bratty in the drama. I have to admit that his character is in severe lack of depth tho… nothing much apart from him being all chauvinistic, AND him screaming AND throwing tantrums … not very likeable huh? But I still love him…and I think he’s doing pretty well, for a newbie… ack, I know I’m being biased. But whatever.

    Erm.. Bae Soo Bin in BL is not my cup of tea. I liked him better in POTW. Here he’s just too nice, more so a bit one-dimensional… and really, he’s just like any other 2nd male lead in any Kdrama rom-com. You know the cliche..

    Maybe you can try Queens of Housewives?
    I loveeee that drama hehehe..

    I gave up on Love Once Again from Ep 14 onwards, it became repetitive..urhhh…

  4. i’ve experienced the writer ‘s previous drama “Too much love ” , so i roughly know how she can twist and turn the plot with so much misunderstanding and grivenaces ,but it can be quite addictive .but ya i think lee seung ki should maybe stand in variety ..he is fun in 1 Day 2 Night . but i cant really say his acting is anything to be impress by –;; whatever i see of Seven princess . i didnt like . and in here .

    Bae Soo-bin will just continue to be the great mr nice guy who is forever there for her yet never will win her .~ lol

    you dun go for family drama but othewise KBS The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House is great stuff! with A class actors

  5. Sista, I don’t recap. I review. Apples and oranges. ㅋㅋ

    Lee Seung-Gi… I suspect characterization is to blame even more than Lee himself. It’s such a shallow, annoying mama’s boy of a character that I doubt anyone would be able to do anything with it. Of course if you’re inexperienced and, well, talentless, won’t help much.

    Second Queen of Housewives. It’s nothing more than entertaining crap with a touch of satire, but quite passable.

  6. Thundie, read your message in twitter direct. ^_^
    haha! Your welcome! I’ve ready this last night actually..
    I am so happy to see you watching this. I was surprised. I thought you hated the drama itself also (well, LSG you hate. but HEY! the story should be able to distract you from LSG).
    This drama is very exciting. and the leads here are the greatest! BSB and Hyojoo. The best whenever I see them on screen.
    and respond to your questions about LSG, (saw ripgal’s post explaining it too). Yeah, he’s very popular. everyone knows that K-POP stars are the most famous people in terms of Korean Entertainment.
    At least MCW is making me smile too (except for hyojoo!). Her acting I can say…. average. (my first time to watch her, what to expect?) ^_^
    Shall read more of your recaps!

  7. LMAO , Thundie, I was reading about the birds, trying to figure out where that was going. Only to be led to talk about Lee Seungki’s permy hair, puahaha, I so did not expect that.

    I never watched BSB in PotW, so I don’t know how he did, but he’s doing a great job with Junseh. Junseh himself isn’t really an exciting character simply cause he’s just way too good, too perfect. I’ve been yapping about this, but dude should be given a flaw or two. Say, a smelly armpit? Hwan, a huge a-hole that he is, is still way more interesting cause he’s showing ‘good’ elements once in a blue moon. So I’m all clapping when those moments (and mind you, 8 episodes in, still too few of them).

    I love Queen of Housewives too, the ending was kinda disappointing, imo, but the rest is pretty entertaining.

  8. ripgal and deeta, Bae Soo-bin’s character is not at all perfect or one-dimensional! Let me spell out his “flaws”:

    ~ if you look carefully, one eye is larger than the other.

    ~ his eyelashes are too distracting.

    ~ he’s a tad pushy (just a tad).

    ~ he sometimes looks like he’s just gotten out of bed.

    ~ the cellphone he chose for Eun-sung was too tacky.

    ~ his smile melts ice… without permission!

    I finished eps 3-4 and saw a glimmer of Hwan’s “goodness” back in his uniform-wearing days. Not enough to dispel my dislike for him, alas. I don’t think Lee Seung-gi acts badly; on the contrary he’s playing a royal jerk too convincingly! I also really hate his mom and sister; they’re the one-dimensional ones.

    I have a new favorite character (sorry, Bae Soo-bin; you’re in second place now): the grandma. Even though the plot twist (her five-day “vacation”) was too far-fetched for words, it allowed for some really wonderful scenes with Eun-sung. But it also means my dislike for RJ has increased; he’s so obnoxious and uncaring with his grandma I just want to clobber him.

  9. Dahee, there’s a lot of Bae Soo-bin in eps 3-4. Also, every episode seems better than the one before it, so you might want to check this out. (I need someone to gush over BSB with me and X is not a gusher even if he really likes BSB! ^^)

  10. I like the cast of this drama, and I hear it’s quite entertaining too. I would watch this (or at least give it a try) if I had more time… but I’m too busy watching That Fool, City Hall, and catching up on past dramas. Was watching Man’s story but put it on hold to watch the rest after it airs the last episode. I hear Ja Myung Go is really good but it’s already aired more than 20 episodes and it’s going to be 50 episodes in total so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up.. Lost interest in Queen of Housewises after ep 16 while rewatching Piano.

    Thundie, you should blog about current drama.. I think it will draw more people to this blog.

  11. Hi shirl

    I was browsing Aja-Aja and read the description for The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House. Sounds like something I would really like, but no one is subbing this in English, I think.

    As for family dramas, I do watch them! And like them, too.

    Bae Soo-bin will win the girl in Brilliant Legacy. Of course. How can she choose Bird’s Nest over Soulful Eyes? NEVER!

  12. Oops, X Ooooppa, sorry for that slip. Of course you do only reviews. *crawls under table*

    Kim Rae-won in Attic Cat was also a shallow and annoying (grand)mama’s boy, but he was lovable and adorable. (Don’t gag, Dahee. ^^) Lee Seung-gi in BL is not only shallow and annoying, he is disrespectful and worst of all, violent. There’s no excuse for being abusive towards a woman! I know, not the actor’s fault but the writer’s. There’s no subtlety here, no layering or shades of gray.

  13. Hi sayroo

    Hugs to HaruHaru for subbing this. With exams and all, how do you cope?

    I don’t hate BL, not at all! I don’t love it, but it’s rather addictive. Ever since she donned her yellow wig, I’ve liked Eun-sung and I want to know the rest of her story. She and RJ’s grandma have really good chemistry!

    About Lee Seung-gi, I’m hopelessly ignorant about Kpop stars. I love my K-OSTs and listen to them obsessively, but I never pay attention to who sang what. Embarrassing, eh?

  14. Hi amy

    I’ll follow your lead and watch Slingshot when it’s fully subbed. I tried watching it yesterday, but was so bored by the hostage drama in the TV studio I stopped. Was hoping it was just Park Yong-ha’s character having a bad dream, but then we see him being held by the police. So it’s all real. I asked myself, Am I interested in what made him that way, storming a TV studio and behaving generally like a terrorist? Am I interested in his history?

    The answer, sadly, was no.

    As for blogging about current dramas, I thought at first that there’s already so much on the Net. I wanted to blog about the more obscure titles, the non-mainstream stuff. But since my blog piece on upcoming The Man Who Can’t Get Married (which was really just a smokescreen for a Kekkon Dekinai Otoko rave!), I thought maybe I should write about more current stuff. Brilliant Legacy is my first attempt and I was going to use the comments as a guide to see if there’s enough interest and if I should do more of such current reviews/summaries. (Many of my posts don’t get any comments, y’know! ^^)

    I know my blog will not get a lot of traffic and that’s okay. I just love my K-dramas and movies and will keep prattling about them as long as I can.

    Thanks, amy. *muah*

  15. Okay, the Clown Mother Daughter duo annoyed the heck out of me too, but nowadays, they are actually getting more amusing.

    I still vote on Smelly Junse.

    BTW, are you planning on continuing watching BL?

  16. Hullo! Jun-se is NOT smelly!

    Yes, am definitely continuing with BL. In fact, was so tempted to watch ep 5 without subs. Thankfully good sense prevailed. ^^ BL is “excellent” at ending an episode with a cliffhanger, aigoo.

  17. ah thundie! The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House is on KBS world every weekend ! at 6.50pm our time^ .with english subtitles it is kinda of behind korea by 2 weeks esp~ so you still can catch up^!
    btw , our pet in The Man who cant get married is revealed!^

  18. Thundie, is this your second most popular most after the one with the numerous polls? I have a feeling it is…HAHA..

    You spelled out BSB’s weaknesses ahhh.. but too bad he still borders around too perfect for me. I don’t really like it when it’s obvious that the girl should fall for the perfect guy, and yet she doesn’t.

    BSB did display some of his soulful-eye acting in Ep 5, that even I was nearly moved to tears. That’s why hate it when the perfect guy doesn’t get the girl… how can ES not possibly SEEEEE the love??

  19. thundie,
    LOLOL! Studies/Job and K-dramas are part of everyone’s life already. (especially mine)
    We have to thank our great subbers for it, too.
    Grandmother and Eun Sung has the best chemistry.. Too bad when it comes to Episode 5 (spoiler!!) no more sweet like moments since Hwan, the sistah and the madah would be butting in..
    Let’s see what would Hwan’s sister do to Eun Sung when she founds out that Jun Se likes Eun Sung. (read in soompi via yeohweping that Hwan’s sister will be Eun Sung’s mortal enemy if we can say that.)
    Although we’re having fun with Eun Sung and Jun Se we’ll have to see the chemistry of the ‘REAL’ team-up.
    Thunide, don’t worry! When your late with dramas waiting for subs.. You can talk to me and relate! haha!
    haha about the K-pop stars too! I was ignorant about them before.. never knew who was popular in the k-pop world.. until I heard one song. keke. ^^

  20. ah shirley, weekends 6.50pm?! I’m not home! Am out doing my teeny bit to revive this sputtering economy. (Yep, most likely buying yet another book or DVD that I don’t have time to read or watch. Or waiting in line to chow down on calorie-laden sustenance, aigoo.)

    Okay, will try to catch at least one episode of Sol Pharmacy House. ^^

  21. ripgal, “popular” as in most comments or most read?

    For now the k-addicts poll and the Women in the Sun post have the most comments. But when I’m done replying in a couple of minutes, this will tie with WITS. As for most read, the most popular are the pages (Top 10 dramas, etc.). Most read blog post (by far) is Two-word Sunday: So Ji-sub! 🙂 (I really need to blog more about darling Jisub. Maybe I should rewatch Rough Cut and write about it? I thought his acting was awesome. I won’t blog about Cain & Abel, though, unless I have a death wish. ^^)

    Back to BL. Omo, you mean Eun-sung can’t see how Soulful Eyes is the man of her dreams? NOOOOOO!

  22. “haha about the K-pop stars too! I was ignorant about them before.. never knew who was popular in the k-pop world.. until I heard one song. keke. ^^”

    sayroo, is that song… Wonder Girls’ Nobody?!! hehe…

    There was this article in my local daily last week about how people in Asia were going nuts over that Wonder Girls song, how dance groups everywhere were learning the moves. So, as a k-addict and busybody, I had to check it out, which I did two days ago. Now I can’t get the song out of my head, HELP!

    Don’t worry about the BL subs; will wait patiently for them. ^^ Meanwhile I’m watching another drama and it’s driving me insane. Stay tuned for my rant.

  23. LOL! Not wonder girls.. It was an old song by Loveholic. (forgot the title?) ‘Till then snooped around z-degrees to get songs! ㅋㅋㅋ
    Nobody was addicting, but I preferred today the light song of SNSD. Don’t tell me your dancing the Nobody dance too, ay? keke.
    I’m excited what drama it is. Is it an old or current drama? keke.

  24. thundie, I hope you don’t mind, I shared this recap in BL’s soompi thread. Let me know if I need to take it down.

  25. LOL, sayroo, thundie dancing Nobody? I’m directionally-challenged, can’t tell left from right. ^^

    Just saw that ep 5 subs are out. *muahh!!*

  26. Thanks to deeta, I’m getting quite a lot of hits (30 is a lot in my books, LOL) from the BL soompi thread.

    If you’re new here or have come from soompi, I just want to say HI. Thanks for visiting!

  27. thundie,

    Is it ok if I link this review to the 1n2dfansubs blog? Hope your server holds up. ^^ This is how it feels like when you blog about the popular stuffs.

    dramabeans/BOF = thundie/BL ^^

    Jun Se needs to make Eun Sung miss him. Tsk Tsk, fatal mistake to buy the bike before he even has her number.

  28. Hi bedifferent!

    Sure, link it anywhere you like, thanks! No need to ask for permission or anything. I’m humbled and honored if I get linked, LOL, because it rarely happens! ^^ (psst, I’m on the WordPress server, so it’ll definitely hold up.)

    Oh, Jun-se bought Eun-sung a bike? *brain backpedaling furiously* Is that after ep 4? I’m thinking of rewatching the first few episodes because Jun-se seems to have fallen for Eun-sung rather too quickly and I’m wondering if I missed some of the clues. Considering how I started watching BL for Bae Soo-bin, I sure wrote a lot more about Lee Seung-gi in my post, didn’t I? (Sorry, BSB!) I guess Hwan is a much more interesting character and you just can’t help paying him more attention.

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  29. Dear thundie,

    I just want to say that I was very impressed with the content of your blog. Even though I knew who RJ (LSG) was (singer), I still much prefer JS over him. Although now I’m somewhat resigned to like him, since I like the story and our heroine (ES), the hairdo was both very funny and revealing.

    I also loved the way you write. Keep up the good work.

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