Ryu Seung-beom movie giveaway: Results!


The winning answer:

Version 1: RYU SEUNG-BEOM is unique because he belongs to my list of “true actors” who makes me want to watch his other films like Crying Fist & Bloody Tie just to appreciate a homo sapien’s talent, passion & dedication to his work.

Version 2: RYU SEUNG-BEOM is unique because a site called thundie.wordpress.com made my interest to him rise to nth degree, hence I want to win his piece of work entitled “Conduct Zero”.

Congratulations, Sly!! An English-subbed DVD of Conduct Zero will soon be yours! Please check your e-mail.

Thank you to everyone who participated. It was wonderful reading your answers and knowing how you feel about one of my favorite actors.

A very special thanks to our judge, Melusine. Mel is not only a dear friend and fellow k-addict, she’s a Soompi staffer and proud owner of the Ryu Seung-beom thread at Soompi. In short, a veritable expert on everything Ryu Seung-beom! Thank you, dear Mel. *muah!*

2 thoughts on “Ryu Seung-beom movie giveaway: Results!

  1. Hey Thundie,

    It’s been a 2 weeks ago since you posted this in your site and I never got the chance to say thank you. Sorry for that co’z I’d been busy lately at my work and frustrated on my pc… Anyways, really thanks for for the giveaway…

    Yatta!!! (my fave expession) lol ^___^ thx.

  2. Hi Sly

    You’re most welcome! ^^

    I’ve sent off the movie and hope you’ll receive it soon. Happy watching!

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